S/4HANA 2020 - SAP KONV Conditions (Obsolete - replaced by PRCD_ELEMENTS) Table


SAP KONV table is a standard SAP S/4HANA transparent table which stores Conditions (Obsolete - replaced by PRCD_ELEMENTS) data. There are total 71 fields in the KONV table. The following is a list of the fields that make up this table.

The table KONV belongs to Pricing and Conditions (SD-BF-PR) module and is located in Central Pricing Routines (VF_PRC_CORE) package.

In addition, below links provide an overview of foreign key relationships, if any, that link KONV to other SAP tables and standard CDS views available based on KONV table in SAP S/4HANA.

KONV Techincal Settings

Below are technical details of the table KONV

  • Buffering not allowed
  • No buffering
  • Storage type is Column Store

List of KONV Fields

The table below provides an overview of the fields available in KONV. Key fields are marked in blue.

FieldDescriptionData ElementCheck TableData Type
KNUMVNumber of the Document ConditionKNUMVCHAR(10)
KPOSNCondition item numberKPOSNNUMC(6)
ZAEHKCondition CounterDZAEHKNUMC(3)
KSCHLCondition typeKSCHACHAR(4)
KDATUCondition Pricing DateKDATUDATS(8)
KRECHCalculation Type for ConditionKRECHCHAR(1)
KAWRTCondition BasisKAWRTCURR(15)
KBETRCondition Amount or PercentageKBETRCURR(11)
KKURSCondition exchange rate for conversion to local currencyKKURSDEC(9)
KPEINCondition Pricing UnitKPEINDEC(5)
KMEINCondition Unit in the DocumentKVMEIT006UNIT(3)
KUMZANumerator for converting condition units to base unitsKUMZADEC(5)
KUMNEDenominator for converting condition units to base unitsKUMNEDEC(5)
KNTYPCondition Category (Examples: Tax, Freight, Price, Cost)KNTYPCHAR(1)
KSTATCondition is used for statisticsKSTATCHAR(1)
KRUEKCondition is Relevant for Accrual (e.g. Freight)KRUEKCHAR(1)
KRELICondition for Invoice ListKRELICHAR(1)
KHERKOrigin of the ConditionKHERKCHAR(1)
KGRPEGroup ConditionKGRPECHAR(1)
KOUPDCondition UpdateKOUPDCHAR(1)
KOLNRAccess sequence - Access numberKOLNRNUMC(3)
KNUMHNumber of the Condition RecordKNUMHCHAR(10)
KOPOSSequential number of the conditionKOPOSNUMC(2)
KVSL1Account KeyKVSL1T687CHAR(3)
SAKN1G/L Account NumberSAKNRSKA1CHAR(10)
MWSK1Tax on sales/purchases codeMWSKZCHAR(2)
KVSL2Account Key - Accruals / ProvisionsKVSL2T687CHAR(3)
SAKN2Number of Accruals AccountSAKNR_ACCRSKA1CHAR(10)
MWSK2Withholding Tax CodeWT_WITHCDCHAR(2)
LIFNRAccount Number of Vendor or CreditorLIFNRLFA1CHAR(10)
KUNNRCustomer number (rebate recipient)KUNNR_KOKNA1CHAR(10)
KDIFFRounding-Off Difference of the ConditionKDIFFCURR(5)
KWERTCondition ValueKWERTCURR(13)
KSTEUCondition ControlKSTEUCHAR(1)
KINAKCondition is InactiveKINAKCHAR(1)
KOAIDCondition ClassKOAIDCHAR(1)
ZAEKOCondition counter for (header conditions)DZAEKONUMC(3)
KMXAWIndicator for Maximum Condition Basis ValueKMXAWCHAR(1)
KMXWRIndicator for Maximum Condition AmountKMXWRCHAR(1)
KFAKTORFactor for Condition Base ValueKFAKTORFLTP(16)
KDUPLStructure ConditionKDUPLCHAR(1)
KFAKTOR1Factor for Condition Basis (Period)KFAKTOR1FLTP(16)
KSTBSScale Base Value of the ConditionKSTBSCURR(15)
KONMSCondition Scale Unit of MeasureKONMST006UNIT(3)
KAWRT_KCondition BasisKAWRTCURR(15)
KWAEHCondition Currency (for Cumulation Fields)KWAEHCUKY(5)
KWERT_KCondition ValueKWERTCURR(13)
KFKIVCondition for Intercompany BillingKFKIVCHAR(1)
KVARCCondition Used for Variant ConfigurationKVARCCHAR(1)
KMPRSCondition Changed ManuallyKMPRSCHAR(1)
VARCONDVariant Condition KeyVARCONDCHAR(26)
STUFELevel (in multi-level BOM explosions)HISTUDEC(2)
WEGXXPath (for multi-level BOM explosions)WEGXXDEC(4)
KTRELRelevance for Account AssignmentKTRELCHAR(1)
MDFLGIndicator: Matrix MaintenanceMDFLGCHAR(1)
TXJLVTax jurisdiction code levelTXJCD_LEVELCHAR(1)
KBFLAGBit encrypted flags in PricingKBFLAGRAW(2)
KOLNR3OBSOLETE - DO NOT USE (exists for technical reasons only)KOLNR_INOPERATIVENUMC(3)
CPF_GUIDIdentifier of CPF Formula in DocumentCPF_GUIDCHAR(32)
KAQTYAdjusted QuantityKAQTYDEC(31)
VAL_ZEROProcess conditions with value equal to zeroVAL_ZEROCHAR(1)
IS_ACCT_DETN_RELEVANTStatistical and Relevant for Account DeterminationIS_ACCT_DETN_RELEVANTCHAR(1)

Foreign Key Relationships

A foreign key field is a table field that is allocated to a check table and becomes part of the table's foreign key. The following table gives you an overview of the foreign keys for KONV table.

Table NameFieldCardinalityCheck Table

Other References

The table below lists SAP S/4HANA tcodes that read or modify the KONV table.

Transaction CodeDescription
VE89Display Statistical Value - Export
FV53Display Parked G/L Account Document
J1IGINTRASTODelivery challan for intrastate STO
FIAPSA_DSPODisplay/Edit Expenditure Order
MB11Goods Movement
FIAPSA_DLTODelete Expenditure Order
J1IGSUBCONSubcon. Challan/Invoice (India)
FIAPSA_CLPOCreate expenditure Order for claims
OFG2Cash Budget Mgt: Take Over MM Data
FSC_REL_ITItaly: Release Fascimil Block
EDOC_PE_CONT_SUMMARYeDocument Peru: Contingency Summary
FIAPSA_ADPOCreate expenditure Order through
VLPODPOD - Change Outbound Delivery
F835Delete Recovery Request
F807Change Posted Payment Request
F833Display Recovery Request
WLA3Read Suppl.Settl. List from Archive
V-97Create Cross-border Taxes
ME34KMaintain Contract Supplement
J1IDUELISTBilling document due list for modvat
F832Change Recovery Request
F808Post Payment Request
MEREWorkflow: Sett. Cust. Rebate Arrs.
DP81PS: Sales Pricing
V-96Display Domestic Taxes
V-34Create Freight 1
F-02Enter G/L Account Posting
ME2DPDown-Payment Monitoring for PO
V-40Display Taxes (Export)
KK13Display Condition
VE86Display Statistical Value - Import
FMFG_INVCANCELCancel Invoice and Subsequent Docs
EDOC_TW_SUMMARYCreate Consolidated eDocuments
VKU7Report: Total Reval. for Rtl Pr. Chn
FB01Post Document
FB41Post Tax Payable
VKU6Report: List Crtn for Rtl Pr. Change
WACLFRestore Vendor Billing Documents
F-21Enter Transfer Posting
F-05Post Foreign Currency Valuation
VE87Change Stat.Value - Subcontracting
VKU1Report: Reval at Rtl for Rtl Pr.Chng
VLUNIVChange Delivery (General)
MB1AGoods Withdrawal
EDX_LISTEDX: Message Overview
WLA4Read Settlement Doc. from Archive
MB1BTransfer Posting
VRREReturns Delivery for RMA Order
XK15Create Conditions (background job)
F805Delete Payment Request
F803Display Payment Request
F802Change Payment Request
WC22Batch List Rtl Changes for Material
FBB1Post Foreign Currency Valn
FIAPSA_EDPOEdit Expenditure Order
WC19Batch Stat. Recomp. Suppl. Bus. Vol.
ME2COMPComponent Consumption History
KK12Change Condition
F-01Enter Sample Document
/ILE/BV99Annexing Program
FIAPSA_EXPOExpenditure Order
/ILE/HASHCAL_BCKUpdate new base date.
MER9Statement: Customer Reb. Arr. Stats.
MER7Extension of Cust. Reb. Arrangements
J1I3Modvat utilzation in batch
EDOC_PE_VOID_DOCCreate eDocument Voiding Request
VE88Change Statistical Value - Export
EDOC_RESUBMITCreate and Submit eDocument
EDOC_SI_SUMMARYSlovenia eDocument Summary
VE85Change Statistical Value - Import
MER6Busn. Vols.
ME34LMaintain Sched. Agreement Supplement
VLPODAPOD - Display Outbound Delivery
EDOC_SUMMARYeDocument Summary
FV50Park G/L Account Items
DP90CS: Resource-Related Billing Doc.
F13EAutomatic Clearing With Currency
VCUAEDisplay Anti-dumping - Weight-depend
DP91SD: Resource-Related Billing Doc.
WLF5KReopen Customer Settlement
REV_REC_COL_PRO_RSPEvent Based Rev. Rec.: Proj. Manager
F-43Enter Vendor Invoice
F13LAutom. Clearing Spec. to Ledger Grp
MEBGChg. Curr. (Euro)
WZR4Reverse Settlement Document
MEU3Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate
MEBFUpdating of External Busn. Volumes
FMFG_PR_POSTPost the held PR's
WC14Batch Suppl. Bus. Volume for Arrngmt
WCOCO_PO_ADJUSTAutom. Doc. Adjustm. Purchase Orders
WLF5DReopen Expenses Settlement
WBLFDETSIMVBD Determination Simulation
WZR5Reopen Settlement Document
VCUP2Display Preference - Weight-depend.
WBRPRepricing of Trading Contract
V-31Create Freight 1
WC10Batch Worklist for Pricing
J1IWExcise Invoice without PO
VCUACDisplay Anti-dumping - Qty-dependent
J1IR20Post Goods Receipt from AIN
WLF5Reopen Supplier Billing Documents
F-42Enter Transfer Posting
J1IR10Approve AIN
J1IR03Display AIN
REV_REC_COL_PROEvent Based Revenue Recogn.: Proj.
MB02Change Material Document
/NFM/DEHM1Maintain Default Value Header
REV_REC_MONSAP Support Monitor for Rev. Rec.
/NFM/DEHM3Display Default Value Header
KE42Change condition
MEBSStmnt. Sett. Docs.
REV_REC_COL_SVDEvent Based Revenue Recogn.: SVD
ME21Create Purchase Order
WLRSReverse Settlement Document List
FMN1Reconstruction of Parked MM Docs
MEBTTest Data: External Business Volumes
ME15Mark Purch. Info Rec. for Deletion
MLV2Create Total Price (PRS)
VCUDCDisplay 3rd Country - Qty-dependent
WLR3Display Settlement Document List
ME13Display Purchasing Info Record
ME12Change Purchasing Info Record
ME11Create Purchasing Info Record
VCUDEDisplay 3rd Country - Weight-depend.
WLR2Change Settlement Document List
F-92Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
REV_REC_COL_SDEvent Based Revenue Recogn.: SD
F.13Automatic Clearing without Currency
WRL1Create Supplier Settlement List
WC17Batch Update Suppl. Business Volume
WC16Batch Extension Val. Period/Arrngmnt
ME51Create Purchase Requisition
OLI7BWReorg. of VIS Extr. Struct.: Order
KE41Create condition
WRL2Change Supplier Settlement List
WLR1Create Settlement Document List
FMRC23Reconciliation of Purchase Orders
WLF5VReopen Remuneration Settlement
VCUP1Display Preference - Qty-dependent
F-90Acquisition from purchase w. vendor
MEU2Perform Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate
FMFG_RPT_E_UNFILLEDClose Out Unfilled Orders
DP82PS: Sales Pricing Project
ME38Maintain Sched. Agreement Schedule
VA46Coll.Subseq.Processing f.Contracts
ME39Display Sched. Agmt. Schedule (TEST)
V-98Create Cross-border Taxes
GM_RECON_POGM:Reconciliation of Purchase Orders
WLF3LDisplay Supplier Settlement
RBT_ENH_REBUILDReorganization of Infostructure S469
F-47Down Payment Request
VCUZCDisplay Quota - Quantity-dependent
WLF2LChange Supplier Settlement
/NFM/DEPS3Display Default Value Item
ME36Display Agreement Supplement (IR)
ME82Archived Purchasing Documents
O405List of Contracts
WACZRRestore Settlement Document
WBL3Display Customer Settlement List
WACRLRestore Vendor Settlement Lists
ABB1Correction of Asset Accounts
MB0APost Goods Receipt for PO
ME41Create Request For Quotation
F-39Clear Customer Down Payment
F-37Customer Down Payment Request
V-33Change Freight 1
ME_SWP_IVDisplay Settlement Status (Web)
MLV6Create Other
VCUZEDisplay Quota - Weight-dependent
WBL2Change Customer Settlement List
WACLRRestore Settlement Document Lists
WLA2Read Cust. Settl. Lists from Archive
F-26Incoming Payments Fast Entry
/ILE/ANNXWGHTPO\Contracts for annex updates
KK11Create Condition
OLI3PURCHIS Statistical Setup
WBL1Create Customer Settl. List Manually
VFX2Display Blocked Billing Documents
OLI3BWReorg.PURCHIS BW Extract Structures
VCUZPDisplay Ceilings - Percentage
VCUZ2Display Ceiling - Weight-dependent
J1IR02Change AIN
/NFM/DEHS1Maintain Default Value Header
SDPIQAPICOMPARECompare Results of Price Inquiry API
V-99Change Cross-border Taxes
WLF4VReverse Remuneration Settlement
VCUPCDisplay Pharma.Prod. - Qty-dependent
MEBEWorkflow Sett. re Supplier Reb. Arr.
F-41Enter Vendor Credit Memo
J1IR01Create AIN
/NFM/DEHS3Display Default Value Header
/NFM/DEPM1Maintain Default Value Item
WLF4LReverse Supplier Settlement
REV_REC_SIM_LOGExplanation log for simulation
MEB9Stat. Statement
VCUPFDisplay Pharma.Prod. - Weight-depen.
F-27Enter Customer Credit Memo
ME37Create Transport Scheduling Agmt.
WLF4KReverse Customer Settlement
V-32Create Freight 1 with Reference
REV_REC_COL_AUFEvent Based Revenue Recogn.: Order
MB03Display Material Document
VCUZ1Display Ceiling - Quantity-dependent
WLF4DReverse Expense Settlement
MEB7Extend Supplier Rebate Arrangements
/NFM/DEPM3Display Default Value Item
FMFG_ADJUST_SOAdjust Sales Order
GM_MLSTBilling Plan
F-22Enter Customer Invoice
KE43Display condition
/NFM/DEPS1Maintain Default Value Item
WLA1Read Settlem. Doc Lists from Archive
WLF4Reverse Supplier Billing Document
RBT_ENH_SIMULATEComparison of Info Structure S469
MEB6Bus Vol. Data
F-54Clear Vendor Down Payment
F837Change Posted Recovery Request
FTXADisplay Tax Code
FBA1Customer Down Payment Request
V_NLCreate Net Price List
FTXPMaintain Tax Code
J1IAExcise Invoice Details
V-77Create Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Su
FB31Enter Noted Item
VS02Change Scale
VS03Display Scale
VS04Create Scale with Reference
VK16Create Condition with Reference
WB21Trading Contract: Create
FBA2Post Customer Down Payment
ML32Display Supplier Conditions
FBA3Clear Customer Down Payment
/ACCGO/STL_S_AUTO_PAParallel Auto Gen.of Std. Settlment
VI03Display shipment costs
VI02Change shipment costs
VELOVehicle Manager
VK15Create Condition
V-78Create w/ref.Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Surc
FB22Reverse Statistical Posting
GJT1JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT1_OLDJV Transfer Asset to Project/Order
VEB6Calculate Assemblies Collectively
VEB5Calculate Assemblies Individually
ICM1CONDChange Condit.Maint. of Remuneration
FB21Enter Statistical Posting
V-51Change Cust.price
VA55List of Item Proposals
VE55Preference Determination: Individual
FBW3Post Bill of Exchange Usage
FBW2Post Bill of Exch.acc.to Pmt Request
VK20Display Condition Without Menu
FBW1Enter Bill of Exchange Pmnt Request
WCMP_PROCESSINGComplaints Processing
FBR2Post Document
FBR1Post with Reference Document
VA23Display Sales Quotations
ML31Change Supplier Conditions
J1GPUF124Automatic clearing
VK19Change Condition Without Menu
V-61Create Cust.disc./surcharge
FV12Change condition
WB23Trading Contract: Display
FBP1Enter Payment Request
FBD1Enter Recurring Entry
FBA8_OLDClear Vendor Down Payment
FBA8Clear Vendor Down Payment
V-76Display Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surch
WB22Trading Contract: Change
FBA7_OLDPost Vendor Down Payment
VK18Display condition
CMP_PROCESSINGComplaints Processing
FV13Display condition
FBA7Post Vendor Down Payment
VI01Create shipment costs
VS01Create Scale
V-52Display Cust.price
VK17Change condition
FBA6Vendor Down Payment Request
WB21_CSTrading Contract: Create Settlement
VA35List of Sales Scheduling Agreements
ICM1CONDBChange Condit.Maint. of Valuation
FB05Post with Clearing
VK11Create Condition
VF05List Billing Documents
V-49Create Customer-Specific Price
VF25List of Invoice Lists
VL01Create Delivery
DOCCHG_FB05Post with Clearing
VIWBXChange FT Data in Goods Issue
ML37Change Supplier Conditions
VIWAXDisplay FT Data in Goods Issue
WPER_ALVPOS Interface Monitor
WAB_PRICINGMass Pricing for Settl. Mgmt Docs
WACZRRDelete Archived Settlement Docs
VI80XChange FT Data in Goods Receipt
WACZRAArchive Settlement Documents
WACSIRDelete Archived Expense Settlements
WACSIAActivate Expense Settlements
WACRLRDelete Archived Vendor Sett. Lists
VI80Change FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI79XDisplay FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI79Display FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI77XChange FT Data in Outbound Delivery
VI77Change FT Data in Outbound Delivery
VI64XDisplay FT Data in Outbound Delivery
VI64Display FT Data in Outbound Delivery
VI53XChange FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI53Change FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI17XDisplay FT Data in Inbound Delivery
V-81Create Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
MSR_CRDRRD for Customer Returns
VA26Collective Processing for Quotations
VE54Preference Determination: Collective
CMM_MTMMark-to-Market Adhoc Report
MSR_IRDRRD for Internal Returns
CMM_MTM_DISCRecalculation of Disc. MtM Values
FB1SClear G/L Account
V_NLNCreation of Price Lists
VK14Create Condition with Reference
SNBCHSwitzerland National Bank Reporting
ML36Create Supplier Conditions
FB1KClear Vendor
WAB_CANCELReverse Settlement Mgmt Documents
OWBEXPCUSTCustomizing GT Expenses
WPERPOS interface monitor
FB1DClear Customer
V-79Change Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Su
V-50Create Customer-spec. Price w/ref.
VK13Display Condition
WAB_CLOSEComplete Settlement Management Docs
FB11Post Held Document
VK12Change Condition
FB08Reverse Document
FB05_OLDPost with clearing
MR22Material Debit/Credit
MRRSEvaluated Receipt Settlement
FBD9Enter Recurring Entry
MRRLEvaluated Receipt Settlement
VA41Create Sales Contracts
V-80Display Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Su
V-62Create Customer Disc/Surch. w/ref
V-67Change Mat.Disc/Surcharge
WYP1Create Condition
ME3COutline Agreements for Material Grp
ME35LRelease Scheduling Agreement
ME35KRelease Contract
ME35Release Outline Agreement
XK11Create Condition
MEPOPurchase Order
VA42WWorkflow for master contract
VFS3Adjusting info structure S060
MEK3Display Conditions (Purchasing)
ME2CPurchase Orders by Material Group
ME29NRelease purchase order
ME85Renumber Schedule Lines
ME28Release Purchase Order
ME23NDisplay Purchase Order
MEK1Create Conditions (Purchasing)
ME22NChange Purchase Order
ME21NCreate Purchase Order
XK12Change Condition
V-70Create w/ref.Price Group Disc/Surch.
V-66Create w/ref.Material Disc/Surcharge
V_I8Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
XK13Display Condition
V-71Change Price grp Disc/Surch.
ODP2DIP Profile: Consistency Check
SIPT_SIGN_SETPT: Generate and check digital Signa
ODP2LDIP Profile:Consistency Check (List)
VA11Create Sales Inquiries
VF48Revenue Recognition: Compare Report
VF47Revenue Recognition:ConsistencyCheck
VF46Revenue Recognition: Cancellation
VF45Revenue recognition: Revenue report
VF44Revenue Recognition: Worklist
VF43Revenue Recognition: Posting Doc.
MEK2Change Conditions (Purchasing)
ME54NRelease Purchase Requisition
ME53NDisplay Purchase Requisition
ME52NChange Purchase Requisition
ME51NCreate Purchase Requisition
/SAPNEA/JSCR30Create Invoices Shrinkage in Phy Inv
/SAPSLL/DS_D_MM0A_R3GTS: Transfer MM Purch. Ord. to GTS
V-68Display Mat.Disc/Surcharge
/SAPSLL/DS_D_MM0C_R3GTS: Initial Transfer of GR to GTS
/SAPSLL/DS_D_SD0C_R3GTS: Transfer SD Billing Docs to GTS
WYP2Change Condition
VF42Update Sales Documents
/SAPNEA/JSCR11Create Chargeable Invoice
VBOFRebate: Update Billing Documents
ME84Generation of Sched. Agmt. Releases
ME4CRFQs by Material Group
/SAPMP/LEIHGReturnable Packaging Settlement
/SAPSLL/IS_MMTransfer Receipts and Returns
ME45Release RFQ
/SAPSLL/RES_INV_R3GTS: Create Restitution Invoice
/SAPSLL/SD0C_RIMAR3GTS: Transfer Bill. Docs to Risk Mgt
WYP3Display Condition
V-69Create Price grp Disc/Surch.
/DSD/TCBUSDSD Loc: Tax Condition Builder USA
GJFARM_1Farm in/out: JVTO1 and Cutback
GJCBJV Cutback Program
GJ19Equity Adjustments
VFSNReorganization info structure S060
ML30Create Supplier Conditions
VK33Condition Maintenance: Display
SDO1Orders within time period
FTRCOEXCREATEBGRFCSet Up bgRFC for Commodity Exposures
FPSD01Reconc. FI-CA Doc. w/ SD Billing Doc
LOGAR_BA_TAX_UPLOADUpload Buenos Aires Tax File
FBZ3Incoming Payments Fast Entry
FBZ2Post Outgoing Payments
MR01Process Incoming Invoice
V-63Change Cust.Disc/Surcharge
MR41Park Invoice
FBZ1Post Incoming Payments
MRHGEnter Credit Memo
VK32Condition Maintenance: Change
MRHREnter Invoice
V-74Create w/ref.Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surch
FBW6Vendor Check/Bill of Exchange
EWABULKYCreate Bulk Waste Order
FBW5Customer Check/Bill of Exchange
CMACA01Create Condition
CU50Material Config. Simul./Modelling
VFX3List Blocked Billing Documents
FV11Create condition
MEBVExtend Rebate Arrangements (Dialog)
VK31Condition Maintenance: Create
FBW4Reverse Bill Liability
V-75Change Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surch
RDSV_SIGN_SDSD Generate Digital Signature
/DSD/RP_VT11DSD Shipment List
MEK4Create Conditions (Purchasing)
VX98Displ.FT Data in Purch.Doc.-INTERNET
ME87Summarize PO History
XK14Create with cond. ref. (cond. list)
V-65Create Mat.Disc/Surcharge
KEATReconcile CO-PA <-> SD <-> FI
KEAIValue Flow FI -> SD / CO -> CO-PA
VKZZTest for RKS-Surcharge Conditions
CMACA03Display Condition
MECCMSend Purchasing Data to Catalog
VKYYChange Test for RKA
V-72Display Price grp Disc/Surch.
SDV3Completed Contracts
SDV2Expired Contracts
SDV1Expiring Contracts
SDQ3Completed Quotations
SDQ2Expired Quotations
SDQ1Expiring Quotations
VKXXCreate Test for RKA
V-64Display Cust.Disc/Surcharge
MSR_INSPVEnter Material Insp. by Supplier
V-73Create Mat.pr.grp Disc/Surch
VK34Condition Maint.: Create with Refer.
MR8MCancel Invoice Document
ME_EXT_REL_PRRequisition for External Release
CMACA02Change Condition
GJFARM_3FarmIn/Out Cash Call redetermination
WRLVNCreate Supp Sett. List Using Report
MCW6LIS Setup for Settl. Mgmt Docs
ME25Create PO with Source Determination
VBO3Display Rebate Agreement
MB05Subseq. Adjustmt: Act.Ingredient Mat
VBO2Change Rebate Agreement
MB04Subsequ.Adj.of "Mat.Provided"Consmp.
WZRCCollective Docs from Settlement Doc.
ML48Create Conditions
V-42Create Material Price w/ref.
MB01Post Goods Receipt for PO
MEB0Reversal of Settlement Runs
ICM3CONDDisplay Condit.Maint. of Remunerat.
V-90Create w/ref.PrGrp/Mat Disc/Surch.
AKE1Create Condition
MEBCCheck Customizing: Subsequent Sett.
VE84Monitoring: Purchasing Info Records
VBO1Create Rebate Agreement
VE67Aggregate Supplier Declarations
VE38INTRASTAT: Selection Simulation - EU
VE01Select Dispatches
MEBHGenerate Work Items (Man. Extension)
V-91Change PGrp/mat Disc/Surch.
JB43Display SD Condition
MEBMList of settlement runs for arrngmts
ME43Display Request For Quotation
VB33Display Promotion
MERABWDelta Init for BI Extraction
WRLSReverse Supplier Settlement List
WLN14Message Output Settlement Mngt. Doc.
MIR6Invoice Overview
J1IRAIN10Approve AIN
V-88Display PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
J1IRAIN03Display AIN
WRL3Display Supplier Settlement List
ML44Display Supplier Conditions
V-44Display Material Price
ME31LCreate Scheduling Agreement
MERAComp. Suppl. BV
ICM2CONDCChange Condit.Maint. of Liability
MEI4Compile Worklist for Document Index
MEBJRecompile Income
/BEV1/NE_LISTBALPOEmpties Balances in Purchasing
WLN15Message Output for List Documents
AKE2Change Condition
ME44Maintain RFQ Supplement
WBLSReverse Customer Settlement List
ME31KCreate Contract
MEBABWDelta Init for BI-Extraction
MEBAComp. Suppl. BV
V-89Create PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
V-43Change Material Price
LITRMSSend Exposure to TRM
ME31Create Outline Agreement
KOUPDAnalysis Tool for Condition Update
V-41Create Material Price
VL39Billing Documents for Wave Picks
J1GVL_VLMaterial valuation
J1GVL_REPReposting valuation
FARRIC_OL_EXPERTRev Acc: Operational Load Expert Mod
FARRIC_OLRevenue Accounting: Operational Load
CJ20NProject Builder
VKU9Rtl Reval. Correction: List Display
VKU10Correction of Valuation at Retail
VT31NSelection Variants for Fwdg Agents
VTFAKTBill Deliveries
V-94Create Domestic Taxes w/Reference
ME80RNGeneral Analyses (L
ME80FNGeneral Analyses (F)
ME80ANGeneral Analyses (A)
V-95Change Domestic Taxes
JB41Create SD Condition
GJT6_OLDTransfer Project/Order to Asset
GJT6JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT5_OLDTransfer Proj./Order to Proj./Order
GJT5JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT4_OLDSale of Venture owned assets
GJT4JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT3_OLDRetirement of Venture Owned Assets
GJT3JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT0Reverse AM/MM Transfer document
V-35Create Freight 1
FBVBPost Parked Document
WACBLRestore Customer Settlement Lists
FBS1Enter Accrual/Deferral Doc.
FBM1Enter Sample Document
MLV1Conditions: Services
MERHGenerate Work Items (Man. Extension)
J1IXExcise Invoice Verification WO PO
J1IINOutgoing Excise Invoice
J1IBExcise Verification And Posting
MERJRecomp. of Income
VB32Change Promotion
/SAPTRX/ASEHVIEWEH list of shipments
ML49Change Conditions
OVG1Redetermine subtotal
ICM3CONDBDisplay Condit.Maint. of Liability
V-38Display Freight 2
VB31Create Promotion
V-92Display PGrp/mat.Disc/Surch.
KE4SPost billing documents to CO-PA
ICM3CONDCDisplay Condit.Maint. of Liability
VB23Display Sales Promotion
JB42Change SD Condition
DP80SM: Resource-Related Quotation
FMN4NReconstruction of Purchase Orders
VICICall shipment info via CALL TRANS
V-93Create Domestic Taxes
VB22Change Sales Deal
V-37Change Freight 2
KE4SP_SMReprocess Settlement Management
EWM6Reconcile GR/IR Clearing Account
VKPRRead archive file
ML50Display Conditions
ME42Change Request For Quotation
V-36Create Freight 1 with Reference
VB21Create Sales Deal
OLIABWSetup: BW Settlement Management
ME48Display Quotation
MRL9LIFO Valuation: Create Doc. Extract
FIAPSA_DSPO_WFDisplay expenditure order - workflow
/ILE/SIMSDSimulation query for Sale Orders
FIAPSA_DSPO_CUSDisplay expenditure order - Custody
V-83Change Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
WACRLAArchive Vendor Settlement Lists
WACLRRDelete Archived Settlement Lists
KE4CCopy Condition
V/I4Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
KE4STSimulation billg docs transfer CO-PA
FM_REVALUATION_PORevaluate Purchase Orders
V-46Create Price List w/ref.
V/I3Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
WBLRNCreate Customer Settlement List
MRKONSettle Consignment/Pipeline Liabs.
MRKOSettle Consignment/Pipeline Liabs.
MRISSettle Invoicing Plan
V-84Display Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
MRERAuto. ERS Automotive
CKMLDMDebit or Credit Material
MRDCAutomatic Delivery Cost Settlement
ME52NBBuyer Approval: Purchase Requisition
J1A6Modify Official Document Number
VA43Display Sales Contracts
WACLFRDelete Archived Vendor Billing Docs
WACLFAArchive Vendor Billing Documents
FB10Invoice/Credit Fast Entry
WACLAArchive Settlement Document List
WACCIRDelete Archived Customer Settlements
WACCIAArchive Customer Settlements
VI17Display FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI14XChange FT Data in Billing Document
VI14Change FT Data in Billing Document
VI10XDisplay FT Data in Billing Document
VI10Display FT Data in Billing Document
V-48Display Price List
ICM1CONDCCreate Condit.Maint. of Liability
VI09XChange FT Data in Purchasing Doc.
VI09Change FT Data in Purchasing Doc.
WAB_RELEASERelease Settlement Management Docs
MEM1Replacement for Purchase Order Item
VI08XDisplay FT data in purchasing doc.
MD85List Customer Indep. Requirements
VI08Display FT data in purchasing doc.
WB2R_DOC_ENTRYContract Settlement: Manual Entry
V-82Create w/ref.Cust/Mat.Disc/Surcharge
V-47Change Price List
WLF1Create Supplier Billing Document
WAB_REOPENReopen Settlement Management Docs
J3RSCD03Display Export GTD Data
J3RSCD02Change Export GTD Data
/SAPPCE/DPCK01Credit-Side Down Payment Chains
J1ISExcise invoice for other movements
WLF1DCreate Expenses Settlement
J1IHCreate Excise JV
J1IF13Challan Complete/Reverse/Recredit
J1IF12Subcontracting Challans : Display
ML38Display Supplier Conditions
J1IF11Subcontracting Challan : Change
WPEDSales Audit Editor
MR11GR/IR account maintenance
WACBLRDelete Archived Cust. Sett. Lists
ME2SCRAPScrap Analysis (Component Consump.)
OLI7SIS Statistical Setup: Orders
MEISSelect Receipts
FB70Enter Outgoing Invoices
ME47Create Quotation
MEIANew Structure Doc.Ind. Cust. Sett.
EWAORDERChange/Display Waste Disposal Order
MEI9Recomp. Doc Index Supplier Bill. Doc
FB75Enter Outgoing Credit Memos
MEI8Recomp. doc. index settlement req.
MEI6Delete purchasing document index
MEI5Delete Worklist for Document Index
WLF1LCreate Supplier Settlements
MEI3Recompilation of Document Index
ICM2CONDBChange Condit.Maint. of Valuation
MEI2Automatic Document Change
FBD5Realize Recurring Entry
MEI1Automatic Purchasing Document Change
FBZ4Payment with Printout
/CCEE/FISCSENDINVFiscalization Croatia: Send Invoice
MRA3Display Archived Invoice Documents
MRBRRelease Blocked Invoices
/CCEE/FISCBSFiscalization Croatia: Send BS
AKE3Display Condition
V-87Change PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
VIFBWReorg: Shipment Costs in BW
WC41Batch worklist for doc. index
WC20Batch Stat. Recom. on Individ. Lev.
RFKRREPReprint/Cancel Tax Invoices (Korea)
JB4CCreate SD Condition using Template
WLI5Settlement Mgmt. Document Monitor
WACBAArchive Customer Settlement Lists
J1BMIGRATEMigrate Tax Rate to Condition Record
J1IGRG23D register receipt at depot
J1IJExcise invoice selec. at depot sale
J1IVExcise post & print for others mvmts
MR11SHOWAccount Maint.Docu.Display-Reversal
FISK_VATSlovakia VAT Ledger Statement
FIPT_SAFT_GLAVRSAF-T GL Account Validation Report
ML42Create Service Conditions
WCMP_MASSMass Complaints Processing
FB50G/L Acct Pstg: Single Screen Trans.
TK14Create condition with ref.
WWFLSettlement Mgmt - Workflow Workbench
ICM2CONDChange Condit.Maint. of Remuneration
AKE4Copy Condition
WZR1Create Settlement Document
CKMLDCDebit/Credit Material
/CCEE/RSFI_CUSTOMCustoms Declaration Report
MCW5Settlement Mngt - Simulate Updating
TK13Display condition (shipment costs)
FB60Enter Incoming Invoices
WLF1KCreate Customer Settlements
V-85Create PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
/SAPPCE/DPCD01Debit-Side Down Payment Chains
TK12Change condition (shipment costs)
V-86Create w/ref.PrGrp/MatPrGrp Disc/Sur
FB65Enter Incoming Credit Memos
TK11Create condition (shipment costs)
ML43Change Supplier Conditions
V-45Create Price List
MEK32Condition Maintenance: Change
VA03Display Sales Orders
VL02N_BChange Outbound Delivery (for PO)
WLF5LReopen Supplier Settlement
MRM_PRINT_WRAPPERDispatch to Output Management
MD81Create Customer Indep. Requirements
MR42Change Parked Invoice
MIRAFast Invoice Entry
F-04Post with Clearing
VA21Create Sales Quotations
VF27Display invoice list from archive
J1GVL_T04Update offline the WHB table J_1GVL_
J1GVL_T01Upload initial stock
WVA6Change planned markup (price list)
VI23Display Preferential Customs Duties
DP99BDoc.Flow for Res.-Rel. Bill. - SD
MR11_OLDOld GR/IR account maintenance
WLF3Display Supplier Billing Document
VI21Display Pharmaceutical Products
AKE7PCA Transfer Prices: Display Prices
VL32NChange Inbound Delivery
VA22Change Quotations
FV63Displayed Parked Vendor Document
J2GLP_EDOC_UPDUpdate Printed Documents (Greece)
WLS3Go to Settlement Doc. List Archive
WLF2Change Supplier Billing Document
MERSStmnt. Sett. Docs. Cust. Reb. Arrs.
VS47Display Conditions
WDFRCreate Perishables Planning
F-49Customer Noted Item
AKE9Transfer Prices: Change Overhead
VF21Create Invoice List
ME32Change Outline Agreement
WZR3Display Settlement Document
FV65Park Incoming Credit Memos
J2GLPPDLSD Deliveries
J3RF_TAXAGENT_OPERATAuto posting for Tax Agent / GR N335
MD83Display Customer Indep. Requirements
MERGChange Curr. (Euro) Cust. Reb. Arrs.
J_1BEFDCreation of SPED Digital Archive
WB2INDAutomatic Document Adjustment
V-01Create Sales Orders
ME34Maintain Outl. Agreement Supplement
VS37Change Customer Conditions
J2GLPPMMPrint MM Documents
J2GLPPSDPrint SD Tim & DaTim
VI19Display Third-country Customs Duties
VL32N_LChange Incoming Delivery (from MM)
VL03Display Outbound Delivery
WLS5Go to Supplier Settl. List archive
CMM_PEV_CCPEV: Check Completeness
VA33Display Sales Scheduling Agreements
VF03_ITEMDisplay Invoice with Item
CFDI_MONITORCFDI: Monitor Approval Requests
F-30Post with Clearing
VA53Display Item Proposal
ME54Release Purchase Requisition
ME32LChange Scheduling Agreement
WPSDOC_RELEASERelease Personnel Settlement Docs
J1IF01Subcontracting Challan : Create
J3RFRATECALCDown Payments in Foreign Currency
F-31Post Outgoing Payments
VFP3Display Preliminary Billing Document
MD82Change customer indep. requirement
DP99ADoc.Flow Reporting - Res.-Rel. Bill.
VL33Display Inbound Delivery
F-44Clear Vendor
CFDI_CANCCancellation request report
AD1TClear down payment requests
FV75Park Outgoing Credit Notes
ME52Change Purchase Requisition
MERFUpdating of External Busn. Volumes
WLF_INTR_TRANSFER_1Transfer Intrastat Documents
MR03Display Inv. Verification Document
WVA3Display planned mark-up
ERONEWMaintain Service Frequency
F-29Post Customer Down Payment
VI22Display Customs Exemption
MIR4Call MIRO - Change Status
VE91Display Preference Values
F-55Enter Statistical Posting
F-48Post Vendor Down Payment
AKE10Transfer Prices: Display Overhead
VL43Display Rough GR
WLS7Goto AS for Expense Settlement
J3RSCD01Create Export GTD Data
GT_DLNUpload Inbound File from GTS
VI18Display Anti-dumping
VFP2Change Preliminary Billing Documents
MBSFRelease Blocked Stock via Mat. Doc.
GT_IVLInvoice List
GJT2JV Transfer Asset to Asset
MR90Messages for Invoice Documents
MIR7Park Invoice
J1AXMarket price determination program
MSR_INSPWHEnter Material Insp. in Warehouse
J1UNCREATEEXTCreate Tax Invoices and Corrections
WLF2VChange Remuneration Settlement
MR44Post Parked Document
WDFR3Display Perishables Planning
VI26Display Surcharge/Discount - Customs
IDAR_CONDGENCondition Maintanance Argentina
KSARDisplay Overhead Conditions
F-91Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acct
GJQ8Create Conditions (Purchasing)
F-25Reverse Check/Bill of Exch.
WLF2DChange Expenses Settlement
VF23Display Invoice Lists
ME53Display Purchase Requisition
RIFWInvoice Forecasting Worklist
VI72Display Insurance - Customs
VL32Change Inbound Delivery
AKE6PCA Transfer Prices: Change Prices
WLF_RRLE_CREATECreate Settlement Document Lists
WB2INDD2Delete Worklist
F-20Reverse Bill Liability
GJQ5Create Conditions (CRP)
ME59NAutomatic generation of POs
J3G=Analysis - CO Object Determination
VL02N_OChange Outbound Del. (no Reference)
WB2INDNRecompilation of Document Index
VF22Change Invoice Lists
VL42Change Rough GR
WLS2Go to Customer Sett. List archive
WB2R_CANCEL_DOCSCancel documents for contracts
ME33Display Outline Agreement
OCMAC_01ACreate Condition Record
FV73Display Parked Customer Document
WLS6Goto AS for Customer Settlement
WLF2KChange Customer Settlement
VL31NCreate Inbound Delivery
WLS1Go to Supplier Billing Docs archive
WTY_ARCHIVDisplay Archived Warranty Claim
ME33LDisplay Scheduling Agreement
J1IFRSubcontracting Challan Listing
CACSCONDTIMEEdit Conditions (Remuneration)
CACSCONDMAINTBEdit Conditions (Valuation)
VI71Change Preference Values
VA02Change Sales Orders
F-03Clear G/L Account
VI98Select Intercompany Billing Receipts
WVA2Change planned mark-up
WRLKCorrect. Workbench - Suppl.Set.List
MEK33Condition Maintenance: Change
F-52Post Incoming Payments
EDOC_KR_SUMMARYCreate Consolidated eDocuments
J1I6Modvat forecast
F-53Post Outgoing Payments
MEK31Condition Maintenance: Change
VS45Create Conditions
/ACCGO/STL_S_PGMAuto Generation of Std. Settlment
MR43Display Parked Invoice
ABZKAcquisition from purchase w. vendor
ME33KDisplay Contract
WB2R_RACReverse Accruals Customer Settlement
WB2R_RAVReverse Accruals Supplier Settlement
F-51Post with Clearing
MIR5Display List of Invoice Documents
CMM_ALLOCAllocation Cockpit
J3RFVATSDVAT for Goods in Transit
VF26Cancellation invoice list
F-19Reverse Statistical Posting
FMN4Transfer Purchase Order Documents
WB2R_SCCustomer Contract Settlement
OCMAC_01DCreate Condition Record With Ref.
VEI3Display Stat.Value - Subcontracting
VL32N_OChange Incoming Del. (no Reference)
WVA1Create planned mark-up
ABADAsset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
RSAFT_XMLRSAFT_PT:XML Generation for Portugal
F36CBill of Exchange Payment
WRLMCMass Change of Suppl. Sett. List
MBNLSubsequent Delivery f. Material Doc.
CACSCONDMAINTCCondition Maintenance (Liability)
WB2INDDDelete Document Index
F801Create Payment Request
VA32Change Sales Scheduling Agreements
WDFR2Change Perishables Planning
VA42Change Sales Contracts
VA01Create Sales Orders
J1_MASSPOMass Maintenance: Temporary Pricing
VF01Create Billing Documents
MBSTCancel Material Document
VL02N_FChange Outbound Delivery (PP)
FV70Preliminary Entry Outbound Invoices
WZR2Change Settlement Document
DP99CDoc.Flow for Res.-Rel. Bill.-Service
F831Create Recovery Request
VF11Cancel Billing Document
VS46Change Conditions
J1IA101Excise Bonding ARE-1 procedure
O4B1Start shipment worklist
WLF3DDisplay Expenses Settlement
VA52Change Item Proposal
J1IA102Excise Bonding ARE-1 procedure
MIROEnter Incoming Invoice
V.25Release Customer-Expected Price
EDOC_CL_SUMMARYChile eDocument Summary Report
MASSPRBGMass Update Purchase Requisition
EDOC_GR_SUMMARYeDocument Greece: Create Summary
ISAUTO_MRNBAutomotive Revaluation
F-06Post Incoming Payments
ME32KChange Contract
F-38Enter Statistical Posting
J1IA103Excise Bonding ARE-1 procedure
VEI5Create value limit subcontracting
/ACCGO/RR_BATCHRevenue Recognition Processor
VE96EXTRASTAT Data Select.: Init. Screen
ML20Create Conditions
VFR7Display Billing Doc Req from Archive
WLF3VDisplay Remuneration Settlement
ME24Maintain Purchase Order Supplement
VL02Change Outbound Delivery
VL01NOCreate Outbound Dlv. w/o Order Ref.
GJQ6Change Conditions (CRP)
VFR3Display Billing Document Requests
VE90Change preference values
V-02Create Quotations
WTAMAdditionals Monitor
DP93Res.-Rel. Billing Btwn Comp. Codes
MBRLReturn Delivery for Matl Document
IDMX_MONTHREPORTMonthly Invoice Report (Mexico)
VA12Change Sales Inquiries
/ACCGO/PR_BATCHPurchase Realization Processor
F-57Vendor Noted Item
MEB3Displ. Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)
WVA5Create planned markup (price list)
VS36Create Customer Conditions
AKE8Transfer Prices: Create Overhead
J1BTAXTax Manager's Workplace
F-40Bill of Exchange Payment
VA31Create Sales Scheduling Agreements
WLF_RRLE_SIMSimulation Settlement Document Lists
F-34Post Collection
J1IA104Excise Bonding ARE-1 procedure
MATREXMaterial Stock Treasury Exposure
VA51Create Item Proposal
J1IA303Deemed Exports ARE-3 Procedure
VS38Display Customer Conditions
VI20Display Customs Quota
MMPUR_ME41RFQ Transaction
KE4SPTransfer SD Billing Documents
J1IA301Deemed Exports ARE-3 Procedure
MEB2Change Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)
VL33NDisplay Inbound Delivery
WLP2Profit Simulation Supplier Set. List
WLACIRead Customer Settlements From AS
VF02Change Billing Documents
VL01NCreate Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref.
FV60Park Incoming Invoices
EDOC_IN_SUMMARYeDocument India Summary
WMNEProcess Worklist
J1IA302Deemed Exports ARE-3 Procedure
F-35Post Forfaiting
VF07Display bill. document from archive
MMPURUIME21NWrapper transaction for ME21N
CMM_TIER_WBTierd Pricing Workbench
VI27Display Freight - Customs
ME27Create Stock Transport Order
WLF3KDisplay Customer Settlement
WVA7Display planned markup (price list)
KSAQMaintain surcharge conditions
MBSUPlace in Stor.for Mat.Doc: Init.Scrn
KK14Create Condition with Reference
VLODARDisplay outbound dly from archive
VA13Display Inquiry
VF03Display Billing Documents
CMM_PRC_ANALYSISPricing Analysis Report
F-36Bill of Exchange Payment
WVB0Recompile doc. index (pricing docs)
VL03N_ITEMDisplay Outbound Delivery with Item
MB1COther Goods Receipts
J1IA304Deemed Exports ARE-3 Procedure
WLFSRead archived vendor billing docs
MEB1Create Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)
OCMAC_01CDisplay Condition Record
MASSPOBGMass Update Purchase Order
WB2R_SVSupplier Contract Settlement
F-56Reverse Statistical Posting
J1IEX_CCapture Incoming Excise Invoices
ME23Display Purchase Order
OCMAC_01BMaintain Condition Record
VIPLDisplay Customs Duty for Ceiling
WB2R_SV_CORRCorrect Supplier Contract Settlement
J1IEXIncoming Excise Invoices
PBEMASSPRCGJOBSchedule Price Changes
GT_ULNCreate Outbound File for GTS
F-32Clear Customer
J1IEX_PPost Incoming Excise Invoices
VL02NChange Outbound Delivery
F-33Post Bill of Exchange Usage
MBSLCopy Material Document
CACSCONDMAINTEdit Conditions (Remuneration)
J1IEX_BOOutgoing Excise Invoices for Exports
GT_ULCreate Outbound File for GT
WB2R_UACUpdate Accruals Customer Settlement
WLS4Go to Settlement Document archive
WB2R_UAVUpdate Accruals Supplier Settlement
VI25Display Gross Price - Customs
GJQ7Display Conditions (CRP)
VL03NDisplay Outbound Delivery
MB31Goods Receipt for Production Order
VFX3FBilling document release run
CMM_ALLOC_WLWorklist for Allocation Cockpit
ME26Display PO Supplement (IR)
WLASIRead Expense Settlement From Archive
OPP_CHECK_SD_CUSTCheck Customizing Settings
VL32N_FChange Inbound Delivery (PP)
ME22Change Purchase Order
VFR2Change Billing Document Request
WB2R_SC_CORRCorrect Customer Contract Settlement
WLP1Profit Simulation Settlement Doc.
F-07Post Outgoing Payments
GJT2_OLDJV Transfer Asset to Asset
AKE5PCA Transfer Prices: Create Prices
WVN0Generate pricing worklist
J1ACAEArgentina Electronic Invoice
ABZVAsset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acct
VLIDARDisplay inbound dly from archive