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Business AreaDescription
IS-CWMIndustry Solution Catch Weight Management
IS-PMPatient Management
IS-TMATrade Management on S/4HANA
IS-TIndustry Solution - Telecommunications
LODLOD Components
APApplication Platform
FS-PMASAP Policy Management for Auto Insurance
FS-PMPolicy Management
BCBasis Components
BIBusiness intelligence solutions
EPMEnterprise Performance Management
BNSBusiness Network Solutions
BWSAP Business Warehouse
CACross-Application Components
EPEnterprise Portal
CECCustomer Engagement and Commerce
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
WECWeb Channel
EIMEnterprise information management solutions
ACAccounting - General
FIFinancial Accounting
FSFinancial Services
GRCGovernance, Risk and Compliance
KMKnowledge Management
IMInvestment Management
ECEnterprise Controlling
REReal Estate Management
ICMIncentive and Commission Management (ICM)
LOLogistics - General
SDSales and Distribution
MMMaterials Management
MOB-UIAUI5 Content
MOBBusiness Mobile
QMQuality Management
PMPlant Maintenance
CSCustomer Service
PPProduction Planning and Control
PSProject System
SCMSupply Chain Management
TMTransportation Management
EHSEnvironment, Health and Safety
PLMProduct Lifecycle Management
PPMPortfolio and Project Management
PAPersonnel Management
PSMPublic Sector Management
PTPersonnel Time Management
PETraining and Event Management
IS-DFSDefense Forces and Public Security
IS-REARecycling Administration
IS-PS-BEIBehavioral Insights (S/4HANA)
IS-HER-CMCampus Management
DIDiscrete Industries
IS-AIndustry Solution Automotive
IS-ADAerospace & Defence Industry Solution
IS-ECIndustry Solution Engineering & Construction
IS-MINIndustry-Specific Component-Mining
IS-OILIndustry Solution Oil
PSMPublic Sector Management
IS-BBank Components
IS-TIndustry Solution - Telecommunications
IS-USAP Utilities
IS-PSIndustry-Specific Component Public Sector
IS-MPMill Products Industry Solution
XAPCollaborative Cross Applications
LELogistics Execution
MDMSAP NetWeaver Master Data Management
SLCSAP Supplier Lifecycle Management
OPUOccasional Platform User
IS-PRSProfessional Service
PURPurchasing SAP Cloud
BNS-ARIBusiness Network Solution Ariba
SLLGlobal Trade Services
BNS-CONBusiness Network Solution Concur
LCMLegal Content Management