S/4HANA 2020 - SAP CSLT Activity type texts Table


SAP CSLT table is a standard SAP S/4HANA transparent table which stores Activity type texts data. There are total 8 fields in the CSLT table. The following is a list of the fields that make up this table.

The table CSLT belongs to Controlling (CO) module and is located in Overhead Cost Controlling: General Services (KBASCORE) package.

In addition, below links provide an overview of foreign key relationships, if any, that link CSLT to other SAP tables and standard CDS views available based on CSLT table in SAP S/4HANA.

CSLT Techincal Settings

Below are technical details of the table CSLT

  • Buffering switched on
  • Full buffering as specified by generic key
  • Storage type is Column Store

List of CSLT Fields

The table below provides an overview of the fields available in CSLT. Key fields are marked in blue.

FieldDescriptionData ElementCheck TableData Type
KOKRSControlling AreaKOKRSTKA01CHAR(4)
MCTXTSearch Term for Matchcode UseMCDS4CHAR(20)

Foreign Key Relationships

A foreign key field is a table field that is allocated to a check table and becomes part of the table's foreign key. The following table gives you an overview of the foreign keys for CSLT table.

Table NameFieldCardinalityCheck Table

Other References

The table below lists SAP S/4HANA tcodes that read or modify the CSLT table.

Transaction CodeDescription
FAGLGA4AGen. Ledger:Delete Plan Distribution
KOW3NDisplay Periodic Reposting
GA48NChange FI-SL Planned Distribution
KSC7NCreate Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
KSCANDelete Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
KOW3Display Periodic Reposting
KOW1NCreate Periodic Reposting
KOW2NChange Periodic Reposting
FAGLGA34Gen. Ledger: Delete Act.Distribution
KEG4NDelete Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
CPP8NChange Plan Assess. for Processes
CPV3NDisplay Actual Process Distribution
FINS_ONEALLOC_D8Alloc: Change Plan Distribution
FAGLGA32Gen. Ledger: Change Act.Distribution
CKMPCDDisplay Price Change Document
GJG8Change JV distribution cycle - plan
KSC1Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
FAGLGA33Gen. Ledger:Display Act.Distribution
KOW2Change Periodic Reposting
FINS_ONEALLOC_DAAlloc: Delete Plan Distribution
CPP8Change Plan Assess. for Processes
FAGLGA47Gen. Ledger:Create Plan Distribution
FAGLGA49Gen. Ledger:Display PlanDistribution
GJG9Display JV distribution cycle-plan
FAGLGA28Gen. Ledger: Change Plan Assessment
FAGLGA2AGen. Ledger: Delete Plan Assessment
OKC6Delete Activity Types
FINS_ONEALLOC_D9Alloc: Display Plan Distribution
FINS_ALLOC_PC_D1PC Alloc: Create act. dist. cycle
GA47Create FI-SL Planned Distribution
FINS_ALLOC_PC_AAPC Alloc: Delete pla. overhead cycle
OKE8Transport Actual Posting Settings
FINS_ONEALLOC_T8Change top-down distribution
CPV3Display Actual Process Distribution
GA49Display FI-SL Planned Distribution
FAGLGA29Gen. Ledger: Display Plan Assessment
KOW4NDelete Periodic Reposting
KL03Display Activity Type
GA34NDelete FI-SL Actual Distribution
KOW4Delete Periodic Reposting
FINS_ONEALLOC_T7Create top-down distribution
KSU1Create Actual Assessment
CPV6NActual Process Distribution Overview
FAGLGA48Gen. Ledger:Change Plan Distribution
FAGLGA31Gen. Ledger: Create Act.Distribution
GA49NDisplay FI-SL Planned Distribution
CPP7NCreate Plan Assess. for Processes
KL01Create Activity Type
KEU4NDelete Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
FINS_ALLOC_PC_D7PC Alloc: Create pla. dist. cycle
KEG2NChange Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
FINS_ALLOC_PA_A1PA Alloc: Create Act. Overhead Cycl.
KSC9NDisplay Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan
CP05Process: Display Changes
KVB1Display Plan Assignment Process/KF
KEGANDelete Indirect Plan Acty Allocation
FINS_ALLOC_CC_D4CC Alloc: Delete Act. Distrib. Cycle
CPV1Create Actual Process Distribution
CPVADelete Plan Process Distribution
CPVCNPlan Process Distribution Overview
GA34Delete FI-SL actual distribution
FINS_ALLOC_PC_A3PC Alloc: Display act. overhead cyc.
KEU7NCreate Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
FINS_ALLOC_CC_D3CC Alloc: Display Act. Distr. Cycle
FINS_ALLOC_PC_D8PC Alloc: Change pla. dist. cycle
KEU8NChange Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KSC8Change Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
KVB2Change Actual Assignment Process/KF
FINS_ALLOC_CC_D2CC Alloc: Change Act. Distrib. Cycle
CKMLLAPrices in the Material Ledger
CPVANDelete Plan Process Distribution
CPPANDelete Plan Assessment for Processes
FINS_ALLOC_PC_D9PC Alloc: Display pla. dist. cycle
FINS_ALLOC_PC_A2PC Alloc: Change act. overhead cycle
KSC4Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPV8Change Plan Process Distribution
OKC4Delete Cost Centers
FINS_ALLOC_PC_D4PC Alloc: Delete act. dist. cycle
KL02Change Activity Type
FINS_ALLOC_PC_A1PC Alloc: Create act. overhead cycl
FINS_ALLOC_PA_A4PA Alloc: Delete Act. Overhead Cycle
KEG3NDisplay Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEU1NCreate Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
CPV1NCreate Actual Process Distribution
CPV8NChange Plan Process Distribution
KEU2NChange Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
FINS_ALLOC_PA_A3PA Alloc: Display Act. Overhead Cyc.
CKFASplit Display for Production Order
CPV9Display Plan Process Distribution
KSC9Display Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan
CKMLLANOSETTLEInd.'Do Not Consider Price'
CPV2Change Actual Distribution Process
KEU3NDisplay Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs
CPV7NCreate Plan Process Distribution
FINS_ALLOC_PA_A2PA Alloc: Change Act. Overhead Cycle
CPV9NDisplay Plan Process Distribution
KVB0Maintain Plan Assignment Process/KF
KSC3NDisplay Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSC8NChange Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
KSC3Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
FINS_ALLOC_CC_A3CC Alloc: Display Act. Overhead Cyc.
FINS_ONEALLOC_A7Alloc: Create Plan Overhead Alloc.
FAGLGA13Gen. Ledger: Display Act. Assessment
FAGLGA14Gen. Ledger: Delete Act. Assessment
AR13Call Up Prim. Cost Plan. Dep./Int.
KEG8NChange Indirect Plan Acty Allocation
FINS_ONEALLOC_A8Alloc: Change Plan Overhead Alloc.
CPP9NDisplay Plan Assess. for Processes
FINS_ALLOC_CC_A2CC Alloc: Change Act. Overhead Cycle
FINS_ALLOC_CC_A1CC Alloc: Create Act. Overhead Cycl.
GA47NCreate FI-SL Planned Distribution
CKM3AOLDActivity Consumption Analysis
KSC1NCreate Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSC7Create Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
FINS_ALLOC_PC_A9PC Alloc: Display pla. overhead cyc.
FINS_ONEALLOC_A9Alloc: Display Plan Overhead Alloc.
FINS_ALLOC_PC_D2PC Alloc: Change act. dist. cycle
CPV4Delete Actual Process Distribution
KEG7NCreate Indirect Plan Acty Allocation
GA48Change FI-SL Planned Distribution
FAGLGA27Gen. Ledger: Create Plan Assessment
CPP9Display Plan Assess. for Processes
FINS_ONEALLOC_AAAlloc: Delete Plan Overhead Alloc.
FINS_ONEALLOC_D7Alloc: Create Plan Distribution
KOW1Create Periodic Reposting
CPPADelete Plan Assessment for Processes
FINS_ALLOC_PC_D3PC Alloc: Display act. dist. cycle
KEG1NCreate Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KSC2NChange Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
GJG4Delete JV distribution cycle -actual
GA4ADelete FI-SL Planned Distribution
OKC3Delete transaction data
FINS_ALLOC_PC_DAPC Alloc: Delete pla. dist. cycle
KEU9NDisplay Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
FINS_ALLOC_CC_D1CC Alloc: Create Act. Distrib. Cycle
FAGLGA11General Ledger: Create Act. Assessmt
KSC4NDelete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
FINS_ALLOC_CC_A4CC Alloc: Delete Act. Overhead Cycle
FINS_ALLOC_PC_A4PC Alloc: Delete act. overhead cycle
CPV2NChange Actual Distribution Process
CPV7Create Plan Process Distribution
OKE9Transport Tool Settings
FINS_ALLOC_PC_A8PC Alloc: Change pla. overhead cycle
KEG9NDisplay Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
KVB3Display Actual Assignment Process/KF
FAGLGA12General Ledger: Change Act. Assessmt
KSC2Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSCADelete Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
CPV4NDelete Actual Process Distribution
KEUANDelete Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
OKC5Delete cost elements
KEG8Change Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
3KE9NEC-PCA: Display Plan Assessment
AS03Display Asset Master Record
GA29NDisplay FI-SL Planned Assessment
3KEANEC-PCA: Delete Plan Assessment
3KEAEC-PCA: Delete Plan Assessment
KSV3Display Actual Distribution
KB23Display Activity Allocation
4KE1NEC-PCA: Create Actual Distribution
CPP6NActual Assess. Processes: Overview
AS02Change Asset Master Record
3KE9EC-PCA: Display Plan Assessment
4KE2NEC-PCA: Change Actual Distribution
KEG7Create Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
CPPCNPlan Assess. for Processes: Overview
GA29Display FI-SL Planned Assessment
4KE3NEC-PCA: Display Actual Distribution
3KE8EC-PCA: Change Plan Assessment
4KE4NEC-PCA: Delete Actual Distribution
KSV2NChange Actual Distribution
GJG3Display JV distribution cycle-actual
AS05Block Asset Master Record
3KE2NEC-PCA: Change Actual Assessment
3KE3NEC-PCA: Display Actual Assessment
KSV7Create Plan Distribution
GA2ANDelete FI-SL Planned Assessment
4KE3EC-PCA: Display Actual Distribution
AS21Create Group Asset
KEG9Display Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
3KE4NEC-PCA: Delete Actual Assessment
AS11Create Asset Subnumber
CPC6NAct. Indirect Acty Alloc.: Overview
KSV4NDelete Actual Distribution
3KE7NEC-PCA: Create Plan Assessment
KB22IAA via Internet
KSV4Delete Actual Distribution
GJF8Change JV assessment cycle - plan
4KE2EC-PCA: Change Actual Distribution
3KE8NEC-PCA: Change Plan Assessment
AS06Delete Asset Record/Mark for Delet.
CPCCNIndirect Acty Alloc. Plan: Overview
KSV3NDisplay Actual Distribution
4KE1EC-PCA: Create Actual Distribution
GA2ADelete FI-SL Planned Assessment
KEG2Change Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KSV1Create Actual Distribution
KSW6NPeriodic Repostings: Overview
RKACSHOWDisplay CO Cost Segments
KB24Reverse Activity Allocation
KL05Activity type: Display changes
CRAADisplay Work Center
KSVCNPlan Distribution: Overview
KL04Delete Activity Type
KSV6NActual Distribution: Overview
CPC1Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KB27IAA Enter Other Periods
KSUANDelete Plan Assessment
3KE1EC-PCA: Create Actual Assessment
KSUCNPlan Assessment: Overview
KEG1Create Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KB31Enter Statistical Key Figures
CPC1NCreate Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
GJF1Create JV assessment cycle - actual
CPC2Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSU6NActual Assessment: Overview
KSUADelete Plan Assessment
3KE2EC-PCA: Change Actual Assessment
4KE7NEC-PCA: Create Plan Distribution
3KE7EC-PCA: Create Plan Assessment
AS01Create Asset Master Record
KSV2Change Actual Distribution
KEG4Delete Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KIS6NSegment Adjustment: Overview
4KE8NEC-PCA: Change Plan Distribution
CKM3NMaterial Price Analysis
KL14Delete Activity Types
4KE9NEC-PCA: Display Plan Distribution
GA13NDisplay FI-SL Actual Assessment
KSV1NCreate Actual Distribution
3KE4EC-PCA: Delete Actual Assessment
4KEANEC-PCA: Delete Plan Distribution
3KE3EC-PCA: Display Actual Assessment
KEG3Display Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
GA28NChange FI-SL Planned Assessment
KW3PWWW: Internal Price List
KL13Activity Types: Master Data Report
KA05Cost element: display changes
KSWCNPlan Periodic Repostings: Overview
KS05Cost Center: Display Changes
4KE4EC-PCA: Delete Actual Distribution
KB14Reverse Reposting of Primary Costs
KSW8NChange Plan Periodic Reposting
KEU7Create Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
GJG2Change JV distribution cycle -actual
KSW8Change Plan Periodic Reposting
AS93Display Old Asset
KVC2Change Actual Assignment CObj/KF
KSW7NCreate Plan Periodic Reposting
AS92Change Old Asset
KSW7Create Plan Periodic Reposting
KVC3Display Actual Assignment CObj/KF
KSW4NDelete Periodic Reposting
KB13Display Reposting of Primary Costs
KEU4Delete Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
GA12Change FI-SL Actual Assessment
AS91Create Old Asset
KSW4Delete Periodic Reposting
GJF9Display JV assessment cycle - plan
KVC6Copy Assignment Cost Object/Key Fig.
KSW3NDisplay Periodic Reposting
AS84Create legacy group asset subnumber
KSW3Display Periodic Reposting
OKE5Transport Organization Customizing
KSWADelete Plan Periodic Reposting
KEU9Display Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KSWANDelete Plan Periodic Reposting
KB16Display Manual Allocations
KSW9NDisplay Plan Periodic Reposting
KVB6Copy Assignment Processes/KF
GA32NChange FI-SL Actual Distribution
KVA6Copy Assignment CCtr/KF
GA11Create FI-SL Actual Assessment
KEUADelete Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KVC0Change Plan Assignment CObj/KF
KEU8Change Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KB17Reverse Manual Allocations
KSW9Display Plan Periodic Reposting
GA33Display FI-SL actual distribution
GA4ANDelete FI-SL Planned Distribution
KB15Enter Manual Allocations
KVC1Display Plan Assignment CObj/KF
OKE6Transport Mater Data Settings
AS94Create Legacy Asset Subnumber
GA11NCreate FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA32Change FI-SL actual distribution
KB21Enter Activity Allocation
FINS_ALLOC_PC_A7PC Alloc: Create pla. overhead cycle
AS24Create Group Asset Subnumber
KVD6Copy Assignment ActType/Key Figure
KSVADelete Plan Distribution
KEU1Create Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
4KEAEC-PCA: Delete Plan Distribution
KSV9NDisplay Plan Distribution
4KE9EC-PCA: Display Plan Distribution
KSV9Display Plan Distribution
KSV8NChange Plan Distribution
AS23Display Group Asset
GA31Create FI-SL actual distribution
4KE8EC-PCA: Change Plan Distribution
CKM3AActivity Consumption Analysis
KEGADelete Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
KSV8Change Plan Distribution
4KE7EC-PCA: Create Plan Distribution
3KE1NEC-PCA: Create Actual Assessment
GA13Display FI-SL actual assessment
AS22Change Group Asset
KSV7NCreate Plan Distribution
KSVANDelete Plan Distribution
CR06Work Center Assignment to Cost Ctr
CKMBDisplay Material Ledger Document
AS83Display old group asset
KSW2NChange Periodic Reposting
KB11Enter Reposting of Primary Costs
KEU3Display Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs
KSW2Change Periodic Reposting
KVD0Maintain Plan Assignment ATyp/KF
AS82Change old group asset
AS81Create Old Group Assets Data
GA31NCreate FI-SL Actual Distribution
KVD1Display Plan Assignment ATyp/KF
KSW1NCreate Periodic Reposting
OKE10Transport Organization Customizing
KSW1Create Periodic Reposting
GA12NChange FI-SL Actual Assessment
AS26Mark group asset for deletion
KVD2Change Actual Assignment ATyp/KF
KEU2Change Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
CKM3Material Price Analysis
KVD3Display Actual Assignment ATyp/KF
AS25Block group asset
CPC7Create Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
GA14NDelete FI-SL Actual Assessment
OKE7Transport Planning Settings
GA33NDisplay FI-SL Actual Distribution
GJF2Change JV assessment cycle - actual
KSCCNIndirect Acty Alloc. Plan: Overview
KSU2Change Actual Assessment
CPP4NDelete Actual Assess. for Processes
GJF4Delete JV assessment cycle - actual
CPC3Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
MPO_ADMINAdministration of Rule Maintenance
CKMDUVACTDistribution of Activity Differences
KB33Display Statistical Key Figures
CPC4NDelete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSU9Display Plan Assessment
KVA1Display Plan Assignment CCtr/KF
GA27NCreate FI-SL Planned Assessment
KSC6NAct. Indirect Acty Alloc.: Overview
CPC4Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KB54Reverse Activity Posting
0KWDDelete Business Processes
GJF7Create JV assessment cycle - plan
GA14Delete FI-SL Actual Assessment
KB34Reverse Statistical Key Figures
KSU9NDisplay Plan Assessment
CRAHCreate Work Center
CK_CCSAnalysis of Primary CCS
KVA0Maintain Assignment Cost Ctr./KF
GA28Change FI-SL Planned Assessment
KB71JV-Transfer Postings
GJG7Create JV distribution cycle -plan
CPC3NDisplay Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPP3Display Actual Assess.for Processes
KSU2NChange Actual Assessment
0KWTCO-OM-ABC: Transport Customizing
CPP3NDisplay Actual Assess.for Processes
KSU3Display Actual Assessment
GA27Create FI-SL Planned Assessment
CPP1NCreate Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP2Change Actual Assess. for Processes
KB43Display Reposting of Revenues
KSU1NCreate Actual Assessment
KSU3NDisplay Actual Assessment
CPP1Create Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP2NChange Actual Assess. for Processes
KVA3Display Actual Assignment CCtr/KF
KB44Reverse Reposting of Revenues
GJF3Display JV assessment cycle - actual
CPCANDelete Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
KB53Display Activity Posting
KSU4Delete Actual Assessment
KB41Enter Reposting of Revenues
CPCADelete Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
KSU4NDelete Actual Assessment
CPC9NDisplay Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan
CPP4Delete Actual Assess. for Processes
CPC2NChange Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSU7Create Plan Assessment
CPC9Display Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan
KB51Enter Activity Posting
GJG1Create JV distribution cycle -actual
KSU7NCreate Plan Assessment
CPC8NChange Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
KSU8Change Plan Assessment
CPC8Change Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
KVA2Maintain Actual Assignment CCtr/KF
CPP7Create Plan Assess. for Processes
CPC7NCreate Indirect Activity Alloc. Plan
KSU8NChange Plan Assessment
CRAVChange Work Center