SAP Financial Accounting Tables

Are you looking for the right table related to SAP Financial Accounting Tables to query in an ABAP Program, Class, Function Module and OData API?

There are number of standard tables in SAP S/4HANA system. The data of an application is distributed across several database fields. Finding the right table is important, in this post we'll look at list of all the tables in Financial Accounting (FI) module.

Top 10 tables in Financial Accounting

VBWF04Line Item Fields Reversal Release
BWPOSIValuations for Open Items
BSE_CLR_ASGMTDoc. Segment Add. Data: Clearing Info with Acct Assignment
MHNDDunning Data
F107_TPROVH_TProvisions Content
T030GStandard Accounts Table - Business Area Breakdown
BSPLSplit Posting Procedures
BSIMSecondary Index, Documents for Material
T044BValuation method names
BSE_OIHAddit. Data for Doc.: ARP Calculation/Payment Information

List of SAP tables for Financial Accounting

VBWF04Line Item Fields Reversal Release
BWPOSIValuations for Open Items
BSE_CLR_ASGMTDoc. Segment Add. Data: Clearing Info with Acct Assignment
MHNDDunning Data
F107_TPROVH_TProvisions Content
T030GStandard Accounts Table - Business Area Breakdown
BSPLSplit Posting Procedures
BSIMSecondary Index, Documents for Material
T044BValuation method names
BSE_OIHAddit. Data for Doc.: ARP Calculation/Payment Information
T016TIndustry Names
T005QCountry Keys for Withholding Tax Calculation
T021BLine Item Total Variants
T021FLine Layout Fast Entry: Variants
T030IAcct Determination for Intercompany Cost Flow (CE Ledger)
T007ATax Keys
T001QSubstitution in Accounting Documents
BSE_CLRAdditional Data for Document Segment: Clearing Information
T052UOwn Explanations for Terms of Payment
T041CTReasons for Reverse Posting (Name)
T047AAccount Level Dunning Control
F107_TPROVMETH_TTexts for Provision Calculation Method
T048ICorrespondence type properties
T053VReason Code Conversion Version
FAREA_MODEDetermination of Functional Areas for Postings
T048BReport Assignment for Automatic Correspondence
T007FTaxes on Sales/Purchases Groups
T033EAccount Determination: Control Data
FUDC_VERDOCNUMR(No use)Number range assignment of verification document
T008Blocking Reasons for Automatic Payment Transcations
T010OPosting Period Variants
ICRC05G/L Account Reconciliation - Details on Last Data Selection
T021TLine Layout Variant Texts
EBSEGDoc.Segment of Fin.Accntng External Documents
T010PPosting Period Variant Names
T007STax Code Names
T020RProgram Selection for Program Transactions
ICRC00_TEMPL_TXTFinancial Statement Recon.: Text for Notification Templates
CFSWITCHCloud Financials: Switch table
ACCRACAssignment of Acr./Def. G/L Account to Accruals Account
BSAD_BAKAccounting: Secondary index for customers (cleared items)
T004VField Status Variant
T021NName of Sort Variants
LFC1_BCKVendor Master (Transaction Figures)
ICRC03Account Groups for G/L Account Reconciliation - Name
T042ZDTScreen Control when Creating Payments in Country
T019WFinancial Accounting Window Selection
ACCTHDCompressed Data from FI/CO Document - Header
ICRC04Account Groups for G/L Account Reconciliation - User Assgnmt
AVICAdvice Communication
F107_TASS_A2MTAssignment of Actions to Trans. Types (Automatic Postings)
T053BSelection Rules for Payment Advices (Texts)
FBICRC003OICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Object table 1
T021STDVFast Entry: Standard Variants
FDKMAILSender of External Mail
T004Directory of Charts of Accounts
T046Bill of Exchange Tax
FERC_C7Regulatory indicators
T012OORBIAN Details: Bank Accounts and Other Data
T049LLockboxes at our House Banks
FIN_D_CORR_TYPTTexts for Correspondence Types for OData Corr.
BWVERControl Records for the Valuation Program
FINS_REC_RESTRICSFIN Reconciliation: Restriction for Number of Messages
LFC1_BAKVendor Master (Transaction Figures)
BSID_BCKAccounting: Secondary Index for Customers
FUDT_VDOCBSEGHVerification Document Segment with Additional Info(History)
T030RRules for Determination of Standard Accounts
T004TChart of Account Names
T021QFast Entry Line Layout: Control
T004GField Status Definition Group Texts
T021GLine Layout Fast Entry: Description of Variants
T028WTransaction Types: Names
BSBMDocument Valuation Fields
FIN_DOCUMENTAging FI Document: Control Table
ICRC02Account Groups for G/L Account Reconciliation
T033OAccount Determination: Account Determination Key Values
OFFNUM_CNAssign Number group and Prefix to comp. code and doc. class
FIN_D_CORR_PRMAvailable advanced parameters for Correspondence Type
BWVSNVersion Management for Changes in the Valuation Program
BSE_CLR_RDIFFRealized foreign currency differences in additional currency
T031SBill of Exchange Status
T052Terms of Payment
T033PAccout Determination: Name of Acct Determination Key Values
FERC_D0Regulatory table statistics
FCON_HANAFIELDField of HANA view for consolidation
FBICRC001PNot in use
T031TName of Bill of Exchange Status
ACCTITCompressed Data from FI/CO Document
T033CAccount Determination: Administration Data
T020FI/AM Transaction Control
KNCX_DIFCust. Master Trans. Figures: Diff. Btwn KNC1/3_BAK and View
T033FI Depreciation Area
ICRCAICRC: Items to be Reconciled
FBICRC001CICRC: Open Items GL Accounts: Object Table 2
OFF_NUM_LV2Assign Number Ranges to Document Class, Number Group, Date
T021STDFFast Entry: Standard Variant Fields
T030WTransaction Key Names
FDKDATESAP/AR Internet: Period Selection
T005RCountry Keys for the Withholding Tax: Names
FERC_C0General regulatory parameters
T053DReason Codes Assigned as Fixed for Clearing Pmnt Adv.
T030Standard Accounts Table
FUDT_VDOCAVIKKEYPayment Advice Note Key for Document Verification
FINSC_T009BDUMMYFiscal year variant periods: Do not maintain!
T041BCompany Codes for Manual Payments
T021JFast Entry: Inactive Standard Variants
T033BAccount Determination: Name of Applications
KNC3_BAKCustomer Master (Special G/L Transaction Figures)
BFIT_AFI Subsequent BA/PC Adjustment: G/L Account Items
FUDT_VDOCBSECLRHAdditional Data for Document Segment: Clearing Information
KMZEIFI: Account Assignment Model Item Information
T053Line Item Texts
AVITAdvice Header: User-Definable Text
KNC1_BAKCustomer Master (Transaction Figures)
OBJECT_VALValuations for Valuation Objects
AVIPPayment Advice Line Item
FMFGAAPAYIPACACTActivation of Payment by Account Assign. Function for IPAC
FBICRC002PNot in use
FBICRC003AICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Documents
FINS_DEPR_OBJECTDeprecated objects which are still active
FINSC_MIG_CTRLControl for data migration in Cloud
T003DDocument Types for Enjoy Transactions
FERC_D1Paths per account, sender and receiver
FBRA_RESSAPF181: Reset Balance Information: To post
T048KIndicator for Periodic Account Statements
LRBKPFDocuments as Result of Logical Document Reorg. (RFB80U00)
OFF_PLANT_ABROADSettings for Plant Abroad Scenario for Hungary
T030SAccts for Foreign Currency Assets Exchange Rate Differences
T030EAcct Determ.for Open Item Exch.Rate Differences
FERC_C3Regulatory accounts for traced costs
T021CSummary Variant Short Names
NKUKNumber range for change documents
FBICRC_C_CONFICR: Customizing Table for Assign Confirm Dialog
T007VTax Codes to be Transported
T044HTFlat-rate Value Adjustment of Individual Documents (Text)
T030UAccount Determ.for Balance Sheet Transfer Postings
T048ZText for attached payment mediums
T008TBlocking Reason Names in Automatic Payment Trans.
BFOD_AFI Subsequent BA/PC Adjustment: Customer Items
T053SClassification of Payment Differences (Texts)
ICRCUICRC: Potentially Differing Document Groups
T041TClearing Transaction Names
BFOK_ABFI subseq.BA/PC adjustmnt: Valuatn difference in vendor OIs
T048ACompany Code Data
BSAS_BCKAccounting: Secondary index for G/L accounts (cleared items)
T048YCompany Code Data on Attached Payment Mediums
FBICRC01020Not in use
KLPACustomer/Vendor Linking
T021PDefault Val.Parametrizatn f.Line Layout/Total var.
T030DAcct Determ.for Open Item Exch.Rate Differences
T021ILine Layout Fast Entry: Variant Fields
FBICRC01010Reconciliation Processes: Attributes per Company
BKORRAccounting correspondence requests
T053CSelection Sequence for Payment Advices
OFNUM_IT_1Official Numbering by Document Class-enabled ranges(IT)
T042ZFCLAdditional Payment Method Classifications for Payment Progm
FIN_D_CORR_PGRTTexts for Groups for Correspondence Type Parameters
T030QClearing Accounts for Distributed Systems
T054Run Schedule for Recurring Documents
FBICRC01027Reconciliation: Current Status per Company
T053EReason Code Conversion
FINSC_T009TDUMMYFiscal year variant period texts: Do not maintain!
FIN_AR_CACHE_CFGCache for CPU-Intensive Database Queries - Configuration
EBKPFFin.Accntng Doc.Header (of Docs from Extern.Systems)
F107_TPROVMETDProvision Calculation Methods
FEDICUSFI EDI Control for Calling Customer Functions per Segment
T044AForeign Currency Valuation Methods
BSIS_BCKAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
FMFGAAPAYLEDGERSet Ledger for 'Payment By Fund' Transaction
FERC_C7TRegulatory indicator names
FERC_F2Compact audit trace file
OFNUM_MXAssign Official Numbering with Approval Number
FERC_C8Exceptional handling of CO business transaction types
T033AAccount Determination: Applications
T033GAcct determination: Replacing the account symbols
FUDT_VDOCBSEZHItem Additional Information of Verification Doc(History)
ICRCSICRC: Status of Data Procurement
OBJECT_VAL_HISTValuation History for Valuation Objects
T007BKDummy for Tax Account Maintenance - Obsolete
T019Financial Accounting Screen Selection
FUDT_VDOCBSEGVerification Document Item with Additional Info
T031Bill Discount Note
T021SLine Layout Variant Special Fields
FUDC_LEDGERMAPLegers mapping betwen GL and document verification
T048LIndicator Texts for Periodic Bank Statements
BSIK_BAKAccounting: Secondary index for vendors
T048WName of correspondence procedure
T048XAttached payment medium: Function modules
J_1AOFNR4SD Billing Type Parameters per country
T047Company Code Dunning Control
FERC_C4Specific standard cost adjustment assignments
T043STName of Business Partner's Tolerance Groups
FOT_CONN_STAT_TConnection Status text table
BSETTax Data Document Segment
T021AForms for Additional Information
T048VCorrespondence procedures
T052TNegotiated Leave Name
T021Fields for Line Item and Document Line Layout
FUDT_VDOCBSECOne-Time Account Data Segment of Verification Document
T021RField selection for spec.functions (list displays)
T043STolerances for Groups of G/L Accounts
T053RClassification of Payment Differences
T030BStandard Posting Keys
FERC_C1Controlling area dependent parameters
FUDT_VDOCBSEGEVVerification Document Item in the Entry View
T004MRules for Sample Accounts
FBICRC003PNot in use
LFCX_DIFVendor Master (Transaction Figures)
BFOK_AFI subsequent BA/PC adjustment: Vendor items
ICRCZICRC: Reconciled, Completed Items
T021KFields for Line Layout Variants
T030ATransaction Keys and Assignment to Groups
FERC_F3Totals per source object, transaction type, and CO element
T003TDocument Type Texts
T028VTransaction Types
DTINPTechnical Customizing of Data Source Selection DTIN
FUDT_VDOCBSETHTax Data Document Segment of Verification Document(History)
FBICRC001AICRC: Open Items GL Accounts: Documents
T046TBill of Exchange Tax Code Names
ACCRFIAccruals/Deferrals Master Data FI/CO Account Assignment
FERC_C9Regulatory accounts for direct postings
FINS_REC_MSG_MAPSFIN Reconciliation: Message Mapping
T053ASelection Rules for Payment Advices
T045WBank Subaccounts for Bill of Exchange Usage
T052AKnown/Negotiated Leave
FUDC_DOCVERCONFConfiguration of FI document verification function
T052RRules for Issuing Invoices
FBICRC_C_OV_ALLICR: Overview Chart with Multi Company Displayed
T020AAcc: Single-Screen Transactions: Existing Tabs Per Transacn
T033FAccount Determination: Posting Rules
T033DAccount Determination: Account Determination Key Names
T033TFI Depreciation Area
KNC1_BCKCustomer Master (Transaction Figures)
FUD_MSG01_CFIN UI Decoupling - Transformation of Messages
BFOD_ABFI Subseq.BA/PC Adjustmnt: Valuatn Diffrnce in Customer OIs
BFIT_A0FI Subseq.BA/PC Adjustmnt: Zero Bal.Postings for Bus.Area
F107_TASS_MT2AAssignment of Transaction Types to Actions (Manual Posting)
LFC3_BAKVendor Master (Special G/L Transaction Figures)
OFNUM_BGERS ODN separate number range enabled for cancelled invoices
T021ZLine Layout Variants
T044ZCustomer/Vendor Accounts with Changed Reconciliation Account
T042ZDScreen Control when Creating Payments in Country
T041AClearing Transactions
FIN_AR_VIEW_REDUFI table fields to be suppressed in FI-AR HDB views
T052STerms of Payment for Holdback/Retainage
T053WReason Code Conversion Version Names
FUDCNC_ACCHIERAAssign Account Level Hierarchies
T053GPayment Advice Types
T007ITax Advance Return, Tax Group and Calendar Year Group Nos
T030YTransaction Group Names
T048Correspondence Types
T021VDefault Values for Layouts
T004WText Table for T004V
FINS_DEPR_STATUSsFIN: Reactivation of deprecated objects
T033JAccount Determination: Account Symbol Descriptions
PARCTReceipt Log Table
FBICRC_C_SR_OBJICR: Customizing for Linked Object Type in SR. creation
T046AAssignment:1 Bank Cmmt Acct - diverse Bill of Ex.Return Acts
T007ACTax Code Selection for Transactions
FBICRC01035Reconciliation Processes: Customer Defined Fields
BSEDBill of Exchange Fields Document Segment
T021DLine Layout Fast Entry: Administration
BSEGAccounting Document Segment
T030XGroups of Transaction Keys
OFNUM_ESODN enabled for correction invoice per vender (ES)
F107_TPROVHProvisions Content
T000CLNTClient Currency
T021HLine Layout Fast Entry: Screen Variants
T007_GL_ACCOUNTG/L Accounts for Tax Code and Country
MAHNVManagement Records for the Dunning Program
T021MSort Variants
FDKUSERAP/AR Internet Applications
T030HAcct Determ.for Open Item Exch.Rate Differences
T030FProvision Method for Doubtful Receivables
T054ASettlement Data for Recurring Entry Schedules
FBICRC001TICRC: Open Items GL Accounts: Totals
T045EPresentation to Bank
FBICRC01050Differences per Company Pair and Display Category
AGKOCleared Accounts
FERC_C6Regulatory indicators of CO objects
ACCRBDAccruals/Deferrals Master Data - Basic Data
T043Assign Accounting Clerks --> Tolerance Group
ICRCLOGICRC: Log Numbers of Automatic Reconciliation
FBICRC01000Reconciliation Processes: Attributes
T021STDTFast Entry: Standard Variants (Texts)
CRMC_BEAVALTYACCIPM: Assignment of Value Types for Accounts in Company Code
T001SAccounting Clerks
FERC_F1Detailed audit trace file
T030KTax Accounts Determination
BSIS_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
T003Document Types
T048OOutput Management Assignment for Automatic Correspondence
T048TCorrespondence texts
T033IAcct Determination: Account Symbols
T043GTName of Business Partner's Tolerance Groups
T050TGeneral texts
T001XConfiguration of External Receiving Comp.Codes
T041CReasons for Reverse Posting
ICRC00_XBLNR_RLSBalance Sheet Recon.: Rules for Determining Reference Number
PKOMUPersonal Account Assignment Templates for G/L Account Items
FRUNRun Date of a Program
TICRC3Contact Person in Trading Partner
FUDT_VDOCAVIKKEHPayment advice key for Document Verification
T044ABTDescription for Valuation Attributes By Remaining Term
FERC_D5Totals per reg. account and final object
T044ABValuation Attributes for OI Valuation By Remaining Term
ACCTCRCompressed Data from FI/CO Document - Currencies
T043TFI tolerance groups for employees
TFTMPTable for Time Stamp Comparison
T076BEDI: Assign Name in the Invoice <-> Company Code
T033UAccount Determ.for Balance Sheet Transfer Postings
T043GTolerances for Groups of Customers/Vendors
TACCP_ASSIGNKEYTTexts for Assignment Keys for Accounting Principles
FIN_D_CORR_PGRPGroups for Correspondence Type Parameters
KNC3_BCKCustomer Master (Special G/L Transaction Figures)
MLDZ4Reporting Data for Z4 Which was not Reported by DME
T030VAccount Conversion Tables for Distributed Systems
FBICRC01040IC Reconciliation: Current Status per Company
FUDT_LFC3Vendor master (special G/L transaction figures)
AVIRPayment Advice Subitem
T057TSubsidy indicator names
T059FFormulas for Calculating Withholding Tax
FIN_AR_VIEW_FLDHDB View field names (prevent renaming when adding tables)
T077ZAccount Group Names (Table T077S)
T043KControl of Payment Notices to Customers/Vendors
T059MMinority Indicators
TICRC2Selection of Recon. Criteria for Recon. Affiliated Companies
FIN_AR_QRY_CACHEFIN-AR: Cache for CPU-Intensive Database Queries
SLPBLog Table for Valuation
FUDT_VDOCBKPFVerification Document Header
KOMUAccount Assignment Templates for G/L Account Items
FERC_C14TClearing group texts
TICRC5Contact Person - Organization Addresses - Dummy
T001_UMKRSTime-Dep. Assignment of Company Code to Sales/Purch. Tax Grp
LFC3_BCKVendor Master (Special G/L Transaction Figures)
T077SG/L account groups
FOT_EXT_TAX_CONNExternal tax system: connection data
TRASInterval for Days in Arrears
FERC_C5Specific clearing cost object assignments
FBICRC002AICRC: GL Accounts: Documents
FBICRC01026Not in use
KMKPFFI: Account Assignment Model Header Information
T071FI Document Archiving - Account Lives
FERC_C13ACost element variant assignments
FERC_C11Regulatory indicator assignment field
T074TSpecial G/L Indicator Names
FBICRC002CICRC: GL Accounts: Object table 2
FCON_HANAFIELD_TText for Dimension Type
T077TTable no longer in use
T8HSPLITACTOnline Split for FI Postprocessing Costs
T074USpecial G/L Indicator Properties
T001_UMKRS_ZActivate Time-Dep. Sls/Pur.Tax Grps / Assign Selection Date
T074Special G/L Accounts
FBICRC01028Reconciliation Process 003: Lock Table for Company Pairs
TNAMNPuffer for Keywords (NAMETAB)
TFAGFI Clearing Rules (Entity Table)
T058TGroup Receipt Names
TTYPVAG/L Line Item Table ACDOCA Summarization
T856LAssignment of LO Transaction Type to FI Transaction Type
TCESSIONTTexts for Accounts Receivable Pledging
BSBWDocument Valuation Fields
TFIREVReversal Document Checks in FI
FBICRC_C_APPICR: Applications
FUDT_VDOCBSEDHBill of Exchange Fields Segment of Verification Doc(History)
FBICRC01030Reconciliation Processes: Customer Defined Fields
TGSBTBusiness Area Names
FINS_BAL_DUMMY2Dummy Table for CDS View
TLOREOIndicator for Logical Document Reorganization
TFREPReports with Form Details and Sender Details
FBICRC01021Not in use
FCON_HANAVIEWHANA view for consolidation
BSAK_BCKAccounting: Secondary index for vendors (cleared items)
TMODGName of Groups in Field Selection Bar
T054TName of Run Schedules for Recurring Documents
FTYPFI Partner Function Types
TACC_ACPAK_MAPAssignment of Account to Accounting Principle Assignment Key
T001OCross-System Company Codes
TTYPObject Types for Accounting
TFI02TOpen FI: Function Key Text for Each Call Event
T001GCompany Code-Dependent Standard Texts
FIN_D_CORR_VRBSCRange Values for Posting keys Correspondence Parameter
TAX_RFD_CODESDefine Tax Code as Refund-Related
FERC_C3ARegulatory indicator variants
T001Company Codes
T055FField Group Fields (Master Data)
PSHDSVCIPersonalized Screen Variants for FI Enjoy Transactions
TMODPName of Items in Field Selection Definitions
T003BObject Types for Early Entry in Financial Acctng
TURLTYPEURL Types in Table T001URL
BSBMTText for Valuation Adjustment or Deductible per Item
TACC_BWBER_PRAssignment of Accounting Principle to Target Ledger
TACC_TRGT_LDGRAssgmt of Accounting Principle to Target Ledger or Ledger Gp
RF048Subseq.BA/PC Adjustmnt: Index/Distributn Vector (Calculate)
TTABSTables with Special Maintenance
T001ZAdditional Specifications for Company Code
T001ECompany Code-Dependent Address Data
BKORMAccounting Correspondence Requests
TBERGAuthorization Check in DDIC
ICRC00_TEMPLFinancial Statement Reconciliation: Templates for Notificatn
SKMTSample Account Names
T001_MOSRBPlants for MOSS Registration: Time-Dependent
FERC_C13Clearing cost element categories
TCURDMax.Exch.Rate Differences for Postings in Foreign Currency
FBICRC01045IC Reconciliation: Lock Table for Company Pairs
FBICRC_D_TIMERICR: Timed Trigger Setting
T001NCompany Code - EC Tax Numbers / Notifications
T076AAssign Payment Advice Notes to Posting Rules
FERC_L1Message log
FBICRC01025Not in use
TCOBXCoding Block: Assignment of Field Properties
T076KFI-EDI: Additional Account Assignments
TTYPTObject Type Names for Accounting
TMODFGroups in Field Selection Bar
TRASTInterval Names for Days in Arrears
TTYPSFI Summarization: Document Fields Allowed
T001JCompany Code - Parameter Type Names
T076IFI-EDI: G/L Accounts
T001AAdditional Local Currencies Control for Company Code
TICRC1RFC Destination and Contact Person in Company
FERC_R0Execution history
T001_MOSRMOSS Registration
RF180Subsequent BA/PC Adjustment: Posting Runs
SKATG/L Account Master Record (Chart of Accounts: Description)
BSIK_BCKAccounting: Secondary index for vendors
T001BPermitted Posting Periods
TFMCMatchcode Fields for Database Index
TMODUCross Reference Field Name - MODIF1
T058BNumber Range Assignment for Receipts
TFAVTWorklist Names
TICRC_CNUMICRC: Company IDs in External Systems
T001UClearing Between Company Codes
VBWF15People with Release Authorization for Document Parking
TACC_TRGT_LDGRTAssignment of Accounting Principle to Target Ledger
T001URLCompany Code-Dependent URLs
FICORRGUIDFor mapping of FI Correspondence and GUID (Optional use)
T074ASpecial G/L Transaction Type Names
FINS_SIF_CUR_MAPSIF Reconciliation: Table to transform source ledger amounts
FBICRC003TICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Totals
FUDT_VDOCBSETTax Data Document Segment of Verification Document
SKA1G/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts)
AVIKPayment Advice Header
FUDT_VERIFDOCFI verification document - index table
ACCRPOSTAccrual/deferral postings
FBICRC002OICRC: GL Accounts: Object table 1
FBICRC002TICRC: GL Accounts: Totals
T059RRecipient Code
FBICRC_C_OVICR: Overview Chart with Single Company Displayed
VBWF06Subworkflow Determination
T056ZInterest Rates
FBICRC003CICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Object table 2
FERC_F4Variances on CO objects
TFAGMAllocate Clients and Account Type to Clearing Rule
FUDT_VDOCBSEDBill of Exchange Fields Document Seg. of Verif. Doc
FDKUSER_ACTIONAP/AR Internet Applications: User Actions
FOT_CONN_STATUSConnection Status
VBSEGDDocument Segment for Customer Document Parking
VBWF11Objects for Full Release
TFI01Open FI: Events
ACCRCUST_TXTAccruals/Deferrals Customizing Text
T059GIncome Types: Names
TR01TBase Table Reorganization: Texts
VBSEGADocument Segment for Document Parking - Asset Database
FIN_D_CORR_VRNTParameters Variant for Correspondence Type
ACCRCUSTAccrual/Deferral Profile
FERC_C14Clearing groups
VBWF02Workflow Procedure
BSIAArchive Index for FI Documents (Outdated! See ARCH_IDX)
VBSEGSDocument Segment for Document Parking - G/L Account Database
TCESSIONAccounts Receivable Pledging
TBAERRules for Changing Documents
FMFGAAPAYDOCTYPPartial Payments by Acc. Assign.: Supported Document Types
TFIN_XML_DATAXML Data Storage: Financials
TMODO_CLOUDField status variants - Additional attributes in cloud
T001DValidation of Accounting Documents
BFO_A_RAVersions for Resetting Cleared Items
RFDTAccounting Data (INDX Structure)
TGSBBusiness Areas
FERC_C2Company code dependent parameters
VBSEGKDocument Segment for Vendor Document Parking
TF123Additional Rules for Running Program SAPF124 (Clearing)
BVORIntercompany posting procedures
FBICRC001OICRC: Open Items GL Accounts: Object table 1
VBKPFDocument Header for Document Parking
T059TTexts for Minority Indicators
T057Preference Indicator
T001RRounding Rules for Company Code and Currency
ICRC01Document Table for G/L Account Reconciliation
T076EFI-EDI: Assignment Pymt Method - External Pymt Method (Bank)
VBSETDocument Segment for Taxes Document Parking
VBWF03Release Approval Paths
TAX_RFD_RATESCountry Tax Rates for VAT Refund Procedure
TCURC_ROUNDClearing of Rounding Diffs per Local Currency: Temporary
TCVALCurrency and Valuation Types
FUDT_VDOCBSEZItem Additional Information of Verification Doc
BKDFDocument Header Supplement for Recurring Entry
TAX_RFD_C_MAPAssign VAT Refund Code to G/L Account
FUDT_DOCVERACTLAction logs of FI document verification
UKSDUser Control Totals (Online)
FDKVARKEYAP/AR Internet: Report Variant Key
FERC_C12Cost element variants
FUDT_VDOCBSE_CLRAdditional Data for Document Segment: Clearing Information
VBWF12Objects for Full Release (Texts)
FERC_F6Organizational assignments of CO objects
TFTMVTable for Program Versions
TAX_RFD_CHARSVAT Refund Code - Tax Refund Country
VBWF07Release Groups
BSECOne-Time Account Data Document Segment
VACSPLTFI Document Parking (Enjoy): Amount Split
T000FClient-Specific FI Settings
BSAD_BCKAccounting: Secondary index for customers (cleared items)
T078SAction Type Screen Selection for G/L Acct Master Data
THKONPermitted Alternative G/L Accounts
FERC_D2Documents per sender and account
FERC_C12TCost element variant texts
T059EIncome Types
T856KDefault Transaction Type for FI Accounts
VBWF01Company Code-Dependent Release Data
TAX_RFD_CHARSTText Table: VAT Refund Code - Tax Refund Country
RFUMSV00_BAL_ITAdvance Tax Return Italy: Progressive balances
CFCSTWTLSTCloud Financials: Whitelist IMG-Activities
VBWF05Determination of Release Approval Path
T003ADocument Types for Posting with Clearing
TSTORAccounting Documents with Reverse Posting Date
FINS_BACL_PAGRPTBank Account Authorization Group Description
FERC_C10Special cost elements
FMFGAAPAYBLOCKPayment block for Partial Payments by Account Assignment
VBWF09People with Release Authorization for Document Parking
FERC_F5Total actual costs on regulatory objects
FIN_D_CORR_VRUMSRange Values for Special G/L indicators Correspondence Param
FDKUSER_ACTIONTAP/AR Internet Applications: User Action (Texts)
T059AType of Recipient For Vendors
FBICRC_D_MAILICR: Mail Information
BSAS_BAKAccounting: Secondary index for G/L accounts (cleared items)
FERC_D4Totals per natural and regulatory account
TFIN_XML_TABNAMEXML Data Storage: Control of Tables to Be Downloaded
VBWF16Relevant Document Types for Releasing Payments
BSAK_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
T001FCompany code-dependent form selection
TFI02Open FI: Function Modules for Each Call Event
FINS_BAL_DUMMYDummy Table for CDS View
T001ICompany Code - Parameter Types
F107_TPROVMETHProvision Calculation Methods
FINS_BACL_PAGRPBank Account Authorization Group
FUDT_KNC1Customer master (transaction figures)
FUDC_DOCVERRULEConfiguration Data for FI Document Verification Rule
TZUNRules for 'Allocation' Field Layout
T070FI Document Archiving - Document Lives
BSID_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for Customers
T076MEDI: Conversion of External Tax Rate <-> Tax Code
TACPAK_ACP_MAPAssignment of Assignment Key to Accounting Principles
TAKOFReconciliation Accounts with Exception Handling
TCOBDCoding Block: Field Name BSEG/COBL, if not the same
FINS_DDLS_GENSAP Simple Finance, OP: DDL Sources to be generated
BKPFAccounting Document Header
T059BWithholding Tax Classes for Vendors: Names
VBWF10Release Approval Paths (Texts)
TFAVWFI: Work list values
TZUNTAssignment Rule Names
T058AJapanese Stamp Tax
TTYPVXEnhanced Document Summarization in FI
VBWF08Release Groups
UKSVUser Control Totals (Update)
FMFGAAPAYACTIVActivate 'Payment By Account Assignment' Functionality
TTYPVFI Summarization Dependent on the Object Type
FIN_D_CORR_TYPEDefinitions of Correspondence Types for OData Corr.
TFI01TOpen FI: Name of Events
TFAVFI: Worklists
FIN_D_CORR_VPRMParameter Properties for Variant of Correspondence Type
TACCP_ASSIGNKEYKey for Assigning Accounting Principles
TMODOItems in Field Selection Definitions
FUD_MSG01Fin UI Decoupling - Transformation of Messages
FUDT_VDOCBKPFHVerification Document Header(History)
ICRC00_USER_PREFBalance Reconciliation: User-Specific Settings
TAX_APPLIApplications for Tax Services
FUDT_VDOCBSECHOne-Time Account Data Segment of Verification Doc(History)
T059QWithholding Tax
VBSECDocument Parking One-Time Data Document Segment
TFBUFTable for FI Data Puffers
FUDT_KNC3Customer master (special G/L transaction figures)
T076SEDI-INVOIC: Program Parameters
FUDT_LFC1Vendor master (transaction figures)
FGLT_GLTABsFIN: Active G/L tables
TTXF1Word Processing: Linking of Texts with Document Types
BSIPIndex for Vendor Validation of Double Documents
TCOBFCoding Block: Assignment of Modif and Field Names from COBL
TFAVAFI: Details of Automatically Generated Worklists
TBSLTPosting Key Names
VSPLTWTFI Document Parking (Enjoy): W/Tax Data Amount Split