S/4HANA 2020 - SAP CSKT Cost Center Texts Table


SAP CSKT table is a standard SAP S/4HANA transparent table which stores Cost Center Texts data. There are total 8 fields in the CSKT table. The following is a list of the fields that make up this table.

The table CSKT belongs to Controlling (CO) module and is located in Overhead Cost Controlling: General Services (KBASCORE) package.

In addition, below links provide an overview of foreign key relationships, if any, that link CSKT to other SAP tables and standard CDS views available based on CSKT table in SAP S/4HANA.

CSKT Techincal Settings

Below are technical details of the table CSKT

  • Buffering allowed but switched off
  • Full buffering as specified by generic key
  • Storage type is Column Store

List of CSKT Fields

The table below provides an overview of the fields available in CSKT. Key fields are marked in blue.

FieldDescriptionData ElementCheck TableData Type
KOKRSControlling AreaKOKRSTKA01CHAR(4)
MCTXTSearch Term for Matchcode UseMCDS3CHAR(20)

Foreign Key Relationships

A foreign key field is a table field that is allocated to a check table and becomes part of the table's foreign key. The following table gives you an overview of the foreign keys for CSKT table.

Table NameFieldCardinalityCheck Table

Other References

The table below lists SAP S/4HANA tcodes that read or modify the CSKT table.

Transaction CodeDescription
KB15Enter Manual Allocations
AKE1Create Condition
/SAPPCE/PNV04Display construction progress report
POFO32Portfolio: Change
CJIAProject Actual and Commt Paymt LIs
KVB3Display Actual Assignment Process/KF
FM_SETS_FIPEX3Display Commitment Item Group
IMR4App.Req. w/o Distrib.
V-95Change Domestic Taxes
COB2Manage Search Strat. for Production
V-94Create Domestic Taxes w/Reference
MEBVExtend Rebate Arrangements (Dialog)
WVA6Change planned markup (price list)
KOK2Collective Proc. Internal Orders
IMR5App.Req. w/ Distrib.
POFO3Display Portfolio
/ATL/TRESTax reserves report
FIAPSA_DSPO_CUSDisplay expenditure order - Custody
MEK4Create Conditions (Purchasing)
FIAPSA_EXPOExpenditure Order
ML32Display Supplier Conditions
FM_SETS_FIPEX2Change Commitment Item Group
V_I8Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
GM_SETS_GRANT3Display Grant Group
KOM3Display CO model order
FM_SETS_FUND2Change Fund Group
V-48Display Price List
OKC5Delete cost elements
CJH2Project Inheritance Log
V-89Create PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
WWNASubs.Settl. -SettRun: Create Cond.S.
CKM3AActivity Consumption Analysis
ML30Create Supplier Conditions
CKM3NMaterial Price Analysis
/CEECV/ROFI12Petty Cash -print
FM_SETS_FUND1Create Fund Group
IQM2Change cond.records qual.notificatn
VD06Mark customer for deletion (sales)
WYP1Create Condition
WWRCSetMngt. messages: Display cond. rec
VBK2Change Bonus Buy
COB1Create Search Strat. for Production
/SAPPCE/PNV05Create and Change CPR
GACN_COMMONGolden Audit: Common Info. (China)
KB24Reverse Activity Allocation
XK13Display Condition
/SAPPCE/PNV01Create Construction Progress Report
IDCNACCTBLNAccount Balance Output (China)
V-52Display Cust.price
WYP2Change Condition
OKE5Transport Organization Customizing
ML38Display Supplier Conditions
FM_SETS_FUNCTION3Display Functional Area Group
V-97Create Cross-border Taxes
GM_SETS_GRANT1Create Grant Group
CP12Edit Business Processes
/DSD/VC_B_C03Display Message: Visit List
WWTCMessages Trading: Display CondRecs
V-90Create w/ref.PrGrp/Mat Disc/Surch.
IM24Create Investment Program
CJI8Project Budget Line Items
/DSD/VC_B_C02Change Message: Visit List
IQM3Display cond.records qual.notificatn
KOK5Master Data List Internal Orders
FIAPSA_CLPOCreate expenditure Order for claims
MILL_CUT_COCutting Confirmation
OKE8Transport Actual Posting Settings
IM05Reassign Measures/Approp.Requests
FM_SETS_FICTR2Change Funds Center Group
CP13Business Processes: Master Data Rep.
OKE6Transport Mater Data Settings
IDCNDOCAccount Document Output (China)
KB34Reverse Statistical Key Figures
KE41Create condition
VCUZEDisplay Quota - Weight-dependent
KAH1Create Cost Element Group
GM_SETS_SPPROG2Change Sponsored Program Group
VCUP1Display Preference - Qty-dependent
FM_SETS_FUND3Display Fund Group
AKE8Transfer Prices: Create Overhead
KVB0Maintain Plan Assignment Process/KF
IDSAU_ADJUST_ENTRYAdjustment Entry Reporting (KSA)
WYN3Display Message: Warranty
J1BHDisplay Entries for Output Type
ML44Display Supplier Conditions
VD05Block customer (sales)
IW81Create Refurbishment Order
KVB1Display Plan Assignment Process/KF
KB17Reverse Manual Allocations
V-49Create Customer-Specific Price
CJI5Project Commitment Line Items
FIAPSA_ADPOCreate expenditure Order through
/ATL/TAXDTax depreciation report
KOWEB_CREATE_ORCreate Order Master Data (Web)
KE21SCO-PA Valuation Simulation
S_P00_07000218_PHtcode for RFKORDP2 HTML gui
WWNCSubs. Settl. SettRun: DisplayCond.S.
IM25Create Investment Program
/ATL/TEKEN_19Tax reserve report - Teken 19
/PRA/ADV_TRANTax Recovery/Reimbursement Workplace
VBK1Create Bonus Buy
CJI1Project Budget Line Items
FM_SETS_FUNDPRG1Create Funded Program Group
/DSD/VC_B_C01Create Message: Visit List
ICM2CONDBChange Condit.Maint. of Valuation
KB27IAA Enter Other Periods
VCUZ1Display Ceiling - Quantity-dependent
IDCNDOC_CLDAccount Document Output (China)
GM_SETS_GRANT2Change Grant Group
IW32Change Maintenance Order
FIAPSA_EDPOEdit Expenditure Order
/ATL/SUPDSupplementary depreciaiton report
WWNBSubs. Settl.-Sett.Run: ChangeCond.S.
ICM3CONDBDisplay Condit.Maint. of Liability
MBN1Free goods - Create (Purchasing)
0KWDDelete Business Processes
GM_SETS_SPCLASS3Display Sponsored Class Group
COB3Display Search Strat. for Production
FIAPSA_ADPDSPDisplay Advance Payment Request
FIAPSA_DSPODisplay/Edit Expenditure Order
KO04Order Manager
KVB2Change Actual Assignment Process/KF
IMR1Values for Capital Investment Prog.
AKE6PCA Transfer Prices: Change Prices
FIAPSA_DLTODelete Expenditure Order
KOM2Change CO Model Order
KOK3Collective Disp. Internal Orders
POFO1Create Portfolio
KB16Display Manual Allocations
WVA3Display planned mark-up
V-96Display Domestic Taxes
IMCAOVBudget Carryfwd for Inv.Programs
GM_SETS_SPCLASS1Create Sponsored Class Group
AKE3Display Condition
ML36Create Supplier Conditions
IQM1Create cond. records qual.notificatn
KKF3Display CO Production Order
KB11Enter Reposting of Primary Costs
KB53Display Activity Posting
WWRASetMngt. messages: Create cond. rec.
WVA2Change planned mark-up
KS30Cost Centers: Change Management
CNB1Purchase requisitions for project
IMA2NChange Appropriation Request
MBN3Free goods - Display (Purchasing)
V-99Change Cross-border Taxes
MBN2Free goods - Change (Purchasing)
KKF2Change CO Production Order
PC00_M21_CBRKHungary-specific payroll account
KCH3Display profit center hierarchy
FOVHTransfer offer to lease-out
/SAPPCE/PNV07Create and Change Remaining Plan
ICM2CONDCChange Condit.Maint. of Liability
MILL_CUT_LBAConfirmation DNP Processing
V-91Change PGrp/mat Disc/Surch.
ICM3CONDCDisplay Condit.Maint. of Liability
WA15CMess.Deter.Alloc Tbl: Displ Cond.Rec
PC00_M21_RPCBRKH0Payroll account
VD01Create Customer (Sales)
ML49Change Conditions
WB/AMessage deter. promo:create cond.rec
FIAPSA_DSPO_WFDisplay expenditure order - workflow
VCUP2Display Preference - Weight-depend.
AKE7PCA Transfer Prices: Display Prices
IM12Change Investment Program Position
CKFASplit Display for Production Order
WVA7Display planned markup (price list)
KB33Display Statistical Key Figures
QC19Process Qlty Certificate Assignment
V-61Create Cust.disc./surcharge
XD01Create Customer (Centrally)
ML31Change Supplier Conditions
V-62Create Customer Disc/Surch. w/ref
KOWEB_EDIT_OREdit Order Master Data (Web)
WB/BMess.deter.Promo: chng conditon rec
KAH2Change cost element group
MEK3Display Conditions (Purchasing)
ML50Display Conditions
WYP3Display Condition
IM13Display Inv. Program Position
WYN2Change Message: Warranty
S_P00_07000217_PHtcode for RFKORDP1 HTML gui
IM22Change Investment Program Structure
WWRBSetMngt. messages: Change cond. rec.
KB41Enter Reposting of Revenues
V-50Create Customer-spec. Price w/ref.
AKE2Change Condition
WWTBMessages Trading: Change CondRecords
IM23Display Investment Program Structure
WVA5Create planned markup (price list)
FM_SETS_FIPEX1Create Commitment Item Group
KAH3Display cost element group
VCUDCDisplay 3rd Country - Qty-dependent
FM_SETS_FUNDPRG2Change Funded Program Group
V-93Create Domestic Taxes
ICM3CONDDisplay Condit.Maint. of Remunerat.
FOGHTransfer offer to commer.lease-out
OKC4Delete Cost Centers
VD03Display Customer (Sales)
OKE10Transport Organization Customizing
FOVECreate Lease-Out Offer
XK11Create Condition
POFO31Portfolio: Create
/ATL/BOOKDBook depreciation report
OPENPSDownload Activities to Palm Pilot
KOK4Aut. Collect. Proc. Internal Orders
CJSAData Transfer to SAP-EIS
FOVGDisplay Lease-Out Offer
CKM3Material Price Analysis
VCUPCDisplay Pharma.Prod. - Qty-dependent
AKE5PCA Transfer Prices: Create Prices
VCUZCDisplay Quota - Quantity-dependent
IW3LDisplay Order Component List
WWSBSubseq.Settle.:Change Cond. Records
KCH2Change profit center hierarchy
FM_SETS_FUNCTION1Create Functional Area Group
ML37Change Supplier Conditions
VCUACDisplay Anti-dumping - Qty-dependent
MILL_CUTCutting Stck Trans. and Confirmation
MILL_CUT_TRCutting Stock Transfer
V+22Create Competitor
J1BGChange Entries for Output Type
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ1Org. units/master data for clean-up
PC00_M21_RPISZIH0Query years in service
CJT2Project Actual Payment Line Items
2KEVCopy cost centers
OKE7Transport Planning Settings
OKE9Transport Tool Settings
WYN1Create Message: Warranty
FM_SETS_FICTR1Create Funds Center
KOK6Collect. Printing of Internal Orders
VCUZ2Display Ceiling - Weight-dependent
KO03Display Internal Order
CP05Process: Display Changes
GRM3Colective Processing: Assignments
FM_SETS_FUNCTION2Change Functional Area Group
/SAPPCE/PNV03Display Construction Progress Report
IMR9Check of Inheritance in Inv.Program
MPO_ADMINAdministration of Rule Maintenance
ML48Create Conditions
POFO2Change Portfolio
J1GFISAPrint FI document card
KB14Reverse Reposting of Primary Costs
ICM2CONDChange Condit.Maint. of Remuneration
GM_SETS_SPPROG3Display Sponsored Program Group
XK12Change Condition
VD02Change Customer (Sales)
V-98Create Cross-border Taxes
V-51Change Cust.price
/SAPPCE/DPCK01Credit-Side Down Payment Chains
V-46Create Price List w/ref.
IMR7App. Request w/ Distrib. w/ Variants
IDCNFB03Display Document
VBK3Display Bonus Buy
CP04Delete Business Process
MBC3Display Search Strat. for Inv. Mgmt
IMR6App.Req. w/o Distrib.
FM_SETS_FICTR3Display Funds Center Group
KK11Create Condition
ML42Create Service Conditions
KB21Enter Activity Allocation
KE42Change condition
KB22IAA via Internet
IMA13Individual Processing (Web Trans.)
KKF1Create CO Production Order
XK14Create with cond. ref. (cond. list)
JB41Create SD Condition
OKC6Delete Activity Types
WWSCSubseq.Settle.: Display Cond.Records
V+23Create Business Partner
GM_SETS_SPPROG1Create Sponsored Program Group
WB/CMess.deter.promo: display cond. rec.
ML43Change Supplier Conditions
FOVFChange Lease-Out Offer
FO30Maintain lease-out
GM_SETS_SPCLASS2Change Sponsored Class Group
VCUPFDisplay Pharma.Prod. - Weight-depen.
AKE10Transfer Prices: Display Overhead
J1BFCreate Entries for Output Type
IM11Create Investment Program Position
PC00_M61_CRECHConfiguration of absences
VCUAEDisplay Anti-dumping - Weight-depend
KB13Display Reposting of Primary Costs
WWTAMessages Trading: Create CondRecord
CP14Delete Business Processes
VCUDEDisplay 3rd Country - Weight-depend.
WWSASubseq.Settle.: Create Cond. Records
KO02Change Order
KB23Display Activity Allocation
IW3DPrint Order
OKC3Delete transaction data
V-47Change Price List
V+21Create Sales Prospect
CJ76Project Commitment Line Items
V-92Display PGrp/mat.Disc/Surch.
FM_SETS_FUNDPRG3Display Funded Program Group
DVCOCondition Records Via Bill of Mat.
KE43Display condition
KB31Enter Statistical Key Figures
V-80Display Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Su
J_1HKORDIDthe tcode used by app descriptor
V-04Create invoice recipient (Sales)
AS82Change old group asset
V-86Create w/ref.PrGrp/MatPrGrp Disc/Sur
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ2Org. units/master data for clean-up
KSB1LLine Item Monitor Cost Ctrs (Actual)
O3RAPRC2Change Output: SSR output document
VELOKDefine Message Condition Records
JB42Change SD Condition
CJI4NProjects Line Items Plnd Costs New
IW63Display Historical PM Order
MN24Create Message: Shipping Notif.
WLF4Reverse Supplier Billing Document
V-69Create Price grp Disc/Surch.
CACSCONDMAINTCCondition Maintenance (Liability)
CNC5Consistency checks sales order/proj.
CP01Create Business Process
KEOA3Activate Processes
WLR3Display Settlement Document List
CJ74Project Actual Cost Line Items
MEK1Create Conditions (Purchasing)
VV52Change Output: Sales Activity
CJIFProjects: Profitability Analysis LI
KVD3Display Actual Assignment ATyp/KF
VV53Display Output: Sales Activity
V-82Create w/ref.Cust/Mat.Disc/Surcharge
KDH2Change Account Group
VV21Create Output: Shipping
WLF5Reopen Supplier Billing Documents
V-38Display Freight 2
KOH3Display Order Group
MN15Display Message: Service Entry Sheet
CCF2Change Message: Error Management
VE91Display Preference Values
VK11Create Condition
AS83Display old group asset
ME2JPurchase Orders for Project
CNC4Consistency checks for WBS
V-74Create w/ref.Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surch
CJ7NMaint. DRG inv.projects for retmt.
VKXXCreate Test for RKA
KKBC_HOE_HAnalyze Summarization Object
KDH3Display Account Group
VI71Change Preference Values
VB31Create Promotion
V-43Change Material Price
CP30Business Process: Change Management
MBC2Manage Search Strat. for Inv. Mgmt
WRLSReverse Supplier Settlement List
CRAADisplay Work Center
REXCJPFUPFixed Unit Price Maintenance
VKC2Change General Strategy
VK12Change Condition
V-75Change Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surch
V/I3Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
KL05Activity type: Display changes
OCMAC_01CDisplay Condition Record
KJH2Change WBS Element Groups
GJ09Joint Venture detailed information
EAN1Create GTIN Mapping
GJ0ANon-Operated Billing by Operator V.2
V-06Create consignee (Sales)
KA02Change Cost Element
VKC3Display General Strategy
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJOrg. units/master data for clean-up
VI23Display Preferential Customs Duties
AS26Mark group asset for deletion
WLF3Display Supplier Billing Document
KJH1Create WBS Element Groups
V-33Change Freight 1
CJ72Project: Act. amt. line item settlmt
KL01Create Activity Type
V-07Create one-time customer (Sales)
KOH2Change Order Group
CJ9DCopy Plan Versions
J3RMB7UARegister of Issued Workwear(Ukraine)
KL04Delete Activity Type
WZR3Display Settlement Document
KS12Change Cost Centers
KVD6Copy Assignment ActType/Key Figure
VB43Display cross-selling
DVS3Display Derivation Sender Record
CMD3Display Output: Direct Procurement
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ5Maintain mat. numbers for clean-up
KA01Create Cost Element
AS81Create Old Group Assets Data
MN14Change Message: Service Entry Sheet
KL02Change Activity Type
GJR5JV EDI Inbound: Unusual Expenditure
GJR6JV EDI Inbound: Memo AFE Projects
VK18Display condition
1KE0EC-PCA: Transfer prog. for plan data
GJR7JV EDI Inbnd: Expenditure Comparison
MBC1Create Search Strat. for Inv. Mgmt
FOV2Change Lease-Out: Master Data
FOV3Display Lease-Out
O4O1Create output: Bulk Tran. Scheduling
AS91Create Old Asset
WLF1Create Supplier Billing Document
KA23Cost Elements: Master Data Report
MN12Displ. Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule
KE23NCO-PA Line Item Display
KBH3Display statistical key figure group
FOV4Supplement Lease-Out
CCF1Create Message: Error Management
LS52Change Batch Search Strategie - WM
KE21NCO-PA Line Item Entry
FOV7Call Lease-Out
CRAHCreate Work Center
ME3JOutline Agreements for Project
CJICMaintain Project Settlement LIs
WLF2KChange Customer Settlement
KVD1Display Plan Assignment ATyp/KF
KA04Delete cost element
KVA3Display Actual Assignment CCtr/KF
DVS1Create Derivation Sender Record
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ3Org. units/master data for clean-up
KBH2Change statistical key figure group
V-35Create Freight 1
VBN2Free Goods - Change (SD)
V-73Create Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surch
VI22Display Customs Exemption
AIBUTransfer Asset under Const.
KSH1Create Cost Center Group
AR13Call Up Prim. Cost Plan. Dep./Int.
VV71Create Output: Transportation
O4T7Display records in cond table - NOM
LS53Display Batch Search Strategy - WM
V-67Change Mat.Disc/Surcharge
KVA2Maintain Actual Assignment CCtr/KF
IMA11Individual Processing
WLF3VDisplay Remuneration Settlement
VV61Create Output: Handling Units
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ4Display mat. numbers for clean-up
VB44Copy cross-selling
WLF2VChange Remuneration Settlement
V-09Create ordering party (Centrally)
OCMAC_01DCreate Condition Record With Ref.
VE90Change preference values
VI18Display Anti-dumping
FOG1Create Provis. Agreement
J_1HKORDSGthe tcode used by app descriptor
VV62Change Output: Handling Unit
TK11Create condition (shipment costs)
O3RAPRC3Display Output: SSR output document
KOB1LLine Item Monitor Orders (Actual)
MN13Create Message: Service Entry Sheet
VV63Display Output: Handling Unit
VV13Display Output: Sales
VBO2Change Rebate Agreement
WZR1Create Settlement Document
AS84Create legacy group asset subnumber
VB22Change Sales Deal
CN72Create Project Version
VS46Change Conditions
DVS2Change Derivation Sender Record
VBN1Free Goods - Create (SD)
WZR4Reverse Settlement Document
KDH1Create Account Group
VK20Display Condition Without Menu
KVD2Change Actual Assignment ATyp/KF
FOG2Change Provis. Agreement
O4T7_TKTDisplay records in cond table - TKT
VV12Change output: Sales
KA24Delete Cost Elements
OVK8C SD Tab. TVKT Customer Acct Grp
GCUPSubsequently posting CO data to FISL
FOG3Display Provis. Agreement
FOG4Supplement Provis. Agreement
FOV1Create Lease-Out
LS51Create Batch Search Strategy - WM
ICM1CONDBChange Condit.Maint. of Valuation
FV12Change condition
GJR4EDI: Invoice and Operating Statement
FD06Mark Customer for Deletion (Acctng)
KS03Display Cost Center
POF1Create Pkg Instruction Determination
KLH2Change Activity Type Group
VK16Create Condition with Reference
CCF3Display Message: Error Management
VAP1Create Contact Person
AS11Create Asset Subnumber
MLV2Create Total Price (PRS)
VI26Display Surcharge/Discount - Customs
MN29Display message: rough goods receipt
VV32Change output: Billing
WLF3KDisplay Customer Settlement
VV33Display Output: Billing
VK33Condition Maintenance: Display
J3RFOS6Asset Inventory Cards (Russia)
VEI5Create value limit subcontracting
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ6Display master data for clean-up
WLF4DReverse Expense Settlement
WLF3DDisplay Expenses Settlement
FD08Confirm Customer Individually(Actng)
VAP2Change Contact Person
FD02Change Customer (Accounting)
MN26Display Message: Shipping Notif.
V-44Display Material Price
VV23Display Output: Shipping
KS02Change cost center
AS21Create Group Asset
TK14Create condition with ref.
OCMAC_01BMaintain Condition Record
WVA1Create planned mark-up
VB41Create cross-selling
KLH3Display Activity Type Group
FV13Display condition
VAP3Display Contact Person
V-40Display Taxes (Export)
POF2Change Pkg Instruction Determination
KS01Create cost center
OCMAC_01ACreate Condition Record
VB23Display Sales Promotion
CACSCONDTIMEEdit Conditions (Remuneration)
WRL2Change Supplier Settlement List
IW62Change Historical Order
V-83Change Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
IW61Create Historical PM Order
VV31Create Output : Billing
AS03Display Asset Master Record
V-34Create Freight 1
VB13Display Material Substitution
CJI3Project Actual Cost Line Items
GJQ7Display Conditions (CRP)
WLF4KReverse Customer Settlement
KEOA1Activate Cost Centers
VK15Create Condition
KLH1Create Activity Type Group
AS02Change Asset Master Record
V-78Create w/ref.Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Surc
BP_SETS_1Create Budget Period Group
FER0Standard cost adjustment
CCV2Change Output: Document Management
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ7Edit master data for clean-up
FD05Block Customer (Accounting)
CMACA02Change Condition
AS05Block Asset Master Record
VB12Change Material Substitution
V-68Display Mat.Disc/Surcharge
FD03Display Customer (Accounting)
J3RM11RESPrint M-11 Form from Reserv.Document
VK32Condition Maintenance: Change
MN28Change message: rough goods receipt
FER3Post variance allocations
WRL1Create Supplier Settlement List
VB14Reference Material Substitution
CJI3NProjects Line Items Actual Costs New
IW3KChange order component list
AS06Delete Asset Record/Mark for Delet.
FSSC_SR_CO_REPORTService Request Report for CO
GCD1FI-SL Customizing: Diagnosis Tool
AS01Create Asset Master Record
MEB1Create Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)
BP_SETS_2Change Budget Period Group
VI27Display Freight - Customs
GJ0AANon-Operator Invoice
IW33Display Maintenance Order
MN27Create message: rough goods receipt
GJVVJoint Venture Master Transaction
V-79Change Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Su
KEOA2Activate Profit Centers
AKE4Copy Condition
VB42Change cross-selling
V-85Create PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
QC11Create cert. profile assignment
KXH2Change Group (Hierarchical)
MEB2Change Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)
WLF1DCreate Expenses Settlement
VI25Display Gross Price - Customs
AS24Create Group Asset Subnumber
J_1HKORDthe tcode used by app descriptor
V-66Create w/ref.Material Disc/Surcharge
KKH1Create Cost Object Group
WRL3Display Supplier Settlement List
KL13Activity Types: Master Data Report
AISTReverse Settlement of AuC
VK17Change condition
KA06Create Secondary Cost Element
KOH1Create Order Group
KS08Execute list editing of cost center
V-76Display Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surch
KE4CCopy Condition
IW31Create Maintenance Order
CP02Change Business Process
VK13Display Condition
J3RFACCSTAccounting statement
VKC1Create General Strategy
GJ0BNon-Operated Billing by Venture V.2
VBO3Display Rebate Agreement
POF3Display Packing Instr. Determination
KJH3Display WBS Element Groups
WLF4VReverse Remuneration Settlement
ICM1CONDChange Condit.Maint. of Remuneration
KXH1Create Group (Hierarchical)
KA05Cost element: display changes
O3RAPRC1Create Output: SSR output document
AS25Block group asset
KA03Display Cost Element
MN25Change Message: Shipping Notif.
VV51Create Output for Sales Activity
VS45Create Conditions
CJ70Maintain Project Settlement LIs
KEOD2Reset Inactive Profit Centers
KL14Delete Activity Types
AS22Change Group Asset
WBL2Change Customer Settlement List
IW8WGoods Receipt f. Refurbishment Order
V-84Display Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
WBLSReverse Customer Settlement List
OVZ1C SD Tab. TMVFP Avail.check criteria
BP_SETS_3Display Budget Period Group
WLF4LReverse Supplier Settlement
EAN4Create GTIN Mapping with Template
/CUM/DESIGNCompatible Unit Design Builder
KKH3Display Cost Object Group
KS05Cost Center: Display Changes
QC14Create cert.prof.assign.w/copy model
FD01Create Customer (Accounting)
KS14Delete Cost Centers
WLRSReverse Settlement Document List
VEI3Display Stat.Value - Subcontracting
POFO34Portfolio: Create with Reference
CP03Display Business Process
KXH3Display Hierarchy (Hierarchical)
VB11Create Material Substitution
KW3PWWW: Internal Price List
EAN3Display GTIN Mapping
VK14Create Condition with Reference
VS38Display Customer Conditions
GJQ8Create Conditions (Purchasing)
QC13Display cert. profile assignment
AS23Display Group Asset
V-77Create Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Su
CNMTMilestone Trend Analysis
EAN2Change GTIN Mapping
VV22Change output: Shipping
VK31Condition Maintenance: Create
1KE4EC-PCA: Customizing monitor
V-41Create Material Price
QC12Change Cert. Profile Assignment
VK34Condition Maint.: Create with Refer.
CJI4Project Plan Cost Line Items
CJ7MProject Plan Cost Line Items
KKH2Change Cost Object Group
KB54Reverse Activity Posting
HRPBSIN_AC_INFUAdvanced Claim: Infotype Update
VB33Display Promotion
CKMDUVACTDistribution of Activity Differences
CNB2Purchase orders for project
DVR2Change Derivation Recipient Record
CKMLLAPrices in the Material Ledger
KVC1Display Plan Assignment CObj/KF
J3RFWORKWEARIssue of Workwear to Employee
TK12Change condition (shipment costs)
MEK32Condition Maintenance: Change
O4O5Change Output:Bulk Tran. Loading
FOE3Display: Rental Unit
1KE4NProfit Center Where-Used List
V-64Display Cust.Disc/Surcharge
VKZZTest for RKS-Surcharge Conditions
VK19Change Condition Without Menu
WZR5Reopen Settlement Document
AKE9Transfer Prices: Change Overhead
MN05Change Message: PO
MRM1Create Message: Invoice Verification
O4O9Display Output:Bulk Tran. Del. Conf.
FM9CPlan Data Transfer from CO
JB43Display SD Condition
CJSGGenerate WBS Element Group
V-63Change Cust.Disc/Surcharge
XD02Change Customer (Centrally)
IMA1NCreate Appropriation Request
CJI9Project Struct.Pld Costs Line Items
VB04Reference Material Listing/Exclusion
J3GJDisplay Shipping Documents
FMCYCOPI_COTransfer of CO Planning Data to BCS
V-81Create Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
VCH3Display Search Strategies for SD
WA/CMess.Deter.Alloc Tbl: Displ Cond.Rec
CJ9QIntegrated Planning for Ntwks(Coll.)
VB32Change Promotion
MEB3Displ. Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)
IM28Copy investment program
VS37Change Customer Conditions
VV11Create Output: Sales
KCH1Create Profit Center Group
V-87Change PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
MN23Display Condition: Inventory Mgmt
POFO33Portfolio: Display
J3RMB7MB-7 Register of Issued Workwear
V-65Create Mat.Disc/Surcharge
MN07Create Message: Outline Agreement
MRM2Change Message: Invoice Verification
O4O3Display Output:Bulk Tran. Scheduling
IM03Display Investment Program
WLF2Change Supplier Billing Document
CJCOCarry Forward Project Budget
OMILL_CUTCustomizing for Cutting Processing
IM02Change Investment Program
VVG2Change output: Groups
J3GIChange Shipping Documents
O4T5Create records in cond table - NOM
WLF5LReopen Supplier Settlement
KK14Create Condition with Reference
IM01Create Investment Program
ICM1CONDCCreate Condit.Maint. of Liability
ML20Create Conditions
MN06Display Message: PO
VVG3Display Output: Group
FOE2Change: Rental Unit
WLF3LDisplay Supplier Settlement
IM27_REPEATIM: Open New Approv. Yr- Repeat Run
KVC0Change Plan Assignment CObj/KF
VE87Change Stat.Value - Subcontracting
O4O4Create output: Bulk Tran. Loading
J4GEETM: Change Condition Record-PrcLst
KEOD1Reset Inactive Cost Centers
KVC3Display Actual Assignment CObj/KF
WLR1Create Settlement Document List
KVC2Change Actual Assignment CObj/KF
XD05Block customer (centrally)
CPH1Create Business Process Group
VB02Change Material Listing/Exclusion
V-03Create ordering party (Sales)
IMA4NDelete Appropriation Request
IM27IM: Open new approval year
MN02Change Message: RFQ
CJIEProjects: Retirement LI Settlement
V-71Change Price grp Disc/Surch.
WBL1Create Customer Settl. List Manually
V-37Change Freight 2
RFCASH_DOCPrint Cash Receipts for CZ and SK
V-08Create payer (Centrally)
MP12Change Message for direct production
VE86Display Statistical Value - Import
MN01Create Message: RFQ
IMA3NDisplay Appropriation Request
DVR1Create Derivation Recipient Record
RFKORDP3the tcode for report RFKORDP3
MEK33Condition Maintenance: Change
WLF2LChange Supplier Settlement
CMACA01Create Condition
CPH2Change Business Process Group
O4O8Change Output:Bulk Tran. Del. Conf.
XD07Change Customer Account Group
CJ9QSIntegrated Planning for Ntwks (Ind.)
FV11Create condition
CPH3Display Business Process Group
KK13Display Condition
IMA4Delete appropriation request
CJENReconstruct: Summarized Proj.Data
MLV6Create Other
XD06Mark customer for deletion (centr.)
V-88Display PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
VB03Display Material Listing/Exclusion
WLF5KReopen Customer Settlement
J3GKShipping Docs - Change EndUsagePerd
J3RFWORKWEARLISTWorkwear List for Employees
GJV1Create Joint Venture Master
IMA12Individual Processing (Planner)
IM27_REMIM: Carry Forward Residual Budget
CACSCONDMAINTEdit Conditions (Remuneration)
MN04Create Message: PO
RLC1Create Condition Records
XD03Display Customer (Centrally)
PJNK1Create Condition: JIT Call
IMA3Display appropriation request
IMA1Create appropriation request
PJNK2Change Condition: JIT Call
O4O6Display Output:Bulk Tran. Loading
IM27_CLOSEIM: Close old approval year
V/I4Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
KB44Reverse Reposting of Revenues
VE85Change Statistical Value - Import
GJV2Change Joint Venture Master
KVB6Copy Assignment Processes/KF
J4GTETM: Display Condition Record-PrcLst
GJV3Display Joint Venture Master
CJH1Reconstruct Project Inheritance
MP13Display message - direct production
MP11Create message for direct production
FIAPSA_ADPOVRCreate Advance Payment Request
V-05Create payer (Sales)
WBL3Display Customer Settlement List
IW36Create PM Sub-Order
J4GFETM: Display Condition Record-PrcLst
KS07Execute rough entry of cost center
KSAQMaintain surcharge conditions
VIPLDisplay Customs Duty for Ceiling
KB51Enter Activity Posting
MN03Display Message: RFQ
VS47Display Conditions
J1B_LFC11Zusätzliche Tabellen
VBN3Free goods - Display (SD)
CRAVChange Work Center
NACRWFMC: Maintain Output Condition Rec.
VI20Display Customs Quota
O4O7Create output: Bulk Tran. Del. Conf.
VCH1Create Search Strategies for SD
CJG4Enter Trsfr Price Allocation: List
KK12Change Condition
KS13Cost Centers: Master Data Report
KBH1Create statistical key figure group
CR06Work Center Assignment to Cost Ctr
V-32Create Freight 1 with Reference
JB4CCreate SD Condition using Template
J3RALFINV10Inventory of unfinished repairs
VB21Create Sales Deal
GJQ5Create Conditions (CRP)
O4O2Change Output:Bulk Tran. Scheduling
O4T6Change records in cond table - NOM
J3RALFFMCHECKCheck New Version of Inventory Card
KL03Display Activity Type
WLF2DChange Expenses Settlement
AS94Create Legacy Asset Subnumber
WZR2Change Settlement Document
MN09Display Message: Outline Agreement
MN21Create Condition: Inventory Mgmt
CMACA03Display Condition
KVA0Maintain Assignment Cost Ctr./KF
VE88Change Statistical Value - Export
GJQ6Change Conditions (CRP)
V-31Create Freight 1
FSKAChange Cost Element
OWEKLabeling: Conditions
OVF3C_RV_Tab. VAUK "Cost Centers"
MEU4Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate
V-36Create Freight 1 with Reference
HRPBSIN_AC_ACRPAdvanced Claim: Display Records
MN11Change Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule
AS92Change Old Asset
OVK5V Table VKM Material Acct Grp
MEU5Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate
J1UFACCSTAccounting Statement
VB01Create Material Listing/Exclusion
WLR2Change Settlement Document List
KS04Delete cost center
VE89Display Statistical Value - Export
FOVSAssign Collective LO for Act. LO
VKYYChange Test for RKA
DVR3Display Derivation Recipient Record
FOSLGeneral Real Estate Posting Log
KVD0Maintain Plan Assignment ATyp/KF
OVZ2C SD Tab. MVF Avail. check control
CMD2Change output: Direct procurement
WLF5DReopen Expenses Settlement
KSH2Change Cost Center Group
CKM3AOLDActivity Consumption Analysis
KVA1Display Plan Assignment CCtr/KF
VI19Display Third-country Customs Duties
MN10Create Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule
AS93Display Old Asset
CJ9KNetwork Costing
VV72Change Output: Transportation
O4T6_TKTChange records in cond table - TKT
CMD1Create Output: Direct Procurement
CK_CCSAnalysis of Primary CCS
V-72Display Price grp Disc/Surch.
KB43Display Reposting of Revenues
CJIBProject Plan Payment Line Items
VV73Display Output: Transportation
VCUZPDisplay Ceilings - Percentage
FSKDDisplay Cost Element
CKMLLANOSETTLEInd.'Do Not Consider Price'
V-45Create Price List
/SAPPCE/DPCD01Debit-Side Down Payment Chains
VI72Display Insurance - Customs
IM54Investment Program Reorganization
VVG1Create Output: Group
ME5JPurchase Requisitions for Project
KSARDisplay Overhead Conditions
XK15Create Conditions (background job)
MRM3Display Message: Inv. Verification
PJNK3Display Condition: JIT Call
IMA2Change appropriation request
IM44Determining Default Budget Value IM
KSH3Display Cost Center Group
MN22Change Condition: Inventory Mgmt
O4T5_TKTCreate records in cond table - TKT
J4GDETM: Create Condition Record-PrcLst
IM34Determining Default Plan Value IM
KVA6Copy Assignment CCtr/KF
CACSCONDMAINTBEdit Conditions (Valuation)
MEK2Change Conditions (Purchasing)
MEK31Condition Maintenance: Change
KVC6Copy Assignment Cost Object/Key Fig.
MLV1Conditions: Services
V-70Create w/ref.Price Group Disc/Surch.
VBO1Create Rebate Agreement
CJIDDisplay Project Settlement Line Itms
MN08Change Message: Outline Agreement
VS36Create Customer Conditions
RLC3Display Condition Records
KO01Create Internal Order
IW34PM Order for PM Notification
KB71JV-Transfer Postings
V-42Create Material Price w/ref.
FOE1Create: Rental Unit
RLC2Change Condition Records
KSCPFind Processes in Cycles / Segments
VCH2Manage Search Strategies for SD
RFKORDPLProcessing of Internal Invoices
KEOD3Reset Inactive Business Process
J3GHCreate Shipping Documents
VI21Display Pharmaceutical Products
TK13Display condition (shipment costs)
IM64Transfer from Old Investment Program
CJF4Transfer Price Agreement List
KOM1Create CO model order
WLF5VReopen Remuneration Settlement
KSCKFind CCtrs in Cycles and Segments