S/4HANA 2020 - SAP CSKS Cost Center Master Record Table


SAP CSKS table is a standard SAP S/4HANA transparent table which stores Cost Center Master Record data. There are total 84 fields in the CSKS table. The following is a list of the fields that make up this table.

The table CSKS belongs to Controlling (CO) module and is located in Overhead Cost Controlling: General Services (KBASCORE) package.

In addition, below links provide an overview of foreign key relationships, if any, that link CSKS to other SAP tables and standard CDS views available based on CSKS table in SAP S/4HANA.

CSKS Techincal Settings

Below are technical details of the table CSKS

  • Buffering allowed but switched off
  • Full buffering as specified by generic key
  • Storage type is Column Store

List of CSKS Fields

The table below provides an overview of the fields available in CSKS. Key fields are marked in blue.

FieldDescriptionData ElementCheck TableData Type
KOKRSControlling AreaKOKRSTKA01CHAR(4)
BKZKPLock Indicator for Actual Primary PostingsBKZKPCHAR(1)
PKZKPLock Indicator for Plan Primary CostsPKZKPCHAR(1)
KOSARCost Center CategoryKOSARTKA05CHAR(1)
VERAKPerson ResponsibleVERAKCHAR(20)
BKZKSLock Indicator for Actual Secondary CostsBKZKSCHAR(1)
BKZERLock Indicator for Actual Revenue PostingsBKZERCHAR(1)
BKZOBLock Indicator for Commitment UpdateBKZOBCHAR(1)
PKZKSLock Indicator for Plan Secondary CostsPKZKSCHAR(1)
PKZERLock Indicator for Planning RevenuesPKZERCHAR(1)
VMETHIndicator for Allowed Allocation MethodsVMETHCHAR(2)
MGEFLIndicator for Recording Consumption QuantitiesMGEFLCHAR(1)
NKOSTSubsequent Cost CenterNKOSTCHAR(10)
KVEWEUsage of the condition tableKVEWET681VCHAR(1)
LAND1Country/Region KeyLAND1T005CHAR(3)
STRASStreet and House NumberSTRAS_GPCHAR(35)
PSTL2P.O. Box Postal CodePSTL2CHAR(10)
REGIORegion (State, Province, County)REGIOT005SCHAR(3)
TELBXTelebox numberTELBXCHAR(15)
TELF1First telephone numberTELF1CHAR(16)
TELF2Second telephone numberTELF2CHAR(16)
TELTXTeletex numberTELTXCHAR(30)
TELX1Telex numberTELX1CHAR(30)
DATLTData communication line no.DATLTCHAR(14)
DRNAMPrinter Destination for CCtr ReportKDNAMCHAR(4)
KHINRStandard Hierarchy AreaKHINRCHAR(12)
CCKEYCost Collector KeyCCKEYCHAR(23)
KOMPLCompletion Flag for the Cost Center Master RecordKSKOMCHAR(1)
STAKZIndicator. Object Is StatisticalSTAKZCHAR(1)
OBJNRObject numberJ_OBJNRONR00CHAR(22)
FUNKTFunction of Cost CenterFUNKT_DLKCHAR(3)
AFUNKAlternative Function of Cost CenterAFUNK_DLKCHAR(3)
CPI_TEMPLTemplate for Activity-Independent Formula PlanningCCA_TEMPL_CPICOTPLCHAR(10)
CPD_TEMPLTemplate for Activity-Dependent Formula PlanningCCA_TEMPL_CPDCOTPLCHAR(10)
SCI_TEMPLTemplate: Activity-Independent Allocation to Cost CenterCCA_TEMPL_SCICOTPLCHAR(10)
SCD_TEMPLTemplate: Activity-Dependent Allocation to Cost CenterCCA_TEMPL_SCDCOTPLCHAR(10)
SKD_TEMPLTemplate: Act. Stat. Key Figure - Cost Center/Activity TypeCCA_TEMPL_SKDCOTPLCHAR(10)
EEW_CSKS_PS_DUMMYDummy function in length 1DUMMYCHAR(1)
JV_OTYPEJoint Venture Object TypeJV_OTYPECHAR(4)
AVC_PROFILEBudget Availability Control: ProfileFCO_AVC_PROFILE*CHAR(6)
AVC_ACTIVEBudget Availability Control for Cost Centers is ActiveFCO_AVC_FOR_COST_CENTER_ACTIVECHAR(1)
FUND_FIX_ASSIGNEDIndicator for Fund with Fixed AssignmentPSM_FUND_FIX_ASSIGNEDCHAR(1)
GRANT_FIX_ASSIGNEDIndicator for Grant with Fixed AssignmentPSM_GRANT_FIX_ASSIGNEDCHAR(1)
FUNC_AREA_FIX_ASSIGNEDIndicator for Functional Area with Fixed AssignmentPSM_FUNC_AREA_FIX_ASSIGNEDCHAR(1)
FERC_INDRegulatory indicatorFE_INDFERC_C7CHAR(4)

Foreign Key Relationships

A foreign key field is a table field that is allocated to a check table and becomes part of the table's foreign key. The following table gives you an overview of the foreign keys for CSKS table.

Table NameFieldCardinalityCheck Table

Other References

The table below lists SAP S/4HANA tcodes that read or modify the CSKS table.

Transaction CodeDescription
VA41Create Sales Contracts
KPB6Change Activity Type Plan Data
GJOIOpen line items for cost objects
KSV1NCreate Actual Distribution
KEG3Display Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
GA48Change FI-SL Planned Distribution
FINS_ALLOC_PC_D2PC Alloc: Change act. dist. cycle
XD01Create Customer (Centrally)
FBMCA01JLCreate MCA Journal for Ledger Group
KK88Actual Settlement: Cost Objects
/SAPPCE/JVA_ECP_PLNEquity Change Management (Planned)
CJ30Change Project Original Budget
AS83Display old group asset
KEOA2Activate Profit Centers
KP04Set Planner Profile
KSH3Display Cost Center Group
CATMSelection From Time Recording
KB21Enter Activity Allocation
CJ33Display Project Release
CJS4PS: Change stat. key figure planning
CPC7Create Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
KSU2NChange Actual Assessment
KL20Templ. Alloc. Struct. CCTR/Acty Type
VA42WWorkflow for master contract
FBMCA01ALCreate FX Position Adjust. for LG
OKE5Transport Organization Customizing
GA4ADelete FI-SL Planned Distribution
CJR2PS: Change plan CElem/Activ. input
J3RFWORKWEARIssue of Workwear to Employee
CJ9QIntegrated Planning for Ntwks(Coll.)
CP01Create Business Process
KEOD2Reset Inactive Profit Centers
FAGLGA31Gen. Ledger: Create Act.Distribution
FAGLGA29Gen. Ledger: Display Plan Assessment
CJIDDisplay Project Settlement Line Itms
OKE10Transport Organization Customizing
CPC4NDelete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
3KE3EC-PCA: Display Actual Assessment
KSSKTemp. Alloc.: Actual Stat. Key Fig.
OPENPSDownload Activities to Palm Pilot
VRREReturns Delivery for RMA Order
CPPADelete Plan Assessment for Processes
KOW3Display Periodic Reposting
KKCPCost Object Line Items - Plan
MU01Mass Upload Download
V-01Create Sales Orders
FVMCA01APark FX Position Adjustment
KSCADelete Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
O3U_DP6DOI Accounting Delete - Doc Concept
GA14Delete FI-SL Actual Assessment
GCUPSubsequently posting CO data to FISL
PKBCChnge Container Status With Bar Code
CJ31Display Project Original Budget
CJR8PS: Change revenue type planning
GM_SETS_SPCLASS2Change Sponsored Class Group
KEG4NDelete Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
GA31NCreate FI-SL Actual Distribution
KSC1NCreate Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CP03Display Business Process
IM28Copy investment program
GA12Change FI-SL Actual Assessment
CJ9BSCopy WBS Plan to Plan (Indiv.)
CPT1Create Template
KPI6Change Stat. Key Figure Plan Data
PBEMASSPRCGJOBSchedule Price Changes
3KE4EC-PCA: Delete Actual Assessment
CJ40Change Project Plan
KOH2Change Order Group
KRMIRun Sched. Header: Line Items Actual
FAGLGA47Gen. Ledger:Create Plan Distribution
CJ32Change Project Release
KKCACost Objects: Variance Line Items
KSH1Create Cost Center Group
IM27_REPEATIM: Open New Approv. Yr- Repeat Run
KOTZCosting Items for Order
CPBTVPrice Comparison: Business Processes
IQS13Display Task
0KE0EC-PCA: Transfer prog. for act. data
FAGLGA27Gen. Ledger: Create Plan Assessment
CPP4Delete Actual Assess. for Processes
WLF3VDisplay Remuneration Settlement
CJ38Budget Return in Project
AS25Block group asset
GJF9Display JV assessment cycle - plan
KOW4NDelete Periodic Reposting
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ4Display mat. numbers for clean-up
O3U_WCD21Change Well Completion Dated
IQS1Create Notification - Extended View
AS84Create legacy group asset subnumber
KA23Cost Elements: Master Data Report
FSKDDisplay Cost Element
KDH1Create Account Group
KKACSales Order Hierarchy Display
CPTBActual Template Allocation: Orders
FAGLGA2AGen. Ledger: Delete Plan Assessment
KPZ2Change Cost Center Budget
KKFBRS Header: Line Items Variance
CPUKPlan Template Allocation: Project
FINS_ALLOC_PC_D3PC Alloc: Display act. dist. cycle
WLR1Create Settlement Document List
KPZ3Display Cost Center Budget
CPP3NDisplay Actual Assess.for Processes
FM_SETS_FUNCTION1Create Functional Area Group
GM_SETS_GRANT1Create Grant Group
AS81Create Old Group Assets Data
GJ13Joint Venture Ledger Extract
O3U_DP3DOI Accounting Display - Doc Concept
CPC7NCreate Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
4KEANEC-PCA: Delete Plan Distribution
KBH3Display statistical key figure group
CNB1Purchase requisitions for project
KOCFCarry Forward Order Commitments
GA32Change FI-SL actual distribution
GA47Create FI-SL Planned Distribution
KOW3NDisplay Periodic Reposting
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ3Org. units/master data for clean-up
KPA7Display Primary Cost Elem. Planning
CKMLLAPrices in the Material Ledger
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ2Org. units/master data for clean-up
CJ9CSCopy WBS Actual to Plan (Indiv.)
FBMCA01JCreate MCA Journal Entry
AS82Change old group asset
CP02Change Business Process
KOW4Delete Periodic Reposting
GA12NChange FI-SL Actual Assessment
KSU9Display Plan Assessment
O3U_WCD6Delete Well Completion Dated
CJ37Budget Supplement in Project
V-06Create consignee (Sales)
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ1Org. units/master data for clean-up
CTE_CC_EXPExport Cost Centers to Concur
FINS_ALLOC_PC_D4PC Alloc: Delete act. dist. cycle
KSC1Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
FR04Change original payments
WLF2KChange Customer Settlement
FR02Display original commitments
BD27Send cost center activity prices
FAGLGA28Gen. Ledger: Change Plan Assessment
KB33Display Statistical Key Figures
KSH2Change Cost Center Group
GA34NDelete FI-SL Actual Distribution
IW53Display Service Notification
AD43Assessment Preprocessor with rollup
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ5Maintain mat. numbers for clean-up
BD17Get Cost Center
AS92Change Old Asset
CJ11Create WBS Element
KABPControlling Documents: Plan
KA06Create Secondary Cost Element
FAGLGA33Gen. Ledger:Display Act.Distribution
KA04Delete cost element
CJ76Project Commitment Line Items
CPPANDelete Plan Assessment for Processes
KEG7NCreate Indirect Plan Acty Allocation
FAGLGA32Gen. Ledger: Change Act.Distribution
KP97Copy Planning for Cost Centers
J1UFACCSTAccounting Statement
OKC4Delete Cost Centers
CPTKActual Template Allocation: Project
AS91Create Old Asset
MEWPWeb based PO
GJVDJoint Venture Deletion
AS26Mark group asset for deletion
VA12Change Sales Inquiries
O3U_WCD3Display Well Completion Dated
KEG3NDisplay Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KSU8NChange Plan Assessment
WLF4Reverse Supplier Billing Document
CJSAData Transfer to SAP-EIS
O3U_MPD1Measurement Point Dated Create
CP14Delete Business Processes
KOA1Send Internal Order
CJCOCarry Forward Project Budget
FAGLGA34Gen. Ledger: Delete Act.Distribution
AS93Display Old Asset
WLF5VReopen Remuneration Settlement
FINS_ALLOC_PC_D1PC Alloc: Create act. dist. cycle
VA51Create Item Proposal
FO8RReset delete flag for SU
FOKNRE: Displ.Planning Stat.Key Figs
OKC3Delete transaction data
AR13_RESETReset Plan Values
CPT2Change Template
V-02Create Quotations
KK89Actual Settlement: Cost Objects
FR01Change original commitments
FOKPRE: Change Plan.Cost El./Act.Inpt
KP95Revaluate Manual Planning
KOH3Display Order Group
WZR5Reopen Settlement Document
PK41Backflush KANBAN Orders
FOKQRE: Displ.Plan.Cost Elem/Act.Inpt
CJ9CCopy WBS Actual to Plan (Collective)
IW26Create Maintenance Request
VA11Create Sales Inquiries
1KE0EC-PCA: Transfer prog. for plan data
KPI7Display Stat. Key Figure Plan Data
KOBPNOrders: Plan Line Items New
KCH3Display profit center hierarchy
CRAVChange Work Center
CNMTMilestone Trend Analysis
KBH2Change statistical key figure group
GA4ANDelete FI-SL Planned Distribution
ME3JOutline Agreements for Project
VA01Create Sales Orders
KKCSCost Objects: Line Items - Actual
IW24Create PM Malfunction Report
KSCFCarry Forward Cost Center Commitment
FBMCA01ACreate FX Position Adjustment
KOB5Orders: Maint. Line Item Settlement
IMA13Individual Processing (Web Trans.)
FOKURE: Display Planning Activ.Input
GJ92JV Goods receipt expense orders
GJ95North American Overhead Calculations
GJBRBilling reconciliation
GACN_COMMONGolden Audit: Common Info. (China)
PK13NKanban Board: Demand Source View
KPE7Display Revenue Element Planning
FINS_ALLOC_PC_A2PC Alloc: Change act. overhead cycle
KA01Create Cost Element
CPC3Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC1NCreate Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
FOKXRE: Change Plan.Stat.Key Figures
WLF3DDisplay Expenses Settlement
FINS_ALLOC_CC_D3CC Alloc: Display Act. Distr. Cycle
GJBRAJV Billing reconciliation
GJG4Delete JV distribution cycle -actual
IM64Transfer from Old Investment Program
/CEECV/ROFI12Petty Cash -print
/SAPPCE/PNV01Create Construction Progress Report
GJ0ANon-Operated Billing by Operator V.2
KPD7Display Stat. Key Figure Plan Data
CJ9FCopy Project Costing (Collective)
PK23Manual Kanban Creation
VA02Change Sales Orders
KOB3Orders: Variance Line Items
FINS_ACDOC_REPAIR_05Data correction EBRR: set KFSL to 0
KL14Delete Activity Types
KJH1Create WBS Element Groups
CP26CO-ABC Planning: Quantities & Prices
KCH2Change profit center hierarchy
GA29Display FI-SL Planned Assessment
FMDAFM: Change Budget Plan
CP27CO-ABC Planning: Display Qty/Price
FMDBFM: Display Budget Plan
FMDCFM: Change Collect. Expend. Planning
CP07CO-ABC Planning: Display Act. Inputs
CPP4NDelete Actual Assess. for Processes
FMDDFM: Display Collect. Expnd. planning
FMDEFM: Loc. Auth.: Change Fin. Result
FMDFFM: Loc. Auth.: Display Fin. Result
KOB4Orders: Budget Line Items
IDCNACCTBLNAccount Balance Output (China)
GMWHEREUSEDWhere-Used GM Assignments
FMDGFM: Loc. Auth.: Change FR in CE
FMDHFM: Loc. Auth.: Display FR in CE
FMDKFM Loc. Auth.: Change Net Voting
KEU8NChange Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
FMDLFM Loc. Auth.: Display Net Voting
KSV6NActual Distribution: Overview
KB24Reverse Activity Allocation
FOKTRE: Change Planning Activ.Input
GJCBJV Cutback Program
WLF5Reopen Supplier Billing Documents
VD02Change Customer (Sales)
GJVVJoint Venture Master Transaction
PK01Create Control Cycle
GJAAJOA Master Transaction
GJA8JV JOA screen
BP_SETS_3Display Budget Period Group
PK13Kanban Board: Demand Source View
KEUANDelete Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KPD6Change Stat. Key Figure Plan Data
FINS_ALLOC_CC_A4CC Alloc: Delete Act. Overhead Cycle
CPT3Display Template
CP47CO-ABC Planning: Display Stat. KF
CJIEProjects: Retirement LI Settlement
FINS_ALLOC_PC_A3PC Alloc: Display act. overhead cyc.
CJ9QSIntegrated Planning for Ntwks (Ind.)
CJ9C_OLDCopy Project Revenue Planning (old)
CJIGDisplay PS Cash Documents
GJ0AANon-Operator Invoice
CPUBPlan Template Allocation: Orders
AS01Create Asset Master Record
GA47NCreate FI-SL Planned Distribution
CRAHCreate Work Center
GJDEDelete Joint Venture Data
KOB2NOrders: Commitment Line Items
VA31Create Sales Scheduling Agreements
KKB4Itemization for Base Planning Obj.
IQS12Process Task
KEU9NDisplay Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
VA23Display Sales Quotations
KSUADelete Plan Assessment
FINS_ALLOC_CC_D2CC Alloc: Change Act. Distrib. Cycle
KSU1Create Actual Assessment
FD03Display Customer (Accounting)
KS30Cost Centers: Change Management
GJ98North America Overhead Detail Report
KSV1Create Actual Distribution
KO9GPlan Settlement: Internal Orders
KOB2Orders: Commitment Line Items
CJR3PS: Display plan CElem/Activ. input
CNC5Consistency checks sales order/proj.
GJ96Payroll Burden Clearing
KIS6NSegment Adjustment: Overview
VA21Create Sales Quotations
GJF8Change JV assessment cycle - plan
KEU1NCreate Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
IM54Investment Program Reorganization
CJ8AAct.-setlmt: Proj. retirmt. from IM
FINS_ALLOC_CC_D1CC Alloc: Create Act. Distrib. Cycle
CP46CO-ABC Planning: Stat. Key Figures
CPP8Change Plan Assess. for Processes
KL13Activity Types: Master Data Report
WRLSReverse Supplier Settlement List
OKC5Delete cost elements
IQS21_WCreating Notifications from ISR
PK21Change Kanban Container Status
FINS_ALLOC_PA_A4PA Alloc: Delete Act. Overhead Cycle
CJ9GPlan Settlement: Projects
KSUANDelete Plan Assessment
VA03Display Sales Orders
KO14Copy Planing for Internal Orders
WRL3Display Supplier Settlement List
KKB2Costing Items for Cost Object
CJ07Change Project Definition
KEU4NDelete Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
FINS_ALLOC_PA_A2PA Alloc: Change Act. Overhead Cycle
CPUAPlan Template Allocation: Order
/PRA/ACCTDOC_MANUALManual Accounting Document
KSVCNPlan Distribution: Overview
KS08Execute list editing of cost center
FM_SETS_FUND1Create Fund Group
PK22Kanban Quantity Signal
KKB1Costing Items for Sales Document
VA52Change Item Proposal
KBK6CO-CCA: Manual Actual Price
GJF2Change JV assessment cycle - actual
CJ9EPlan Settlement: Projects
FINS_ALLOC_PA_A3PA Alloc: Display Act. Overhead Cyc.
KO15Copy Actual Int.Order Data to Plan
CN72Create Project Version
FD01Create Customer (Accounting)
IW31Create Maintenance Order
CP06CO-ABC Planning: Activity Inputs
KJH3Display WBS Element Groups
KKF4Change CO-FA Plan Values
VACFCommit. carried forwrd: Sales orders
KO88Actual Settlement: Order
CPT4Delete Template
KSW6NPeriodic Repostings: Overview
IDCNPLFWDP&L Account Closing Posting (China)
CP20Business Alloc Structure Display
WLF4LReverse Supplier Settlement
CPC2NChange Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
FR27Change Return Payments
FR28Display Return Payments
FOKPPCopy Plan->Plan for Real Estate
CJ88Settle Projects and Networks
KKF5Display CO-FA Plan Values
CPP7NCreate Plan Assess. for Processes
0KWDDelete Business Processes
KKH1Create Cost Object Group
KEU3NDisplay Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs
CP30Business Process: Change Management
FINS_ALLOC_PA_A1PA Alloc: Create Act. Overhead Cycl.
3KE1EC-PCA: Create Actual Assessment
KKH3Display Cost Object Group
KEG1Create Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KSU1NCreate Actual Assessment
CPP7Create Plan Assess. for Processes
KO8AAct.-setlmt: Order retmt. from IM
WLF3Display Supplier Billing Document
KW3PWWW: Internal Price List
/PRA/ADV_TRANTax Recovery/Reimbursement Workplace
PAM00Create PAM Requirement
FINS_ALLOC_PC_A1PC Alloc: Create act. overhead cycl
FMD7FM: Change Supplement Budget Plan
FMD8FM: Display Supplement Budget Plan
KEU7NCreate Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
FD02Change Customer (Accounting)
KO8GAct. Settlment: Int.-/Maint. Orders
FMD9FM: Change Suppl. Coll. Expend. Plan
KS05Cost Center: Display Changes
GJ0BNon-Operated Billing by Venture V.2
WLF4VReverse Remuneration Settlement
KL04Delete Activity Type
KKE6Analyze Unit Cost Est Base Plan Obj
FINS_ACDOC_REPAIR_04Data corrections cust. proj. curr.
MILL_CUTCutting Stck Trans. and Confirmation
FINS_ALLOC_CC_D4CC Alloc: Delete Act. Distrib. Cycle
KEU2NChange Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
GA28NChange FI-SL Planned Assessment
CPC2Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
IW25Create PM Activity Report
KL05Activity type: Display changes
KKH2Change Cost Object Group
GJF1Create JV assessment cycle - actual
GJ09Joint Venture detailed information
KPE6Change Revenue Element Planning
GJ13AJoint Venture Ledger Extract
CJ7GPlan Data Transfer: Projects
CJS2PS: Change stat. key figure planning
KJH2Change WBS Element Groups
GJ14AHard Copy Billing
FOKWRE: Display Plan.Revenue Elements
FOKVRE: Change Plan.Revenue Elements
V-09Create ordering party (Centrally)
KSWCNPlan Periodic Repostings: Overview
GJ17Suspense Project / Equity Group
GJ19Equity Adjustments
CPTLActual Template Allocation: Projects
KB27IAA Enter Other Periods
IW54Create Service Notification-Malfn.
GM_SETS_SPPROG1Create Sponsored Program Group
CJ7EPlan Data Transfer: Projects
CJ9FSCopy Project Costing (Indiv.)
IW8WGoods Receipt f. Refurbishment Order
CJ8GHActual Settlement: Projects/Networks
IMA11Individual Processing
CJS3PS: Display stat. key fig. planning
KSCANDelete Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
WZR1Create Settlement Document
KOB1Orders: Actual Line Items
WLF5KReopen Customer Settlement
VA22Change Quotations
CNV_20551_CHECK_MDCheck master data for deletion
FM_SETS_FUNCTION2Change Functional Area Group
AS21Create Group Asset
FINS_ALLOC_PC_A9PC Alloc: Display pla. overhead cyc.
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ6Display master data for clean-up
GA2ANDelete FI-SL Planned Assessment
KDH2Change Account Group
CJ08Display Project Definition
KA05Cost element: display changes
FAGLGA49Gen. Ledger:Display PlanDistribution
KO12Change Order Plan (Overall
KO13Display Order Plan (Overall
KO22Change Order Budget
KO23Display Order Budget
FOKRRE: Change Plan.Prim.Cost Elements
KO24Change Order Supplement
FVMCA01JPark MCA Journal
FERHProcessing history
KPF7Display CElem./Acty Input Planning
FERRReverse regulatory procedure
PK12Kanban Board: Supply Source View
KOB8Orders: WIP/Results Anal. Line Items
FBMCA01SLCreate FX Swap for Ledger Group
GJF7Create JV assessment cycle - plan
BP_SETS_1Create Budget Period Group
FD06Mark Customer for Deletion (Acctng)
AS11Create Asset Subnumber
CPP9Display Plan Assess. for Processes
FR11Display Release Payments
KEOD1Reset Inactive Cost Centers
KLH3Display Activity Type Group
KEG8NChange Indirect Plan Acty Allocation
FVMCA01JLPark MCA Journal for Ledger Group
KOB1LLine Item Monitor Orders (Actual)
KKB5Costing Items for Material
WLF3KDisplay Customer Settlement
KPB7Display Activity Type Plan Data
FERVValidate regulatory configuration
KOBPOrders: Plan Line Items
KK47CO-COC Plng: Display Stat. Key Fig.
CJ43Display Project Revenues
FBMCA01SCreate FX Swap
O3U_MPD11MP Dated Create - call from UG
FR08Display Release Commitments
GM_SETS_SPPROG2Change Sponsored Program Group
AS23Display Group Asset
FR07Change Release for Commitment Bdgt
FM_SETS_FUND2Change Fund Group
FVMCA01ALPark FX Position Adjust. for LG
KSU9NDisplay Plan Assessment
FAGLGA48Gen. Ledger:Change Plan Distribution
KBK7CO-CCA: Display manual actl price
J3RFWORKWEARLISTWorkwear List for Employees
GJLISummary ledger line items
IM44Determining Default Budget Value IM
PK31Container Correction
FINS_ALLOC_PC_AAPC Alloc: Delete pla. overhead cycle
GJNONon open item unreal. exchange diff.
CPC4Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
IM34Determining Default Plan Value IM
IQS3Display Notification - Extended View
AS24Create Group Asset Subnumber
KOW2NChange Periodic Reposting
VD03Display Customer (Sales)
CPP9NDisplay Plan Assess. for Processes
FR05Display original payments
KSU6NActual Assessment: Overview
CJ41Display Project Plan
GA13Display FI-SL actual assessment
VA43Display Sales Contracts
KOW2Change Periodic Reposting
FOKZRE: Change Plan.Stat.Key Figures
AS22Change Group Asset
FR10Change Release for Payment Bdgt
KKEDBOM for Base Planning Objects
CNC4Consistency checks for WBS
CJ42Change Project Revenues
KAB9Planning Report: Orders
FOKIPCopy Actual->Plan for Real Estate
WBLSReverse Customer Settlement List
KB22IAA via Internet
KSU2Change Actual Assessment
KPT6Execute Formula Planning
CJ06Create Project Definition
KO25Display Order Supplement
KO26Change Order Return
KO27Display Order Return
KOH1Create Order Group
CJ9BCopy WBS Plan to Plan (Collective)
WLF4DReverse Expense Settlement
KA24Delete Cost Elements
FD08Confirm Customer Individually(Actng)
KS12Change Cost Centers
GA31Create FI-SL actual distribution
VD01Create Customer (Sales)
FAGLGA4AGen. Ledger:Delete Plan Distribution
PK24Enter Customer KANBAN Call
KPC7Display activity input planning
/SAPPCE/DPC_LIST_CCredit-Side Down Payment Chains-List
FOKYRE: Display Plan.Stat.Key Figures
FINS_ALLOC_PC_A4PC Alloc: Delete act. overhead cycle
GM_SETS_SPCLASS3Display Sponsored Class Group
CJ9B_OLDCopy Project Cost Planning (old)
KB31Enter Statistical Key Figures
KO8GHAcct. Settlement: Int./Maint. Orders
GA29NDisplay FI-SL Planned Assessment
FR19Change Supplement Payments
RKACSHOWDisplay CO Cost Segments
AS03Display Asset Master Record
WLF4KReverse Customer Settlement
KPF6Change CElem/Activity Input Planning
FINS_ALLOC_CC_A2CC Alloc: Change Act. Overhead Cycle
CRAADisplay Work Center
FOKSRE: Displ.Plan.Primary Cost Elements
BP_SETS_2Change Budget Period Group
CPC1Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
WLF5DReopen Expenses Settlement
KSUCNPlan Assessment: Overview
FVMCA01SLPark FX Swap for Ledger Group
GJECPre-Cutback Equity_Change Management
FD05Block Customer (Accounting)
FMWHEREUSEDWhere-Used FM Assignments
KEGANDelete Indirect Plan Acty Allocation
FR24Display Return Commitments
KLH1Create Activity Type Group
IW62Change Historical Order
KDH3Display Account Group
FM_SETS_FUNCTION3Display Functional Area Group
KOB6Orders: Settlement Line Items
GCD1FI-SL Customizing: Diagnosis Tool
MPO_ADMINAdministration of Rule Maintenance
FR23Change Return Commitments
/SAPPCE/DPC_LIST_DDebit-Side Down Payment Chains-List
/SAPPCE/PNV03Display Construction Progress Report
FR20Display Supplement Payments
FINS_ALLOC_CC_A3CC Alloc: Display Act. Overhead Cyc.
KA02Change Cost Element
AR13Call Up Prim. Cost Plan. Dep./Int.
AS02Change Asset Master Record
CP13Business Processes: Master Data Rep.
KO9EPlan Settlement: Internal Order
FBMCAV6Reject Parked MCA Document
KPRC_OBJCreate Object Number Group
OKC6Delete Activity Types
KPRC_COMMProfit Center: Commitment
IW61Create Historical PM Order
GA13NDisplay FI-SL Actual Assessment
FER2Post primary costs
3KE2EC-PCA: Change Actual Assessment
FER3Post variance allocations
KOW1Create Periodic Reposting
FINS_ALLOC_PC_A8PC Alloc: Change pla. overhead cycle
FER4Direct postings
KOB1NOrders: Actual Line Items New
GJFARM_3FarmIn/Out Cash Call redetermination
KEOD3Reset Inactive Business Process
GJJ1Generate JADE audit file
KOB7Orders: Line Item Settlement Retirem
V-08Create payer (Centrally)
AS06Delete Asset Record/Mark for Delet.
RKABSHOW_OLDDisplay CO Document
SHN1_Create Shift Note
KOW1NCreate Periodic Reposting
KPC6Change Activity Input Planning
CJR9PS: Display Revenue Element Planning
KKBHPlanning report: Cost objects
KA03Display Cost Element
FER5Prepare drill down
KKBC_HOE_HAnalyze Summarization Object
KEG9NDisplay Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
SHN2_Change Shift Note
CPTAActual Template Allocation: Order
WLF2VChange Remuneration Settlement
KEG2Change Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
CPP8NChange Plan Assess. for Processes
CPC3NDisplay Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CNMASSCREATEMass creation of projects from excel
PK12NKanban Board: Supply Source View
GA49NDisplay FI-SL Planned Distribution
KB23Display Activity Allocation
GJG8Change JV distribution cycle - plan
FER0Standard cost adjustment
FR16Display Supplement Commitments
FINS_ALLOC_CC_A1CC Alloc: Create Act. Overhead Cycl.
GJ14Hard Copy Billing
FVMCA01SPark FX Swap
KL02Change Activity Type
CJ8GActual Settlement: Projects/Networks
CP12Edit Business Processes
RKACGRIDCO Table Display
AS05Block Asset Master Record
FR15Change Supplement Commitments
GJFARM_1Farm in/out: JVTO1 and Cutback
KKB3Costing Items for WBS Elements
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ7Edit master data for clean-up
KLH2Change Activity Type Group
FER1Trace flow of primary costs
GA2ADelete FI-SL Planned Assessment
ME2JPurchase Orders for Project
KPA6Change Primary Cost Element Planning
KEOG3Replace Standard Hierarhcy
REV_REC_COL_PRO_RSPEvent Based Rev. Rec.: Proj. Manager
KSW8Change Plan Periodic Reposting
O3UCI_PDXPurchaser to Property/DOI Xref
KSC4Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
FINS_ONEALLOC_T8Change top-down distribution
FINS_ONEALLOC_T7Create top-down distribution
KEOG2Generate Alternative Hierarchy
CPAEActl. Template Alloc: Prof. Analysis
CJICMaintain Project Settlement LIs
LPK1Create Control Cycle for WM
CK80Flexible Cost Component Report
GRE5Report Writer: Delete Extracts
IM35Change Plan on Inv. Program Position
4KE7EC-PCA: Create Plan Distribution
KEOP1Print Standard Hierarchy
FINS_ONEALLOC_D7Alloc: Create Plan Distribution
IW56Create service request
GRP1Report Writer: Display Extracts
OKEWSplitting: Assignment KOSTL -> SCNAM
IMA1Create appropriation request
KEOG1Generate Standard Hierarchy
J3GNPostproc. Input Sales Orders
PK23LDelete Kanbans Automatically
4KE7NEC-PCA: Create Plan Distribution
CPP2Change Actual Assess. for Processes
IW36Create PM Sub-Order
KB11Enter Reposting of Primary Costs
IW3DPrint Order
CJENReconstruct: Summarized Proj.Data
IMAPChange plan for appropriation req.
CKMDUVSHOWDisplay Inventory and Activity Diff.
GA33NDisplay FI-SL Actual Distribution
FO8CReal Estate CO Indiv. Settlement
IW21Create PM Notification - General
KP16Change Plan Data for Primary Costs
CPC9Display Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan
CJI9Project Struct.Pld Costs Line Items
IM33Display Budget of Inv.Prog.Position
GJG7Create JV distribution cycle -plan
KSW7NCreate Plan Periodic Reposting
GJA3Display joint operating agreement
/SAPPCE/PNV07Create and Change Remaining Plan
KSV2NChange Actual Distribution
CJ13Display WBS Element
GJA2Change joint operating agreement
1KE4NProfit Center Where-Used List
IMA3Display appropriation request
KSC7Create Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
KEOP2Print Enterprise Organization
CPPCNPlan Assess. for Processes: Overview
KXH2Change Group (Hierarchical)
3KEANEC-PCA: Delete Plan Assessment
IW81Create Refurbishment Order
KSV8Change Plan Distribution
KAVASend Cost Center Totals Records
GJA1Create joint operating agreement
VA13Display Inquiry
IM48Change return on operative objects
FO3CReal estate CO settlement
IW32Change Maintenance Order
J3RFACC1616th account distribution
KP27Display Plan Data for Activity Types
EPIC_PROCElectronic Payment Integration
KEGADelete Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
IM49Display return on operative objects
CLM1Create Claim
CK86Costed Multilevel BOM
CJT2Project Actual Payment Line Items
RECOSEVARRE: CO Collective Settlement
COCUSDISDisplay Customizing Settings
FM_SETS_FIPEX1Create Commitment Item Group
CPVADelete Plan Process Distribution
KS03Display Cost Center
VAP2Change Contact Person
KK17CO-COC Plng: Display Costs/ActyInput
KSW1NCreate Periodic Reposting
OKE9Transport Tool Settings
CPVANDelete Plan Process Distribution
MPO_PERS_FILL_CCFill for Personalization
MPO_PERS_FILL_PCFill for Personalization
KEU7Create Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
V-04Create invoice recipient (Sales)
IQS2Change Notification - Extended View
GRM3Colective Processing: Assignments
CKM3NMaterial Price Analysis
IMARPlan investment portion of app.req.
CKMDUVACTDistribution of Activity Differences
IMASDisplay plan: Appropriation request
IW34PM Order for PM Notification
FINS_ONEALLOC_A7Alloc: Create Plan Overhead Alloc.
FM_SETS_FUND3Display Fund Group
KK46CO-COC Plng: Change Stat. Key Fig.
KSBPCost Centers: Plan Line Items
IMR6App.Req. w/o Distrib.
FERSProcess actual
KP26Change Plan Data for Activity Types
PK50Display Errors: Kanban
FSSC_SR_CO_REPORTService Request Report for CO
VA88HActual Settlement: Sales Orders
CJR7PS: Display activity input planning
VD06Mark customer for deletion (sales)
CPCADelete Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
CPP3Display Actual Assess.for Processes
WBL1Create Customer Settl. List Manually
REORRSPOSTPosting of Reservation
IMR5App.Req. w/ Distrib.
QM01Create Quality Notification
FINS_ALLOC_PC_DAPC Alloc: Delete pla. dist. cycle
CPV4Delete Actual Process Distribution
/SAPPCE/PNV05Create and Change CPR
FO61UCreate Master Settlement Unit
CPV2Change Actual Distribution Process
V-07Create one-time customer (Sales)
CPV8NChange Plan Process Distribution
CO8BPresett. Co-Products
CKM3Material Price Analysis
GRP6Report Writer: Print Extracts
WLR3Display Settlement Document List
MD83Display Customer Indep. Requirements
IM32Change Budget of Inv. Prog. Position
O3U_MPD3Measurement Point Dated Browse
IM31Display Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.
KB14Reverse Reposting of Primary Costs
IMAQDisplay plan for appropriation req.
1KE4NSWhere-Used List Administration
KSB5NControlling Documents: Actual
FO63UDisplay Master Settlement Unit
IM30Change Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.
/ATL/BOOKGCapital gain for book use
VA88Actual Settlement: Sales Orders
GM_SETS_GRANT2Change Grant Group
PK18Evaluation Control Cycle/Kanban
FPB_FILL_PERS_CCFill for Personalization
CPVCNPlan Process Distribution Overview
CPCCNIndirect Acty Alloc. Plan: Overview
3KE1NEC-PCA: Create Actual Assessment
IQS23Display Notif. - Simplified View
QM03Display Quality Notification
KSC3Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSBTVPrice Comparison: Activity Types
CPULPlan Template Allocation: Projects
KB51Enter Activity Posting
KSBTCost centers: Activity prices
FIAPSA_ADPOVRCreate Advance Payment Request
KB54Reverse Activity Posting
FO62UChange Master Settlement Unit
3KEAEC-PCA: Delete Plan Assessment
KSC6NAct. Indirect Acty Alloc.: Overview
LPK3Display Control Cycle for WM
4KE3NEC-PCA: Display Actual Distribution
PK08NCheck Kanban Calculation Result
KSW1Create Periodic Reposting
KP07Display Planning CElem/Act. Input
KBC6CO-ABC: Manual Actual Price
KSW8NChange Plan Periodic Reposting
4KE4NEC-PCA: Delete Actual Distribution
KSC9Display Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan
IM43Display budget operative objects
IM42Change budget operative objects
IMR7App. Request w/ Distrib. w/ Variants
CPV3Display Actual Process Distribution
IM41Display suppmt on operative objects
KB44Reverse Reposting of Revenues
CP05Process: Display Changes
KSW2NChange Periodic Reposting
IW3LDisplay Order Component List
4KE8EC-PCA: Change Plan Distribution
CK89Flexible Cost Comp. Report SaleOrder
WZR2Change Settlement Document
KSW3NDisplay Periodic Reposting
CPP1Create Actual Assess. for Processes
GRP7Report Writer: Validity of Extracts
IM27IM: Open new approval year
CPV9Display Plan Process Distribution
GJF4Delete JV assessment cycle - actual
XD03Display Customer (Centrally)
REV_REC_COL_AUFEvent Based Revenue Recogn.: Order
CPC9NDisplay Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan
FINS_ONEALLOC_A9Alloc: Display Plan Overhead Alloc.
CKM3AActivity Consumption Analysis
KP37Display Secondary Costs Plan Data
KB41Enter Reposting of Revenues
GRE0Report Writer: Extract Management
/ISDFPS/ACCHIERCOPYCopy CO Standard Hierarchy
GJV2Change Joint Venture Master
FM_SETS_FUNDPRG3Display Funded Program Group
WLRSReverse Settlement Document List
GJF3Display JV assessment cycle - actual
CKMKO88SIMSimulate order settlement
WBL3Display Customer Settlement List
CPTJActl Template Alloc.: Cust. Orders
CJSGGenerate WBS Element Group
VAP1Create Contact Person
CR60Work center information system
KSW4Delete Periodic Reposting
KPPSAllocation Templ. Plan: CCtr/ATyp
XD05Block customer (centrally)
VA53Display Item Proposal
IMR9Check of Inheritance in Inv.Program
RECOPLPLANCOPYCopy Plan->Plan for Real Estate
PK07Kanban Calculation
V+23Create Business Partner
KSV8NChange Plan Distribution
FINS_ONEALLOC_AAAlloc: Delete Plan Overhead Alloc.
IMA4NDelete Appropriation Request
WRL1Create Supplier Settlement List
KCH1Create Profit Center Group
REV_REC_COL_SDEvent Based Revenue Recogn.: SD
O3U_MPD6Measurement Point Dated Delete
CJ9DCopy Plan Versions
KSW3Display Periodic Reposting
RECOSESNGCO Settlement of Real Estate Objects
MILL_CUT_LBAConfirmation DNP Processing
CPTEActual Template Alloc.: Run Sched.
O3U_DP2DOI Accounting Change - Doc Concept
CPV7Create Plan Process Distribution
CJIBProject Plan Payment Line Items
IW3KChange order component list
KEG8Change Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
WZR4Reverse Settlement Document
CNV_20551_ANALYSECarry out various analyses
GA14NDelete FI-SL Actual Assessment
RECOPLACTCOPYCopy Actual->Plan for Real Estate
KEU3Display Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs
GJV3Display Joint Venture Master
CPH1Create Business Process Group
IMA1NCreate Appropriation Request
FMMDAUTOFM: Auto. Creation of Master Data
3KE8EC-PCA: Change Plan Assessment
IW23Display PM Notification
CJR6PS: Change activity input planning
KSU7Create Plan Assessment
KSV9Display Plan Distribution
WLF1DCreate Expenses Settlement
REV_REC_MONSAP Support Monitor for Rev. Rec.
GRE6Report Writer: Print Extracts
V+21Create Sales Prospect
FMP2Delete Financial Budget Version
CJH2Project Inheritance Log
J3RFTAXFINREZLISTGains and Losses (Russia)
1KE4EC-PCA: Customizing monitor
CPPEPlan Templ. Alloc.: Results Analysis
QM02Change Quality Notification
CJR4PS: Change plan primary cost element
OKE8Transport Actual Posting Settings
J3RFOS6Asset Inventory Cards (Russia)
FM9EFM: Unblock Budget Version
FM9DFM: Block Budget Version
OKE7Transport Planning Settings
CP04Delete Business Process
KSW7Create Plan Periodic Reposting
CPV4NDelete Actual Process Distribution
FBMCA08Reverse MCA Document
KP47Display Stat. Key Figure Plan Data
IMA12Individual Processing (Planner)
KEOA3Activate Processes
RKOBJSHOWCO: Object Analysis
FINS_ONEALLOC_A8Alloc: Change Plan Overhead Alloc.
4KE1EC-PCA: Create Actual Distribution
FM_SETS_FICTR2Change Funds Center Group
FM9CPlan Data Transfer from CO
KSC3NDisplay Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
FOIW21Create PM Notifications in RE
LPK2Change Control Cycle for WM
CLM2Change Claim
CJ7MProject Plan Cost Line Items
GRP5Report Writer: Delete Extracts
KSU7NCreate Plan Assessment
KBC7CO-ABC: Display manual actl. price
KSB1Cost Centers: Actual Line Items
CP98Copy Planning for Business Processes
KS13Cost Centers: Master Data Report
3KE9NEC-PCA: Display Plan Assessment
/ISDFPS/ACCHIERGENGenerate CO Standard Hierarchy
BD28Send obj/cost element control data
WBL2Change Customer Settlement List
KS14Delete Cost Centers
IM27_CLOSEIM: Close old approval year
WLF3LDisplay Supplier Settlement
KXH3Display Hierarchy (Hierarchical)
CJI3NProjects Line Items Actual Costs New
IM_AFASIMDDeletion of Accounting Simul. Data
REV_REC_COL_SVDEvent Based Revenue Recogn.: SVD
IMA2NChange Appropriation Request
KB13Display Reposting of Primary Costs
PTRV_FILL_PERSPersonalization: Trip Approval
XD02Change Customer (Centrally)
CP97Copy Planning for Business Processes
2KEVCopy cost centers
MILL_CUT_TRCutting Stock Transfer
KP46Change Stat. Key Figure Plan Data
CPBPBusiness Processes: Plan Line Items
KSV3NDisplay Actual Distribution
IM40Change supplement on operative objs
KSW2Change Periodic Reposting
RKE_KS03Start KS03
CPV9NDisplay Plan Process Distribution
PK02Change Control Cycle
/ISDFPS/ACCMDGENGenerate CO Account Assignment Objs
VA33Display Sales Scheduling Agreements
KEG7Create Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
IM39Display return on program position
CKMLLASHOWDisplay Activity Prices
IM38Change return on program position
KSW4NDelete Periodic Reposting
IM36Display plan on prog. position
FM_SETS_FIPEX2Change Commitment Item Group
FBMCAV0Post Parked Document
KEU4Delete Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
CPV1NCreate Actual Process Distribution
GJV1Create Joint Venture Master
CPP6NActual Assess. Processes: Overview
KSB1NCost Centers: Actual Line Items New
GM_SETS_SPCLASS1Create Sponsored Class Group
GM_SETS_GRANT3Display Grant Group
FAGLGA13Gen. Ledger: Display Act. Assessment
PKMCControl Cycle Maintenance
FINS_ALLOC_PC_D7PC Alloc: Create pla. dist. cycle
CPC8Change Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
CKMDUVRECEnter Activity Differences
KP98Copy Actual to Plan for Cost Centers
CJI5Project Commitment Line Items
WLF2LChange Supplier Settlement
CPB9Planning Report for Bus. Processes
CJPUExecute Project Plan Adjustment
4KEAEC-PCA: Delete Plan Distribution
CKFASplit Display for Production Order
WLF1Create Supplier Billing Document
FM_SETS_FICTR3Display Funds Center Group
RECOPLSESNGPlanned Settlement: RE Objects
KAH2Change cost element group
4KE9NEC-PCA: Display Plan Distribution
IM24Create Investment Program
J1IHCreate Excise JV
BPSHOW00Analysis report: Bdgting/Overall pl.
O3U_WCD1Create Well Completion Dated
CPC6NAct. Indirect Acty Alloc.: Overview
KSC2Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CJI3Project Actual Cost Line Items
O3U_MPD2Measurement Point Dated Change
CPV1Create Actual Process Distribution
CJ72Project: Act. amt. line item settlmt
KB17Reverse Manual Allocations
WLF5LReopen Supplier Settlement
CPP1NCreate Actual Assess. for Processes
3KE4NEC-PCA: Delete Actual Assessment
CJR5PS: Display plan primary cost elem.
FINS_ONEALLOC_D9Alloc: Display Plan Distribution
KSVANDelete Plan Distribution
FO63Display settlement unit
KKAASales Document Line Items Res.Anal.
KBH1Create statistical key figure group
FINS_ONEALLOC_DAAlloc: Delete Plan Distribution
FBMCAV2Change Parked MCA Document
CPV7NCreate Plan Process Distribution
KSV7NCreate Plan Distribution
GA27NCreate FI-SL Planned Assessment
FM_SETS_FICTR1Create Funds Center
CPV8Change Plan Process Distribution
KP56Change Revenue Plan Data
CPTDActual Template Alloc.: Prod. Orders
KVBISales Documents: Line Items Actual
KSWANDelete Plan Periodic Reposting
REV_REC_COL_PROEvent Based Revenue Recogn.: Proj.
KSU4NDelete Actual Assessment
CO8APresett. Co-Products
IW55Create Activity Report
4KE2EC-PCA: Change Actual Distribution
VA42Change Sales Contracts
/SAPPCE/OIGLG/L Account Open Items
KL01Create Activity Type
CPV3NDisplay Actual Process Distribution
IMA3NDisplay Appropriation Request
PK17Collective Kanban Print
GJG2Change JV distribution cycle -actual
OMILL_CUTCustomizing for Cutting Processing
PKLCMChange Control Cycle Lifecycle Stat.
3KE3NEC-PCA: Display Actual Assessment
CJ9KNetwork Costing
XD07Change Customer Account Group
4KE1NEC-PCA: Create Actual Distribution
/ATL/TAXGCapital gain for tax use
CO88HActual Settlement: Prod./Process Ord
/SAPPCE/OICDebit-Side Open Items
RECOPLSEVARPlnd Collective Settlement: RE Obj.
CPB1Business Processes: Act. Line Items
VD05Block customer (sales)
GRE7Report Writer: Validity of Extracts
KP17Display Plan Data for Primary Costs
KP57Display Revenue Plan Data
GA27Create FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA11NCreate FI-SL Actual Assessment
CJI4Project Plan Cost Line Items
KOPUExecute Orders for Plan Revaluation
KSV4NDelete Actual Distribution
CO88Actual Settlement: Prod./Process Ord
CKM3AOLDActivity Consumption Analysis
CPCANDelete Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
KSPUExecute Plan Revaluation
FIAPSA_ADPDSPDisplay Advance Payment Request
WLR2Change Settlement Document List
WZR3Display Settlement Document
O3U_WCD2Change Well Completion Dated
CPTHActual Templ. Allocation: Cost Obj.
KB53Display Activity Posting
KP36Change Secondary Cost Plan Data
KSV3Display Actual Distribution
FO6DSet delete flag for CU
KSVADelete Plan Distribution
CJI1Project Budget Line Items
IMA2Change appropriation request
FSKAChange Cost Element
3KE7NEC-PCA: Create Plan Assessment
IQS21Create Notif. - Simplified View
IM05Reassign Measures/Approp.Requests
PC00_M44_HPALTransaction for HPA with FI postings
KK16CO-COC Plng: Change Costs/ActyInput
BD16Send Cost Center
CPV6NActual Process Distribution Overview
KB43Display Reposting of Revenues
IW63Display Historical PM Order
AS94Create Legacy Asset Subnumber
WLF2DChange Expenses Settlement
KAH1Create Cost Element Group
CKMLLACHANGEDisplay ActvPrices
CK_CCSAnalysis of Primary CCS
KSC8NChange Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
J4G1Check Settlement Data for Recipient
PK03Display Control Cycle
IQS22Process Notif. - Simplified View
KXH1Create Group (Hierarchical)
GA48NChange FI-SL Planned Distribution
4KE3EC-PCA: Display Actual Distribution
/SAPPCE/JVA_ECP_ACTEquity Change Management (Actual)
CPV2NChange Actual Distribution Process
KSBXCost Centers: Line Items (Actl/Plan)
IW33Display Maintenance Order
CK85Line Items in Cost Est for Order
ME5JPurchase Requisitions for Project
GA28Change FI-SL Planned Assessment
GM_SETS_SPPROG3Display Sponsored Program Group
KK87Actual settmt: prodn cost collector
FBMCAV3Display Parked MCA Document
KS01Create cost center
CJF4Transfer Price Agreement List
KSCKFind CCtrs in Cycles and Segments
KEUADelete Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
FAGLGA14Gen. Ledger: Delete Act. Assessment
KEG9Display Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
KEU1Create Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
PK11Plant Overview: Kanban
1KEAPost Selected Data CO -> EC-PCA
4KE2NEC-PCA: Change Actual Distribution
FINS_ALLOC_PC_A7PC Alloc: Create pla. overhead cycle
IW22Change PM Notification
MF63Staging Situation
KAH3Display cost element group
MD81Create Customer Indep. Requirements
KSV7Create Plan Distribution
CKMLLANOSETTLEInd.'Do Not Consider Price'
CK84Line Items in Cost Est for Product
J1B_LFC11Zusätzliche Tabellen
KB34Reverse Statistical Key Figures
KSU3NDisplay Actual Assessment
KR05Execute Summarization
SHN3_Display Shift Note
/SAPPCE/PNV04Display construction progress report
CPT6Formula Plan for Bus. Processes
KSBPNCost Centers: Plan Line Items New
GJG9Display JV distribution cycle-plan
FERQProcess plan
CPP2NChange Actual Assess. for Processes
KSV4Delete Actual Distribution
GJG3Display JV distribution cycle-actual
PK52Kanban Calculation Error Log
V-05Create payer (Sales)
VAP3Display Contact Person
FM_SETS_FUNDPRG2Change Funded Program Group
FM_SETS_FIPEX3Display Commitment Item Group
CJ12Change WBS Element
GJG1Create JV distribution cycle -actual
CPH2Change Business Process Group
FAGLGA11General Ledger: Create Act. Assessmt
CJI4NProjects Line Items Plnd Costs New
KS02Change cost center
CPC8NChange Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
CJIFProjects: Profitability Analysis LI
WRL2Change Supplier Settlement List
FINS_ALLOC_PC_D9PC Alloc: Display pla. dist. cycle
J3GZCreate SD Orders Job Split (INPUT)
O3U_MPD21MP Dated Change - call from UG
KSB1LLine Item Monitor Cost Ctrs (Actual)
KL03Display Activity Type
MF60Pull List
KP06Change CElem/Activity Input Planning
CJCFCarry Forward Project Commitments
IMR4App.Req. w/o Distrib.
REV_REC_SIM_LOGExplanation log for simulation
CLM3Display Claim
CJG4Enter Trsfr Price Allocation: List
KSW9NDisplay Plan Periodic Reposting
IMR1Values for Capital Investment Prog.
KSC7NCreate Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
IMAVChange plan revenues
GA11Create FI-SL Actual Assessment
KEU2Change Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
CPBTBus. Process.: Activity Price Report
KB15Enter Manual Allocations
GRE1Report Writer: Display Extracts
WLF2Change Supplier Billing Document
CJ74Project Actual Cost Line Items
KSC9NDisplay Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan
FM_SETS_FUNDPRG1Create Funded Program Group
KSU3Display Actual Assessment
CK87Costed BOM Sales Orders
CJ7NMaint. DRG inv.projects for retmt.
KSW9Display Plan Periodic Reposting
KEG1NCreate Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
XD06Mark customer for deletion (centr.)
KSU4Delete Actual Assessment
GA33Display FI-SL actual distribution
4KE9EC-PCA: Display Plan Distribution
CJ02Change Work Breakdown Structure
REXCJPFUPFixed Unit Price Maintenance
FO61Create settlement unit
CPASAct. Template Alloc.: Bus. Processes
CJIAProject Actual and Commt Paymt LIs
CPPSPlan Template Allocation: Processes
O3U_DP1DOI Accounting - Doc Concept
IMAWDisplay plan revenues
PK09Unlock Kanban
RFCASH_DOCPrint Cash Receipts for CZ and SK
KEU8Change Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
3KE7EC-PCA: Create Plan Assessment
/ATL/BOOKDBook depreciation report
PK08Check Kanban Calculation Result
V+22Create Competitor
V-03Create ordering party (Sales)
KSB9Planning Report: Cost Centers
KSV9NDisplay Plan Distribution
GA34Delete FI-SL actual distribution
KB16Display Manual Allocations
/SAPPCE/OIVCredit-Side Open Posts
KSC4NDelete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
MD82Change customer indep. requirement
GA32NChange FI-SL Actual Distribution
3KE2NEC-PCA: Change Actual Assessment
KSB2Cost Centers: Commitment Line Items
FINS_ALLOC_PC_D8PC Alloc: Change pla. dist. cycle
KEU9Display Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KSC8Change Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJOrg. units/master data for clean-up
CJ01Create Work Breakdown Structure
PK03NRDisplay Control Cycle
3KE8NEC-PCA: Change Plan Assessment
3KE9EC-PCA: Display Plan Assessment
IMA4Delete appropriation request
KSB5Controlling Documents: Actual
KEOA1Activate Cost Centers
IW51Create Service Notification-General
CJI8Project Budget Line Items
MILL_CUT_COCutting Confirmation
S_P00_07000218_PHtcode for RFKORDP2 HTML gui
/ATL/TAXDTax depreciation report
CJS5PS: Display stat. key fig. planning
KEG4Delete Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
PK02NRChange Control Cycle
CJK2Change Statistical Key Figures
OKE6Transport Mater Data Settings
IW52Change Service Notification
CPH3Display Business Process Group
IMCAOVBudget Carryfwd for Inv.Programs
KPASActl. Templ.-Alloc.: CCTR/Acty Type
IM27_REMIM: Carry Forward Residual Budget
FO62Change settlement unit
KSWADelete Plan Periodic Reposting
IM25Create Investment Program
CJK3Display Statistical Key Figures
KB71JV-Transfer Postings
FINS_ONEALLOC_D8Alloc: Change Plan Distribution
KEG2NChange Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
VA32Change Sales Scheduling Agreements
CNB2Purchase orders for project
/BGLOCS/FI_FXRFixed Assets Report
KO8BDisplay Settlement Document
KSC2NChange Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
O3U_WCD11Create WC Dated - call from UG
KS07Execute rough entry of cost center
CJH1Reconstruct Project Inheritance
CJ03Display Work Breakdown Structure
GA49Display FI-SL Planned Distribution
KSCCNIndirect Acty Alloc. Plan: Overview
4KE8NEC-PCA: Change Plan Distribution
4KE4EC-PCA: Delete Actual Distribution
FBMCA03Display Manual MCA Document
KSU8Change Plan Assessment
CJ70Maintain Project Settlement LIs
KSV2Change Actual Distribution
KVBOSales Documents: Commit. Line Items
KS04Delete cost center
CPTGActual Templ. Allocation: Cost Obj.
FAGLGA12General Ledger: Change Act. Assessmt