SAP S/4HANA Table: ACDIAGSHOW - AC Diagnosis Tool: Displayed Fields in AC Document


SAP ACDIAGSHOW table is a standard SAP S/4HANA transparent table which stores AC Diagnosis Tool: Displayed Fields in AC Document data. There are total 2 fields in the ACDIAGSHOW table. The following is a list of the fields that make up this table.

The table ACDIAGSHOW belongs to Controlling (CO) module and is located in CO Analysis Programs (KKAN) package.

In addition, below links provide an overview of foreign key relationships, if any, that link ACDIAGSHOW to other SAP tables and standard CDS views available based on ACDIAGSHOW table in SAP S/4HANA.

ACDIAGSHOW Techincal Settings

Below are technical details of the table ACDIAGSHOW

  • Buffering allowed but switched off
  • Full table is passed to buffer
  • Storage type is Column Store

ACDIAGSHOW table fields

The table below provides an overview of the fields available in ACDIAGSHOW. Key fields are marked in blue.

FieldDescriptionData ElementCheck TableData Type
RELPOSHorizontal Cursor PositionSYCUCOLINT4(10)