S/4HANA 2020 - SAP KNA1 General Data in Customer Master Table


SAP KNA1 table is a standard SAP S/4HANA transparent table which stores General Data in Customer Master data. There are total 246 fields in the KNA1 table. The following is a list of the fields that make up this table.

The table KNA1 belongs to Customer Master (LO-MD-BP-CM) module and is located in Application development R/3 sales master data (VSCORE) package.

In addition, below links provide an overview of foreign key relationships, if any, that link KNA1 to other SAP tables and standard CDS views available based on KNA1 table in SAP S/4HANA.

KNA1 Techincal Settings

Below are technical details of the table KNA1

  • Buffering not allowed
  • No buffering
  • Storage type is Column Store

List of KNA1 Fields

The table below provides an overview of the fields available in KNA1. Key fields are marked in blue.

FieldDescriptionData ElementCheck TableData Type
KUNNRCustomer NumberKUNNRCHAR(10)
LAND1Country KeyLAND1_GPT005CHAR(3)
REGIORegion (State, Province, County)REGIOT005SCHAR(3)
STRASStreet and House NumberSTRAS_GPCHAR(35)
TELF1First telephone numberTELF1CHAR(16)
XCPDKIndicator: Is the account a one-time account?XCPDKCHAR(1)
MCOD1Search term for matchcode searchMCDD1CHAR(25)
MCOD2Search Term for Matchcode SearchMCDD2CHAR(25)
MCOD3Search term for matchcode searchMCDD3CHAR(25)
AUFSDCentral order block for customerAUFSD_XTVASTCHAR(2)
BAHNEExpress train stationBAHNECHAR(25)
BAHNSTrain stationBAHNSCHAR(25)
BBBNRInternational location number (part 1)BBBNRNUMC(7)
BBSNRInternational location number (Part 2)BBSNRNUMC(5)
BEGRUAuthorization GroupBRGRU*CHAR(4)
BRSCHIndustry keyBRSCHT016CHAR(4)
BUBKZCheck digit for the international location numberBUBKZNUMC(1)
DATLTData communication line no.DATLTCHAR(14)
ERDATDate on which the Record Was CreatedERDAT_RFDATS(8)
ERNAMName of Person who Created the ObjectERNAM_RFCHAR(12)
EXABLIndicator: Unloading points existEXABLCHAR(1)
FAKSDCentral billing block for customerFAKSD_XTVFSCHAR(2)
FISKNAccount number of the master record with the fiscal addressFISKN_DKNA1CHAR(10)
KNRZAAccount number of an alternative payerKNRZAKNA1CHAR(10)
KTOKDCustomer Account GroupKTOKDT077DCHAR(4)
KUKLACustomer ClassificationKUKLATKUKLCHAR(2)
LIFNRAccount Number of Vendor or CreditorLIFNRLFA1CHAR(10)
LIFSDCentral delivery block for the customerLIFSD_XTVLSCHAR(2)
LOCCOCity CoordinatesLOCCOCHAR(10)
LOEVMCentral Deletion Flag for Master RecordLOEVM_XCHAR(1)
PSTL2P.O. Box Postal CodePSTL2CHAR(10)
RPMKRRegional marketRPMKRCHAR(5)
SPERRCentral posting blockSPERB_XCHAR(1)
STCD1Tax Number 1STCD1CHAR(16)
STCD2Tax Number 2STCD2CHAR(11)
STKZAIndicator: Business Partner Subject to Equalization Tax?STKZACHAR(1)
TELBXTelebox numberTELBXCHAR(15)
TELF2Second telephone numberTELF2CHAR(16)
TELTXTeletex numberTELTXCHAR(30)
TELX1Telex numberTELX1CHAR(30)
LZONETransportation zone to or from which the goods are deliveredLZONETZONECHAR(10)
XZEMPIndicator: Is an alternative payer allowed in document?XREGUCHAR(1)
VBUNDCompany ID of Trading PartnerRASSCT880CHAR(6)
STCEGVAT Registration NumberSTCEGCHAR(20)
DEAR1Indicator: CompetitorDEAR1CHAR(1)
DEAR2Indicator: Sales partnerDEAR2CHAR(1)
DEAR3Indicator: Sales prospectDEAR3CHAR(1)
DEAR4Indicator for customer type 4DEAR4CHAR(1)
DEAR5ID for default sold-to partyDEAR5CHAR(1)
BRAN1Industry code 1BRAN1_DTBRCCHAR(10)
BRAN2Industry code 2BRAN2TBRCCHAR(10)
BRAN3Industry code 3BRAN3TBRCCHAR(10)
BRAN4Industry code 4BRAN4TBRCCHAR(10)
BRAN5Industry code 5BRAN5TBRCCHAR(10)
EKONTInitial contactEKONTCHAR(10)
UMJAHYear For Which Sales are GivenUMJAHNUMC(4)
UWAERCurrency of sales figureUWAERTCURCCUKY(5)
JMZAHYearly number of employeesJMZAHNUMC(6)
JMJAHYear for which the number of employees is givenJMJAHNUMC(4)
KATR1Attribute 1KATR1TVK1CHAR(2)
KATR2Attribute 2KATR2TVK2CHAR(2)
KATR3Attribute 3KATR3TVK3CHAR(2)
KATR4Attribute 4KATR4TVK4CHAR(2)
KATR5Attribute 5KATR5TVK5CHAR(2)
KATR6Attribute 6KATR6TVK6CHAR(3)
KATR7Attribute 7KATR7TVK7CHAR(3)
KATR8Attribute 8KATR8TVK8CHAR(3)
KATR9Attribute 9KATR9TVK9CHAR(3)
KATR10Attribute 10KATR10TVK0CHAR(3)
UMSA1Annual salesUMSA1CURR(15)
PERIVFiscal Year VariantPERIVT009CHAR(2)
INSPBYDEBIInspection Carried Out By Customer (No Inspection Lot)QINSPBYDEBCHAR(1)
INSPATDEBIInspection for a Delivery Note After Outbound DeliveryQINSPATDEBCHAR(1)
KTOCDReference Account Group for One-Time Account (Customer)KTOCDT077DCHAR(4)
DTAMSReport key for data medium exchangeDTAMSCHAR(1)
DTAWSInstruction key for data medium exchangeDTAWS*CHAR(2)
DUEFLStatus of Data Transfer into Subsequent ReleaseDUEFL_BKPFCHAR(1)
HZUORAssignment to HierarchyHZUORNUMC(2)
ETIKGIS-R Labeling: customer/plant groupETIKGTWEKCHAR(10)
CIVVEID for mainly non-military useCIVVECHAR(1)
MILVEID for mainly military useMILVECHAR(1)
KDKG1Customer condition group 1KDKG1TVKGGCHAR(2)
KDKG2Customer condition group 2KDKG2TVKGGCHAR(2)
KDKG3Customer condition group 3KDKG3TVKGGCHAR(2)
KDKG4Customer condition group 4KDKG4TVKGGCHAR(2)
KDKG5Customer condition group 5KDKG5TVKGGCHAR(2)
XKNZAIndicator: Alternative payer using account numberXKNZACHAR(1)
STCD3Tax Number 3STCD3CHAR(18)
STCD4Tax Number 4STCD4CHAR(18)
STCD5Tax Number 5STCD5CHAR(60)
STCD6Tax Number 6STCD6CHAR(20)
XICMSCustomer is ICMS-exemptJ_1BTCICMSCHAR(1)
XXIPICustomer is IPI-exemptJ_1BTCIPICHAR(1)
XSUBTCustomer group for Substituiçao Tributária calculationJ_1BTCSTJ_1BTXSTGCHAR(3)
CFOPCCustomer's CFOP categoryJ_1BINDUS1CHAR(2)
CCC01Indicator for biochemical warfare for legal controlCCC01CHAR(1)
CCC02Indicator for nuclear nonproliferation for legal controlCCC02CHAR(1)
CCC03Indicator for national security for legal controlCCC03CHAR(1)
CCC04Indicator for missile technology for legal controlCCC04CHAR(1)
BONDED_AREA_CONFIRMTW: Bonded Area Confirm in Business Partner ExtensionTWVAT_BONDED_AREA_CONFCHAR(1)
DONATE_MARKTW: Donate Mark in Business Partner ExtensionTWVAT_DONATE_MARKCHAR(1)
ALLOWANCE_TYPETW: Allowance Type in Business Partner ExtensionTWVAT_ALLOWANCE_TYPECHAR(1)
EINVOICE_MODETaiwan, China: Mode in Business Partner ExtensionTWVAT_EINVOICE_MODECHAR(1)
CASSDCentral sales block for customerCASSD_XCHAR(2)
KNURLUniform resource locatorURLCHAR(132)
J_1KFREPREName of RepresentativeREPRESCHAR(10)
CONFSStatus of Change Authorization (Central)CONFS_XCHAR(1)
UPDATDate on Which the Changes Were ConfirmedUPDAT_RFDATS(8)
UPTIMTime of Last Change ConfirmationUPTIM_RFTIMS(6)
NODELCentral deletion block for master recordNODEL_XCHAR(1)
DEAR6Indicator: ConsumerDEAR6CHAR(1)
CVP_XBLCKBusiness Purpose Completed FlagCVP_XBLCKCHAR(1)
EXPIssued byJ_1BEXPCHAR(3)
RNEForeign National RegistrationJ_1BRNECHAR(10)
TDTTax Declaration TypeJ_1BTDTJ_1BTTDTCHAR(2)
KNA1_EEW_CUSTdata element for customerKNA1_EEW_CUSTCHAR(1)
RULE_EXCLUSIONAccount Excluded from Rule-Based AssignmentCRMT_BUS_RULE_EXCLUSIONCHAR(1)
/VSO/R_PALHGTMaximum Stacking Height of the Packaging Material (VSO)/VSO/R_PAL_BIN_HGTQUAN(13)
/VSO/R_PAL_ULUnit of Length for Packaging Material (VSO)/VSO/R_PAL_UNIT_LT006UNIT(3)
/VSO/R_PK_MATCustomer-Related Packing for Each Packaging Material (VSO)/VSO/M_PACK_BY_MATCHAR(1)
/VSO/R_MATPALPackaging Material of the Customer in VSO/VSO/M_MATNR_PALMARACHAR(40)
/VSO/R_I_NO_LYRNumber Layers Under an Inter-Pallet (VSO)/VSO/M_IPAL_NO_LYRNUMC(2)
/VSO/R_ONE_MATPacking Material-Specific for Each Packaging Material/VSO/M_ONE_MATCHAR(1)
/VSO/R_ONE_SORTPack Only One Package Type for Each PKM (VSO)/VSO/M_ONE_SORTCHAR(1)
/VSO/R_ULD_SIDESide Preference of Loading/Unloading (VSO)/VSO/M_UNLOAD_SIDE_PREFNUMC(1)
/VSO/R_LOAD_PREFFront/Back Preference of Loading/Unloading (VSO)/VSO/M_LOAD_PREFNUMC(1)
PSOFGProcessor groupPSOFGPSO19CHAR(10)
PSOISSubledger acct preprocessing procedurePSOISCHAR(20)
PSOHSHouse number: is no longer used from Release 4.6BPSOHSCHAR(6)
PSOSTStreet: No longer used from Release 4.6BPSOSTCHAR(28)
J_1IEXRNExcise Registration NumberJ_1IEXRNCHAR(40)
J_1IEXRGExcise RangeJ_1IEXRGCHAR(60)
J_1IEXDIExcise DivisionJ_1IEXDICHAR(60)
J_1IEXCOExcise CommissionerateJ_1IEXCOCHAR(60)
J_1ICSTNOCentral Sales Tax NumberJ_1ICSTNOCHAR(40)
J_1ILSTNOLocal Sales Tax NumberJ_1ILSTNOCHAR(40)
J_1IPANNOPermanent Account NumberJ_1IPANNOCHAR(40)
J_1IEXCICUExcise tax indicator for customerJ_1IEXCICUJ_1ITAXINDCHAR(1)
AEDAT(Obsolete) Last Changed On – do not useJ_1IAEDAT_OBSOLETEDATS(8)
USNAM(Obsolete) Changed by the user – do not useJ_1IUSNAM_OBSOLETECHAR(12)
J_1ISERNService Tax Registration NumberJ_1ISERNCHAR(40)
J_3GREFTYPReference Type for RecipientJ_3GREFTYPCHAR(2)
J_3GAGEXTExternal Sold-to PartyJ_3GAGEXTKNA1CHAR(10)
J_3GAGINTCustomer Internal SettlementJ_3GAGINTKNA1CHAR(10)
J_3GAGSTDIStandard RecipientJ_3GAGSTDIKNA1CHAR(10)
LGORTStorage locationLGORT_DT001LCHAR(4)
KOKRSControlling AreaKOKRSTKA01CHAR(4)
J_3GABGLGRetirement Date Counts for Performance-Based EquipmentJ_3GABGLGCHAR(1)
J_3GABGVGRetirement Date Counts for Time-Based EquipmentJ_3GABGVGCHAR(1)
J_3GTAGMONNumber of Days/MonthJ_3GTAGMONDEC(5)
J_3GZUGTAGFunction for Settlement on Acquisition Date/PBEJ_3GZUGTAGCHAR(1)
J_3GMASCHBFill PBE Documents IndicatorJ_3GMASCHBCHAR(1)
J_3GMEINSAIndicator: Take Multiple Usage Periods into AccountJ_3GMEINSACHAR(1)
J_3GKEINSAIndicator - Relevant to Short Operation PeriodsJ_3GKEINSACHAR(1)
J_3GBLSPERBlocking Indicator for Document EntryJ_3GBLSPERCHAR(1)
J_3GKLEIVOIndicator: Calculate PBE as TBEJ_3GKLEIVOCHAR(1)
J_3GVMONATIndicator for Complete MonthJ_3GVMONATNUMC(1)
J_3GABRKENSettlement IndicatorJ_3GABRKENCHAR(1)
J_3GLABRECHDate of Last SettlementJ_3GLABRECHDATS(8)
J_3GAABRECHDate of Current SettlementJ_3GAABRECHDATS(8)
J_3GZUTVHLGInd.: Acquisition Date Counts (as Daily Settlement for PBE)J_3GZUTVHLGCHAR(1)
J_3GNEGMENNegative Quantities Allowed Even for Chronolog. Inv. MgmtJ_3GNEGMENCHAR(1)
J_3GFRISTLOIndicator: Deadline LogicJ_3GFRISTLOCHAR(1)
J_3GEMINBEMinimum Usage Period for Restricted Usage (Days)J_3GEMINBENUMC(5)
J_3GFMGUERelease Notification Allowance for Unrestricted Usage (Days)J_3GFMGUENUMC(5)
J_3GZUSCHUESurcharge for Unrestricted Usage (Days)J_3GZUSCHUENUMC(5)
J_3GSCHPRSIndicator: Shift PriceJ_3GSCHPRSCHAR(1)
J_3GINVSTAStatus of Construction Site InventoryJ_3GINVSTACHAR(1)
/SAPCEM/KVMEQIndicator: Settlement Qty Relevant to Equipment/SAPCEM/KVMEQCHAR(1)

Foreign Key Relationships

A foreign key field is a table field that is allocated to a check table and becomes part of the table's foreign key. The following table gives you an overview of the foreign keys for KNA1 table.

Table NameFieldCardinalityCheck Table

Other References

The table below lists SAP S/4HANA tcodes that read or modify the KNA1 table.

Transaction CodeDescription
/SAPSLL/DS_I_MM0B_R3GTS: Object Index Inbound Deliveries
TK11Create condition (shipment costs)
/SAPSLL/DS_I_RORG_R3GTS: Reorganize Object Index
V-64Display Cust.Disc/Surcharge
/SAPSLL/DS_I_MM0A_R3GTS: Purchase Order Object Index
FBZ8Display Payment Run
VK16Create Condition with Reference
PPRLChange Material When Profile Deleted
MAP2Change contact person
FS10NADisplay Balances
V/64Output - Cond.Table - Display BillDc
FBCJ3Display Cash Journal
V/C9CondTable: Display (Batches
V-44Display Material Price
FBZ0Display/Edit Payment Proposal
FBCJCash Journal
MAP1Create contact person
V/65Output CondTable/Create SalesSupport
J_CLMLMaterial Ledger (Chile)
PPRVChange Material When Profile Changed
J4GXHour Evaluation for PBE
J4GWNMovements Between Locations List
FSH_MASS_SDMass change transaction
J4GWMovements Between Locations
V-63Change Cust.Disc/Surcharge
VA26Collective Processing for Quotations
JB43Display SD Condition
FSS4G/L Account Changes in Company Code
/SAPSLL/DS_I_SD0A_R3GTS: Order Object Index
VA35List of Sales Scheduling Agreements
JB49Create SD Condition Table
/SAPSLL/DS_P_FLON_R3Reporting for Follow-On Functions
J4GONLocation Stock (ALV)
J4GOLocation Stock
FS10NBalance Display
V/C8CondTable: Change (Batch
FCHTChange Check/Payment Assignment
PBEMASSPRCGJOBSchedule Price Changes
/SAPSLL/DS_D_MM0C_R3GTS: Initial Transfer of GR to GTS
V/60Output - Cond.Table - Change Dlv.
V/G1Output CondTab/Create Group
V-67Change Mat.Disc/Surcharge
VK15Create Condition
ITSR00_BE_F01DGSForeign Trade Decl.: Belgium F01DGS
FSH_POGTWBPurchase Order Generation Workbench
WDKRCreate customers from vendors
IW56Create service request
GJ0ANon-Operated Billing by Operator V.2
GJ0BNon-Operated Billing by Venture V.2
GJCNOCash Call Non-Operator
GJCOCash Call Operator
V-43Change Material Price
MEM1Replacement for Purchase Order Item
V/G2Output CondTab Change Group
TK12Change condition (shipment costs)
J3RALFAO1AO-1 Advance Report
VD53Display Customer-Material Info
GJT1JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT1_OLDJV Transfer Asset to Project/Order
OVF_MASS_CHECKOnline Validation for Partners
FSH_MSOMulti ship to order
MAP3Display contact person
JB42Change SD Condition
V/63Output - Cond.Table - Change BillDoc
/SAPSLL/DS_D_SD0C_R3GTS: Transfer SD Billing Docs to GTS
VXS3Legal Control: SLS: Display Entry
/SAPSLL/DS_D_SD0B_R3GTS: Transfer SD Deliveries to GTS
MD85List Customer Indep. Requirements
V-65Create Mat.Disc/Surcharge
/SAPSLL/DS_D_SD0A_R3GTS: Transfer SD Orders to GTS
JB41Create SD Condition
MBRLReturn Delivery for Matl Document
VXS2Ges. Kontrolle: SLS: Change Entry
V-66Create w/ref.Material Disc/Surcharge
WLF1LCreate Supplier Settlements
OIGC_UNBLCKTransp. Unit Usage & Unblocking Rep
V/62Output - Cond.Table - Create BillDoc
MBSLCopy Material Document
OIGD_UNBLCKDriver Usage & Unblocking Report
OIGV_UNBLCKVehicle Usage & Unblocking Report
OVF_HISTORYHistory of Online Validation Checks
VXS1Legal Control: SLS: Create Entry
V/61Output - Cond.Table - Display Dlv.
J3RFVATMMImport of Goods from CU Application
PSA71Statement of Storage Entitlement
PSA71UStatement of Storage Entitlement/Upd
J3RFZDBPDFPrint Payment Orders (Russia)
WC28Batch Set Central Block
PSA93PSA Malaysia Production Interface
PSA95PSA Split Lifting by PSC
XK14Create with cond. ref. (cond. list)
V/77Output -ConditTable- Create Transprt
VK20Display Condition Without Menu
ML50Display Conditions
POFO1Create Portfolio
J3RF_TAXAGENT_OPERATAuto posting for Tax Agent / GR N335
J3RKAVIRegister of Amounts Posted
VK19Change Condition Without Menu
J3RKKRLAccount Balances
CFM1Create Integration Model
POFO2Change Portfolio
MLV1Conditions: Services
MBNLSubsequent Delivery f. Material Doc.
J3RKKVLAccounts Balances
CFM6Modify Integration Model
PSA70JV Partner Entitlement
J3RFVATANALYSISIncoming VAT Account Analysis
MB1COther Goods Receipts
MBSTCancel Material Document
ML44Display Supplier Conditions
VB21Create Sales Deal
O3U_GAS1Create API Gravity Adjustment Scale
FIRU_INV1AINV-1 Inventory List of Fixed Assets
VK33Condition Maintenance: Display
JB4BDisplay SD Condition Table
O3U_GAS2Change API Gravity Adjustment Scale
O3U_GAS3Display API Gravity Adjustment Scale
ML48Create Conditions
J3RFVATCRQVAT Clarification request processing
FS04G/L Account Changes (Centrally)
V/78Output -CondTable- Change Transport
O3U_GAS6Delete API Gravity Adjustment Scale
VK32Condition Maintenance: Change
VK31Condition Maintenance: Create
MB31Goods Receipt for Production Order
ML49Change Conditions
J3RFVATEXPExport Data Analysis for VAT
FILA_RE_SELECTCreate Refinancing Tranche
FPIA_INTSHOWOverview of Int. Runs for Item. Int.
POFO33Portfolio: Display
J3RTAXULUnclassified transactions listing
WBTIMEXSite Master Transport
J3RVATDECLVAT Return for Russia (New)
POFO34Portfolio: Create with Reference
FBZ4Payment with Printout
FSP4G/L Account Changes in Chart/Accts
FBZ5Print Check for Payment Document
FCH3Void Checks
IQS8Worklist: Notifications (General)
VK17Change condition
FCH4Renumber Checks
FCH5Create Check Information
FCH6Change Check Information/Cash Check
FCH7Reprint Check
V/66Output CondTab./Change Sales Support
FCH8Reverse Check Payment
FCH9Void Issued Check
IQS9Worklist: Tasks (General)
FCHROnline Cashed Checks
MLV6Create Other
J3RTAXDDProvision for Doubtful Receivables
J3RM11RESPrint M-11 Form from Reserv.Document
V/67Output CondTab/Display Sales Support
FB70Enter Outgoing Invoices
FK10NVendor Balance Display
MD83Display Customer Indep. Requirements
POFO3Display Portfolio
POFO31Portfolio: Create
WLFIV1Create Clearing Operation
J3RSDPExport/Import Contract (Russia)
FSM4Sample Account Changes
FB75Enter Outgoing Credit Memos
FIEU_VAT_RCPTPayment Receipt
JB4AChange SD Condition Table
J3RSEXPORTCreate Secondary Events for Exports
VK18Display condition
POFO32Portfolio: Change
ME22Change Purchase Order
V-62Create Customer Disc/Surch. w/ref
J3RS_CCD_ISSDATEMIGRInitialize Date in Export Cust.Dec.
FBD5Realize Recurring Entry
J3RS_EXPCONF_ERRORSExport Confirmation Error Processing
VI09Change FT Data in Purchasing Doc.
VI08XDisplay FT data in purchasing doc.
FIARJ1AFCIDISCredit invoice list for ARgentina
GT_CUSSet Customer Type
/DSD/SV_LIST_SHIPList of Shipments
GJT6_OLDTransfer Project/Order to Asset
IW52Change Service Notification
GJT6JV Transfer Asset to Asset
J3RALFINV1AINV-1A Inventory List of Int. Assets
GJT5_OLDTransfer Proj./Order to Proj./Order
GJT5JV Transfer Asset to Asset
VI08Display FT data in purchasing doc.
IW51Create Service Notification-General
V/I3Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
FK06Mark Vendor for Deletion (Acctng)
/SAPSLL/CREMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transfer - Suppliers
GT_DLUpload Inbound File from GT
/SAPSLL/BWHIDP_R3Initial Transfer of Duty-Paid Stock
GT_DLNUpload Inbound File from GTS
FMV1Create Forecast of Revenue
GJT4_OLDSale of Venture owned assets
VBKCBonus Buy: Display Condition Table
IW54Create Service Notification-Malfn.
VI53XChange FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI53Change FT Data in Inbound Delivery
EHPRC_CPO00Partner Adresses
V-71Change Price grp Disc/Surch.
VI17XDisplay FT Data in Inbound Delivery
O5BAPRDE8Cond.table - SSR Group output
VI17Display FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI14XChange FT Data in Billing Document
O5BEAD2SSR CH Det. : Create tab.
WTR2Request Additionals IDoc for Promo
VI14Change FT Data in Billing Document
O5BEAD3SSR CH Det. : Change tab.
VI10XDisplay FT Data in Billing Document
VI10Display FT Data in Billing Document
V-72Display Price grp Disc/Surch.
VI09XChange FT Data in Purchasing Doc.
O5BEAD4SSR CH Det. : Display tab.
/DSD/TCBUSDSD Loc: Tax Condition Builder USA
IW53Display Service Notification
WTR1Request for Additionals IDoc
LOTR_FI_MM_INVODN generation on Prenumber
FIWTIN_SCEGCTAN for Section code group
F837Change Posted Recovery Request
FMV3Display Forecast of Revenue
EWABULKYCreate Bulk Waste Order
GT_ULCreate Outbound File for GT
VK03Create Condition Table
J3RALFOS15OS-15 Act on recept. & trans. equip.
IW24Create PM Malfunction Report
/DSD/RP_VT11DSD Shipment List
VK04Change Condition Table
F835Delete Recovery Request
FMV4Approve Forecast of Revenue
GT_ULNCreate Outbound File for GTS
J3RALFOS16OS-16 Act about disc. equip. defects
V/I4Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
FMV5Change FM Acct Asst in Fcst of Rev.
O5SAOutput - Cond.Table - Change TD Load
WBLRNCreate Customer Settlement List
J3RALFOS1AOS-1A Acc. and Ret. Record of Bldngs
MBSFRelease Blocked Stock via Mat. Doc.
V-73Create Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surch
/DSD/RP_DYNDISPDynamic Transportation Planning
IW26Create Maintenance Request
GJT4JV Transfer Asset to Asset
RFBELJ00_AUDITDoc. Compact Journal (Hist. Data)
GJT3_OLDRetirement of Venture Owned Assets
GJT3JV Transfer Asset to Asset
J3RALFNMA1NMA-1 Inventory of Intangible Assets
/SAPSLL/CPMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transf. of Cont.Persons
O5S1Output - Cond.Table - Scheduling.
GJT0Reverse AM/MM Transfer document
J3RALFOS1OS-1 Accept. and Ret. Record of FA
FK05Block Vendor (Accounting)
V-37Change Freight 2
FBMCAV6Reject Parked MCA Document
FBMCAV3Display Parked MCA Document
FMV2Change Forecast of Revenue
FBMCAV2Change Parked MCA Document
FBMCAV0Post Parked Document
FBMCA08Reverse MCA Document
GT_IVLInvoice List
J3RALFOS14OS-14 Acceptance Record of Equipment
IW25Create PM Activity Report
FBMCA03Display Manual MCA Document
FMAORequests Journal
TK14Create condition with ref.
VD51Maintain Customer Material
WB2GTS3Incorrectly Transferred Documents
VK13Display Condition
V/N2Create free goods table
IW55Create Activity Report
WB2GTS2Import: Blocked Trading Contracts
WLF1KCreate Customer Settlements
/SAPPCE/OICDebit-Side Open Items
WLAYSpace Management: Display Layout
/SAPSLL/DEBMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transfer - Customers
WDRD1Determine Delivery Relationship
WDRD2Change Delivery Relationship
/SAPPCE/OIGLG/L Account Open Items
WDRD3Display Delivery Relationship
WB2GTS1Export: Blocked Trading Contracts
/SAPPCE/OIVCredit-Side Open Posts
F_0BNZ4 Report FTR on Basis of Rec./Pay.
J3RALFINV17UAInventory of Vendor/Customer Debts
V-41Create Material Price
VA42WWorkflow for master contract
J3RALFAO1UAAO-1 Advance Report (Ukraine)
QPR4Confirm Sample Drawing
/SAPSLL/DS_D_MM0B_R3GTS: Transfer MM Deliveries to GTS
V/G3Output CondTab/Display Group
/SAPSLL/DS_D_MM0A_R3GTS: Transfer MM Purch. Ord. to GTS
FK08Confirm Vendor Individually (Acctng)
V-68Display Mat.Disc/Surcharge
/SAPSLL/DOC_REPR_R3Reprocess Documents for SAP GTS
J3RALFINV1INV-1 Inventory List of Fixed Assets
VD52Maintain Cust-Mat.Info w/Select.Scrn
IDAR_CONDGENCondition Maintanance Argentina
J3RALFINV17Inventory of Vendor/Customer Debts
TK13Display condition (shipment costs)
V-42Create Material Price w/ref.
VK14Create Condition with Reference
WB2GTS4Transfer Documents Again
MSR_TRC_CTracking of Customer Returns
/SAPNEA/MRCHEnter Deductible Payables
MSR_TRC_ITracking of Supplier Returns
FSH_VAS_REDVAS Redetermination Report
O3UREP_MASTERRegulatory Reporting Master Data
FSSC_SR_FI_REPORTService requestion report for FI
VK12Change Condition
J1INCCERTCustomer Certificate
J1INCCREPCustomer Certificate Reprint
VIWAXDisplay FT Data in Goods Issue
J1INCERTPrint Vendor WH Tax Certificates
J1INEMISWithholding Tax Info. System India
J1INREPReprint Vendor WH Tax Certificates
VI80XChange FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI80Change FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI79XDisplay FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI79Display FT Data in Goods Receipt
V-70Create w/ref.Price Group Disc/Surch.
VI77XChange FT Data in Outbound Delivery
MR90Messages for Invoice Documents
MR91Messages for Invoice Documents
VI77Change FT Data in Outbound Delivery
O5BAPRDE2Cond.table - SSR Group output
VI64XDisplay FT Data in Outbound Delivery
J3RALFINV18UAInventory Comparison of Fixed Assets
O5BAPRDE7Cond.table - SSR Group output
CVD1Edit Report Shipping Orders
VI64Display FT Data in Outbound Delivery
J3RALFINV18Difference List for Fixed Assets
POPTTest Packing Instruction Master Data
WDRD4Delete Delivery Relationship
V/N3Display free goods table (SD)
/SAPSLL/APLMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transfer of Applicants
OV/2RV Batch Input Program
VK11Create Condition
IDCFM_FRCR_1Capit. Reserve Reconciliation
V-38Display Freight 2
WF61Create Outbound Deliveries (Bkgd)
CO06Backorder Processing
V/59Output - Cond.Table - Create Dlv.
RL01Create returnable packaging account
VBKBBonus Buy: Create Condition Table
VIWBXChange FT Data in Goods Issue
V-69Create Price grp Disc/Surch.
COP22Pack HUs for Sales Order
COP21Pack HUs - Without Sales Order
COP23Pack HUs for Delivery
/SAPCE/IUEBEN2Benefits Eligibility: Change mode
COP24Pack HUs for Purchase Order
AKVAList sales arrangements
VL41Create Rough GR
WYP2Change Condition
VL52Change Route Schedule: Initial Scr.
COP2Pack HUs - General
VL31Create Inbound Delivery
/NFM/VGWS1Maintain Charge Weights for Customer
V/C7CondTable: Create (Batches
EDOC_RESUBMITCreate and Submit eDocument
/SAPSLL/PSD_INIT_R3Perform Init. Transf. of Procmt Ind.
EDOC_SI_SUMMARYSlovenia eDocument Summary
M/14Change Condition Table (Services)
MCAOWIS: Application PM/QM/SM Selection
EDOC_SUMMARYeDocument Summary
MCALWFIS: Sample Scenario - Selection
J3RCALKAutomatic Clearing
VT34Event Reports for Carriers via HTML
VT30NTendering Events for Carriers
M/15Display Condition Table (Services)
/NFM/VGWS3Display Charge Weights for Customer
J1I2Sales Tax Register
MB1AGoods Withdrawal
COP1Plan HUs - General
VPRICATMaintain and Create Price Catalog
/SAPCE/IUHU_REVReverse billing document
MEK2Change Conditions (Purchasing)
J3G`Overview of Stock with History
COP11Plan HUs Without Sales Order
/SAPCE/IUHU_SZKMManual billing (penalty
J3RALFINV5Ph.Inventory list goods taken stock
COP12Plan HUs for Sales Order
COP13Plan HUs for Delivery
COP14Plan HUs for Purchase Order
AKVKPromotion sales price conditions
/SAPSLL/RES_INV_R3GTS: Create Restitution Invoice
VL53Display Route Schedule: Initial Scr.
/SAPCE/IU_BBHU_REVReverse billing document
J3RCALDAutomatic Clearing
KE4AChange condition table
/NFM/C_NORG_MMNumber Range Maintenance: Purchasing
ENLODocumentary Payments
V-47Change Price List
WSV2Create value contract module
WSO7IS-R Astmts
J3RFACCSTAccounting statement
VT01Old: Create Shipment
/SAPCEM/ELEntry List for Settlement Calendar
KE49Create Condition Table
MBLBStocks at Subcontractor
WSO4Assortments IS-R
J3RFCASH15Cash Journal Reports (Russia)
VELOVehicle Manager
WYP1Create Condition
MEK3Display Conditions (Purchasing)
J3RFCNTOFFPOffline Contract Accounting Update
J3RFCTS01Run CTS generator
FD10NCustomer Balance Display
J3RFCURRCNTRLCurrency control report
FIAR_DUN_TOPLISTTop N List of Dunned Customers
V-46Create Price List w/ref.
FIARRU_SALES_LEDGERNew Sales Ledger w/ VAT date support
FIAPRU_PURCHASE_LEDGNew Purchase Ledger w/ VAT date
M/13Create Condition Table (Service)
/NFM/VGWM3Display Charge Weights for Vendor
MCAKWFIS: Group View - Selection
AKKOPromotion pur. pr. conditions
J3RCPSCustomer Payments Overview
EDOC_TR_DELN_GUBLSRetrieve Delivery Note Users
EDOC_TR_GUSRetrieval of E-Invoice Users
/NFM/VGWM1Maintain Charge Weights for Vendor
EDOC_TR_GUS_NEWRetrieve eInvoice Users
J3RCREVClear Reversed Invoices
KE4CCopy Condition
AKABList purchasing arrangements
MCAJWFIS: Object View - Selection
MCAIWFIS: Process View - Selection
/NFM/C_NORG_SDMaintain Number Range in SD
/SAPCEM/EINSATUsage Statement
EDOC_TW_SUMMARYCreate Consolidated eDocuments
KE4BDisplay condition table
MCAHWFIS: Organization View - Selection
XK07Change vendor account group
WB21_CSTrading Contract: Create Settlement
J1UFCOMPBalance Notification (Ukraine)
M/64Messages: Disp. CondTab: Del. Sched.
J1UFRONCheck list for incoming tax vouchers
EDOC_CL_EMAILUpload Partner Details
J1UFCASHBOOKCash Journal Reports (Ukraine)
J1UFACCSTAccounting Statement
V-49Create Customer-Specific Price
WB23Trading Contract: Display
CFP1NAnalyze and Send Changes
J1UFRVNCheck list for outgoing tax vouchers
V-51Change Cust.price
J1UFRVN_NEWChecklist for Outgoing Tax-Rel. Docs
WPUFSimulation inb. proc. FI/CO document
M/58Messages: Display CondTab: RFQ
CO02SChange simulation order
J1UFTAX21VAT declaration (Ukraine)
J1UF_IN_OUTRegister of Tax Invoices
WSK1Assortments IS-R
EDOC_GR_SUMMARYeDocument Greece: Create Summary
WB22Trading Contract: Change
V-50Create Customer-spec. Price w/ref.
XK11Create Condition
F05NCustomer Foreign Currency Valuation
CVI_LINKSGet the linked Cust/Suppl/BP/Contact
J1UFIMPImport Operation Status
M/61Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order
CKAVCheck availability
CVI_CHECK_VISI_CUSTCheck reason for cust field statuses
J1UFMATCHINGLinking of XML Files and FI Docs
M/62Messages: Create CondTab: Del. Schd.
M/63Messages: Change CondTab: Del. Schd.
J1UFEXPExport Operation Status
F04NVendor Foreign Currency Valuation
J1UFDIRELOADOUTReload of Outgoing Files
J1UFDIPROCINProcessing Incoming Files
J1UFPODNACPrint Tax Invoices
M/60Messages: Change CondTab: Pur. Order
CO01SAdding simulation order
V/95Output -CondTable- Display Packaging
J1UFCORRPODNACPrint Tax Invoice Corrections
M/59Messages: Create CondTab: Pur. Order
CBGL_CL02EHS: Edit Customer-Specific Labels
J2GLPPDLSD Deliveries
J2GLPPMMPrint MM Documents
WYP3Display Condition
EDOC_IN_SUMMARYeDocument India Summary
EDOC_IT_ARCHArchive eDocuments Italy
J1IG_GST_HCGST Reporting Readiness Check
WA06Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate Deliveries
EDOC_MX_SUMMARYCreate Consolidated ePayment
M/72Messages: Disp. CondTab.: Entry Sh.
J2GLPPSDPrint SD Tim & DaTim
J2GPFIPrint FI Documents (Greece)
EDOC_PE_CONT_SUMMARYeDocument Peru: Contingency Summary
J1IGDCSGSTR1Download Outward Supply Details
VX24NMaintain control data
/SAPSLL/SD0C_RIMAR3GTS: Transfer Bill. Docs to Risk Mgt
MEK1Create Conditions (Purchasing)
VT34MEvent Reports for Carriers via WML
EDOC_PE_VOID_DOCCreate eDocument Voiding Request
V-48Display Price List
XK12Change Condition
COWBPACKPacking in production orders
J1ISALSales Register - India
WVFISimulation: Store Physical Inventory
/SAPCE/FKRO_CLRECash Ledger Report
M/57Messages: Change Condition Table
CBGL_CL03EHS: Display Customer-Spec. Labels
M/65Messages: Create CondTab: O. Agmt.
J1UF_PKDTIVParked Incoming Tax Invoices
J1UNCREATEEXTCreate Tax Invoices and Corrections
/SAPCE/IUHU_EL05Create down payment billing document
M/66Messages: Change CondTab: O. Agmt.
J1INQEFILEQuarterly E-returns (India)
WB21Trading Contract: Create
M/67Messages: Disp. CondTab: Outl. Agmt.
CO60XTFind Work Instructions
EDOC_INBOUND_MSGeDocument Inbound Message Handler
M/70Messages: Create CondTab.: Entry Sh.
J2GCMDCheck customer master files
WA23Display Allocation Rule
WA22Change Allocation Rule
M/56Messages: Create Cond. Table: RFQ
M/71Messages: Change CondTab.: Entry Sh.
WSO3Assortments IS-R
VT03Old: Display Shipment
J3RFREVHISTFCRevaluation History in FC
/SAPSLL/PRCMAT_DIRR3Initial Transfer: Material Price
VT02NChange Shipment
/SAPSLL/MATMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transfer of Products
VT02Old: Change Shipment
J1IHCreate Excise JV
VKYYChange Test for RKA
VT01NCreate Shipment
FB60Enter Incoming Invoices
FIRU_INV1INV-1 Inventory List of Fixed Assets
EA99Eval. of Variants
ML38Display Supplier Conditions
VBO3Display Rebate Agreement
J3RFSELBSales Ledger (Russia)
J1ISExcise invoice for other movements
J3RFIMCD02Change Import Customs Declaration
J3RFIMCD03Display Import Customs Declaration
EAMIDISCRESCH01Reschedule Disconnection Orders
VBO2Change Rebate Agreement
VBO1Create Rebate Agreement
J3RFREGINVInvoice Journal (Russia)
/SAPCEM/SDLList of Shipping Documents
/SAPSLL/PRPARV_DIRR3Initial Transfer: Supplier Material
VKZZTest for RKS-Surcharge Conditions
VX03XDisplay control record (new)
/SAPCEM/VS_CREATECreate Shipping Documents - Require.
VX03NDisplay license
VX03Display license (old)
/SAPMP/LEIHGReturnable Packaging Settlement
/SAPSLL/PRPARC_DIRR3Initial Transfer: Supplier Material
ML37Change Supplier Conditions
/SAPSLL/PREF_AGR_R3Replicate Pref. Agreement Determin.
J3RFREGINVDCustomer Invoice Journal (Russia)
FDM_COLL01Collections Management
VX02XChange control record (new)
VX02NChange license
VX02Change license (old)
VT03NDisplay Shipment
J3RFREGINVKVendor Invoice Journal (Russia)
J3RFREGTORGDelivery and Acceptance Journal
/SAPSLL/DS_P_SD0A_R3GTS: Follow-On Function: SD Order
J3RFTRPRTransfer Pricing
J3RFTRPRCPTP: Controllable partners
J3RFTRPRPCTP: Comparison of the Actual Prices
V/93Output -CondTable- Create Packaging
/SAPNEA/JSCR12Percentage-Based Offsetting
/SAPSLL/DS_P_RCVY_R3Reporting for Recovery Index
/SAPNEA/JSCR21Start/Stop Charging for Components
/SAPCE/IUEBEN3Benefits Eligibility: Display mode
J3RFUM26Secondary Events (Russia)
VAP1Create Contact Person
/SAPSLL/DS_P_MM0B_R3GTS: Follow-On Funct.: Inbound Del.
VA55List of Item Proposals
ML43Change Supplier Conditions
VB22Change Sales Deal
WCUMMaintain customer
J3RFUTDInvoice Journal (Russia)
/SAPSLL/DS_P_MM0A_R3GTS: Follow-On Funct.: MM Purch.Ord.
EWAORDALLCreate Waste Disposal Order
V/79Output -CondTable- Display Transport
VK34Condition Maint.: Create with Refer.
EWAORDERDOWNOutput Waste Disposal Order
VB33Display Promotion
VB32Change Promotion
VB31Create Promotion
VB23Display Sales Promotion
EL59Mass Change Meter Reading Units
J3RSCD02Change Export GTD Data
ML42Create Service Conditions
J3RSCD03Display Export GTD Data
/SAPSLL/KMATBOM_DIR3Transfer of Configurable Materials
/SAPSLL/IS_MMTransfer Receipts and Returns
/SAPSLL/DS_P_SD0B_R3GTS: Follow-On Funct.: SD Outb.Del.
VKXXCreate Test for RKA
VAP2Change Contact Person
FB65Enter Incoming Credit Memos
V-61Create Cust.disc./surcharge
EMJITIDoc Monitor for JIT Calls
/SAPNEA/JSCR04Price List of Chargeable Components
J3RFTPCPMAINTPrepare Controllable Partner Data
J3RFTPMAINTTransfer Pricing Configuration
V/94Output -CondTable- Change Packaging
/SAPNEA/JSCR11Create Chargeable Invoice
FOJSCS11Display Service Charge Settlement
MEK4Create Conditions (Purchasing)
J3RFINVOFFLINKMatch Incoming E-Invoices with FI
J3RFKSLDVendor Turnover Balance Sheet
WRLSReverse Supplier Settlement List
CO60Find PI Sheet
F804Changes to Payment Requests
/SAPCEM/INV_BESTInventory: Stock List
V_I8Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
ML30Create Supplier Conditions
/SAPCEM/INV_CHECKInventory: Check
J3RFLVMOBVEDStock Overview
FB13Release for Payments
FBE7Add to Payment Advice Account
J3RFLVMOBVEDHStock Overview (New)
J3RFPCRVendor Payment Analysis
FBKFFBKP/Carry Out Function (Internal)
MB1BTransfer Posting
ML31Change Supplier Conditions
WRL3Display Supplier Settlement List
J3RFPDECustomer Payment Analysis
/ACCGO/SI_DISPLAYDisplay Separate Invoices
/SAPCEM/INV_DIFFLISTInventory: List of Differences
J3RFDSLDCustomer Turnover Balance Sheet
MAHD4Delete Alternative Historical Data
CU51Order BOM
MAHD1Load Alternative Historical Data
CU51ECE: Order BOM (eoASL)
CU52Display Order BOM
CU52ECE: Display Order BOM
WSO2Assortments IS-R
/SAPCEM/INV_ABGLEICHInventory: Compare Differences
V-52Display Cust.price
J3RFFSALLFinancial Statements
/SAPCEM/INV_AIBInventory: Stock in Inventory
FB10Invoice/Credit Fast Entry
FIAR_OVERDUE_TOPLISTDue Date Grid for Customers
JB4CCreate SD Condition using Template
/SAPCEM/INV_AUSBUMInventory: Reset Multipart Equi.
J3RFGTDUSAGECustoms Declaration Assignments
LM65Goods Issue by Group
LM57System Guided Putaway - Interleaving
/SPE/DECEWM_ALEALE Setup for Decentralized EWM
LM47nested handling units
ENSLCockpit: Sanctioned Party List
XK13Display Condition
FDM_MIRR_CMD_GET01Transfer of Customer Master Data
FIARQA_CRV02Receipt Voucher Edit
FIARQA_CRV03Receipt Voucher Display
/SAPCEM/INV_OHNEEQUIInventory: Items W/O Equi. Master
/SAPCEM/INV_RUECKInventory: Reset Gen. Stock Diff.
WBLSReverse Customer Settlement List
WLI5Settlement Mgmt. Document Monitor
WB08Change plant/supplier assignment
WB07Change plant/customer assignment
VAP3Display Contact Person
WB06Archiving flag
ML36Create Supplier Conditions
WB03Display plant
FDM_MIRR_CLIENTSETUPSet Up Substitute System
FOJGRE Contract One-Time Posting
FOJSCS10Change Service Charge Settlement
/SAPCEM/PI_CSSPrice Information for Constr. Site
FDM_INV_MEMProvision of Invoice Data
VT02_MEMChange Shipment (from Memory)
WB02Change plant
VX04NMaintain license
J3RFRATECALCDown Payments in Foreign Currency
/BEV4/PLAECorrection of Incorrect Confirmation
VX98Displ.FT Data in Purch.Doc.-INTERNET
WMR4Delete Markdown Rule
/SAPCEM/INV_MENGEInventory: Quantity Determination
FIAPSA_PYMO02Edit Payment Order
FB50G/L Acct Pstg: Single Screen Trans.
WMR3Display Markdown Rule
FMPEBADJTax Adjustments
WMR2Change Markdown Rule
WMR1Create Markdown Rule
FIAPSA_PYMO03Display Payment Order
FIARQA_CRV01Receipt Voucher Creation
WMF4Delete Markdown Plan
ML32Display Supplier Conditions
WMF3Display Markdown Plan
WMF2Change Markdown Plan
FDM_MIRR_DOC_GET01Transfer of Document Data
FIAR_PAYDIFF_TOPLISTCustomers with Payment Differences
/SPE/CRM_QUOTReport for monitoring quotations
FMPEBTILDocument Statement
V-45Create Price List
WA08Generate Alloc. Table Follow-On Docs
O463BLIS: Location Invoice Sales - Sel
O462BLIS: Location Returns - Selection
O464BLIS: Location Credit Memos - Sel.
F8P0Spplt Dnng Proc. Assgt to Dnng Area
QGD1Test Equipment Usage List
QM12Change Tasks
O461BLIS: Location Incoming Orders - Sel
F8O7Prepare Archiving of Temp. Waiver
PSREFDELDelete Customer/Vendor in PS
F8O1Master Data Objects: Delete Data
F8O0Delete Assignment Cust./Obj/Rev.Type
/ATL/KP26Report of transfer/bank deposit pmnt
FB17Open Item Assignmnt: Check from List
F8P1Change Dnng Proc. Asst to Dnng Area
PKBCChnge Container Status With Bar Code
QM13Display Tasks
FORALSRProcess Returned Debit Memo
QM14Change Items
PK41Backflush KANBAN Orders
QM15Display Items
FI_APAR_SEPA_CONVCreate SEPA Mandates in Mass Run
WA/2Ch. Mess. Cond. Tbl
QM16Change Activities
PK31Container Correction
VT60Transfer Location Master Data to TPS
QM17Display Activities
FLQACAssignment from FI Information
FLQADAssignment from Invoices
F.2EReconciliation Btwn Affiliated Comps
AKE6PCA Transfer Prices: Change Prices
S_RFID_PTVPRADPRC00Pro-Rata adjustments - Calculation
VA02Change Sales Orders
KE4SPost billing documents to CO-PA
TRIVATInput VAT List Turkey
TRSLISTSales Invoice List (Turkey)
/BEV4/PLVFCreate Orders After Request Termintd
/BEV4/PLSTCancelation Request Pendulum List
ECON1Maintain Concession Eligibility
/BEV4/PLSFCreate Order for Confirmation
/BEV4/PLRSCancel Confirmation Pendulum List
F.35Credit Master Sheet
BMBCBatch Information Cockpit
F.38Transfer Posting of Deferred Tax
/ATL/VK01_46Create Wihholding tax file
/ATL/PCN874New VAT file
ECON2Display Concession Eligibility
LM02Select by SU -Put Away
F.70Bill/Exchange Pmnt Request Dunning
WA30Allocation Tables for Objects
LM05Picking by TO ID
AKE5PCA Transfer Prices: Create Prices
LM06Picking - by Delivery ID
LM58Sys. guided dynamic inventory count
LM59User initiated dynamic invent. count
LM60User guided dynamic invent. count
/ATL/KP33Cheque control against acc. restrict
FLQAFAssignment from Document Chains
MCB)INVCO: Long-Term Stock Selection
/SAPCEM/PT01ETM Planning Board - Change Mode
WA/3Displ. Mess. Cond. Tbl
PK12NKanban Board: Supply Source View
/SAPCEM/PT02ETM Planning Board - Display Mode
AC05List Processing: Service Master
GJ97NJV Document Comparison
FNRDDisplay incoming payments
PK12Kanban Board: Supply Source View
AC06List Display: Service Master
GD20HFI-SL Line Item Browser
MSC7Start MS07 from Report
MSC6Start of MS06 via Report
FQM_UPD_LITEMRebuild tool for Liquidity Item
MS51Project planning (LTP)
MS50Make-to-order planning (LTP)
MS20Planning File Entry: Long-Term Plnng
MS07Long-Term Plng: Material Overview
TB60List of processed hedge requests
CN42Overview: Project Definitions
TB35Reconciliation of cleared items
TB30List of open items FI
IP24Scheduling overview list form
IH09Display Material
FAGLF101Sorted List/Regrouping
MS06Long-term plnng: collective MRP list
MS05Long-term planning: display MRP list
CN43Overview: WBS Elements
S_P00_07000218_PHtcode for RFKORDP2 HTML gui
MS04Planning Scenario: Stock/Reqmts List
FLQALAssignment from Invoices
PK24Enter Customer KANBAN Call
FLQC14FI Assignment Analysis
FLQQC7Test Query (FI Payment Document)
ME6HStand. Analysis: Supplier Evaluation
MCLHWM: Movement Types - Selection
PK23Manual Kanban Creation
F8P3Delete Assignment Cust./Rev.Type
MCLDWM: Material Flow - Selection
MCL9WM: Material Plcmt/Removal:Selection
KE5ZHPCA Line Item Browser
/PRA/CI_ARVARReceivable and Price Variance
MCL5WMS: Flow of Quantities Selection
MCL1WMS: Stck Placemt.+Remov. Selection
FMFEECalculate Fees for US Federal
PK22Kanban Quantity Signal
MCECPURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Mat. Analysis
/PRA/CI_SUSPSuspended Line Item Messages
MCEBPURCHIS:Lng-Term Plg Mat.Gr.Analysis
F8P4Delete Customer Execution Data
MCE+PURCHIS: Reporting - Subseq. Settlmt
PK21Change Kanban Container Status
/SAPCEM/BD_CHNGRequirements Overview: Change
FMFG_HELD_INVOICESList for Parked and Held Documents
MCBZINVCO: Stck/Reqt Analysis Selection
MCBVINVCO: Parameter Analysis Selection
PK13NKanban Board: Demand Source View
MCBRINVCO: Batch Analysis Selection
PK13Kanban Board: Demand Source View
/SAPCEM/BD_SHOWRequirements Overview: Display
LM11Posting Changes
EA81Display Vol. Corr. Fact. Proc.
LM07Picking - System Guided
LM04Put Away -System Guided
LM01Dynamic Menu
LM00Logon RF
VA52Change Item Proposal
ES_REB_PRESpain Rebates Pre-Processing
EC60Initial Processing: Move-In/Out
IH11Display Functional Location
IL05Change Functional Location
/CEECV/BTFI_INV_REGInvoice Register for Lithuania
/CEECV/BGFI_VATValue-added Tax Return (Bulgaria)
/CEECV/BGFI_PROTValue-added Tax Protocol (Bulgaria)
/CEECV/BEFI_VATValue-added Tax Return (Estonia)
VA42Change Sales Contracts
IL20Change Functional Location
/CCEE/SIFI_POBOTI3ePoboti: Receive XML
FTR03Bill of Exchange Transactions
VA33Display Sales Scheduling Agreements
EG36Technical Removal
EG35Billing-Related Removal
EG34Billing-Related Installation
EC6FInitial Processing: Move-In/Out
EG33Technical Installation
IH08Display Equipment
CVP_UNBLOCK_MDUnblock Customer&Supplier MasterData
VA53Display Item Proposal
ME65Evaluation Lists
ME63Evaluation of Automatic Subcriteria
ME2ONSubcontracting Cockpit
ME2DPDown-Payment Monitoring for PO
IH10Display Equipment
/CEECV/BVFI_PVNVAT Declaration (Latvia)
FBD9Enter Recurring Entry
ME2COMPComponent Consumption History
/CEECV/BVFI_DELI_REGDelivery Note Register (Latvia)
MCI3PMIS: Location Analysis
EA76Create Cal. Value Proced.
EA77Change Calorific Value Procedure
MCI2PMIS: Manufacturer Analysis
MCI1PMIS: Object Class Analysis
EA78Display Cal. Value Proced.
LM77Queue Assignment
EA79Create Vol. Corr. Fact. Proc.
LM37Load Control - Detail by Shipment
FMPSOSAProcess Petty Amounts
AKE7PCA Transfer Prices: Display Prices
LM36Load Control - Detail by Delivery
LM35Load Control - Detail by Shipping Un
LM32Load Control - System Guide Load
LM18Handling Unit Inquiry
EA80Change Vol. Corr. Fact.Proc.
LM13Put Away Clustered
LM12Material Inquiry
IW28Change Notifications
ITINVOICEVendor Customer List (Italy)
IW58Change Service Notifications
IW59Display Service Notifications
ITSR00Foreign Trade Declaration (Generic)
/CCEE/HRFI_ECEC Sales & Purchase List (Croatia)
ITVCLVendor Customer List (Italy)
LUEVATAnnual EVAT List Luxembourg
NOR_GLNorway: G/L Account Line Items
NOR_GLOLDNorway: G/L Account Line Items
/BGLOCS/VPVAT Protocol Document
EC87Display Disc. Doc.
VA12Change Sales Inquiries
IW72Change Service Order
WA60Create Selection Variant for PO
/BGLOCS/TRBBulgarian Trial Balance / T-Report
PC00_M38_FFOCCheck printout 17
PC00_M38_FFOTCreate DME 17
PC00_M38_FFOVNotice of payment 17
PTFO10VAT Refund Report
ISAESCRME84MD07Start MD07 via Report
RFHUDSPDomestic Sales and Purchase List
RFIDKRTC_RCreate Tax Bill
VA03Display Sales Orders
IW73Display Service Order
RFIDKRTP_RProcessing of Tax Bills
RFKKVZ00_AUDITVendor Directory (History)
/BGLOCS/FI_VIESVIES BG: VAT Identification Exchange
/BGLOCS/FI_PRNFI invoice printing
RFKRINVPrint Tax Invoices (South Korea)
RFKRREPReprint/Cancel Tax Invoices (Korea)
EG32Full Removal
IW29Display Notifications
FTR04Reversal of Bill Transactions
WZRCCollective Docs from Settlement Doc.
EG31Full Installation
GACN_COMMONGolden Audit: Common Info. (China)
EC85Create Disc. Doc.
GEN_PM_JPGenerate Payment Medium
EG30Full Replacement
/CCEE/SIFI_EXPORT_GLGL line items export
/CCEE/SIFI_CS_REPCash Sales report
VA32Change Sales Scheduling Agreements
IW38Change PM Orders
/CCEE/SIFIRFBELJ00Bank of Slovenia - SFR reporting
IDCNAPA/P Aging Report (China)
/CCEE/RSFI_VATVAT Return (Serbia)
/CCEE/RSFI_RFDUZICalculate Interest on Arrears
IDCNARA/R Aging Report (China)
/CCEE/RSFI_CUSTOMCustoms Declaration Report
IDSAU_ADJUST_ENTRYAdjustment Entry Reporting (KSA)
VA22Change Quotations
IW38APM Orders: Material Avail. Check
IDSAU_TDETax Declaration Enclosures (SAU)
IDTW_EXP_ZERO_TAXMaintain Zero tax declaration for TW
EC86Change Disc. Doc.
ITBLISTItaly Black List Declaration
VA13Display Inquiry
IW39Display PM orders
MS03Long-term plng: singl-itm
CNS42Overview: Project Definitions
FTR05Printout of Transaction Records
IQ09Display Material Serial Number
GJJ1Generate JADE audit file
J1GXBill/Exch.Presentation -Greek
IQ08Change Material Serial Number
J1GFBWEBill/Exch.Presentation -Greek
GJFARM_4FarmIn/Out Cash Call correction
WB/3Sub. cond.
GJV3Display Joint Venture Master
GJV2Change Joint Venture Master
GJV1Create Joint Venture Master
GJA3Display joint operating agreement
GJA2Change joint operating agreement
GJA1Create joint operating agreement
IPM3Display Permit
CNS43Overview: WBS Elements
IPM2Change Permit
WF10Collective Purchase Order
WF10ACollective PO Without Tabstrips
WF50Adjust Distribution
FM5UChange Fund
IP18Display Maintenance Item
GJFARM_3FarmIn/Out Cash Call redetermination
GJFARM_1Farm in/out: JVTO1 and Cutback
FM5SDisplay Fund
FM5ICreate Fund
IP17Change Maintenance Item
WF51Modify Distribution (in Background)
WF70Create Distribution Orders
FDM_LDDB_REORGReorganization of Changes
GJVAAdvance Tax Report
FBL3HG/L Account Line Item Browser
IW75Display Serviceable Item Contract
IW74Change Contract for Serviceable Item
IW69Display Notification Items
FDM_MIRR_CMD_GET03List of Customers Transferred
ES66Change Device Loc.
WB/1Sub. cond.
IW68Change Notification Items
GJPNAJoint Venture Partner Netting
FDM_PROCESS_PROPOSALProcessing of Assignment Proposal
IW67Display Tasks
FOMC_1Electr. Account Statement: Test Data
IW66Change Tasks
FOSLGeneral Real Estate Posting Log
IW65Display activities
FOZDChange Payment Method
IW64Change Activities
FMBGULSales Tax List PCOs
CN53Overview: Milestones
IW49NDisplay Orders and Operations
IW49Display Operations
FMBELIProcessing list
IW37NChange Orders and Operations
IW37Change Operations
IQ11Display UII
FBL1HVendor Line Item Browser
IQ10Change UII
WVM4Display PROACT data received
GJCBJV Cutback Program
CNS47Overview: Activities/Elements
IH07Display Reference Location
VF06Batch billing
GJ12AJoint Venture Billing Extract
VC/1List of Customers
WWN3Displ.Cond.Table Subs.Settl.-SettRun
GJ14AHard Copy Billing
IE37Change Vehicles
FICLLIB01Tcode for Cash Journal RFCLLIB01
GJ19Equity Adjustments
MD81Create Customer Indep. Requirements
FD33Display Customer Credit Management
IE36Display Vehicles
CNS48Overview: Confirmations
CNS49Overview: Relationships
IA09Display Task Lists
CNS50Overview: Capacity Requirements
CNS51Overview: PRTs
GJ54JOA detailed information
IA08Change PM Task Lists
WWR1Create cond. tab. messages Agen.Bus.
V.23Release Orders for Billing
WWR2Change cond.tab. messages Agency Bus
V.15Display Backorders
CNS52Overview: Components
CNS53Overview: Milestones
FBL1NVendor Line Items
FD32Change Customer Credit Management
FBL2NVendor Line Items
CNS44Overview: Planned Orders
FTR_MASS_EXECForex: Mass Execution
FTR_MASS_ORDR_EXPIRYForex: Mass Order Expiry
FTR_MASS_SETTLEMass Settlemt Financial Transactions
IP16Display Maintenance Plan
IP15Change Maintenance Plan
IN27Display Network List
IN26Change Network List
CNS45Overview: Orders
ES67Display Device Loc.
GJCNAConvenience netting
WWN1Create cond.table Subs.Sett-SettlRun
FZCYDetermine Special Interest
IN19Display Object Network for Equipment
CNS46Overview: Networks
WWN2Chng Cond Table. Subs.Settl-SettlRun
IN18Change Object Network for Equipment
FLBPPost Lockbox Data
IN16Display Object Network for FunctLoc
IN15Change FunctLoc Object Network
IL15Change Reference Location
FLB2Import Lockbox File
IK18Change Measurement Documents
IK17Display Measurement Documents
IK08RChange Reference Measuring Point
IK08Change Measuring Points
IK07RDisplay Reference Measuring Point
IK07Display Measuring Points
WWR3Display cond.tab. messages AgencyBus
FD37Credit Management Mass Change
MI31Batch Input: Create PI Document
ME6EEvaluation Records Without Weighting
ME6DSuppliers Not Evaluated Since...
ME6CSuppliers Without Evaluation
FMFG_CANCELED_APCanceled Fund for Account Payable-FI
ME64Evaluation Comparison
FAGL_FCVForeign Currency Valuation
ME2SCRAPScrap Analysis (Component Consump.)
MB58Consgmt and Ret. Packag. at Customer
FMDAOPAClear Down Payments
VPREPRICAT manual creation
LM51Count Inventory By User Selection
LM50Count Inventory By System Guided
LM34Load Control - UnLd by Delivery
LM33Load Control - UnLd by Shipment.
LM31Load Control - Load by Delivery
FAGL_FC_TRANSCurrency Translation of Balances
ABZKAcquisition from purchase w. vendor
MFP22REM: Pack HUs for Order
LM30Load Control - Load by Shipment
LM22Handling Unit - Unpack
LM19Handling Unit - Pack
MFP21REM: Pack HUs Without Order
ABADAsset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
MFP2REM: Pack HUs - General
/NFM/RATS3Display Rates
/NFM/RATS1Maintain Rates
MFP14Rep. Man.: Plan HUs for Purch. Order
S_P00_07000217_PHtcode for RFKORDP1 HTML gui
CN44Overview: Planned Orders
MS02Long-term plng: single-itm
MS01Long-Term Planning: Total Planning
CN45Overview: Orders
FAGLL03G/L Account Line Items (New)
QST08Display Testing Schedule Items
QST07Change Testing Schedule Items
QM11Display Quality Notifications
QM10Change Quality Notifications
QDH2Q-Level Evaluation: Display Data
QDH1Q-Level Evaluation: Change Data
FAGLL03HG/L Line Item Browser (G/L View)
FMFG_CANCELED_ARCanceled Fund for Acct Receivable-FI
AKE10Transfer Prices: Display Overhead
RFUMSV53Deferred Tax Toolbox
ES43Create Franchise Contract
MFS0LFP: Change Master Plan
FMFG_CANCELED_AP_MMCanceled Fund for Account Payable-MM
FAGL_104Reserve for Bad Debt: Gross (New)
MIW1PI Document Consignment at Customer
MIV1Batch I.:PhInDoc f.Ret.Pack.at Cust.
MIQ1Batch Input: PID Project Stock
MIO1Batch Input: PID Stock w/Subcontract
MIM1Batch Input: Create Ph.Inv.Docs RTP
MIK1PI Document Supplier Consignment
RFUMSV52Analysis of Deferred Tax Accounts
MFP24Rep. Man.: Pack HUs for Purch. Order
MFP23Rep. Manuf.: Pack HUs for Delivery
MIE1Batch Input: PI Document Sales Order
MFP13Rep. Manuf.: Plan HUs for Delivery
MD51Individual project planning
CN48Overview: Confirmations
MD50Sales order planning
F8V1Export execution data
ES55Create Connect. Object
WWT2Message Cond.Tab. Change Trading
MD43MPS - Single-item
CN49Overview: Relationships
FDM_AUTO_CREATECreate Dispute Cases Automatically
WWT1Message Cond.Tab. Create Trading
ES56Change Connect. Object
MD41MPS - Single-item
MD20Create Planning File Entry
CN50Overview: Capacity Requirements
OVG1Redetermine subtotal
MD07Current Material Overview
MD05Individual Display Of MRP List
CN51Overview: PRTs
ES57Display Connect. Object
MD04Display Stock/Requirements Situation
WWS3Display CondTab Subseq. Settlement
FDM_CREATE_PROPOSALProposal for Automatic Assignment
MD02MRP - Single-Item
CN52Overview: Components
FDM_LDDB_DISPDisplay of Changes to Documents
WWS2Change CondTab. Subseq. Settlement
ES65Create Device Loc.
FBL5HCustomer Line Item Browser
FDM_LDDB_EXECExecute Changes to Documents
WWS1Create CondTab. Subseq.Settlement
MFP12REM: Plan HUs for Order
/NFM/RATM3Display Rates
RFKRTIMVAT Time Stamp Report for Korea
/NFM/RATM1Maintain Rates
RFKRSUMVAT Summary Report (South Korea)
MFP11REM: Plan HUs Without Order
ES44Change Franchise Contract
FAGL_FC_VALForeign Currency Valuation
/NFM/COVM3Display Coverage
RFKORDPLProcessing of Internal Invoices
/NFM/COVM1Maintain Coverage
/KJCH1/CRTMM03Choai Route Master Display
RFKORDP3the tcode for report RFKORDP3
/KJCH1/CRTMM02Choai Route Master Change
/KJCH1/CRTMM01Choai Route Master Create
/KJCH1/CRRTMM01Reference Choai route master create
RFCASH_DOCPrint Cash Receipts for CZ and SK
MFP1REM: Plan HUs - General
MF57Planning Table - By MRP Lists
CN46Overview: Networks
ES45Display Franchise Contract
MF52Planning Table - Display
MF50Planning Table - Change
CN47Overview: Activities/Elements
REEXACCSTGNDATElectr. Account Statement: Test Data
MDC6Start of MD06 via Report
F8P5Delete Subldgr Account Preprocessing
WWT3Message Cond. Tab. Display Trading
VF01Create Billing Documents
FZNBPayment Postprocessing
OMILL_CUTCustomizing for Cutting Processing
WLN14Message Output Settlement Mngt. Doc.
WLR1Create Settlement Document List
WLF5VReopen Remuneration Settlement
WLF5KReopen Customer Settlement
FO_RFVIAB30Correction Item Flows
WLR2Change Settlement Document List
/CEECV/ROFI01Account Card for Misc Operations
WLR3Display Settlement Document List
FOJZRE Contract: Contract Data Reporting
/CEECV/ROFI02General Ledger with Corresp. Accs
/CEECV/ROFI06Cash Journal
WLRSReverse Settlement Document List
WA/1Create Mess. Cond. Tbl
WLF5DReopen Expenses Settlement
FMY1Create Funds Precommitment
WLF5Reopen Supplier Billing Documents
WLB8Simulation for Quantity Optimizing
WLF4VReverse Remuneration Settlement
/ATL/KP39Cashier Balances and transactions
/ATL/KP38Cashier statement
/ATL/KP22Create files to the bank
WLF4LReverse Supplier Settlement
WA61Create Sel. Var. for Del. Generation
WTAMAdditionals Monitor
FMY2Change Funds Precommitment
TX06Forex: Collective Processing
/ATL/KP10Credit Card report
IW3LDisplay Order Component List
FK09Confirm Vendor List (Accounting)
FMX4Approve Funds Reservation
FD09Confirm Customer List (Accounting)
IW62Change Historical Order
F899RBundle FI Documents to Request
COIKPicking list
CO27Picking list
FMX5Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Resvn
/CEECV/ROFI14Document Journal
IW63Display Historical PM Order
IW70Orders Overall Network Scheduling
CNS55Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. Items
CNS54Overview: Sales Document
FMX6Funds Reservation: Manual Reduction
IW81Create Refurbishment Order
CMM_PEV_CCPEV: Check Completeness
V-33Change Freight 1
WRL1Create Supplier Settlement List
MR8MCancel Invoice Document
IW8WGoods Receipt f. Refurbishment Order
/CEECV/ROFI12Petty Cash -print
/BEV4/PLAADisplay Sales Request Data
/BEV4/PLACChange Sales Request Data
/BEV4/PLANNew Creation of Sales Request Data
/BEV4/PLKADisplay Assignment Nos Customers
/BEV4/PLKCChange Assignment Nos Customers
/BEV4/PLKNCreation of Assignment Nos Customers
/NFM/COVS1Maintain Coverage
/NFM/COVS3Display Coverage
/ATL/KP09Cheque report
WAK5Initial screen - Subseq. processing
WAK4Delete promotion
J1ILIC03License : Display
WAK3Display promotion
WAK2Change promotion
J1ILIC02License : Change
WAK12Maintain promotion items
J1ILIC01License : Capture
WAK11Display promotion for each plant
WAK10Send reply f. promo. for each plant
VX14NMaintain financial documents
VX13XDisplay Financial Document
VX13NDisplay financial document
FMY5Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Prcmmt
VX13Display Financial Document
VX12XChange Financial Document
VX12NChange Financial Document
VX12Change Financial Document
VX11XCreate Financial Document
VX11NCreate financial document
VX11Create Financial Document
GJ06JV Non-Operated Cash Call to Project
GJ05JV Non-operated cash call to eq grp
GJ04JV Gross Cash Call To Project
IP11URescheduling of Maintenance Plans
MB02Change Material Document
VRREReturns Delivery for RMA Order
CN40Project Overview
CMM_DEL_DOC_VERSIONSDel. Doc. Versions from Reporting DB
VLUNIVChange Delivery (General)
WLF4KReverse Customer Settlement
MBSUPlace in Stor.for Mat.Doc: Init.Scrn
WLF4DReverse Expense Settlement
WLF4Reverse Supplier Billing Document
MB03Display Material Document
CF25PRT: PRT Master Usage in PM Order
J4GTETM: Display Condition Record-PrcLst
FMY3Display Funds Precommitment
WLF3LDisplay Supplier Settlement
CF26PRT: Material Usage in PM Orders
J4GFETM: Display Condition Record-PrcLst
WLF2LChange Supplier Settlement
J4GEETM: Change Condition Record-PrcLst
CF27PRT: Document Usage in PM Orders
J4GDETM: Create Condition Record-PrcLst
WBL3Display Customer Settlement List
CF28PRT: Equipment Usage in PM Order
WLN15Message Output for List Documents
WBL2Change Customer Settlement List
J1ILIC05License : Close
WBL1Create Customer Settl. List Manually
FMY4Approve Funds Precommitment
TJ06Option Expiration
WAK8Plant - materials in promotion
REV_REC_COL_PRO_RSPEvent Based Rev. Rec.: Proj. Manager
TJ04Payment Plan
TI35Collect.Processing: Listed Options
WAK7List promotion materials for plant
J1ILIC04License : Cancel
WAK6Initial scr.: overv. prices margins
F802Change Payment Request
ENGKLegal control
VNE2Output-Cond.Table-Change Ship.Notif.
DPRVChange Material When Profile Changed
DPRLChange Material When Profile Deleted
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ7Edit master data for clean-up
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ6Display master data for clean-up
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ5Maintain mat. numbers for clean-up
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ4Display mat. numbers for clean-up
FMW2Change Funds Block
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ3Org. units/master data for clean-up
J3RALFOS6AOS-6A Inventory Card for FA Groups
VNEAOutput: Create Cond.Table - Rough GR
J3RALFOS6BOS-6B Inventory Book for Fixed Asset
ML81NService Entry Sheet
/NFM/PROS3Display Provision Master
/NFM/PROS2Change Provision Master
/NFM/PROS1Create Provision Master
RWBEStock Overview
FNQGSwiss special interest run
/NFM/PROM3Display Provision Master
FNR8Account Statement
VNEBOutput-Cond.Table-Change Ship.Notif.
/CEECV/RO_GLT0General Ledger - Initial balance fro
/NFM/PROM2Change Provision Master
/NFM/PROM1Create Provision Master
FNREDO NOT USE:Reverse Incoming Payments
/NFM/DEPS3Display Default Value Item
FN_PAY_PROCESS_SUSPGenerate PPO Error Messages
FMW3Display Funds Block
F833Display Recovery Request
F832Change Recovery Request
EWAROBCleaning Object
/DSD/HH_RA_DELERoute Settlement Deletion Program
/DSD/HH_PRINT_BCPrint Bar Code
VK05Display Condition Table
IW23Display PM Notification
ADBOS01SD-SRV Reporting: Quantity Flow
FMV6Reduce Forecast of Revenue Manually
J3RALFOS1BOS-1B Acc. and Ret. Rec. of FA Group
IW22Change PM Notification
F808Post Payment Request
/DSD/HH_CUSTSend DSD-Specific Customer Data
J3RALFOS2OS-2 Internal Transfer Record of FA
/DSD/DX_AUDITDisplay DEX Data for Audit Purpose
F807Change Posted Payment Request
IW21Create PM Notification - General
/DSD/DE_SLTour Data Entry: Selection
J3RALFOS3OS-3 Repairs and Bett. Record of FA
FMIPCTPayment Transfer: Customizing
J3RALFOS4OS-4 Scrapping Record of Fixed Asset
FMPSO001Reverse Overdue Deferrals
J3RALFOS4AOS-4A Scrapping Record of Vehicles
VNE1Output: Create Cond.Tbl-Ship.Notif.
J3RALFOS4BOS-4B Scrapping Record of FA Groups
V-36Create Freight 1 with Reference
F805Delete Payment Request
F803Display Payment Request
J3RALFOS6OS-6 Inventory Card for Fixed Assets
FMW1Create Funds Block
FO4PPartner analysis-new selection
/CEECV/ROLO04NAnalytical balance - New version
/NFM/DEHM1Maintain Default Value Header
FMWDApprove Funds Transfer
MD82Change customer indep. requirement
FMWEChange FM Acct Asst in Funds Trsfr
IW32Change Maintenance Order
KE4SPTransfer SD Billing Documents
MB0APost Goods Receipt for PO
FMX1Create Funds Reservation
IW33Display Maintenance Order
V-34Create Freight 1
WZR5Reopen Settlement Document
IW34PM Order for PM Notification
FMX2Change Funds Reservation
WZR4Reverse Settlement Document
IW48Confirmation using operation list
IW36Create PM Sub-Order
IW47Confirmation List
/CEECV/ROFI_VIES394VIES-RO 394: VAT Identif. Exchange
IW3MList of Goods Movements for Order
IW12Document flow list
IW3DPrint Order
FMX3Display Funds Reservation
WRL2Change Supplier Settlement List
IK41Display MeasDocs From Archive
IW3KChange order component list
IH22Where-Used List Time Interval
REV_REC_COL_PROEvent Based Revenue Recogn.: Proj.
IH20Where-Used List Time
QC22Quality Certificate for Batch
FO5QRental Units Standard Analysis
QC21Quality certificate for the insp.lot
FO5TLease-Out Analysis: New Selection
S_ALR_87012646Commitment/Actual Items by Comm.Item
MB11Goods Movement
FO7PProperty Standard Analysis
FMW4Approve Funds Blocking
FO7QBuildings Standard Analysis
RTREAS_OFFSET_UPDATETreasury Offset Update Report
FO7VStandard analysis land register
RTREAS_OFFSET_FILECreate Treasury Offset File
FO9YBusiness Entities Standard Analysis
O4NJCustomer stock overview
/NFM/DEPS1Maintain Default Value Item
FMW5Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Blkg
O460BLIS: Location Analysis - Selection
O3G6Report Ship-to/Sold-to
O3G5Report Ship-to/Sold-to
FMWACreate Funds Transfer
V-35Create Freight 1
/NFM/DEPM3Display Default Value Item
/NFM/DEPM1Maintain Default Value Item
FMWBChange Funds Transfer
REV_REC_COL_AUFEvent Based Revenue Recogn.: Order
ME59NAutomatic generation of POs
/NFM/DEHS3Display Default Value Header
FMWCDisplay Funds Transfer
/NFM/DEHS1Maintain Default Value Header
/NFM/DEHM3Display Default Value Header
FMY6Reduce Funds Precommitment Manually
O3UVL_RTIRun Tickets
SETBDirect Input for BUSAB
MEBVExtend Rebate Arrangements (Dialog)
EA51Change Operand
/ILE/B41PCustomer Access Sequens
F-21Enter Transfer Posting
EA52Display Operand
EA53Create Rate Cat.
VL02N_FChange Outbound Delivery (PP)
MD_MRP_FORCE_CLASSICInfo and Set. f. Mat. in MRP on HANA
MDC7Start MD07 by using report
FIWTAR_TAX_LIABILITYVendor tax liability update
VL02N_BChange Outbound Delivery (for PO)
F-05Post Foreign Currency Valuation
CNSE5Progress Analysis
EA54Chg. Rate Cat.
VL02NChange Outbound Delivery
RFEPOJ00_AUDITLine Item Journal (Hist. Data)
VF31Output from Billing Documents
TWGDS_CONFIRMATIONConfirmation report
RFDUML00_AUDITCust. Sales (Hist. Master Data)
VL01NOCreate Outbound Dlv. w/o Order Ref.
FV50Park G/L Account Items
FBL3NG/L Account Line Items
WLWBLayout Workbench
RFDSLD00_AUDITCust. Balances (Hist. Master Data)
F-02Enter G/L Account Posting
WRLVNCreate Supp Sett. List Using Report
O3U_PC039Multiple Sales Sourcing List Process
F-27Enter Customer Credit Memo
O3U_JV9JV List Processing
O3U_DOL2Owner Interest List processing
O3U_DOL1List process for DOI Interest
O3U_CA11Contract Volumes by WC Inquiry
O3U_CA10Entitled Volumes Inquiry
F8Q8Create Posting Documents
FINTSHOWOverview of Int. Runs for Item. Int.
EA30Create Rate
LOIN_CV_MD_MIGCust./Vend. MD Migration (India)
F-22Enter Customer Invoice
EA31Change Rate
EA32Display Rate
O3U_CA09Allocated Volumes Inquiry
GMCA_CHK_SWAPValidate FX Swaps
O3U_CA059Contract Volume by MP List Processin
EA35Create Schema
VL02N_OChange Outbound Del. (no Reference)
GMCA_CHK_RATESValidate Exchange Rates
O3U_CA039CA Manual Entry List Proc
EA36Change Schema
GMCA_CHK_DOCRATEValidate ExRates Appl.for Calc.Equiv
EA37Display Schema
GMCA_CHK_BALValidate FX Balances
FBMCA80PExec. Mass Reversal MCA Docs: Postp.
FBMCA80Mass Reversal of MCA Documents
EA50Create Operand
/ACCGO/ACCRUAL_WC_BGAccrual Workcenter Background Job
EA74Change Gas Proced.
EA75Display Gas Procedure
VFP2Change Preliminary Billing Documents
O4PLTransfer Location Master Data to TPS
O3O_GRCDGoods receipt cross-docking
FMBG1Input tax adjustmnt(monthly) for PCO
MMBE_OLDStock Overview
MMBEStock Overview
FMBG2Input tax adjustmnt (yearly) for PCO
ML84List of Service Entry Sheets
FMBG3Display input tax adjustments
FMSHERLOCK_ADD_DClarification WL: Add Documents
VF27Display invoice list from archive
VF26Cancellation invoice list
MKVZList of Suppliers: Purchasing
FMBGVCalculate Input Tax Deduction Rate
VF23Display Invoice Lists
IE05Change Equipment
VF22Change Invoice Lists
CVP_PRE_EOPBlock Customer&Supplier Master Data
VF21Create Invoice List
IE06Change Equipment
AKE8Transfer Prices: Create Overhead
VF11Cancel Billing Document
CVP_SORT_MONITORMonitor Start of Retention Time
IH06Display Functional Location
VF03_ITEMDisplay Invoice with Item
CVP_SORT_MONITOR_DELMonitor and Delete SoRT records
ME6BDisplay Supplier Evaln. for Material
RFDOPO10_AUDITCust. Open Items - Hist. Master Data
EA55Display Rate Cat.
VL01NCreate Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref.
FV53Display Parked G/L Account Document
RFDKVZ00_AUDITCustomer Directory (History)
FBL4NG/L Account Line Items
RFDEPL00_AUDITCust. Line Items - Hist. Master Data
F-01Enter Sample Document
VFR7Display Billing Doc Req from Archive
FBL5NCustomer Line Items
FV60Park Incoming Invoices
VFR3Display Billing Document Requests
FV63Displayed Parked Vendor Document
OT30Current Account
VFR2Change Billing Document Request
EA70Create Billing Cal. Value
FBL6NCustomer Line Items
FV65Park Incoming Credit Memos
EA71Change Billing Cal. Value
FV70Preliminary Entry Outbound Invoices
KE4STSimulation billg docs transfer CO-PA
FV73Display Parked Customer Document
EA72Display Billing Cal. Value
EA73Create Gas Procedure
VFP3Display Preliminary Billing Document
FV75Park Outgoing Credit Notes
/SAPPCE/DPCK01Credit-Side Down Payment Chains
AKE9Transfer Prices: Change Overhead
FMZ6Reduce Funds Commitment Manually
J4G1Check Settlement Data for Recipient
J3RFVATSDVAT for Goods in Transit
J3GZCreate SD Orders Job Split (INPUT)
J3GNPostproc. Input Sales Orders
VL33Display Inbound Delivery
J1IRData Download
J1INCCPrint Customer WH Tax Certificates
J1INARAnnual Returns
FSH_POGTPO Generation Tool
CNE5Progress Analysis
FRE23Upd. Repl. Block. After Cust. Change
GJ02JV Gross Cash Call To Equit Group
GJ01Net Cash Call to Equity Group
REV_REC_COL_SVDEvent Based Revenue Recogn.: SVD
FBICR3Customer/Vendor: Reconcile Documents
FBICR1GL Open Items: Reconcile Documents
EDOC_KR_SUMMARYCreate Consolidated eDocuments
WF80_DELDisplay Delivery Generation Logs
WF90_DELDelete Delivery Generation Logs
FMFG_TRANS_DP2CUSRECTransfer DP to Customer Receivable
MLV2Create Total Price (PRS)
VL32N_OChange Incoming Del. (no Reference)
WRF_WTAD_CA1Additionals: Create Work Data
WRF_WTAD_CA3Additionals: Analysis of Prc Changes
VL32N_LChange Incoming Delivery (from MM)
/SAPCEM/MCT_2Construction Site Stock Values
VL32N_FChange Inbound Delivery (PP)
V-32Create Freight 1 with Reference
CO46Order progress report
VLPODAPOD - Display Outbound Delivery
VLPODPOD - Change Outbound Delivery
CN41Structure Overview
VLODARDisplay outbound dly from archive
VLIDARDisplay inbound dly from archive
VL43Display Rough GR
FO7YTenant acct evaluation
GJ03JV Net Cash Call To Project
CN71Create versions
TB10Process hedge requests
FMZ1Create Funds Commitment
QP21SCreate Inspection Plan from a Source
FMZ2Change Funds Commitment
/PRA/OUTBOUND_CDEXOutbound CDEX Processing
QGA3Print Inspection Results
FMZ3Display Funds Commitment
FMZ4Approve Funds Commitment
REV_REC_COL_SDEvent Based Revenue Recogn.: SD
VL42Change Rough GR
V-31Create Freight 1
VL33NDisplay Inbound Delivery
J7LIKUREA Info systems customer analysis
J7LDAREA General Interface
FMZ5Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Commt
J4GQDocument List for PBE
J4GPEnter Settlement Calendar
J4GNPost PBE Reports
J4GKFill PBE Reports
CNS40Project Overview
FBBRVOVendor Operation
/CWM/STOCKStock Overview
/BEV1/EMSEmpties Evaluation
FIAPPL_OVERDUE_INVTransaction code for Inv Reporting
/BEV1/EMAEmpties Balance
FMFG_IPACUS Federal IPAC Interface Process
/ACCGO/STL_NS_PGMAuto Generation of Non-Std Settlment
FMFG_E_ZOPACOnline Payment and Collection System
F-43Enter Vendor Invoice
VL03N_ITEMDisplay Outbound Delivery with Item
WVFDProcess phys. inventory doc. further
REV_REC_SIM_LOGExplanation log for simulation
F-42Enter Transfer Posting
QST03Display Stability History
QPR7Storage Data Maintenance
QPR5Manual Inspection Lots for Samples
QGC3Control Charts for Master Insp. Char
QGC2Control Charts for Bill of Op. Charc
FIAPPT_CBRTransaction code for CBR PT
FINTItem Interest Calculation
QGC1Qual. Control Charts for Insp. Lots
VL03NDisplay Outbound Delivery
CNS71Create versions
F-41Enter Vendor Credit Memo
FINTAPItem Interest Calculation Vendors
OIUOW01_SCH_ADOI Schedule A Report
FMFG_E_SF1081US Federal SF1081 - Voucher process
FMFG_E_1099_CTax Form 1099-C
FINTMASSREVERSEMass Reversal Interest Runs
O3U_PC09Availability by Owner
/SAPCEM/MCT_1ETM Settlement
/SAPCEM/MCI_TCOTotal Equipment Costs
O4T3WPD3 way pegging (display)
/SAPCEM/INV_MOVEAdjust Inventory
VL32NChange Inbound Delivery
/SAPCEM/IND_CAP_CRECreate Individual Capacities
/SAPCEM/BESTAUFLocation Setup from J_3GTBEST
O4T3WP3 way pegging
F-92Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
VL32Change Inbound Delivery
CNS41Structure Overview
O41LBLocation balancing
/ACCGO/CAK_QUOTEQuote Worklist
/PRA/AR_ACCTP_BALAR Accounting Period Balance
REV_REC_MONSAP Support Monitor for Rev. Rec.
FMFG_RCVTreasury Report on Receivables
FMFG_IPAC_REVERSEIPAC Bulk File Reverse Process
FMFG_IPAC_REGENERATERegenerate previous produced bulk fi
FMFG_IPAC_CNFRMIPAC Confirmation Process
/DSD/ST_TOUROverview of DSD Tours
/DSD/RP_TOURMaintain Tours
/CWM/STOCK_CHECKCheck Stock Variance
VL31NCreate Inbound Delivery
FMFG_IPACEDUS Federal IPAC Interface Process
F-90Acquisition from purchase w. vendor
V-94Create Domestic Taxes w/Reference
MC$IPURCHIS: Material PurchQty Selection
IQ04Create Material Serial Number
FIMY_GST03Malaysia : GST-03 Reporting
MC$KPURCHIS: Material DelRelib Selection
F-63Park Vendor Invoice
MC$MPURCHIS: Material QtyRel Selection
O4N2Maintain General Meter
TB.5FC valuation of hedged documents
MCRMReporting Point Stats.: Selection
O4N3Display General Meter
MC$GPURCHIS: Material PurchVal Selection
F-64Park Customer Invoice
OCMAC_01DCreate Condition Record With Ref.
O4K3Display license master data
MCRJProd. Cost Analysis: Repetitive Mfg
MC$OPURCHIS: Material Freqs. Selection
FD04Customer Changes (Accounting)
F-57Vendor Noted Item
MCE5PURCHIS: MatGrp Analysis Selection
WLF3DDisplay Expenses Settlement
O4K2Change license master data
IW42Overall Completion Confirmation
MCQ.SFIS: Kanban analysis selection
OD70Create Conditions Table (DMS)
O4NAAssign Storage Objects
WLF3KDisplay Customer Settlement
WCMP_MASSMass Complaints Processing
MCTV01SIS: Sales Activity - Selection
VC/2Customer Master Data Sheet
J1IDRate maint & amend open po's/so's
F-67Park Customer Credit Memo
IQS21_WCreating Notifications from ISR
WA01Create Allocation Table
MC$<PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchVal Selection
O4TSOIL-TSW Display Partner Role
F-66Park Vendor Credit Memo
ME33Display Outline Agreement
MC$>PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchQty Selection
O4TROIL-TSW Change Partner Role
FK10Vendor Account Balance
J1BOOutput CondTable/Create Nota Fiscal
MC$APURCHIS: MatGrp DelRelblty Selection
O4TQOIL-TSW Create Partner Role
MCROMatl consumptn anal.: repetitive mfg
O4TLTSW Delete Transport System
MC$CPURCHIS: MatGrp QtyRelblty Selection
O4P1Create LID Master Data
V_NLCreate Net Price List
O4NIEnter customer stock data
FS10G/L Account Balance
O4NDDisplay Assigned Storage Objects
F-65Preliminary Posting
MC$EPURCHIS: MatGrp Freq. Selection
RFM_DEBT_RESCHEDULEReschedule debt into installments
O3U_WCD1Create Well Completion Dated
MCOVQMIS: Cust. Anal. Overview Q Not.
OD71Change conditions table (DMS)
MCXAQMIS: Material Analysis-Lot Overview
FISA_CHECKCOLLEncashed and Uncashed Checks
F-55Enter Statistical Posting
O3U_VLFR6Delete Valuation Formula
MCXCQMIS: Matl Analysis - Qty Overview
/SAPPCE/JVA_VENCHChange Joint Venture
O3U_VLFR3Display Valuation Formula
MCXEQMIS: Matl Analysis - Quality Score
FISK_VATSlovakia VAT Ledger Statement
MCXGQMIS: Matl Analysis - Lot Numbers
MCOPQMIS: Cust. Analysis Item Q Not.
O3U_VLFR2Change Valuation Formula
MCXIQMIS: Material Analysis - Quantities
/SAPPCE/JVA_VENDISDisplay Joint Venture
O3U_VLFR1Create Valuation Formula
FITR_INVTRYTurkey: Inventory Report
OFP5Condition table: Pack.obj.determin.
MCXKQMIS: Material Analysis - Effort
V-93Create Domestic Taxes
MCXMQMIS: Matl Analysis - Level & Disp.
O3U_PC053Daily Availability - Display
MCIZPMIS: Vehicle Consumption Analysis
FBZ3Incoming Payments Fast Entry
MCV3QMIS: Material analysis - insp. lot
MCE7PURCHIS: Material Analysis Selection
FIPT_SAFT_GLAVRSAF-T GL Account Validation Report
MIR7Park Invoice
MCOAQMIS: Cust. analysis
O4K1Create license master data
FBU3Display Intercompany Document
MCP9SFIS: Select Run Schedule
O3U_WCDVL6Delete wc volumes
MCOCQMIS: Cust. Analysis Quant. Overview
MCOEQMIS: Customer Analysis Q Score
O3U_WCDVL3Display wc volumes
O3U_WCDVL2Change wc volumes
MCP8Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfg
MCOGQMIS: Customer Analysis Lot Counter
O3U_WCDVL1create wc volumes
MCOIQMIS: Customer Analysis Quantities
F-56Reverse Statistical Posting
MCOKQMIS: Customer Analysis Expense
O3U_WCD6Delete Well Completion Dated
O3U_WCD3Display Well Completion Dated
MCOMQMIS: Customer Analysis Level/Disp.
MCOXQMIS: Customer Analysis Defects
O3U_WCD21Change Well Completion Dated
MCOOQMIS: Customer analysis - insp. lots
WLF3Display Supplier Billing Document
ICM3CONDCDisplay Condit.Maint. of Liability
O3U_WCD2Change Well Completion Dated
/PRA/T3_TAXIDProcess 2.0 Texas Tax Id Xref
VIB7Send IDoc Output - Initial Procg
FLQQC1Edit Query (FI Information)
VIB8Send IDoc Output - Repeat Procg
VIB9Send IDoc Output - Error in Procg
/PRA/SS0Settlement Statement
MCUFTIS: Shipment Analysis: Material
WRFSHOPCATCreate Shops with Initial Category
VE38INTRASTAT: Selection Simulation - EU
MCUETIS: Shipment Analysis: Stages
/PRA/R3_RRCRoyalty 2.0 - Texas GLO/TAMU RRC Mas
VIBASend IDoc Output-AES-Initial Procg
/PRA/R3_OWNXRFRoyalty 2.0 - Texas GLO/TAMU - BA XR
CACSCOND0023Condition Table: Change (Price Comn)
VE25SED: Selection: USA Carriers
/PRA/R3_OWNOVRMaintain TX GLO/TAMU Own Lvl Rpt Ovr
OCMAC01Create Condition Tables
QV53Display Control for QM in SD
MCUDTIS: Shipment Analysis: Shipping
QV52Change Control for QM in SD
VE21VAR: Selection of bill. docs Switz.
QV51Create Control for QM in SD
V-95Change Domestic Taxes
FLQQB3Display Query (Bank Statement)
VE18SED data selection for USA exporters
QPR3Display Sample
OCMAC02Change Condition Tables
QPR2Change Sample
/PRA/T5_TAXIDProcess 2.0 OK Tax Id Xref
MCRYPP-PI: Product Cost Analysis
VE44SED: Select Carrier USA Simulation
MCVXQMIS: Vendor analysis defects
VE43SED: Selection Exp. USA Simulation
ME33KDisplay Contract
RPFIKZ_TAXIMPORTImport Tax Declaration
CACSCOND0022Condition Table: Create (Price Comn)
VE41VAR: Selection of bill. docs Switz.
RPFIKZ_VATRETVAT Return Data Provider
VE40KOBRA: Selection Simulation
VE39EXTRASTAT: Selection Simulation
MCVOVendor Analysis - Lots Overview
MCVPQMIS: vendor analysis items Q notif.
MIRAFast Invoice Entry
VE72Export - Billing Documents
/SAPCE/IUESUBSubsidy: Manual Maintenance
WSM4ARelist After Changes to Assortments
VIB1Send IDoc Output
/PRA/T9_PTCXRFEdit LA Producer / Transporter XRef
VIB2Call Print Program From VI10/VI14
FLQQC3Display Query (FI Information)
VIB4Print Transaction: Initial Procg
/PRA/T9_MASTERMaintain Louisiana Master
VIB5Print Transaction: Repeat Procg
NACQWFMC: Maintain Condition Tables
MCVBQMIS: General Results for Vendor
/PRA/T6_OPIDProcess 2.0 WY Tax Id Xref
VIB6Print Transaction: Error in Procg
MCUCTIS: ShipmentAnaly: MeansOfTransport
FLQQA1Edit Query (General)
FBW5Customer Check/Bill of Exchange
RMINI_SAFTNMini SAF-T Report for Portugal
MCTV04SIS: Address Counter - Selection
WZR1Create Settlement Document
WLF3VDisplay Remuneration Settlement
FBW6Vendor Check/Bill of Exchange
OCMAC_01BMaintain Condition Record
F36CBill of Exchange Payment
MCTV03SIS: Address List - Selection
FBZ1Post Incoming Payments
QA01Create Inspection Lot
EHPRC_CPE06Customer and Supplier Information
O4TVDisplay Transport System
J1BPOutput CondTable/Change Nota Fiscal
WSTSASAP Retail Store: Assortment List
O4TUChange Transport System
WSTI_MONRetail Store Inventory: PDC Monitor
VE01Select Dispatches
WSTI_DOCRetail Store Inv.: Doc. Creation
F-91Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acct
O4TTCreate Transport System
MCTV02SIS: Sales Promotions - Selection
WLAMNLayout Maintenance
FBU2Change Intercompany Document
WLAMLayout Maintenance
OCMAC_01CDisplay Condition Record
FBZ2Post Outgoing Payments
QA01ACreate Inspection Lot
QPR1Create Sample
QI03Display Q-Info Record - Purchasing
QI02Change Q-Info Record - Purchasing
OCMAC03Display Condition Tables
QI01Create Q-Info Record - Purchasing
VE13KOBRA data selection: export Germany
QDL3Display Quality Level
FLQQB1Edit Query (Bank Statement)
QDL2Change quality level
WLF5LReopen Supplier Settlement
MBXAPrintout of XAB Documents
QDL1Create Quality Level
VE04EXTRASTAT: Data selection for export
QAC3Cancel Sample Determination
MCUBTIS: Shipment Analysis: Routes
QAC2Transfer Stock to Inspection Lot
CACSCOND0024CondTable: Display (Price Liability)
QAC1Change Insp. Lot Actual Quantity
COPIPrint Process Order ShopFloor Papers
VIBBSend IDoc Output-AES-Repeat Procg
QA03Display Inspection Lot
OCMAC_01ACreate Condition Record
MCUATIS: Shpt analysis
FLQQA3Display Query (General)
QA02AChange Inspection Lot
VIBCSend IDoc Output-AES-Error in Procg
QA02Change Inspection Lot
MCTV05SIS: Customer Potential Analysis
O3U_PC052Daily Availability - Change
O3B0Delete Netting Document
F-40Bill of Exchange Payment
OMA7Condition Table: Add Index
OFO1OI List Per Real Estate Objects
CXNMFollow-up pstng FI-Doc. (Tot. table)
OCN1FI-LC: Repost FI data
FIGLMX_EACCTTransaction for Mexico E-Accounting
MMZ3Display Material (Old MM03)
O3URV_RDSUMRD summary generation
MCGKRIS: Matls w/ additionals- Selection
WLF2Change Supplier Billing Document
ME48Display Quotation
FIGLMX_JEMexico Journal Entry
MMZ2Change Material (Old MM02)
J1IVExcise post & print for others mvmts
MCGJRIS: POS: POS Balancing - Selection
J1IJExcise invoice selec. at depot sale
ME32LChange Scheduling Agreement
V-90Create w/ref.PrGrp/Mat Disc/Surch.
CXNWSubseq.Posting of FI Docs->ConsPrep.
FD06Mark Customer for Deletion (Acctng)
MMZ1Create Material
F-38Enter Statistical Posting
MCGHRIS: Customer/Material - Selection
F886Defer Acceptance Request
ICM2CONDCChange Condit.Maint. of Liability
MCGGRIS: Cust./Material Grp - Selection
OMA8Condition table: Change Index
OKBATransfer FI Documents to CO
LEANRequest long-term Sup.Decl. (suppl.)
V-91Change PGrp/mat Disc/Surch.
FIES_INCASH347Transaction for Incash (M347)
MCHARIS: Till Receipt/Matl - Selection
O3U_CA036Delete CA Manual Entry
FIES_M347Transaction for Modelo-347:Spain
LEMADun long-term suppl. decl.(supplier)
CMACA01Create Condition
ICM3CONDDisplay Condit.Maint. of Remunerat.
OMA6Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion D
O3B3Exchanges Disp. Exg Stmnt Print Req
MCH9RIS: Inventory Controlling - Stores
WESOSpecial Request for Labels
COX1Create Order (Internally)
O3U_CA033Display CA Manual Entry
VFX3List Blocked Billing Documents
FIFR_OVDINVOverdue Invoices (France)
EWACONTSContainer Transport
O3B2Exchanges Mtn. Exg Stmnt Print Req
O3U_CA032Change CA Manual Entry
MCH8RIS: Perishables - Selection
/ISDFPS/START_CPRCross-Plant Reorganization
O3U_CA031Create CA Manual Entry
F-44Clear Vendor
OKBGPost Down Payments
FIGLARTAXREPArgentina VAT Reporting
/PRA/AR_WORKPLACEAccounts Receivable Workplace
MCGLRIS: Sales data: Customers- Sel.
V-89Create PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
GJA8JV JOA screen
ICM2CONDBChange Condit.Maint. of Valuation
MCGCRIS: Season: Mvmts + Stk - Selection
MMSCEnter Storage Locations Collectively
FO8WChange Measurement Documents
GJ0AANon-Operator Invoice
WA05Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate POs
OMK5CondTable: Change (Batches
CMACA02Change Condition
FSH_CO09Generic Article CO09
V-87Change PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
FO8XDisplay Measurement Documents
F-34Post Collection
MC8YSOP: Distribution Scenario - Display
FO8ZChange Measurement Documents
F-33Post Bill of Exchange Usage
FO9ADisplay Measurement Documents
FLB1Postprocessing Lockbox Data
OMK6CondTable: Display (Batches
QCMSCertificate for Inspection Lot w. MS
ARUN_ITAEMaintain Exceptions Rules for ITA
ARUN_ITAHMaintain Hierarchy Levels for ITA
FCH1Display Check Information
MC8XSOP: Distribution Scenario - Select
F-32Clear Customer
GCU1Data Transfer from FI
WA04Alloc Tbl Processing: Plant Reply
ARUN_ITARMaintain Release Rules in ARun
WA07Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate Wrhse Orders
MMVVChange Centr. for Decentr. Shipping
F887Waive Acceptance Order Temporarily
OMK4CondTable: Create (Batches
F888Waive Acceptance Request
O3UT5_KUNXRFOklahoma Taxpayer Number Maintenance
MCOBQMIS: General Results for Customer
MCGFRIS: POS: Cashier - Selection
F-36Bill of Exchange Payment
MCODQMIS: Quantitative Results for Cust.
WSP7Mat. grp mat. listing in plant
MCVDQMIS: Quant. Results for Vendor
MCGERIS: POS: Matl Aggr. POS - Selection
KPRIDefine Price Tables
O3B1Exchanges Create Exg Stmnt Print Req
WB01Create plant
MR02Process Blocked Invoices
V-88Display PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
MMVHCreate Centrally: Decentral.Shipping
F-35Post Forfaiting
GJVVJoint Venture Master Transaction
MMVDChange Decentr. for Decentr.Shipping
MCGDRIS: POS: Sales - Selection
FMRP_RFFMEP1OXCommitments and Funds Transfers
GJAAJOA Master Transaction
MIR4Call MIRO - Change Status
FVMCA01JPark MCA Journal
O3U_MWT6MP/WC to Transporter Xref - Delete
FVMCA01ALPark FX Position Adjust. for LG
FVMCA01APark FX Position Adjustment
/NFM/DNEBM1Maintain default base key
WF80Merchandise Distribution Log
MCI7PMIS: Breakdown Analysis
/NFM/DNEBM3Display default base key
OV51Display of Changes for Customer
O3U_MWT3MP/WC to Transporter Xref - Display
O3U_MWT2MP/WC to Transporter Xref - Change
MCI6PMIS: Obj.Statistic.Analysis
F-52Post Incoming Payments
WF90Delete Merch. Distrib. Applic. Log
MSE7EKS Simulation: Material Selection
/NFM/DNEBS1Maintain default base key
MEB3Displ. Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)
/NFM/DNEBS3Display default base key
MCI5PMIS: Object Damage Analysis
/SAPPCE/DPC_TAX01_CCred. DP Chains - Tax Rate Change
FOE3Display: Rental Unit
/SAPPCE/DPC_TAX01_DDeb. DP Chains - Tax Rate Change
OFP7Condition table: Pack.obj.determin.
ESSII_EDOCCREATECreate eDocuments for SII (Spain)
MCI4PMIS: Planner Group Analysis
OV52Del.Customers Pre-Production Startup
OFP6Condition table: Pack.obj.determin.
F-53Post Outgoing Payments
FD05Block Customer (Accounting)
FITR_VATGenerate VAT Forms= Ba/Bs Forms
WLF2VChange Remuneration Settlement
FOE1Create: Rental Unit
O3U_PC043Display Transporter Ranking
O3U_PC042Change Transporter Rankings
O3U_PC033Multiple Sales Sourcing - Display
HUP1HU creation in production
O3U_PC032Multiple Sales Sourcing - Change
FIWTQA_TRFNDWithholding Tax Refund
FOE2Change: Rental Unit
MCIAPMIS: Customer Notification Analysis
O3U_PC016Delete Capacity
FIZA_VATSA: VAT reporting
FVMCA01SLPark FX Swap for Ledger Group
FVMCA01SPark FX Swap
LECIRegister Means of Transport/Visitor
O3U_PC013Display Capacity
ME44Maintain RFQ Supplement
LECIWRegister Means of Transport/Visitor
O3U_PC012Change Capacity
MCI8PMIS: Cost Evaluation
VI22Display Customs Exemption
O3U_PC011Create Capacity
FVMCA01JLPark MCA Journal for Ledger Group
MBW1Special stocks via WWW
O3U_MWT1MP/WC to Transporter Xref - Create
O3U_DP3DOI Accounting Display - Doc Concept
CO02Change Production Order
MCHPRIS: Material: Mvmt+Stck - Selection
O3B9Display Netting Document
O3U_DP2DOI Accounting Change - Doc Concept
FBMCA01JCreate MCA Journal Entry
O3U_DP1DOI Accounting - Doc Concept
FBMCA01ALCreate FX Position Adjust. for LG
O3B8Change Netting Document
O3U_CA053Display Contract Volume by MP
FBMCA01ACreate FX Position Adjustment
O3U_CA052Change Contract Volume by MP
O3B7Create Netting Document
F-48Post Vendor Down Payment
FTGRImport Gds Receipt Analysis
O3B4Exchanges Del. Exg Stmnt Print Req
FIBKRU_MO_BROWSERMemorial order browser
FIBKRU_MO_CR_OFFLNMemorial order offline creation
MCHGRIS: Purchasing: Mvmt+Stck-Selection
ME47Create Quotation
FTIMImport Order Analysis
WLF2DChange Expenses Settlement
CO03Display Production Order
OMA3Display Cond. Table: Batches in MM
OT38C FI Batch Input Program
FIBKRU_PRINT_MOMemo order printing
MCHBRIS: Till Receipt - Selection
O3U_DP6DOI Accounting Delete - Doc Concept
ESSII_EDOCINCASHCreate Incash eDocuments SII (Spain)
F-51Post with Clearing
OMA1Create Cond. Table: Batches in MM
FLBPD2Link BP to Customer
1KE8Post FI data
OV50Comparison of master data for cust.
OMA2Change Cond.Table: Batches in MM
MCHVRIS: Material/Add-On - Selection
V-92Display PGrp/mat.Disc/Surch.
O3U_MPVL6Delete Measurement Point Volumes
ICM3CONDBDisplay Condit.Maint. of Liability
FCH2Display Payment Document Checks
O3U_MPVL3Display Measurement Point Volumes
FBMCA01SLCreate FX Swap for Ledger Group
O3U_MPVL2Change Measurement Point Volumes
PPECMPConfiguration Comparison
O3U_MPVL1Create Measurement Point Volumes
F-49Customer Noted Item
O3U_JV3Display Joint Venture
W_FRM_CUST_MATDisplay Material Settings
O3U_JV2Change Joint Venture
MCHSRIS: Promotion - Selection
O3U_JV1Create Joint Venture
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ1Org. units/master data for clean-up
W_FRM_CUST_PLANTDisplay Plant Settings
WLF2KChange Customer Settlement
FBMCA01SCreate FX Swap
FBMCA01JLCreate MCA Journal for Ledger Group
8KEACreate Cond. Table (Price/Prof. Ctr)
ELOCManage Container Location
WTYSESearch Claim
WSL2Check listing rules
O3U_MWT9MP/WC to Transporter Xref List
FB09DDisplay Line Items
CO05Collective Release of Prod. Orders
ME31Create Outline Agreement
M813Display Message Condition Table (IV)
FIAPSA_PYMO03_WFDisplay Paymenr Order via Workflow
WRF_WTAD_CAAdditionals: Price Changes
FIARQA_CRVWFReceipt Voucher - Workflow
CACSCOND0004Condition Table:Display (Price Comn)
EBAAConnection object overview
WWM1Create product catalog
FBL1Display Vendor Line Items
/DSD/VC_B_CT3VL Messages - Display ConTab
DOCCHG_FB05Post with Clearing
VCUDEDisplay 3rd Country - Weight-depend.
WSL9Listing conditions coming to an end
LM24Packing HU by Delivery
EWUDEMU mass conversion in cust. master
EA92Maintain Price Adjustment Clause
XK05Block Vendor (Centrally)
XK01Create Vendor (Centrally)
O54ZDisplay Netting Selection Crit.
EA88Maintain Variant
M812Change Message Condition Table (IV)
CO03SDisplay simulation order
/DSD/VC_VL_VIEWDisplay Sales Call List
M704Output: Change Condition Table
/DSD/VC_VLMaintain Visit List
WDFR2Change Perishables Planning
MD03MRP-Individual Planning-Single Level
V+22Create Competitor
AKE4Copy Condition
FB09Change Line Items
8KEBChange Cond. Table (Price/Prof. Ctr)
FLQF1Liquidity Forecast: Create Data
V-40Display Taxes (Export)
WRF_WTR3Request Additionals IDoc for Doc.
CACSCOND0002Condition Table: Create (Price Comn)
J4GBETM: Change Conditn Table (PrcList)
M705Output: Display Conditions Table
O3UCA_TRNCTMP/WC Transporter Contract XRef
XK06Mark vendor for deletion (centrally)
ES64Change Connection Object
WDFR3Display Perishables Planning
M811Create Message Condition Table (IV)
ME41Create Request For Quotation
ME25Create PO with Source Determination
CACSCOND0003Condition Table: Change (Price Comn)
VI18Display Anti-dumping
ECVCO00Connection object overview
VCUP1Display Preference - Qty-dependent
WWM2Change product catalog
CKMDTransactions for a Material
XD07Change Customer Account Group
WVM1Execute customer replenishment
XD01Create Customer (Centrally)
VL04Process Delivery Due List
O4P4Delete Load ID
CO01Create production order
/SAPSMOSS/QM13Display list of tasks
WYRLVendor for returns
CO10Production order with project
LM46Pick and Pack by Delivery
/SAPSMOSS/QM12Change list of tasks
O4P3Display LID Master Data
/SAPSMOSS/QM11Display list of R/3 notifications
V+21Create Sales Prospect
/SAPSMOSS/QM10Change list of R/3 notificatiions
FB08Reverse Document
WPMAPOS Download: Manual Request
VCUAEDisplay Anti-dumping - Weight-depend
WVM2Transfer stock/sales figures
WOG3Plant groups
CO40Converting Planned Order
LM61Goods Issue by Delivery
/SAPCEM/BEDARF02Change Requisition Note
O4P2Change LID Master Data
LM62Goods Issue by MS area
/SAPSLL/DS_I_SD0C_R3GTS: Billing Docmt Object Index
VCUACDisplay Anti-dumping - Qty-dependent
CO08Production order with sales order
CMCB_FLQ_CCRForecast from Accounting
FB05Post with Clearing
O54YMaintain Netting Selection Crit.
VI19Display Third-country Customs Duties
LM25Unpack HU by Delivery
O54XCreate Netting Selection Crit.
XK03Display vendor (centrally)
/DSD/VC_B_CT2VL Messages - Change ConTab
VFX2Display Blocked Billing Documents
WSLAAssortment Users per Assortment
ME31KCreate Contract
WWM3Display product catalog
WWM4Copy product catalog
CO07Create order without a material
XK02Change vendor (centrally)
LM26Picking by Delivery - W/O sel scree
FB05_OLDPost with clearing
ME33LDisplay Scheduling Agreement
/DSD/VC_B_CT1Create Condition Tables
WWM5Delete product catalog
O4P5Display released LID's
VI20Display Customs Quota
VCUDCDisplay 3rd Country - Qty-dependent
CACSCOND0012Condition Table: Create (Valuation)
LM27Put Away by Delivery - W/O sel scree
ME31LCreate Scheduling Agreement
FBBCXPost Document with Currency Exchange
LM45Pick and Pack
IQS22Process Notif. - Simplified View
VE85Change Statistical Value - Import
KK07Display Cond.Table (Price Overhead)
F107FI Valuation Run
KK11Create Condition
J7LSREA Customiz.: Data Filter Splitting
V-03Create ordering party (Sales)
IQS21Create Notif. - Simplified View
VCUZPDisplay Ceilings - Percentage
CLM2Change Claim
V-07Create one-time customer (Sales)
IQS2Change Notification - Extended View
VCUZEDisplay Quota - Weight-dependent
VE90Change preference values
EWAWA_MULTIMultiple Item Weighing
VCUZCDisplay Quota - Quantity-dependent
KK12Change Condition
CN22Change Network
IQS1Create Notification - Extended View
VCUZ2Display Ceiling - Weight-dependent
V-02Create Quotations
VE91Display Preference Values
IQ03Display Material Serial Number
V-08Create payer (Centrally)
EWAWA03General Cargo Entry
M/03Create Conditions Table (Purchasing)
EWAWA02Weighing Transaction
VCUZ1Display Ceiling - Quantity-dependent
VE89Display Statistical Value - Export
CN20Dsply network/act.bsc data init.scrn
FMCJMaintain cash journal
J7L3Display REA Article: Initial Screen
KE43Display condition
J7L2Change REA Article: Initial Screen
VE88Change Statistical Value - Export
J7L1Create REA Article: Initial Screen
FMITPOPayment Transfer
KE42Change condition
ME34KMaintain Contract Supplement
V-05Create payer (Sales)
KK05Create Cond. Table (Price Overhead)
ME34LMaintain Sched. Agreement Supplement
FLBPD1Create BP from Customer
V-04Create invoice recipient (Sales)
J1IINOutgoing Excise Invoice
IDCNDOC_CLDAccount Document Output (China)
CLM1Create Claim
CN21Create Network
IQS3Display Notification - Extended View
KK06Change Cond.Table (Price Overhead)
VE87Change Stat.Value - Subcontracting
IDCNDOCAccount Document Output (China)
KE41Create condition
IQS23Display Notif. - Simplified View
VE86Display Statistical Value - Import
V-06Create consignee (Sales)
ME36Display Agreement Supplement (IR)
AKE2Change Condition
AKE1Create Condition
M/N3Display free goods table
CNL3Display delivery information
8KECDisplay Cond.Table (Price/Prof. Ctr)
VCUP2Display Preference - Weight-depend.
M703Output: Create Conditions Table
F101ABAP/4 Reporting: Balance Sheet Adj.
O3UPC_SPADJSales Point Adjustment
KK14Create Condition with Reference
WDFRCreate Perishables Planning
MB04Subsequ.Adj.of "Mat.Provided"Consmp.
EWACAPABDaily Capacity
J4GCETM: Display Conditn Table (PrcList)
PFM_12FIFR02PAP print
/DSD/VC_VP_VIEWDisplay Sales Call Schedules
MB05Subseq. Adjustmt: Act.Ingredient Mat
V+23Create Business Partner
CN24Overall Network Scheduling
/DSD/VC_VP_CREATECreate Sales Call Schedules
WRP1Replenishment: Procurement
CN24NOverall Network Scheduling
WRP1RReplenishment: Rapid Planning
CN26Display Mat.Comp/Init: Ntwk
/DSD/VC_VPMaintain Visit Plans
V-11Create carrier
AKE3Display Condition
M/N2Create free goods table
IQ02Change Material Serial Number
VEI3Display Stat.Value - Subcontracting
V-01Create Sales Orders
CLM3Display Claim
EWAWA01Accelerated Weighing Entry
FSH_SREDNSeason Redetermination Report
ME34Maintain Outl. Agreement Supplement
MB01Post Goods Receipt for PO
IQ01Create Material Serial Number
M/04Change Conditions Table (Purchasing)
CNL1Create delivery information
EWAORDERChange/Display Waste Disposal Order
KK13Display Condition
MEISSelect Receipts
CNL2Change delivery information
VEI5Create value limit subcontracting
FDFDCash Management Implementation Tool
M/05Displ. Conditions Table (Purchasing)
F150Dunning Run
VCUPFDisplay Pharma.Prod. - Weight-depen.
F06NForeign Currency Val. (G/L Accounts)
CNS0Create Delivery from Project
FSH_SREDSeason Re-determination
EWAEL04Waste Disp. Installation Management
CN23Display Network
V-09Create ordering party (Centrally)
/PRA/COMB_RUNCombined Run Report
VCUPCDisplay Pharma.Prod. - Qty-dependent
WVM3Display material data transferred
FBA8Clear Vendor Down Payment
FB01Post Document
CACSCOND0013Condition Table: Change (Valuation)
FBA8_OLDClear Vendor Down Payment
FD01Create Customer (Accounting)
FBD1Enter Recurring Entry
MCXVQMIS: mat. analysis overview Q not.
WTAD_VKHM_DISPLAYDisplay Materials/Additionals
FBP1Enter Payment Request
WSOA4Delete assortment
MCXPQMIS: Matl. Analysis - Q Notif. Item
MCREMaterial Usage Analysis: Selection
WSOA3Display assortments
WTAD_FMCU_DISPDisplay Proc. for Additionals/Cust.
CM0XCapacity planning
V-97Create Cross-border Taxes
WTAD_FMCU_CHANGEProc. for Add./Customer Maintenance
MCXDQMIS: Quant. Results for Material
VXA7Documentary Payments: Simulation
WPER_ALVPOS Interface Monitor
WR31Replen: Create frcst wghtng profiles
VXA4Financial Documents: Simulation
WR30Replenishment: Generate wghtng prof.
VIS3Check program: Cross-plant
VI86Incompleteness: Cross-plant
ME43Display Request For Quotation
MCXBQMIS: General Results for Material
FBR1Post with Reference Document
MCXXQMIS: Material analysis defects
VX01NCreate license
VA41Create Sales Contracts
WSTLSAP Retail Store Labeling
VL08Confirmation of Picking Request
FBA1Customer Down Payment Request
FB03Display Document
FBA2Post Customer Down Payment
FBM4Display Sample Document Changes
FBL4Change G/L Account Line Items
FBA3Clear Customer Down Payment
MCEAPURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Supp.Analysis
MDMCSend Customers (MDM)
VA46Coll.Subseq.Processing f.Contracts
FB02Change Document
FBA6Vendor Down Payment Request
WRDLReplenishment run reorganization
FBV5Document Changes of Parked Documents
VA23Display Sales Quotations
FBA7Post Vendor Down Payment
J2IRAP2Print RG23A Part2
MDM3Mail to Customer
VA11Create Sales Inquiries
MCH:RIS: STRPS/Mvmts + Stock - Selection
WTAD_VKHM_MAINTAINMass Maintenance Materials/Adds.
MEK33Condition Maintenance: Change
FBA7_OLDPost Vendor Down Payment
AIABAuC Assignment of Dist. Rule
FBW4Reverse Bill Liability
WSO5Astmts IS-R
WPHFAnalysis report
/SAPCEM/INVENTUR01Enter Stock in Inventory
FLQQD3Display Query (Invoice Information)
/SAPCEM/BEDARF01Create Requisition Note
CO04Print Production Orders
MCV1QMIS: Vendor analysis - insp. lot
MCW2Evaluate Settlement Document Items
WLWBNLayout Workbench
MCVAQMIS: Vendor Analysis Lot Overview
CACSCOND0014Condition Table: Display (Valuation)
V-96Display Domestic Taxes
FD03Display Customer (Accounting)
MCVCQMIS: Vendor Analysis - Qty Overview
MCRXPP-PI: Material Usage Analysis
CO09Availability Overview
MCVEQMIS: Vendor Analysis Quality Score
MCW1Evaluate Settlement Document Header
MCVGQMIS: Vendor Analysis - Lot Numbers
WPERPOS interface monitor
/PRA/TA_OPERXREFMaintain CO Oper. to OGCC Payor Xref
MCVIQMIS: Vendor Analysis - Quantities
FLQQD1Edit Query (Invoice Information)
MCVKQMIS: Vendor Analysis - Effort
MCVMQMIS: Vendor Analyis - Level & Disp.
MCVZQMIS: Ven. Analysis- Q Not. Overview
V_RABackorder Processing: Selection List
WPLGSpace Management
WSOA2Change assortments
OBJREGRegrouping of Valuation Objects
MD42MPS - Single-item
ABB1Correction of Asset Accounts
GMCA_FXT_BCurrency Transform.: Balance Based
MD06Collective Display Of MRP List
/SAPCEM/INVENTUR03Display Stock in Inventory
GMCA_FXT_DCurrency Transform.: Document Based
FD02Change Customer (Accounting)
GMCA_PLC_BClose P&L: Balance Based
GMCA_PLC_DClose P&L: Document Based
GMCA_PLIO_BTrade In Trade Out: Balance Based
FBR2Post Document
MCW4Evaluate Vendor Billing Doc. Items
GMCA_PLIO_DTrade In Trade Out: Document Based
GMCA_PLL_BLock P&L: Balance Based
GMCA_PLL_DLock P&L Accounts: Document-based
GMCA_PLT_BTransform P&L: Balance Based
ML20Create Conditions
GMCA_PLT_DTransform P&L: Document Based
WSOA1Create assortments
FBW1Enter Bill of Exchange Pmnt Request
MCRIProduct Cost Analysis: Selection
/SAPCEM/INVENTUR02Change Stock in Inventory
FBW2Post Bill of Exch.acc.to Pmt Request
WPLGNSpace Management
FBW3Post Bill of Exchange Usage
MCW3Evaluate Vendor Billing Doc Header
F-37Customer Down Payment Request
FD11Customer Account Analysis
WZR2Change Settlement Document
VI21Display Pharmaceutical Products
WRFEStore Replen.: Preprocessing Program
O4K_LICENSELicense Master Data
XD04Customer Changes (Centrally)
WB2R_SV_CORRCorrect Supplier Contract Settlement
FD10Customer Account Balance
FB1SClear G/L Account
V+01Create Sales Call
FB21Enter Statistical Posting
F-39Clear Customer Down Payment
LM72Goods Receipt by MS area
/SAPPCE/JVA_VENCRCreate Joint Venture
FBVBPost Parked Document
/CEECV/ROFI10Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purc
XD03Display Customer (Centrally)
/SAPPCE/DPCD01Debit-Side Down Payment Chains
WRMOReplenishment monitor
FB22Reverse Statistical Posting
WSLBAssortment per Assortment User
FBL2Change Vendor Line Items
XD02Change Customer (Centrally)
FB31Enter Noted Item
FBS1Enter Accrual/Deferral Doc.
MDRD4Delete Delivery Relationship
F-47Down Payment Request
FB1KClear Vendor
V+11Create Direct Mailing
/SAPSLL/DS_I_SD0B_R3GTS: Delivery Object Index
/SAPCEM/BEDARF03Display Requisition Note
MIROEnter Incoming Invoice
LM63Goods Issue by Shipment
V+03Create Sales Letter
/SAPSLL/BL_DOC_SD_R3GTS: LCE: Blocked SD Documents
F-26Incoming Payments Fast Entry
V-99Change Cross-border Taxes
COR1Create Process Order
WRF_DIS_SELSeas. Proc. Material Discontinuation
V+02Create Telephone Call
COR2Change Process Order
MEK31Condition Maintenance: Change
/SAPSLL/BL_DOC_RS_R3GTS: Res: Blocked SD Documents
XD06Mark customer for deletion (centr.)
FB11Post Held Document
WZR3Display Settlement Document
LM64Goods Issue by ALL
FK04Vendor Changes (Accounting)
/SAPSLL/BANMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transfer of Banks
MEK32Condition Maintenance: Change
LM66Goods Issue by HU
/SAPSLL/BANK_DIST_R3Transfer Bank Master to GTS
FB1DClear Customer
WRFMATMONMaterial Monitor
LM71Goods Receipt by Delivery
XD05Block customer (centrally)
COR3Display Process Order
WVFBInbound store order processing
WRFSHOPDEPCreate Shops w/Initial Dept. Store
ME39Display Sched. Agmt. Schedule (TEST)
FBL6Change Customer Line Items
WPUSSimulation: Inbound Processing
LM76Goods Receipt by HU
WOSCR_EXICreate Expense Invoice
FBL5Display Customer Line Items
WSLFMaterial per customer
WMF1Create Markdown Plan
FBD3Display Recurring Entry
FBL3Display G/L Account Line Items
FBD2Change Recurring Entry
WF50AAdjust Distribution
WEB_PRICATPricat on web
J4GAETM: Create Conditn Table (PrcList)
WCU2SAP Retail Store: Customer Mainten.
WCSO_ENTRYSAP Retail Store Sales Order
FBB1Post Foreign Currency Valn
FB04Document Changes
J1BQOutput CondTable/Display Nota Fiscal
WBTIMEX_CUSTCustomize Site Master Transport
WTAD_SRSObsolete - do not use
FB41Post Tax Payable
FBD4Display Recurring Entry Changes
WAK1Create promotion
MATERIAL_INFOMaterial Information
V-98Create Cross-border Taxes
MDRD3Display Delivery Relationship
OVV3C SD Table TVFS Billing Block
COR5Collective Process Order Release
VD06Mark customer for deletion (sales)
F-54Clear Vendor Down Payment
COR7Convert Planned Order to Proc. Order
LM73Goods Receipt by Shipment
CORAProcess Order: Schedule Ext. Relshps
VD05Block customer (sales)
MDRD2Change Delivery Relationship
COROCreate Process Order w/o Material
VD04Customer Changes (SD)
VD07Ref. doc. det. for ref. customer
WSLCDisplay of causes of listing
VD03Display Customer (Sales)
WB2R_SC_CORRCorrect Customer Contract Settlement
VD02Change Customer (Sales)
FBM3Display Sample Document
VD01Create Customer (Sales)
MDRD1Determine Delivery Relationship
XDCONConsent Data maintenance
VA43Display Sales Contracts
FBM2Change Sample Document
ME42Change Request For Quotation
LM74Goods Receipt by ALL
FBM1Enter Sample Document
OVR2c_rv_Tab. T016 "Sectors"
QPCGSynchr. Insp. Plan from Ext. Source
J1GCVALCustomer valuation
/PRA/ADV_TRANTax Recovery/Reimbursement Workplace
PC00_M36_CDTB_RFFODÜberweisung Vorprogramm DTA Ukraine
CM03Capac. planning
VXLCSLS: Supplier Check - Scenario 3
OV62Rec. account det.: Change table
VC05Sales support monitor
/PRA/CI_CDEXCDEX Workplace (New)
VXLDLegal Control: SLS - List Display
/PRA/CI_CDEXREM_XCDEX Remitter Cross Reference (New)
CM02Capac. planning
VF25List of Invoice Lists
/PRA/ADV_DOCTax Recovery/Reimbursement Worklist
PC00_M46_RFFODBank transfer - print program
MK04Change Vendor (Purchasing)
/DSD/HH_PAYMMaintain Extended Terms of Payment
GJT2JV Transfer Asset to Asset
T_03Cond.tab: Create (shipment costs)
OV63Rec. account det.: Display table
VXLBLegal Control: SLS: Sim.: Address
WSP3Delete individual listing
VXL9Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Supplier
OV61Recon. account det.: Create table
MCTESIS: Sales Org. Analysis - Selection
/PRA/CI_REM_LAYOUT_XRemitter/Layout Cross Reference
OV48Condition table: Cross-selling A
V-76Display Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surch
MCTGSIS: Sales Office Analysis Selection
ME24Maintain Purchase Order Supplement
/PRA/CI_PUR_REM_XREFPurchaser remitter cross refrence
J1GCLCustomer Ledger
MCTISIS: Sales Empl. Analysis Selection
CM05Capacity plan.:Work center overload
VXLULegal Control: SLS - Data Service
VL01Create Delivery
VXLPLegal Control: SLS: Keyword: Address
MK03Display vendor (Purchasing)
/PRA/CI_PROCESSRULESCheck Input - Process Rules
FOB1Lease-Out One-Time Postings
MKH2Display vendor hierarchy
/PRA/CI_PPDPRA Payment Posting Desktop
XK04Vendor Changes (Centrally)
MKH1Maintain vendor hierarchy
/PRA/CI_PDXRemitter DOI Cross Reference
VXLESLS: Scenario 5 - Supplier Master
CM04Capac. planning
VF05List Billing Documents
VSK5Create Conditions Table (Services)
MRRSEvaluated Receipt Settlement
VXL2Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 2
IQS13Display Task
EPIC_BRM_EDITClaim Bank Receipts
CT_A_CA_T01Create Condition Table (Cost Rate)
VELOASAssign Sales Docs to Vehicles
EPIC_BRM_CLAIMClaim Bank Receipts
OV72Cash account det.: Display table
VXL1Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 1
VDH1Customer Hierarchy Maintenance (SD)
J7LV15REA Document: Create Test Run
HUP10Stock: Plan HUs - General
VXKASLS: Audit Trail: Supplier Master
VI26Display Surcharge/Discount - Customs
F104ABAP/4 Reporting: Receivables Prov.
VXDASLS: Audit Trail - Customer Master
VELOEEmergency Monitoring
OV80Acc. det.- credit cards: Create tab.
VXBCSLS: List of Blocked Customers
CT_A_CA_T02Change Condition Table (Cost Rate)
VX30Legal Control: Export Ctrl Class
VDH2Display Customer Hierarchy
CT_A_CA_T03Display Condition Table: (Cost Rate)
OT39C FI Batch Input Program
V-82Create w/ref.Cust/Mat.Disc/Surcharge
VA21Create Sales Quotations
MIGO_TRTransfer Posting
VXL8Legal Control: SLS: Change History
GJT2_OLDJV Transfer Asset to Asset
FIAPSA_PYMO01Create payment order
VXL7Legal Control: SLS: Search Terms
VA01Create Sales Orders
XK15Create Conditions (background job)
VSK7Display Conditions Table (Services)
VXL6Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Customer
VXL5Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 5
VSK6Change Conditions Table (Services)
OV71Cash account det.: Change table
J1GFISAPrint FI document card
VXL4Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 4
EPIC_RPRCreate Cash Receipt/Payt Request
VXL3Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 3
VC01Create Sales Activity
EANC3CondTab: Change (GTIN Mapping)
MILL_CUTCutting Stck Trans. and Confirmation
ME27Create Stock Transport Order
EPIC_BRM_POSTClaim Bank Receipts
VE56Check Export Control for Consistency
J3G{Create PBE Document
VE81Check Report: General FT Data
MCERPURCHIS: Service Purch.Qty-Selection
MCESPURCHIS: Service Purch.Val-Selection
T_09Condition table: Change Index
F-04Post with Clearing
IDCNFB03Display Document
MCP1SFIS: Operation Analysis Selection
MIGO_GRGoods Movement
FBF7C80 Reports Minus Sp.G/L Ind.
MCP3SFIS: Material Analysis Selection
VE82Check Report: Export Control Data
MCP5SFIS: Material Analysis Selection
VX23NDisplay license data
J1B_LFZFIssued Notas Fiscais
MCP7SFIS: Work Center Analysis Selection
F-03Clear G/L Account
VX23Display license data (old)
MCPBOperation analysis: Dates
VDDIEMU currency conversion cust. master
OV46Condition table: Cross-selling H
MCE8PURCHIS: Service Analysis Selection
J3G$Create PBE Document
MCBEINVCO: Material Analysis Selection
OBOM_WB_MAINOrder Engineering Workbench
WCSOSSAP Retail Store: Cons. Order Status
VE30Existing licenses
MCBGINVCO: MRP Cntrlr Analysis Selection
IE02Change Equipment
MCBIINVCO: Business Area Anal. Selection
J1B_LFC2IN86: Finanzbuchhaltungsbelege
WB2R_DOC_ENTRYContract Settlement: Manual Entry
MCBKINVCO: MatGrp Analysis Selection
J1B_LFC4Einkaufs- und Verkaufsprozesse
MCBMINVCO: Division Analysis Selection
EI44UIS: Rate Statistics Selection
IE01Create Equipment
F.75Extended Bill/Exchange Information
MCBOINVCO: Mat.Type Analysis Selection
VA51Create Item Proposal
MCE1PURCHIS: PurchGrp Analysis Selection
SW_WW10IAC Product Catalog for SAP Store
F.93Maintain Bill Liability and Rem.Risk
MCE3PURCHIS: Supplier Analysis Selection
WA21Create Allocation Rule
WW10IAC product catalog
VW01SD Scenario 'Incoming Orders'
WW20IAC Online Store
MCPYWork center analysis: Lead time
ME52Change Purchase Requisition
MCRUPP-PI: Operation Analysis Selection
J1G7_MMYF - Load GL data - monthly
TPM103Postprocess Business Transactions
VSB1SB Proc. Inbound Monitor - Old
T_04CondTab: Change (shipment costs)
VI25Display Gross Price - Customs
FBF1C80 Reporting Minus Sp.G/L Ind.
MCRVPP-PI: Process Order Analysis
VE96EXTRASTAT Data Select.: Init. Screen
FB2EReconciliation btwn affiliated comps
WW30SD part for IAC MM-SD link
MCRWPP-PI: Resources Selection
OV47Condition table: Cross-selling Ä
MK02Change vendor (Purchasing)
MIGO_GSSubseq. Adjust. of Material Provided
/PRA/CI_TRANSLATIONSProduct/Property Translations
MCTASIS: Customer Analysis - Selection
CM07Cap. planning: Variable access
MCTCSIS: Material Analysis - Selection
VCR1Competitive products
OV/3RV Batch Input Program
MCPDProduction order analysis: Dates
VX22NChange License Data
J1G4_MMYF - Load customer data - monthly
MCPFMaterial analysis: Dates
MCPHWork center analysis: Dates
VX22Change license data (old)
FV13Display condition
VX01XCreate control record (new)
MCPKOperation analysis: Quantities
T_05CondTab: Display (shipment costs)
MCPMProduction order anal.: Quantities
VX01Create license (old)
VW10SD Scenario 'Order Status'
MCPOMaterial analysis: Quantities
J1G5_MMYF - Load vendor data - monthly
MCPQWork center analysis: Quantities
J3G}Display PBE Document
CNV_20551_CHECK_MDCheck master data for deletion
MCPSOperation analysis: Lead time
VA31Create Sales Scheduling Agreements
MCPUProduction Order Analysis: Lead Time
VW02SD Scenario 'Freedom to Shop'
VC_2Customer Fact Sheet PDF Version
MCPWMaterial analysis: Lead time
KSAQMaintain surcharge conditions
FV12Change condition
J3RFCTS03Run CTS maintenance report
BD13Get customer
J3G.Transaction Calls for Joint Ventures
OWTYM03CondTab: Display (Messages)
J2IFDisplay document flow
BD12Send customer
IQS12Process Task
J2I9New Monthly Returns Report Rule 57AE
J7LV11Create REA Document
GJQ6Change Conditions (CRP)
J1IDOCFLOWExcise document flow
LM56Select by SU - Interleaving
EANC2CondTab: Create (GTIN Mapping)
J1I57AENew Monthly Returns Report Rule 57AE
FIBPUMaintain bank chains for partner
WVA5Create planned markup (price list)
GJQ5Create Conditions (CRP)
/DSD/HH_CREDSend DSD-Specific Credit Data
QM03Display Quality Notification
J3RFGTDINTMaintain CDec Data (Russia)
PK11Plant Overview: Kanban
FD24Credit Limit Changes
OWTYM02CondTab: Change (Messages)
VIEXFT: Journal Export Actual
DSC1Create CondTables: Derivation Sender
HUP33Stock: Pack HUs for Delivery
J3RFSPD03Show list of SPD
CFM5Integration Model Object Search
VIBNMonitor messages
/SAPPCE/PNV08Create and Change CPR via Org. Unit
CFM4Display Integration Models
VI27Display Freight - Customs
/SAPPCE/PNV09Display CPR via Organizational Unit
MC-0SIS: Shipping Point Returns
VI71Change Preference Values
DSC2Create CondTables: Derivation Sender
CFM2Manually Activate Integration Models
J1GTBDCustomer Trial Balance
V-78Create w/ref.Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Surc
/SAPPCE/PNV11Remaining Plan via Org. Unit
HUP34Stock: Pack HUs for Purchase Order
J3RFCTS03SCTS Single Entry Display
BD85Consistency check for transfer
DSC3Create CondTables: Derivation Sender
GJQ7Display Conditions (CRP)
FIBPSDisplay bank chians for partners
MC(USIS: Shipping Point Deliveries Sel.
O3U_MDE1Mass Data Entry MP Volumes
WVA7Display planned markup (price list)
F_72Mass Bill/Exch.Liability Maintenance
CACSCONDMAINTBEdit Conditions (Valuation)
/CUM/DESIGN_CHANGEChange designs
FK01Create Vendor (Accounting)
V-77Create Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Su
VI83Check Customer Master/Legal Control
J_1HKORDSGthe tcode used by app descriptor
F_75Extended Bill/Exchange Information
CACSCONDMAINTEdit Conditions (Remuneration)
/CUM/SELECTIONDisplay Compatible Units
J3RFIMCD_MOVECross company transfer. Import CD
VI82Check General Customer Master Data
0100Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order
O3O_CTL02Maintain container location
POTABDDisplay Portfolio Tables
POTABCChange Portfolio Tables
MK05Block Vendor (Purchasing)
J1GVL_P01Warehouse book
J3RSCD01Create Export GTD Data
LM03Put Away - by TO
OWTYP02Change Condition Table (Sales pr.)
/CUM/DESIGN_LISTDisplay designs
POTABDefine Portfolio Tables
VI84Doc.Payments: Check Customer Master
/DSD/SL_CLEARDIALOGDSD Clearing: With Dialog
VI98Select Intercompany Billing Receipts
FOIW21Create PM Notifications in RE
GJ84JVA NPI/CI Netting (without CI Grp)
CACSCONDTIMEEdit Conditions (Remuneration)
WVA6Change planned markup (price list)
CACSCONDMAINTCCondition Maintenance (Liability)
GJP1JVA NPI/CI Netting (with CI Grp)
LM09Put Away by Delivery ID
OWTYP01Create Condition Table (SD Price)
J1GVL_P00WHB for arbitrary dates
/DSD/SL_CLEARDSD Clearing: Without Dialog
J3RFGTDINTMASSMaintain Mass CDec Data (Russia)
J_1HKORDthe tcode used by app descriptor
FOSRReplaced by transaction FVIESR
/CUM/SELECTION_1Change Compatible Units
VI85Incompleteness: Foreign Trade Suppl.
FVIESRRE: Import POR data (Switzerland)
O3O_CTL03Display container location
QM02Change Quality Notification
J_1HKORDIDthe tcode used by app descriptor
J_1BEFDCreation of SPED Digital Archive
J3RFIMCD01Create Import Customs Declaration
VIJ1Journal Import
VIJ2Journal Export
OWTYP03Display Condition Table: (Sales Pr.)
VIR1Import Reorg. - Incompleteness
ARUN_ITARDDetermine Release Rules in A-RUN
VBOFRebate: Update Billing Documents
VIR2Export Reorg. - Incompleteness
OWETLabeling: Condition Table
OV90COPA project: Create table
MILL_CUT_COCutting Confirmation
ATP_LC_STATUSChange Status of SAP liveCache
V-81Create Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
DRC2Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipient
EPIC_BRMBank Receipt Management
VRLIFT: Reorg. T609S Delivery
ABZVAsset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acct
HUP14Stock: Plan HUs for Purchase Order
VOWEIncompleteness: Goods Receipt
VS38Display Customer Conditions
OV91COPA project: Change table
KSAGMaintain condition tables
VOLIIncompleteness: Delivery
VA14LSales Documents Blocked for Delivery
VOIMIncompleteness: Purchase Order
VS45Create Conditions
F103ABAP/4 Reporting: Trnsfr Receivables
VS47Display Conditions
VX17Create BAFA diskette
VX09Simulation: Embargo Check
VS46Change Conditions
HUP11Stock: Plan HUs Without Order
VX08Simulation: Boycott List Check
OV81Acc. det.- credit cards: Change tab.
KSARDisplay Overhead Conditions
VX07Simulation: License Check
VE81XIncompleteness: FT Material Data
HUP12Stock: Plan HUs for Order
VE82XIncompleteness: Export Control Data
DRC1Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipient
F.1BHead Office and Branch Index
VE83XIncompleteness: Preference Material
WVA2Change planned mark-up
J7LV14Cancel REA Document
VI81XCheck Report: CAP Products
F.0BG/L: Create Z2 to Z4
J1GJR0Document journal
HUP13Stock: Plan HUs for Delivery
OV82Acc. det.- credit cards: Displ. tab.
VRWEFT: Reorg. T609S Goods Receipt
WLB13Automatic Load Building
GJQBChange Condition Table (CRP)
PAM00Create PAM Requirement
RL02Change returnable packaging account
VIWEFT: Op. Cockpit: Goods Receipt
KSAHDisplay condition tables
HUP31Stock: Pack HUs Without Order
WDH2Display customer hierarchy (SD)
FK02Change Vendor (Accounting)
V-79Change Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Su
MILL_CUT_TRCutting Stock Transfer
J7LV13Display REA Document
GJQAChange Condition Table (CRP)
OWTYA03Account Determination: Display Table
VILIFT: Export Deliveries Journal
ME26Display PO Supplement (IR)
QM01Create Quality Notification
MK06Mark vendor for deletion (purch.)
HUP32Stock: Pack HUs for Order
J3RFSPD03SShow single SPD
O3U_WCD11Create WC Dated - call from UG
OWTYM01Condition Table: Create (Messages)
VIIMFT: Op. Cockpit: Purchase order
GJQ8Create Conditions (Purchasing)
MCTKSIS: Shipping Pt. Analysis Selection
J1GPMT3VCheck print program
VOEXIncompleteness: Billing Document
V23Sales Documents Blocked for Billing
OV92COPA project: Display table
HUP30Stock: Pack HUs - General
VL09Cancel Goods Issue for Delivery Note
VS37Change Customer Conditions
OMSVC MM-BD Vendor Data Transfer
VKM4SD Documents
OVELOM01Maintain Condition Tables
V-80Display Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Su
WCMARIS: OTB - Selection
WVA3Display planned mark-up
J1GQ_MExport MYF data - monthly
WCMBRIS: OTB - Selection
OWTYA01Account Determination: Create Table
MILL_CUT_LBAConfirmation DNP Processing
WCMCRIS: OTB - Selection
RL03Display returnable packaging account
WCMDRIS: OTB - Selection
VS36Create Customer Conditions
OWTYA02Account Determination: Change Table
DRC3Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipient
WDH1Maintain plant hierarchy (SD)
GJPNPartner Netting
MC$2PURCHIS: PurchGrp Freqs. Selection
GJCNConvenience netting
IORDCreate SM/PM Order IDoc
MC$4PURCHIS: Supplier PurchVal Selection
ICM1CONDBChange Condit.Maint. of Valuation
WR60Replenishment: Parameter Overview
MC$6PURCHIS: Supplier DelRelblty Select.
GJ14Hard Copy Billing
MC$8PURCHIS: Supplier QtyRelblty Select.
ORLRS2Change Condition Table
FK10NAVendor Balance Display
V/13Account Determination: Change Table
LAS3Display Sequence Schedule
MC$:PURCHIS: Supplier Freqs. Selection
SHN3_Display Shift Note
LAS2Change Sequence Schedule
MC(ASIS: Customer
F-25Reverse Check/Bill of Exch.
MC(ESIS: Material
GJ12Billing Ledger Extract
F801Create Payment Request
RMINI_SAFTMini SAF-T Report for Portugal
J2IR23DRegister RG23D
ME13Display Purchasing Info Record
V/56Output: Cond.Table - Create Orders
WA51Reassign Gen. Alloc Rules/Plant
J1GVL_INVBInventory book
O5T7_TKTMaintain condition tables - Ticket
ME12Change Purchasing Info Record
IDFIVAT_EXT_DATAVAT Ledger: Ext. Data Maintenance
ME11Create Purchasing Info Record
VL03Display Outbound Delivery
WA50Generate Allocation Rule
CMPC2CondTab: Create (Campaign Determ.)
VXLZSanctioned Party List Screen
CMPC3CondTab: Change (Campaign Determ.)
WSM4Relist after ch. plant/ mat. grp mas
VXLYLegal Control: SLS: Sim. Deliv.
IDMX_MONTHREPORTMonthly Invoice Report (Mexico)
V/14Account Determination: Display Table
VXLXLegal Control: SLS: Sim. Customer
F18PBal. Confirmation (Vendor) as PDF
MC$0PURCHIS: PurchGrp PurchVal Selection
F-29Post Customer Down Payment
MC(ISIS: SalesOrg. Inc.Orders Selection
VFX3FBilling document release run
AIAZDisplay Dist. Rule Allocation
ADPRCPCopy Partner Profiles for SPEC 2000
J3GHCreate Shipping Documents
FD08Confirm Customer Individually(Actng)
MC+MSIS: Material Returns
F831Create Recovery Request
MC+QSIS: Material
SHN1_Create Shift Note
OV06Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion C
MC+USIS: Material Credit Memos
O405List of Contracts
MC+YSIS: Sales Org. Returns
OMHACr. Vol. Rebate Cond. Table (Purch.)
/KJCH1/CSOC01Choai Sales Order Create
MEB1Create Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)
ISJP_MDMaster Data for Invoice Summary
OV07Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion D
MC-ASIS: Sales Office Returns
OV08Condition Table: Add Index
VI84XBilling Doc.Incompleteness Customer
MC-ESIS: Sales Office - Sales Selection
FILUCBRTransaction for CBR Luxembourg
MC-ISIS: Sales Office Credit Memos Selec
MC(MSIS: Sales Office
ME37Create Transport Scheduling Agmt.
CNV_LKEYLicense Key
VL02Change Outbound Delivery
MC(QSIS: Employee
VI23Display Preferential Customs Duties
MC+2SIS: SalesOrg.Invoiced Sales
FOAYBalance List by Real Estate Object
OJIN1Maintain Cond. Table: Sum. JIT Call
V-84Display Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
WC11Batch Changes
MC+6SIS: SalesOrg.Credit Memos Selection
ORLRS3Display Condition Table
CMPC4CondTab: Display (Campaign Determ.)
VDH2NDisplay customer hierarchy
BBPSEBP Order Status Tracking
WA11Message Bundling
OV05Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion A
MC+ASIS: Customer Returns
V/12Account Determination: Create Table
MC+ESIS: Customer
F-20Reverse Bill Liability
WVA1Create planned mark-up
MC+ISIS: Customer Credit Memos - Selec.
WVM6Customer replen.: Parameter overview
OQZ7Create cond. table for certificates
/STTPEC/INT_BUPBusiness Partner Integration
LAS4Change Sequence Sched. Interactively
RSAFT_XMLRSAFT_PT:XML Generation for Portugal
VT33Ship.Planning for Carriers
MM18Activate Planned Changes
ME38Maintain Sched. Agreement Schedule
MC(BSIS: Variant Configuration
MK19Display vendor (purchasing)
F-31Post Outgoing Payments
ME51Create Purchase Requisition
MK18Activate planned vendor changes (Pu)
VSB1NSelf-Billing Proc. Inbound Monitor
BPCUSTCHECKBP<->Customer check transaction
/NFM/POSLSList NF Data from Sales Documents
/NFM/POSLMList NF Data from Purchasing Docs
MK14Planned vendor change (Purchasing)
VLPODW2Proof of Delivery via WEB
VL51Create Route Schedule: Initial Scr.
V/58Output - Cond.Table - Display Order
ME21Create Purchase Order
J2IRG1Register RG1
CMACA03Display Condition
FBWEBill/Exch.Presentatn - International
WTAOCGenerate POs for Additionals
OPLBCondTab: Create (batch
EA87Rate Determination
FBE1Create Payment Advice
GCU1NData Transfer from FI
GJ82ACreate BTCI Sessions for Cash Calls
WA03Display Allocation Table
O5UREP_COMMONRegulatory Reporting Setup
O5SJOutput - Cond.Table - Del. Confirm.
ARUN_STKSORTMaintain Stock Sort Rules in ARun
FB03ZDisplay Document/Payment Usage
V-86Create w/ref.PrGrp/MatPrGrp Disc/Sur
/STTPEC/MD_TESTMaster Data Check
OPLCCondTab: Change (batchs
WA02Change Allocation Table
ICM2CONDChange Condit.Maint. of Remuneration
SHN2_Change Shift Note
O4N9Maintain SOC type data
OPLDCondTab: Display (batches
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ2Org. units/master data for clean-up
ME62Display Supplier Evaluation
O5T7Maintain condition tables - NOM
ME61Maintain Supplier Evaluation
J2IRCP2Register RG23C Part2
WAK19Batch Promotion Announcement
MEB2Change Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)
WAKNOutput bundling promotions
WAHD4Delete Alternative Historical Data
ME15Mark Purch. Info Rec. for Deletion
PDT2HU creation in production
J2IRAP1Print RG23A Part1
FNR9Planning List
/NFM/BSLMExchange Key
IP62Material Where-Used List: Task Lists
ORLRS1Create Condition Table
IDDHUsed Prenumbered Forms Report
WAHD1Load Alternative Historical Data
J3GJDisplay Shipping Documents
ME32KChange Contract
ICM1CONDCCreate Condit.Maint. of Liability
ERONEWMaintain Service Frequency
FV11Create condition
CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJOrg. units/master data for clean-up
WA52Alloc Rule Lists
VI72Display Insurance - Customs
WSM4BRelist After Changes to Plants
FK03Display Vendor (Accounting)
IDFIVATCZ00Country Specific VAT (CZ): Electroni
MK12Change vendor (Purchasing)
GJ82Create BTCI Sessions for Cash Calls
OQZ8Change cond. table for certificates
/NFM/BSLSExchange Key
VIPLDisplay Customs Duty for Ceiling
J2IRCP1Register RG23C part1
WAKVPromotion announcement preview
WTAD_STWBObsolete - do not use
/NFM/RAPS3Display Rates for Provision
V-85Create PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
OQZ9Disp. cond. table for certificates
O4K9ED license change documents
/NFM/RAPS1Maintain Rates for Provision
CIC3Sales Summary
/NFM/RAPM3Display Rates for Provision
ME23Display Purchase Order
/NFM/RAPM1Maintain Rates for Provision
CVI_FS_CHECK_CUS_ENHCVI Customizing - Check Report Enh
V/57Output - Cond.Table - Change Order
V-74Create w/ref.Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surch
IDCPPrintout on Prenumbered Forms
/ISDFPS/FDP_VSTELCreate/Change Shipping Points
J3GIChange Shipping Documents
F-30Post with Clearing
V/05Display Condition Table: (Sales Pr.)
MC.FINVCO: MRP Cntlr Anal.Sel. Turnover
MIGO_GIGoods Movement
MC.GINVCO: MRP Cntlr.Anal.Sel. Coverage
FBF8C84 Reports
VF02Change Billing Documents
MC.HINVCO: Business Area Anal.Sel. Stock
OMHBChange Volume Rebate Table: Purch.
J1ACAEArgentina Electronic Invoice
WPUWGoods movements simulation
MC.IINVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss
ME54Release Purchase Requisition
WPUKPOS simulation
MC.JINVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Turnover
ME53Display Purchase Requisition
WPEDSales Audit Editor
MC.KINVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Coverage
MC.LINVCO: Mat.Group Analysis Sel. Stock
V-83Change Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
F-07Post Outgoing Payments
OV18Condition Table: Material Substit.D
MC.MINVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss
ISJP_VAMaintenance of Virtual Accounts
MC.9INVCO: Material Anal.Selection
F-19Reverse Statistical Posting
MC.AINVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection
V/04Change Condition Table (Sales Price)
FIKZREGINVInvoice Journal (Kazakhstan)
MC.BINVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection
/ATL/KP02Return pmnt to customer
S_ALR_87009940_LUEC Sales List (Belgium)
F17PBal. Confirmation (Customer) as PDF
S_ALR_87009940_BEEC Sales List (Belgium)
MC.CINVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection
ME32Change Outline Agreement
VF03Display Billing Documents
MC.DINVCO: MRP Cntrllr.Anal.Sel. Stock
WSTUSAP Retail Store: Revaluation
MIGOGoods Movement
WSTISAP Retail Store: Physical Inventory
MC.EINVCO: MRP Cntrllr Anal.Sel. Rec/Iss
FD10NETCustomer Balance Display
ICM1CONDChange Condit.Maint. of Remuneration
SNBCHSwitzerland National Bank Reporting
WSO1IS-R Listing Create Module
VD54Display Customer-Material Info
V/03Create Condition Table (Sales Price)
MC.TINVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Selection Stock
MK01Create vendor (Purchasing)
OMHCCond. Table: Display Rebate (Purch.)
WLF1Create Supplier Billing Document
MC.UINVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Rec/Issues
F-06Post Incoming Payments
MC.VINVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Turnover
IE08Create Equipment
V.14Sales Orders Blocked for Delivery
OV21Condition Table: Change Rebate
EI45UIS: Rate Statistics Selection
MC.WINVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Coverage
IE03Display Equipment
MCBAINVCO: Plant Analysis Selection
J1B_LFC10Kunden- und Lieferantenstammdaten
J3GKShipping Docs - Change EndUsagePerd
WF60Create Outbound Deliveries
F17OMBal. Confirmation (Customer) for OM
MCBCINVCO: Stor. Loc. Analysis Selection
OV22Condition Table: Display Rebate
V.25Release Customer-Expected Price
MC.SINVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Coverage
MC.NINVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Turnover
RFEULIST_HUEU Sales and Purchase List - Hungary
WSD_REFMATDefinition reference materials
FRHU2Random creation of HUs
MC.OINVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Coverage
ROIJRUHISTChange History (Russia)
VC03Display Sales Activity
WLF1DCreate Expenses Settlement
EANC4CondTab: Display (GTIN Mapping)
J1B_LFA1Arquivo Magnético/Convênio ICMS
RFEULISTEU Sales and Purchase List
IE31Create Fleet Object
OV20Condition Table: Create Rebate
MC.PINVCO: Division Analysis Sel. Stock
MIGO_GOGoods Movement
TRIG_IGTTcode for IGT processing
MC.QINVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss
IE25Create Production Resource/Tool
J1B_LFB5IN68: FI Files
MC.RINVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Turnover
VC02Change Sales Activity
WCMERIS: STRPS/Mvmts + Stock - Selection
MC.1INVCO: Plant Anal. Selection: Stock
OV10Condition Table: Display Index
MC.7INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection
F18OMBal. Confirmation (Supplier) for OM
FBE6Delete Payment Advice
MC.6INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection: Rec/Iss
V-75Change Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surch
/ATL/KP25Deposit of Credit Card
MC.3INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection
/BEV4/PLUKCorrection of Incorrectly Read Data
MD40MPS Planning Run
OV16Condition Table: Material Substit. A
/ATL/KP28Incoming payment entry
O3URV_DOCValuation Document Worklist
FD10NACustomer Bal. Display with Worklist
MC-QSIS: Employee - Sales
SACOAnalyze and Copy Scheduling Agreemen
MC.5INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection
VI82XIncompleteness: FT Customer Data
/BEV4/PLERManual Entry Confirmation
O3UT2_IM0Interface Monitor
WSM4LAutomatic Relisting of Layout Data
FIKZ_BSALLFinancial Statement Forms (KZ)
MC-USIS: Employee - Credit Memos
VF07Display bill. document from archive
MC.4INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection
IW31Create Maintenance Order
O3URV_SST0Settlement Stmnt/DOI Cross-Reference
MC.8INVCO: SLoc Anal.Selection
FBE3Display Payment Advice
/ATL/KP23Transfer of payment
/ISDFPS/MM_TRANS_DELTransport in the Event of a Transfer
FK10NETVendor Balance Display
/ATL/KP24Bank Deposit of defered cheque
ISJP_PRInvoice Summary Printing
ISJP_STRInvoice Summary Status Report
OV17Condition Table: Material Substit. C
OV09Condition table: Change Index
VDH1NDisplay/Maintain Customer Hierarchy
VI83XIncompleteness:Customer Control Data
IW61Create Historical PM Order
/ATL/KP41Bank deposit of cheque payment
MC-MSIS: Employee - Returns
O3URV_SS0Settlement Statement
MC.2INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection
FBE2Change Payment Advice