SAP MSEG Document Segment: Material Table


MSEG is a standard SAP S/4HANA table that stores Document Segment: Material data. There are total 228 fields in the MSEG table. The following is a list of the fields that make up this table. Key fields are marked in blue.

The table MSEG belongs to Inventory Management (MM-IM) module and is located in the package Application development R/3 inventory management (MB).

In addition, following links provide an overview of foreign key relationships, if any, that link MSEG to other SAP tables and standard CDS views available based on MSEG table in S/4HANA 2020.

Techincal Settings of MSEG

Below are technical details of the table MSEG

  • Buffering not allowed
  • No buffering
  • Storage type is Column Store

List of MSEG Fields

The following table gives you an overview of the fields available in MSEG

FieldDescriptionData ElementCheck TableData Type
MBLNRNumber of Material DocumentMBLNRCHAR(10)
MJAHRMaterial Document YearMJAHRNUMC(4)
ZEILEItem in Material DocumentMBLPONUMC(4)
LINE_IDUnique identification of document lineMB_LINE_IDNUMC(6)
PARENT_IDIdentifier of immediately superior lineMB_PARENT_IDNUMC(6)
LINE_DEPTHHierarchy level of line in documentMB_LINE_DEPTHNUMC(2)
MAA_URZEIOriginal Line for Account Assignment Item in Material Doc.MAA_URZEINUMC(4)
BWARTMovement type (inventory management)BWARTT156CHAR(3)
XAUTOItem automatically createdMB_XAUTOCHAR(1)
LGORTStorage locationLGORT_DT001LCHAR(4)
ZUSCHBatch status keyDZUSCHCHAR(1)
ZUSTDBatch in Restricted-Use StockDZUSTDCHAR(1)
SOBKZSpecial Stock IndicatorSOBKZT148CHAR(1)
LIFNRVendor's account numberELIFNLFA1CHAR(10)
KUNNRAccount number of customerEKUNNKNA1CHAR(10)
KDPOSItem number in Sales OrderKDPOSNUMC(6)
KDEINDelivery schedule for sales orderKDEINNUMC(4)
PLPLADistribution of DifferencesPLPLACHAR(10)
SHKZGDebit/Credit IndicatorSHKZGCHAR(1)
DMBTRAmount in Local CurrencyDMBTR_CSCURR(13)
BNBTRDelivery costs in local currencyBNBTRCURR(13)
BUALTAmount Posted in Alternative Price ControlBUALTCURR(13)
SHKUMDebit/credit indicator in revaluationSHKUMCHAR(1)
DMBUMRevaluation amount on back-posting to a previous periodDMBUMCURR(13)
BWTARValuation TypeBWTAR_DT149DCHAR(10)
MEINSBase Unit of MeasureMEINST006UNIT(3)
ERFMGQuantity in unit of entryERFMGQUAN(13)
ERFMEUnit of entryERFMET006UNIT(3)
BPMNGQuantity in Purchase Order Price UnitBPMNGQUAN(13)
BPRMEOrder Price Unit (Purchasing)BBPRMT006UNIT(3)
EBELNPurchase order numberBSTNREKKOCHAR(10)
EBELPItem Number of Purchasing DocumentEBELPEKPONUMC(5)
LFBJAFiscal Year of a Reference DocumentLFBJANUMC(4)
LFBNRDocument No. of a Reference DocumentLFBNRCHAR(10)
LFPOSItem of a Reference DocumentLFPOSNUMC(4)
SJAHRMaterial Document YearMJAHRNUMC(4)
SMBLNNumber of Material DocumentMBLNRCHAR(10)
SMBLPItem in Material DocumentMBLPONUMC(4)
ELIKZDelivery Completed IndicatorELIKZCHAR(1)
EQUNREquipment NumberEQUNRCHAR(18)
WEMPFGoods RecipientWEMPFCHAR(12)
ABLADUnloading PointABLADCHAR(25)
KOKRSControlling AreaKOKRSTKA01CHAR(4)
PARGBTrading partner's business areaPARGBTGSBCHAR(4)
PARBUClearing company codePARBUT001CHAR(4)
PROJNOld: Project number : No longer used --> PS_POSNRPROJNCHAR(16)
ANLN1Main Asset NumberANLN1ANLHCHAR(12)
ANLN2Asset SubnumberANLN2ANLACHAR(4)
XSKSTIndicator: Statistical Posting to Cost CenterXSKSTCHAR(1)
XSAUFIndicator: Posting to Order Is StatisticalXSAUFCHAR(1)
XSPROIndicator: Posting to Project Is StatisticalXSPROCHAR(1)
XSERGIndicator: Posting to Profitability Analysis Is StatisticalXSERGCHAR(1)
XRUEMAllow Posting to Previous Period (Backposting)XRUEMCHAR(1)
XRUEJIndicator: post to previous yearXRUEJCHAR(1)
BELNRAccounting Document NumberBELNR_DCHAR(10)
BUZEINumber of Line Item Within Accounting DocumentBUZEINUMC(3)
BELUMAccounting Document NumberBELNR_DCHAR(10)
BUZUMNumber of Line Item Within Accounting DocumentBUZEINUMC(3)
RSNUMNumber of reservation/dependent requirementsRSNUMNUMC(10)
RSPOSItem Number of Reservation / Dependent RequirementsRSPOSNUMC(4)
KZEARFinal issue for this reservationKZEARCHAR(1)
KZSTRTransaction/event is relevant to statisticsKZSTRCHAR(1)
UMMATReceiving/Issuing MaterialUMMATMARACHAR(40)
UMWRKReceiving plant/issuing plantUMWRKT001WCHAR(4)
UMLGOReceiving/issuing storage locationUMLGOT001LCHAR(4)
UMCHAReceiving/Issuing BatchUMCHAMCHACHAR(10)
UMZSTStatus of Transfer BatchUMZSTCHAR(1)
UMZUSStatus key of transfer batchUMZUSCHAR(1)
UMBARValuation Type of Transfer BatchUMBART149DCHAR(10)
UMSOKSpecial stock indicator for physical stock transferUMSOKT148CHAR(1)
KZBEWMovement IndicatorKZBEWCHAR(1)
KZVBRConsumption postingKZVBRCHAR(1)
KZZUGReceipt IndicatorKZZUGCHAR(1)
WEUNBGoods Receipt, Non-ValuatedWEUNBCHAR(1)
PALANWMS Number of palletsPALANDEC(11)
LGNUMWarehouse Number / Warehouse ComplexLGNUMT300CHAR(3)
BESTQStock Category in the Warehouse Management SystemBESTQCHAR(1)
BWLVSMovement Type for Warehouse ManagementBWLVST333NUMC(3)
TBNUMTransfer Requirement NumberTBNUMLTBKNUMC(10)
TBPOSTransfer Requirement ItemTBPOSNUMC(4)
XBLVSIndicator: posting in warehouse management systemXBLVSCHAR(1)
VSCHNInd: interim storage posting for source stor.type and binT333_VSCHNCHAR(1)
NSCHNInd.: interim storage posting for dest.stor.type and binT333_NSCHNCHAR(1)
DYPLAIndicator: dynamic storage binDYPLACHAR(1)
UBNUMPosting Change NumberUBNUMNUMC(10)
TBPRITransfer PriorityTBPRICHAR(1)
TANUMTransfer Order NumberTANUMNUMC(10)
WEANZNumber of GR/GI Slips to Be PrintedWEANZNUMC(3)
GRUNDReason for MovementMB_GRBEWT157DNUMC(4)
EVERSShipping InstructionsEVERST027ACHAR(2)
EVERECompliance with Shipping InstructionsEVERET027CCHAR(2)
IMKEYInternal Key for Real Estate ObjectIMKEYCHAR(8)
PAOBJNRProfitability Segment Number (CO-PA)RKEOBJNRNUMC(10)
PS_PSP_PNRWork Breakdown Structure Element (WBS Element)PS_PSP_PNRNUMC(8)
NPLNRNetwork Number for Account AssignmentNPLNRAUFKCHAR(12)
AUFPLRouting number of operations in the orderCO_AUFPLNUMC(10)
APLZLInternal counterCIM_COUNTNUMC(8)
AUFPSOrder item numberCO_POSNRNUMC(4)
VPTNRPartner account numberJV_PARTKNA1CHAR(10)
BSTMGGoods receipt quantity in order unitMB_BSTMGQUAN(13)
BSTMEPurchase Order Unit of MeasureBSTMEUNIT(3)
XWSBRReversal of GR allowed for GR-based IV despite invoiceXWSBRCHAR(1)
EMLIFSupplier to be Supplied/Who is to Receive DeliveryEMLIFCHAR(10)
ZTEST98765ABCDEFG - ChangeZTEST98765CHAR(80)
EXBWRExternally Entered Posting Amount in Local CurrencyEXBWRCURR(13)
VKWRTValue at Sales Prices Including Value-Added TaxVKWRTCURR(13)
ZEKKNSequential Number of Account AssignmentDZEKKNNUMC(2)
VFDATShelf Life Expiration or Best-Before DateVFDATDATS(8)
CUOBJ_CHInternal object number of the batch classificationCUOBJ_CHNUMC(18)
EXVKWExternally Entered Sales Value in Local CurrencyEXVKWCURR(13)
PPRCTRPartner Profit CenterPPRCTRCHAR(10)
MATBFMaterial in Respect of Which Stock is ManagedMATBFCHAR(40)
UMMABReceiving/Issuing MaterialUMMATCHAR(40)
BUSTMPosting string for quantitiesBUSTMCHAR(4)
BUSTWPosting String for ValuesBUSTWCHAR(4)
MENGUQuantity Updating in Material Master RecordMENGUCHAR(1)
WERTUValue Updating in Material Master RecordWERTUCHAR(1)
LBKUMTotal valuated stock before the postingLBKUM_MSEGQUAN(13)
SALK3Value of total valuated stock before the postingSALK3_MSEGCURR(13)
VPRSVPrice control indicatorVPRSVCHAR(1)
FKBERFunctional AreaFKBERCHAR(16)
DABRBZReference date for settlementDABRBEZDATS(8)
VKWRAValue at Sales Prices Excluding Value Added TaxVKWRACURR(13)
DABRZReference date for settlementDABRBEZDATS(8)
XBEAUPurchase order created at time of goods receiptXBEAUCHAR(1)
LSMNGQuantity in Unit of Measure from Delivery NoteLSMNGQUAN(13)
LSMEHUnit of Measure From Delivery NoteLSMEHT006UNIT(3)
KZBWSValuation of Special StockKZBWSCHAR(1)
QINSPSTStatus of Goods Receipt InspectionQINSPSTCHAR(1)
URZEIOriginal line in material documentURZEINUMC(4)
J_1BEXBASEAlternate base amount in document currencyJ_1BEXBASECURR(13)
MWSKZTax on sales/purchases codeMWSKZT007ACHAR(2)
EMATNMaterial number corresponding to manufacturer part numberEMATNCHAR(40)
J_1AGIRUPDGoods issue revaluation performedJ_1AGIRUPDCHAR(1)
VKMWSTax on sales/purchases codeMWSKZCHAR(2)
HSDATDate of ManufactureHSDATDATS(8)
BERKZMaterial Staging Indicator for Production SupplyBERKZCHAR(1)
MAT_KDAUFSales order number of valuated sales order stockMAT_KDAUFCHAR(10)
MAT_KDPOSSales Order Item of Valuated Sales Order StockMAT_KDPOSNUMC(6)
MAT_PSPNRValuated Sales Order Stock WBS ElementMAT_PSPNRNUMC(8)
XWOFFCalculation of val. openXWOFFCHAR(1)
BEMOTAccounting IndicatorBEMOTTBMOTCHAR(2)
PRZNRBusiness ProcessCO_PRZNRCHAR(12)
LLIEFGoods SupplierLLIEFCHAR(10)
XOBEWVendor Stock Valuation IndicatorXOBEWCHAR(1)
ZUSTD_T156MStock Type Modification (Read from Table T156M)BAMOK_MSEGCHAR(1)
KBLNRDocument number for earmarked fundsKBLNR_FICHAR(10)
KBLPOSEarmarked Funds: Document ItemKBLPOSNUMC(3)
XMACCMultiple Account AssignmentXMACCCHAR(1)
VGART_MKPFTransaction/Event TypeVGARTCHAR(2)
BUDAT_MKPFPosting Date in the DocumentBUDATDATS(8)
CPUDT_MKPFDay On Which Accounting Document Was EnteredCPUDTDATS(8)
XBLNR_MKPFReference Document NumberXBLNR1CHAR(16)
TCODE2_MKPFTransaction CodeTCODECHAR(20)
SGT_UMSCATReceiving/Issuing Stock SegmentSGT_UMSCATCHAR(40)
SGT_RCATRequirement SegmentSGT_RCATCHAR(40)
PERNRPersonnel NumberPERNR_DNUMC(8)
KNTTP_GRAccount Assignment CategoryKNTTP*CHAR(1)
FBUDADate on which services are renderedFBUDADATS(8)
XPRINTPrint via Output ControlXNAPRCHAR(1)
/CWM/MENGEQuantity in Parallel Unit of Measure/CWM/MENGEQUAN(13)
/CWM/MEINSParallel Unit of Measure/CWM/MEINS*UNIT(3)
/CWM/ERFMGQuantity in Parallel Unit of Entry/CWM/ERFMGQUAN(13)
/CWM/ERFMEPUoM Entry Unit of Measure/CWM/ERFME*UNIT(3)
EWM_LGNUMWarehouse Number/Warehouse Complex/SCWM/LGNUMCHAR(4)
EWM_GMDOCWarehouse Document for Goods Movement/SCWM/DE_GM_DOCNUMC(12)
RESOURCENAME_CIDResource Name (Stock Identifier Complement)NSDM_RESOURCENAME_CIDCHAR(40)
FSH_UMSEA_YRReceiving/Issuing Season YearFSH_UMSEA_YRCHAR(4)
FSH_UMSEAReceiving/Issuing SeasonFSH_UMSEACHAR(10)
FSH_UMCOLLReceiving/Issuing CollectionFSH_UMCOLL*CHAR(10)
SGT_CHINTDiscrete Batch Number [Obsolete]SGT_CHINTCHAR(1)
COMPL_MARKCompleted indicatorCOMPL_MARKCHAR(1)
FZGLS_MARKDo Not Adjust Cumulative Received QuantityFZGLSCHAR(1)
ETANP_MARKAdjust Open Quantity in Scheduling Agreement ItemETANPCHAR(1)
OINAVNWNon-deductible input taxNAVNWCURR(13)
OICONDCODJoint Venture Indicator (Condition Key)JV_CONDCOD*CHAR(2)
CONDIJoint Venture Indicator (Condition Key)JV_CONDCOD*CHAR(2)
WRF_CHARSTC1Characteristic Value 1WRF_CHARSTC1CHAR(18)
WRF_CHARSTC2Characteristic Value 2WRF_CHARSTC2CHAR(18)
WRF_CHARSTC3Characteristic Value 3WRF_CHARSTC3CHAR(18)

Foreign Key Relationships

A foreign key field is a table field that is allocated to a check table and becomes part of the table's foreign key. The following table gives you an overview of the foreign keys for MSEG

Table NameFieldCardinalityCheck Table

Other References

The following table gives you an overview of SAP S/4HANA tcodes where the table MSEG is used.

Transaction CodeDescription
LT0CRemoval of Pre-Picked HUs from Stock
LT0DTransfer of Existing Handling Units
VI14XChange FT Data in Billing Document
LM01Dynamic Menu
WTAMAdditionals Monitor
LT21Display Transfer Order
LI12NChange inventory count
/SAPSLL/DEBMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transfer - Customers
MIR6Invoice Overview
LT0APre-plan storage units
LT0ECreate Removal TO for 2-Step Picking
VL60Extended Inbound Delivery Processing
CKM3NMaterial Price Analysis
ME33Display Outline Agreement
WTAOCGenerate POs for Additionals
LM24Packing HU by Delivery
VL65Inbound Delivery Purge Report
FAA_MIG2SFIN2_BUHBKTFill Parameters in Chart of Deprec.
VL66Inbound Delivery Delete Report
LB03Display Transfer Requirement
IB61Create Installed Base with Reference
MB5CPick-Up List
COWBHUWEGR HU for Production Order
VL31Create Inbound Delivery
BMBCBatch Information Cockpit
MB0APost Goods Receipt for PO
LCO1Set Up Warehouse Co/Material Docs.
MIR5Display List of Invoice Documents
VI14Change FT Data in Billing Document
VL33NDisplay Inbound Delivery
MB5LList of Stock Values: Balances
VI10XDisplay FT Data in Billing Document
LS24Display Quants for Material
MB9AAnalyze archived mat. documents
MBBMBatch Input: Post Material Document
MBBRBatch Input: Create Reservation
MBGRDispl. Material Docs. by Mvt. Reason
LP21WM replenishment for fixed bins
MRM_PRINT_WRAPPERDispatch to Output Management
MBRLReturn Delivery for Matl Document
ME48Display Quotation
LCO2Set Up Warehouse Co/Transport Orders
MR22Material Debit/Credit
VX98Displ.FT Data in Purch.Doc.-INTERNET
IW33Display Maintenance Order
LS11Change several stor.bins simultan.
LM02Select by SU -Put Away
MB23Display Reservation
SNBCHSwitzerland National Bank Reporting
LM03Put Away - by TO
/STTPEC/MD_TESTMaster Data Check
LT0GReturn delivery to stock
VX99FT/Customs: General overview
LT1CConfirm TO-Item Transport
LT0HPutaway/Stock Transfer of HUs
LT0IRemoval of Handling Units from Stock
LM25Unpack HU by Delivery
FIAPSA_DSPODisplay/Edit Expenditure Order
VA23Display Sales Quotations
J3RMRN03Display RNPT
LT31Print TO Manually
ME39Display Sched. Agmt. Schedule (TEST)
/SAPSLL/DS_D_MM0A_R3GTS: Transfer MM Purch. Ord. to GTS
VL60VEdit Document
LT0BPutaway Pre-Picked Handling Units
MB54Consignment Stocks
VL64Worklist Inbound Deliveries
/SAPSLL/PSD_INIT_R3Perform Init. Transf. of Procmt Ind.
J2I8Avail.of subs credit for Cap Goods
J2I9New Monthly Returns Report Rule 57AE
J2IEView Archived TDS documents
ME37Create Transport Scheduling Agmt.
FIAR_PRINTLASTODNTo Print Last Generated ODN number
MCVYINVCO: Update Diagnosis AcctngDoc
CKMREDWIPValue Flow Display for Reduced WIP
ME80RNGeneral Analyses (L
VL74Output from Handling Units
MCVWINVCO: Update Diagnosis MatDoc
PRNT_LAST_ODNPrinting the Last ODN assigned
J2INNew RT-12 Report
WF30Merchandise Distribution: Monitor
J2IUFortnightly Utilization
J2IUNMonthly utilization
WF20Change Distribution
MRN1_TSDetermine Lowest Value: Rge of Cov.
MB21Create Reservation
LT0FCreate TO for Inbound Delivery
MSR_TRC_CTracking of Customer Returns
RIFWInvoice Forecasting Worklist
WF10ACollective PO Without Tabstrips
LP11WWM Staging for Crate Parts (IAC)
IE4NEquipment Installation and Dismant.
LT14Confirm preplanned TO item
LS06Block Storage Bins
LS05Generate Storage Bins
LL01Warehouse Activity Monitor
VL41Create Rough GR
/SAPSLL/BL_DOC_SD_R3GTS: LCE: Blocked SD Documents
VI17XDisplay FT Data in Inbound Delivery
WF60Create Outbound Deliveries
VT34MEvent Reports for Carriers via WML
WF70Create Distribution Orders
VT34Event Reports for Carriers via HTML
MRL9LIFO Valuation: Create Doc. Extract
WF80Merchandise Distribution Log
LT13Confirm TO for storage unit
LT01Create Transfer Order
WF80_DELDisplay Delivery Generation Logs
LM33Load Control - UnLd by Shipment.
WF90Delete Merch. Distrib. Applic. Log
WF90_DELDelete Delivery Generation Logs
W_FRM_CUST_MATDisplay Material Settings
W_FRM_CUST_PLANTDisplay Plant Settings
MSR_IRDRRD for Internal Returns
LT12Confirm transfer order
MSR_CRDRRD for Customer Returns
WF50AAdjust Distribution
ME80FNGeneral Analyses (F)
IW55Create Activity Report
WF50Adjust Distribution
GRM3Colective Processing: Assignments
MIR7Park Invoice
GRM6Grouping Consistency Check
FIAPSA_DSPO_CUSDisplay expenditure order - Custody
VL42Change Rough GR
FAA_CHECK_MIG2SFINMigrate Charts of Depreciation
VA42Change Sales Contracts
/SAPSLL/CREMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transfer - Suppliers
FAA_SHOWLOG_MIG2SFINDisplay Migration Log
WSL9Listing conditions coming to an end
LT16Cancelling TO for storage unit
ADEXOrder-material transfer posting
IW56Create service request
FIKZCFLCash flow direct method
FIKZ_MAT_MOVEVAT Classification For Mat.Documents
J1UNCREATEEXTCreate Tax Invoices and Corrections
LM00Logon RF
VCH1Create Search Strategies for SD
MR8MCancel Invoice Document
PK12Kanban Board: Supply Source View
/SAPSLL/SD0C_RIMAR3GTS: Transfer Bill. Docs to Risk Mgt
MSR_VRM_GRReceive Replacement from Supplier
VI17Display FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VL34Worklist Inbound Deliveries
LS08Block Storage Bins by Aisle
FIAPSA_DLTODelete Expenditure Order
WF10Collective Purchase Order
IW32Change Maintenance Order
J7L4REA Annual Prepaid Declaration
PKBCChnge Container Status With Bar Code
/SAPSLL/DS_P_MM0A_R3GTS: Follow-On Funct.: MM Purch.Ord.
/ISDFPS/PMRELO_INTInternal Call: Forward Change Auth.
WSR2Deletion assortment and listing
LI13NDisplay Inventory Count
PK21Change Kanban Container Status
MB22Change Reservation
MF42Collective Backflush
LS07Block Quants
MIRAFast Invoice Entry
MRL5Display LIFO Valuation: Pools
LT11Confirm Transfer Order Item
LT15Cancelling transfer order
LI03NDisplay System Inventory Record
MR01Process Incoming Invoice
PK13Kanban Board: Demand Source View
LI11NEnter Inventory Count
VT33Ship.Planning for Carriers
VT30NTendering Events for Carriers
MSR_TRC_ITracking of Supplier Returns
/ACCGO/STL_S_PGMAuto Generation of Std. Settlment
J1_MASSPOMass Maintenance: Temporary Pricing
LX18Statistics of Inventory Differences
MWB2Changing Prop./Prod. Unit Valuation
QA07Trigger Recurring Inspections
TBLP_TRLOCreate Transfer/Loan
LU04Selection of Posting Change Notices
MBSMDisplay Cancelled Material Docs.
MBSIFind Inventory Sampling
LX01List of Empty Storage Bins
VT02_MEMChange Shipment (from Memory)
FIAPSA_DSPO_WFDisplay expenditure order - workflow
LX02Stock list
LX03Bin Status Report
LM11Posting Changes
MWB1Creating Prop./Prod. Unit Valuation
/SAPSLL/PRPARC_DIRR3Initial Transfer: Supplier Material
VKC1Create General Strategy
WSE5Error log
LX04Capacity load utilization
LX05Block Bins in Bl.Storage w.Time Lim.
/SAPSLL/DS_I_RORG_R3GTS: Reorganize Object Index
OMC9BTCI Data Tfr.: Inv.Doc./Count/Diff.
LM13Put Away Clustered
OMC8BTCI Data Tranfer: Inv. Doc./Count
MF42NNew Collective Entry
VKC2Change General Strategy
LT07Create TO for mixed storage unit
MRHREnter Invoice
LRF2RF Monitor
LX09Overview of All Transf.Requirements
LT06Create TO for Material Document
VT02NChange Shipment
LM31Load Control - Load by Delivery
MSK2Change Supplier Consignment Goods
MRHGEnter Credit Memo
LM09Put Away by Delivery ID
VT03NDisplay Shipment
LX23Stock comparison IM - WM
LH03Assign Pick-HU to TO Display
ME32Change Outline Agreement
LPINWInfo Transaction (IAC)
ROIJRUUPLOADUpload Carrier Invoice Data
LX22Process Inventory from Overview
MBSFRelease Blocked Stock via Mat. Doc.
LX21Pick List for Several Transfer Ord.
MSK3Display Supplier Consignment Goods
O4V7LoV reconcile
MRY2Transfer Physical Inventory Prices
LS26Warehouse stocks per material
MB05Subseq. Adjustmt: Act.Ingredient Mat
MSK4Display Vdr Consignment Change Docs
/SAPSLL/PRPARV_DIRR3Initial Transfer: Supplier Material
MD83Display Customer Indep. Requirements
VL32NChange Inbound Delivery
MB02Change Material Document
/SAPSLL/DS_D_SD0A_R3GTS: Transfer SD Orders to GTS
VLMOVEHU Goods Movements
VI10Display FT Data in Billing Document
VI09XChange FT Data in Purchasing Doc.
LS33Display storage unit
LT05Process Posting Change Notice
VI08Display FT data in purchasing doc.
/SAPSLL/PRCMAT_DIRR3Initial Transfer: Material Price
IFCUConsumption Transaction
/SAPSLL/KMATBOM_DIR3Transfer of Configurable Materials
VKU9Rtl Reval. Correction: List Display
LX16Selection of Bins for Continuous Inv
VLPODAPOD - Display Outbound Delivery
MRN3Loss-Free Valuation
/SAPSLL/DS_D_SD0B_R3GTS: Transfer SD Deliveries to GTS
VKU10Correction of Valuation at Retail
LM12Material Inquiry
VKU1Report: Reval at Rtl for Rtl Pr.Chng
VKU2Total Revaluation at Retail
MCC3Set Up INVCO Info Structs. from Docs
LT04Create TO from TR
MILL_CUTCutting Stck Trans. and Confirmation
ARUNITAInsight to Action
FTGRImport Gds Receipt Analysis
LQ02Transfer Posting in Invent. Mgmt
VKU3Partial Revaluation at Retail
VKU5Display Retail Revaluation Document
LS32Change storage unit
VKU6Report: List Crtn for Rtl Pr. Change
VKU7Report: Total Reval. for Rtl Pr. Chn
LQ01Transfer Posting in Invent. Mgmt
LX17List of Inventory Differences
OMC7BTCI Data Transfer: Inv.Count + Diff
/SAPSLL/DS_D_SD0C_R3GTS: Transfer SD Billing Docs to GTS
OMC4BTCI Data Transfer: Inventory Count
VI08XDisplay FT data in purchasing doc.
LT10Create Transfer Order from List
VLUNIVChange Delivery (General)
FTIMImport Order Analysis
VLODARDisplay outbound dly from archive
VKC3Display General Strategy
LS27Display quants for storage unit
WDFRCreate Perishables Planning
MSR_VRM_LFULFU for Replacement from Supplier
LX11Document overview
OLIZINVCO Setup: Invoice Verification
LX12Document Overview: Landscape Format
VL32N_OChange Incoming Del. (no Reference)
FIAPSA_EDPOEdit Expenditure Order
VI09Change FT Data in Purchasing Doc.
WDFR2Change Perishables Planning
WDFR3Display Perishables Planning
LT1DConfirm Transfer Order Pick
ARUNOrder Allocation
LS28Display storage units / bin
LM30Load Control - Load by Shipment
LX13Analysis of differences
LX20Generate interim storage bins
LX14Matl mvmt frequency
LX15Selection of Bins for Annual Invent.
LRF1RF Monitor
VLPODPOD - Change Outbound Delivery
/SAPSLL/DS_I_MM0A_R3GTS: Purchase Order Object Index
O4K_LICENSELicense Master Data
VL32N_LChange Incoming Delivery (from MM)
MB03Display Material Document
OLI2INVCO Stat. Setup: Stocks
MIS5Create Inventory Sampling - Other
PK11Plant Overview: Kanban
MRL4Display LIFO Valuation: Single Matl
WSP7Mat. grp mat. listing in plant
J1UFIMPImport Operation Status
/SAPSLL/DS_D_MM0C_R3GTS: Initial Transfer of GR to GTS
MIR4Call MIRO - Change Status
WB2GTS2Import: Blocked Trading Contracts
MB57Compile Batch Where-Used List
MIS4Create Inventory Sampling - R/2
MIS3Display Inventory Sampling
VT01NCreate Shipment
LT32Print transfer order for stor.unit
F13EAutomatic Clearing With Currency
LM19Handling Unit - Pack
J1GPUF124Automatic clearing
MIS2Change Inventory Sampling
/SAPSLL/DS_P_SD0A_R3GTS: Follow-On Function: SD Order
FIAPSA_CLPOCreate expenditure Order for claims
MIS1Create Sample-Based Phys. Inv. - ERP
COHVOMHANDOVERHand Over Orders to Production
MIMDTransfer PDC Physical Inventory Data
MP02Display AMPL Records
MIDOPhysical Inventory Overview
MP01Maintain AMPL Records
LT17Single Entry of Actual Data
IW31Create Maintenance Order
/SAPSLL/DS_I_SD0B_R3GTS: Delivery Object Index
PK31Container Correction
J2IR23DRegister RG23D
IW34PM Order for PM Notification
QA13Display Usage Decision
J2IRAP1Print RG23A Part1
LT1AChange Transfer Order
J2IRAP2Print RG23A Part2
VL32N_FChange Inbound Delivery (PP)
QVM1Inspection Lots Without Completion
J2IRCP1Register RG23C part1
J2IRCP2Register RG23C Part2
LS22Change Quants
QVM2Inspection Lots with Open Quantities
QVM3Lots Without Usage Decision
LM22Handling Unit - Unpack
VA01Create Sales Orders
J2IRG1Register RG1
WSR3Reset assortment and listing
LM04Put Away -System Guided
EM10Goods Movement via Serial Numbers
/SAPSLL/DS_I_SD0A_R3GTS: Order Object Index
LT02Create TO for Inventory Difference
COMLWIPDOCDisplay WIP Quantities Document
LI02NChange System Inventory Record
OLI1INVCO Stat. Setup: Material Movemts
MB04Subsequ.Adj.of "Mat.Provided"Consmp.
LT09ID point function for storage units
OLIFSFIS: Setup-Repetitive Manufacturing
ME80ANGeneral Analyses (A)
VLIDARDisplay inbound dly from archive
MR03Display Inv. Verification Document
/SAPNEA/JSCR30Create Invoices Shrinkage in Phy Inv
/NFM/VGWS3Display Charge Weights for Customer
ME34LMaintain Sched. Agreement Supplement
LM32Load Control - System Guide Load
LS02NChange Warehouse Master Record
LH01Assign Pick-HU to TO
LU02Change Posting Change Notice
MI05Change Inventory Count
VL33Display Inbound Delivery
MMBE_OLDStock Overview
MCVSTIS: Update Diagnosis: Transportatn
LS25Display Quants per Storage Bin
MSK1Create Supplier Consignment Goods
FIIDCFSCash Flow Statement (Indonesia)
LU03Display Posting Change Notice
RFKRIBGGoods Mvmt. between Bus. Places
FIAPSA_EXPOExpenditure Order
LS01NCreate Warehouse Master Record
LM07Picking - System Guided
LX26Inventory in WM via cycle counting
ORISStat. Setup: Sales Price Revaluation
MWB3Displaying Prop/Prod Unit Valuation
IW36Create PM Sub-Order
LP22Replenishm. Planning for Fixed Bins
LX25Inventory Status
LM18Handling Unit Inquiry
LI01NCreate System Inventory Record
/ATL/IC_PARInvestment programs
LM05Picking by TO ID
MIROEnter Incoming Invoice
MI9AAnalyze archived phy. inv. docs
MI37Batch Input: Post Differences
MF20REM Cost Controlling
MCVVKSIS: Updating - Sales Activities
/SAPSLL/DS_P_SD0B_R3GTS: Follow-On Funct.: SD Outb.Del.
CKMACDValue Flow Display f. Activity Types
MSC1Create Batch
MSC2Change Batch
LT41Prepare TRs for Multiple Processing
MI32Batch Input: Block Material
LT42Create TOs by Multiple Processing
LT0JPut Away Handling Unit
LT03Create TO for Delivery
MSC3Display Batch
LM06Picking - by Delivery ID
MI08Create List of Differences with Doc.
LT43Forming groups for deliveries
LS23Display Quants
MSC4Display Batch Changes
LT44Release for Multiple Processing
IW12Document flow list
LU01Create Posting Change Notice
LS03NDisplay Warehouse Master Record
LT08Manual Addition to Storage Unit
J1UFTRPRCreate Transfer Pricing Notification
WB2GTS1Export: Blocked Trading Contracts
CK11NCreate Material Cost Estimate
COP14Plan HUs for Purchase Order
COP23Pack HUs for Delivery
MIGO_GRGoods Movement
J7LSTOREA Document: Cancellation
PAM00Create PAM Requirement
COP13Plan HUs for Delivery
/SAPNEA/JSCR21Start/Stop Charging for Components
CK13NDisplay Material Cost Estimate
COP24Pack HUs for Purchase Order
MRL1Perform LIFO Valuation: Single Matl
EN99General Foreign Trade Processing
J3RF_TAXAGENT_OPERATAuto posting for Tax Agent / GR N335
ENCOPrinting / Communication
ENFOForeign Trade/Customs: Init. Screen
J3RFLVMOBVEDStock Overview
CK51NCreate Order BOM Cost Estimate
/SAPNEA/JSCR23SCC - Change Component Price
/SAPNEA/JSCR24SC: Change Valuation Class
/SAPNEA/MRCHEnter Deductible Payables
J7LV11Create REA Document
J7LV13Display REA Document
J1GVL_RRVrevenue report
HUP34Stock: Pack HUs for Purchase Order
J7LV14Cancel REA Document
J1IF01Subcontracting Challan : Create
J1GVL_RPUpurchases report
J1GVL_REXexpenses report
J1IF11Subcontracting Challan : Change
HUP33Stock: Pack HUs for Delivery
ME38Maintain Sched. Agreement Schedule
J1IF12Subcontracting Challans : Display
J1IF13Challan Complete/Reverse/Recredit
J1IFQChallan : Reconcile Quantity
MI40Batch Input: Doc.
ME23Display Purchase Order
MI39Batch Input: Document and Count
MI38Batch Input: Count and Differences
MI34Batch Input: Enter Count
MI31Batch Input: Create PI Document
PK24Enter Customer KANBAN Call
J1UFSCEChanges in Equity (Ukraine)
O4K4Quantity License Tracking Report
J1UFPTAXProfit Tax Data Provider (Ukraine)
MF41Reverse Backflush (with ALV)
QA01ACreate Inspection Lot
J1UFCFSCash Flow Statement (Ukraine)
/BEV1/NE_LISTBALPOEmpties Balances in Purchasing
MIGO_GOGoods Movement
PK41Backflush KANBAN Orders
MFP24Rep. Man.: Pack HUs for Purch. Order
MI10Create List of Differences w/o Doc.
O30_PROPTPrice Optimizer Notification
MFP23Rep. Manuf.: Pack HUs for Delivery
/CCEE/SIFI_MIROPosting VAT on on month
QA02AChange Inspection Lot
VL02N_OChange Outbound Del. (no Reference)
O4TNOIL-TSW: Planning engine
VL43Display Rough GR
MFP14Rep. Man.: Plan HUs for Purch. Order
QAC2Transfer Stock to Inspection Lot
CK75NChange Additive Costs
MFP13Rep. Manuf.: Plan HUs for Delivery
CK74NCreate Additive Costs
/SPE/EGRPlanlieferungen anlegen
CK53NDisplay Order BOM Cost Estimate
J3RFNKSPIRVerification of Costs
J1IFRSubcontracting Challan Listing
QA32Change Data for Inspection Lot
J1GVL_T05Read online WHB values
J1GVL_T04Update offline the WHB table J_1GVL_
ME31KCreate Contract
HUP13Stock: Plan HUs for Delivery
OMK7Batch WM..... (will be deleted)
OMKWStock removal strategy "SLED"
QM01Create Quality Notification
OMKXAutomatic Transfer Orders
OML9Customizing MOB Interface
J1GVL_T02Material moement totals in period
HUP12Stock: Plan HUs for Order
CANMATDOCTcode for MIGO cancel from Portal
MB1COther Goods Receipts
CRTSUBDELDOCTcode MIGO subsequent deliver Portal
CRTRETDELDOCTcode MIGO return delivery Portal
VA21Create Sales Quotations
MR33Display Material Layer (LIFO)
J1GVL_T01Upload initial stock
LS52Change Batch Search Strategie - WM
HUDELDRClearing personal data from HU
LS53Display Batch Search Strategy - WM
VL02N_FChange Outbound Delivery (PP)
MIGO_GSSubseq. Adjust. of Material Provided
HUP11Stock: Plan HUs Without Order
CO1PPredefined confirmation processes
J1GVL_REPReposting valuation
MR32Change Material Layer (LIFO)
MI06Display Inventory Count
HUP10Stock: Plan HUs - General
/SAPMP/WEHFGR History of Production Order
J1GVL_P01Warehouse book
IQS3Display Notification - Extended View
J1IGRList of GR's without gate pass
MMBEStock Overview
COPAWAPack components for order
J1IREJECTIONPost rejected invoices
VA42WWorkflow for master contract
J1GVL_RE1Line items per GL Account
MI09Enter Inventory Count w/o Document
CKMLDMDebit or Credit Material
QAC3Cancel Sample Determination
QM02Change Quality Notification
COWBHUWAGI HU for Production Order
CKM3AOLDActivity Consumption Analysis
VA31Create Sales Scheduling Agreements
J1GVL_R2Sample Cost/Consumpt. Analys. Report
J1GVL_P00WHB for arbitrary dates
J1GVL_INVBInventory book
J1GVL_GLRead G/L account items
HUP32Stock: Pack HUs for Order
CKM3AActivity Consumption Analysis
HUP31Stock: Pack HUs Without Order
HUP30Stock: Pack HUs - General
QAC1Change Insp. Lot Actual Quantity
MBMENUSProcess MM-IM Inconsistencies
OL20Consistency Check (Centr.Processing)
/SAPMP/LEIHGReturnable Packaging Settlement
OL21Consistency Check (Decentr.Process.)
OMK0Link to PP interface
J1GVL_VLMaterial valuation
OMK1Batch search method for Whse Mgmt
OMK2Customer exits for strategies
J1GVL_T12Propose WIP Orders
HUP14Stock: Plan HUs for Purchase Order
QA33Display Data for Inspection Lot
LICCCycle Counting per Quant
J1ILIC02License : Change
J1ILIC03License : Display
J1ILIC04License : Cancel
MRN2Determ. Lowest Value: Mvmt Rate
J7LPUBREA Period Overview
LP24WM Replenishment for Random Whse
J1ILIC05License : Close
MRN1Deter. Lowest Value: Rge of Coverage
LPINInfo: Material Stock WM-PP
/SAPSLL/DS_I_SD0C_R3GTS: Billing Docmt Object Index
LT0RRequest replenishment manually
PK12NKanban Board: Supply Source View
LPK4Create Contr.Cycles for Rel.Ord.Part
J1IUNForms tracking
O3O_SR21Material movements by batch
MRN0Deter. Lowest Value: Market Prices
J1A7Average cost valuation
QA12Change Usage Decision with History
O3O_SR13Shipment detail report
CKMCCDManChang: Display Actual CC Split
MIW1PI Document Consignment at Customer
VL03NDisplay Outbound Delivery
VA51Create Item Proposal
PK13NKanban Board: Demand Source View
O3O_GRCDGoods receipt cross-docking
J2GLPVL09Cancelation of GI
J2GLPPSDPrint SD Tim & DaTim
J2GLPPMMPrint MM Documents
MRF1Execute FIFO Valuation
J2GLPPDLSD Deliveries
LIKP_DA_ANALYSISSD Deliveries DA Analysis Report
MIGOGoods Movement
MIV1Batch I.:PhInDoc Cust.
GJT6_OLDTransfer Project/Order to Asset
GJT5_OLDTransfer Proj./Order to Proj./Order
GJT4_OLDSale of Venture owned assets
VI80Change FT Data in Goods Receipt
OMNJLink to Warehouse Control Unit
GJT3_OLDRetirement of Venture Owned Assets
OMNUPrint Control with SU Management
OMNVNumber Range Intervals for Whse Mgmt
MI23Disp. Phys. Inv. Data for Material
GJT2_OLDJV Transfer Asset to Asset
F13LAutom. Clearing Spec. to Ledger Grp
GJT1_OLDJV Transfer Asset to Project/Order
GJT6JV Transfer Asset to Asset
/SAPSLL/BANK_DIST_R3Transfer Bank Master to GTS
GJT5JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT4JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT3JV Transfer Asset to Asset
MBNLSubsequent Delivery f. Material Doc.
GJT2JV Transfer Asset to Asset
J1IEX_PPost Incoming Excise Invoices
J1IGAAdditional Excise Entry at Depot
GJT1JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJ97NJV Document Comparison
J1IGADAdditional Excise at Depot Display
J7LMSREA Declaration System
MF46Collective Reprocessing
ME32KChange Contract
MRN9Balance Sheet Values by Account
MB01Post Goods Receipt for PO
COOISProduction Order Information System
J1ILIC01License : Capture
MRN8Lowest Value: Price Variances
MI24Physical Inventory List
LI16Cancel Physical Inventory Doc. Item
O3O_PACK07Move containers between shipments
MF45Reprocessing Components: Rep.Manuf.
MIM1Batch Input: Create Ph.Inv.Docs RTP
COCM2OCM - Picking
WSK1Assortments IS-R
WVFDProcess phys. inventory doc. further
CLM1Create Claim
WSM4Relist after ch. plant/ mat. grp mas
VI77XChange FT Data in Outbound Delivery
CLM2Change Claim
CKMCCCManual Change: Act. Cost Comp. Split
VL03Display Outbound Delivery
WA02Change Allocation Table
CLM3Display Claim
MSR_INSPWHEnter Material Insp. in Warehouse
LT1BConfirm TO-Item Pick
PEG14Pegging: Intransit stock report
PEG07Stock Overview
PK22Kanban Quantity Signal
PEG06Goods Issues Overview
/CEECV/ROLO02Romanian Storage Sheet
VI77Change FT Data in Outbound Delivery
RWBEStock Overview
ME27Create Stock Transport Order
MIE1Batch Input: PI Document Sales Order
PK23Manual Kanban Creation
WA01Create Allocation Table
CORRCollective Entry of Confirmations
MICNBtch Inpt:Ph.Inv.Docs.for Cycle Ctng
J3RALFINV3UAINV-3 Physical Inventory List UA
SHN1_Create Shift Note
/CEECV/ROLO03Material document list
/CEECV/ROLO04Analytical balance
CIAP_ASSETFINAsset Conclusion Report
LX47Analysis of Delayed Delivery Update
O3O_PACK06Move containers between ld areas
O3O_PACK05Move ld area containers to shipments
MR35Display FIFO Data
KKPCNDisplay Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure
MR34Change FIFO Data
MB1BTransfer Posting
VI79XDisplay FT Data in Goods Receipt
LT0SCreate TO for multiple deliveries
KKPBNChange Cost Est. w/o Quantity Struct
VI79Display FT Data in Goods Receipt
QA11Record Usage Decision
FTWBRetrieve archived data
KKPANCreate Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure
OLIFBWReorg. Rep. Manuf. Extr. Structs
O3O_PACK04Pack deliveries into shipments
FMCNReassignment: Supplement.Acct Assgt
ME44Maintain RFQ Supplement
IQS21_WCreating Notifications from ISR
MIQ1Batch Input: PID Project Stock
WA04Alloc Tbl Processing: Plant Reply
ME_SWP_IVDisplay Settlement Status (Web)
COCM1OCM - Procurement
WA03Display Allocation Table
CO26Order information system
MIGO_GIGoods Movement
O3O_PACK03Pack deliveries into loading areas
O3O_PACK02Assign containers to shipments
ME31LCreate Scheduling Agreement
J3RLNOTICECRTCreation of Notices
O3O_PACK01Assign containers to loading areas
MIO1Batch Input: PID Stock w/Subcontract
ME2ONSubcontracting Cockpit
/SAPSLL/DS_P_MM0B_R3GTS: Follow-On Funct.: Inbound Del.
COB3Display Search Strat. for Production
J_1BEFDCreation of SPED Digital Archive
/SAPSLL/DS_P_RCVY_R3Reporting for Recovery Index
J3RFWORKWEARIssue of Workwear to Employee
WG21Create material groups
J3RMB7MB-7 Register of Issued Workwear
/SAPSLL/DS_P_FLON_R3Reporting for Follow-On Functions
J7LTSLREA Document: Process Test Run
/SAPSLL/PREF_AGR_R3Replicate Pref. Agreement Determin.
/CEECV/ROLO04NAnalytical balance - New version
HUPASTWPacking Station
J3RFGTDUSAGECustoms Declaration Assignments
MCH7RIS: Update Diagnosis
J3RFGTDINTMASSMaintain Mass CDec Data (Russia)
COB2Manage Search Strat. for Production
VA41Create Sales Contracts
WG22Change material groups
IW62Change Historical Order
WG23Delete material groups
J3RALFAO1UAAO-1 Advance Report (Ukraine)
SRS_GM_SHRetail Store: Display MDE Data
J3RFUTDInvoice Journal (Russia)
WG24Display material groups
MBC1Create Search Strat. for Inv. Mgmt
J3RMB7UARegister of Issued Workwear(Ukraine)
J1IGINTRASTODelivery challan for intrastate STO
HU02Creating and Changing Handling Units
OMILL_CUTCustomizing for Cutting Processing
EI20UIS: Display Field Catalog
EI19UIS: Change Field Catalog
EI18UIS: Create Field Catalog
WG26Create assignments
BICBH03Display Batch History
J3RM11RESPrint M-11 Form from Reserv.Document
VA53Display Item Proposal
BORGR_BGR Automotive: Posting
QPR1Create Sample
QPR2Change Sample
QPR3Display Sample
QPR4Confirm Sample Drawing
WSTE_NEWSAP Retail Store: Goods Receipt
BORGRGR Automotive
LM80Serial number capture
J3RFIMOPERImport Operations Report
MB58Consgmt and Ret. Packag. at Customer
MB90Output Processing for Matl Documents
J3RFREGTORGDelivery and Acceptance Journal
IDLOCL_INV_LEDGERInventory Ledger (Chile)
GJT0Reverse AM/MM Transfer document
EI23UIS: Display Info Structure
EI22UIS: Change Info Structure
MBSLCopy Material Document
FRHU2Random creation of HUs
HUP1HU creation in production
O4TCBGenerate Stock Projection for batch
O4TCGenerate Stock Projection
EI21UIS: Create Info Structure
COB1Create Search Strat. for Production
J3RFINVOFFLINKMatch Incoming E-Invoices with FI
J3RFTRPRTransfer Pricing
VL01NOCreate Outbound Dlv. w/o Order Ref.
J3RFGTDINTMaintain CDec Data (Russia)
IW61Create Historical PM Order
MR43Display Parked Invoice
/ISDFPS/MPAEXPGENGenerate Material Packages
J1IGRECONSubcontracting Reconciliation(India)
WSM4BRelist After Changes to Plants
MBSTCancel Material Document
WSM4LAutomatic Relisting of Layout Data
HU05Display of HUs for object
WSTE_R_PDC_DOCUMENTReference Document - Download
HUCANCMatl Doc. Cancellation of HU Gds Mvt
MILL_CUT_COCutting Confirmation
WSTE_R_PDC_CUSTOMIZCustomizing Data - Download
J1B_LFC1IN86 Einstieg
MI33Batch Input: Freeze Book Inv.Balance
VL01Create Delivery
MR44Post Parked Document
QA03Display Inspection Lot
/ISDFPS/EXT_BATCHES3Display External Batch Usage
HUMATHandling Units Related to Matl Doc.
HUCOWADisplay Staged HUs
MPECOGIPostprocess Faulty Goods Move. (MPE)
EWAWA_MULTIMultiple Item Weighing
MI12Display changes
F.13Automatic Clearing without Currency
/ISDFPS/EXT_BATCHESCreate External Batch Usage
QA02Change Inspection Lot
QA01Create Inspection Lot
MBXAPrintout of XAB Documents
FMFG_INVCANCELCancel Invoice and Subsequent Docs
J1B_LFD1IN359-Magnetic file on Notas Fiscais
HUIBDHandling Units for Inbound Delivery
VA13Display Inquiry
HUCOWEDisplay Manufactured HUs
MBWOError Correction: Subs. Value Calc.
MBPMManage Held Data
ME24Maintain Purchase Order Supplement
J1IGREVRECSubcon. Challan Recon Rev. (India)
/ISDFPS/CHANGE_SLOCSplit/Merge Storage Locations
WG27Change assignment
IW63Display Historical PM Order
VL01NCreate Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref.
HU03Display of HUs
HU04Creation of HUs with stock
J1B_LB03Modelo 3
MILL_CUT_TRCutting Stock Transfer
WG28Delete Assignments
VT01Old: Create Shipment
/ISDFPS/ELAssignment: Storage Bin to Equipment
J1IGSUBCONSubcon. Challan/Invoice (India)
MFHUBackflushing In Repetitive Mfg
IQS21Create Notif. - Simplified View
EDX_LISTEDX: Message Overview
VT02Old: Change Shipment
FMN1Reconstruction of Parked MM Docs
WG29Display assignments
OLI2BWINVCO Stat. Setup: Stor. Loc. Stocks
MB5OADisplay Valuated GR Blocked Stock
VA03Display Sales Orders
HUTRADisplay HUs for Shipment
J_1IG_ITC04ITC04 Report Transaction
OLI1BWINVCO Stat. Setup: Material Movemts
MBC2Manage Search Strat. for Inv. Mgmt
HUPASTPacking Station
KEATReconcile CO-PA <-> SD <-> FI
VT03Old: Display Shipment
WSM4ARelist After Changes to Assortments
HUOBDDisplay HUs for Outbound Delivery
MI35Batch Input: Post Zero Stock Balance
/ISDFPS/EQUITRPAssignment: Storage Bin to Equipment
MBC3Display Search Strat. for Inv. Mgmt
/STTPEC/INT_BATCHBatch Master Integration
IQS12Process Task
MCE2PURCHIS: Update Diagnosis Purch.Doc.
IW25Create PM Activity Report
MFP1REM: Plan HUs - General
MILL_CUT_LBAConfirmation DNP Processing
ME26Display PO Supplement (IR)
RFEULISTEU Sales and Purchase List
WC22Batch List Rtl Changes for Material
COP22Pack HUs for Sales Order
COP21Pack HUs - Without Sales Order
COP2Pack HUs - General
/ACCGO/QREP_PUSHCapture Grade Information for Load
MI03Display Physical Inventory Document
J3RSINVDIFFOffset Inventory Differences
ME42Change Request For Quotation
VL32Change Inbound Delivery
COP12Plan HUs for Sales Order
J3RFWORKWEARLISTWorkwear List for Employees
IQS22Process Notif. - Simplified View
EHPRC_CPO00Partner Adresses
COP11Plan HUs Without Sales Order
VL02NChange Outbound Delivery
IW26Create Maintenance Request
MFBFBackflushing in Repetitive Mfg
J3RFINVTARGRedetermination of Invoices (Russia)
FMFGAPCRAccountable Property program
J3RALFOS16OS-16 Act about disc. equip. defects
J3RFNKSREGISTRAsset Registration (Russia)
IW22Change PM Notification
WB5NStock in Transit (Consignment)
IW51Create Service Notification-General
MIGO_TRTransfer Posting
IQS1Create Notification - Extended View
CO1VConfirmation: Fast entry of time tkt
J1GVL_ALDIA/L postings via direct input
MFP22REM: Pack HUs for Order
OL22Check LE /HU Number Assignment
MRERAuto. ERS Automotive
MFP21REM: Pack HUs Without Order
J3RFIMCD01MASSMaintain Mass Cdec Data New (Russia)
/SAPSLL/DOC_REPR_R3Reprocess Documents for SAP GTS
POPTTest Packing Instruction Master Data
IQS2Change Notification - Extended View
ME43Display Request For Quotation
IQS23Display Notif. - Simplified View
J3RFGTDASSIGNAssign Import GTD to Bil./Mat. Doc.
ISAUTO_MRNBAutomotive Revaluation
VL02N_BChange Outbound Delivery (for PO)
GPDARCH02GPD Archiving: Repl.obj. Selection
OBOM_WB_MAINOrder Engineering Workbench
MFP2REM: Pack HUs - General
WC11Batch Changes
CBRC23SVT: Monitor Average Quantities
CBRC22Output Customer List
CBRC03Imported By
IW24Create PM Malfunction Report
IW21Create PM Notification - General
IQS13Display Task
CK11Create Product Cost Estimate
SHN2_Change Shift Note
MFP12REM: Plan HUs for Order
MI04Enter Inventory Count with Document
GPDARCH01GPD Archiving: WBS Selection
DIS01NDistribution: Collective processing
GJJ1Generate JADE audit file
/STTPEC/INT_BUPBusiness Partner Integration
MFP11REM: Plan HUs Without Order
COGIPostprocess Faulty Goods Movements
LM47nested handling units
PDT2HU creation in production
VI64XDisplay FT Data in Outbound Delivery
CKM3PHOLDMaterial Price History
VA32Change Sales Scheduling Agreements
WSTESAP Retail Store: Goods Receipt
CKMBDisplay Material Ledger Document
IW54Create Service Notification-Malfn.
KKPDNCreate Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure
VI64Display FT Data in Outbound Delivery
J3RFIMCD01Create Import Customs Declaration
BORGR_VGR Automotive: Preliminary Entry
VRREReturns Delivery for RMA Order
J3RFIMCD02Change Import Customs Declaration
COWBPACKPacking in production orders
RFEULIST_HUEU Sales and Purchase List - Hungary
BORGR_CGR Automotive: Clearing
J3RFIMCD03Display Import Customs Declaration
SHN3_Display Shift Note
ITSR00_BE_F01DGSForeign Trade Decl.: Belgium F01DGS
ITSR00Foreign Trade Declaration (Generic)
VI53XChange FT Data in Inbound Delivery
MR42Change Parked Invoice
CK77NCreate Additive Costs
VI53Change FT Data in Inbound Delivery
J3RFRATECALCDown Payments in Foreign Currency
J3RFIMCD_MOVECross company transfer. Import CD
CK76NDisplay Additive Costs
WF51Modify Distribution (in Background)
VA33Display Sales Scheduling Agreements
J3RFLVMOBVEDHStock Overview (New)
VL02Change Outbound Delivery
COP1Plan HUs - General
VL08Confirmation of Picking Request
MB31Goods Receipt for Production Order
J3RALFOS15OS-15 Act on recept. & trans. equip.
J7LV15REA Document: Create Test Run
J3RALFINV5Ph.Inventory list goods taken stock
J3RALFINV26Statement of result of ph.inventory
VA52Change Item Proposal
MCC4Set Up INVCO Info Structs.from Stock
CO12Collective Entry of Confirmations
MR41Park Invoice
CKMLDCDebit/Credit Material
V-01Create Sales Orders
J3RALFINV19UAINV-19 Difference List for Stock
MI02Change Physical Inventory Document
WSTEDSAP Retail Store: Display open GR
IW52Change Service Notification
WSTVSAP Retail Store: Goods Movements
MI01Create Physical Inventory Document
J7LWREA Inf. Cost Analysis: Packaging
CKM3OLDMaterial Price Analysis
MEM1Replacement for Purchase Order Item
J1UFN1Check Act of Valuables Inventory
IW53Display Service Notification
J3RFNKSSTARTUPVerification of Invoices (Russia)
IW23Display PM Notification
J3RFNKSTAXValidation of Goods Issues (Russia)
V-02Create Quotations
MIK1PI Document Supplier Consignment
J1IXExcise Invoice Verification WO PO
CNMMProject-Oriented Procurement
MBVRManagement Program: Reservations
CKM3PHMaterial Price History
CKM3Material Price Analysis
LB01Create Transfer Requirement
LT72Determine 2-step relevance
MRISSettle Invoicing Plan
LB02Change transfer requirement
J1IGRG23D register receipt at depot
LT63Control: Single Entry of Actual Data
ME32LChange Scheduling Agreement
/NFM/DEHM1Maintain Default Value Header
/SPE/REDIRID redirecting dialog
LT45Evaluation of reference numbers
J1IBExcise Verification And Posting
LM50Count Inventory By System Guided
FMLSHOWCUSTShow ML Customizing Settings
LB10TRs for Storage Type
/SAPSLL/DS_D_MM0B_R3GTS: Transfer MM Deliveries to GTS
J1IAExcise Invoice Details
COIBAs-Built for Serialized Material
LB11TRs for Material
COOISPIProcess Order Information System
IW3KChange order component list
IW3DPrint Order
CO46Order progress report
ME22Change Purchase Order
J1IJExcise invoice selec. at depot sale
LM46Pick and Pack by Delivery
PJ03Display JIT Call
ME34Maintain Outl. Agreement Supplement
LM57System Guided Putaway - Interleaving
VM02Change Hazardous Material
LX37Linked objects
LX36Archived Inventory Histories
LX33Archived transfer requirements
LX31Analysis of print control tables
LX30Overview of WM messages ext.system
VM03Display Hazardous Material
/BEV1/NEMB51Material Document List (w. Empties)
LX29Fixed bin supervision
MB1AGoods Withdrawal
J1IA102Excise Bonding ARE-1 procedure
CNS0Create Delivery from Project
J1IHCreate Excise JV
LX28Relevant TO item for ext.system
PJ02Change JIT Call
/SAPSLL/CPMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transf. of Cont.Persons
LX27Stock levels by shelf life
MB51Material Doc. List
LT73Display 2-step
J3RALFAO1AO-1 Advance Report
PEG01NPegging: Collective processing
MD82Change customer indep. requirement
FMPAYCORRFM Payment lines correction program
WF61Create Outbound Deliveries (Bkgd)
ME36Display Agreement Supplement (IR)
CK53Display Order BOM Cost Estimate
/SAPSLL/BANMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transfer of Banks
WSE4Material/Plant Discontinuation
MRY4Transfer ML Prices
LI03Display System Inventory Record
J_CLMLMaterial Ledger (Chile)
LM37Load Control - Detail by Shipment
/SAPSLL/BL_DOC_RS_R3GTS: Res: Blocked SD Documents
MI07Process List of Differences
MF4RResetting Reporting Points
LM36Load Control - Detail by Delivery
FOIW21Create PM Notifications in RE
IDCNCASHCash Flow Statement (China)
KW_STOCKStock Statement at Closing Inventory
J7L8REA Info Cost Analysis: Article
ME47Create Quotation
VCH3Display Search Strategies for SD
MRBRRelease Blocked Invoices
CBRC01Only Rep.: Ext. Business Partners
CBRC02Only Rep.: Int. Business Partners
J1IA103Excise Bonding ARE-1 procedure
LM45Pick and Pack
/SAPSLL/DS_I_MM0B_R3GTS: Object Index Inbound Deliveries
WB2GTS3Incorrectly Transferred Documents
J3RFF4Cash Flow Statement
MRDCAutomatic Delivery Cost Settlement
LB12TRs and Posting Change for Mat.Doc.
LT1GConfirm TO for SU Transport
CKMCCEMan. Change of Transfer Price Markup
VA22Change Quotations
J1GVL_S12compare valuation and AL postings
J1I8TDS Challan Update
CKMCCFMan. Display of Transf. Price Markup
LB13TRs for Requirement
VLSPSOutbound Delivery Split via HU Scan
J1I6Modvat forecast
ME41Create Request For Quotation
CKMPCDDisplay Price Change Document
/SAPSLL/MATMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transfer of Products
LI01Create System Inventory Record
IW3LDisplay Order Component List
COIOOrder Info System for PP-PI
WB2GTS4Transfer Documents Again
WPMAPOS Download: Manual Request
LI02Change System Inventory Record
LM71Goods Receipt by Delivery
WSE3Material Discontinuation (Dist. Ch.)
LITRMSSend Exposure to TRM
CKMDUVMATDistribution of Inventory Diffs
MB5SDisplay List of GR/IR Balances
VIWEFT: Op. Cockpit: Goods Receipt
MB5MBBD/Prod. Date
J1IWExcise Invoice without PO
J1IVExcise post & print for others mvmts
ME33KDisplay Contract
VOEXIncompleteness: Billing Document
J1IUForms capture
IW8WGoods Receipt f. Refurbishment Order
VOIMIncompleteness: Purchase Order
LM72Goods Receipt by MS area
VOLIIncompleteness: Delivery
J1A5MM Warehouse stock report (Arg.)
LM63Goods Issue by Shipment
MB5KStock Consistency Check
VOWEIncompleteness: Goods Receipt
VRLIFT: Reorg. T609S Delivery
LM62Goods Issue by MS area
VA43Display Sales Contracts
MCWISFK Simulation Inventory Document
CNL3Display delivery information
/NFM/DEHM3Display Default Value Header
J3RALFINV18UAInventory Comparison of Fixed Assets
IW81Create Refurbishment Order
VL31NCreate Inbound Delivery
LM64Goods Issue by ALL
MB5UAnalyze Conversion Differences
MB11Goods Movement
VA02Change Sales Orders
CKM3VERYOLDDisplay Material Ledger Data
VIWBXChange FT Data in Goods Issue
J1A3MM goods issue revaluation
CNL2Change delivery information
MRL3LIFO Lowest Value Comparison
CKMCCSDisplay Actual Cost Component Split
CKMDTransactions for a Material
WSE2Vendor/material discontinuation
/SAPSLL/APLMAS_DIRR3GTS: Initial Transfer of Applicants
OMM3Stock Placement Strat.for Pallets
MB5WList of Stock Values
VIWAXDisplay FT Data in Goods Issue
LM65Goods Issue by Group
MRRLEvaluated Receipt Settlement
LM66Goods Issue by HU
QM03Display Quality Notification
MBBSDisplay Valuated Special Stock
VIJ2Journal Export
LM77Queue Assignment
VIJ1Journal Import
/NFM/DEPM1Maintain Default Value Item
WSE1Group-Wide Discontinuation
VIIMFT: Op. Cockpit: Purchase order
VIEXFT: Journal Export Actual
LM26Picking by Delivery - W/O sel scree
LX46Transmission WM perform. data to HR
MSR_INSPVEnter Material Insp. by Supplier
ME21Create Purchase Order
VL09Cancel Goods Issue for Delivery Note
HUMOHU Monitor
VM01Create Hazardous Material
LX41Bin Status Report WM/PP Interface
MB59Material Doc. List
LX39Evaluation Reference No. for 2-S.Pck
LM27Put Away by Delivery - W/O sel scree
QC55Worklist: Certificates - Procurement
LX38Check Report Customizing Strategy K
ME34KMaintain Contract Supplement
MB55Display Quantity String
PJWEGoods Receipt for JIT Call
/SAPSLL/BWHIDP_R3Initial Transfer of Duty-Paid Stock
LM51Count Inventory By User Selection
MR11SHOWAccount Maint.Docu.Display-Reversal
LM73Goods Receipt by Shipment
VRWEFT: Reorg. T609S Goods Receipt
MBSUPlace in Stor.for Mat.Doc: Init.Scrn
LM61Goods Issue by Delivery
LM74Goods Receipt by ALL
MLCCSPDCost Components for Price
EW38EMU Conversion: MM Stock Value List
CNL1Create delivery information
OL15Data transfer material whse no.view
LM76Goods Receipt by HU
MD81Create Customer Indep. Requirements
VIR2Export Reorg. - Incompleteness
J1IA101Excise Bonding ARE-1 procedure
MATREXMaterial Stock Treasury Exposure
MRKOSettle Consignment/Pipeline Liabs.
J1AXMarket price determination program
MCWRPFK Simulation Invoice Document
MB5BStocks for Posting Date
VIR1Import Reorg. - Incompleteness
OL17Data transfer material storage type
ME31Create Outline Agreement
LM56Select by SU - Interleaving
J1ISExcise invoice for other movements
VILIFT: Export Deliveries Journal
VCH2Manage Search Strategies for SD
J1IA303Deemed Exports ARE-3 Procedure
LI14Start Inventory Recount
VI80XChange FT Data in Goods Receipt
J1IA301Deemed Exports ARE-3 Procedure
MRKONSettle Consignment/Pipeline Liabs.
FIAPSA_ADPOCreate expenditure Order through
OMLVPrint Control for Whse Management
OMM1Storage Bin Type Search
J1I5Register creation for RG23 and RG1
MC18Create Field Catalog
FSC_REL_ITItaly: Release Fascimil Block
COIKPicking list
LI13Display Inventory Count
MI21NPrint Physical Inventory Document
MRL2Perform LIFO Valuation: Pools
OMM2Haz.Material Stock Placement
LP11WM staging of crate parts
/NFM/VGWS1Maintain Charge Weights for Customer
IW3MList of Goods Movements for Order
OMLAPutaway Near Picking Bin
LS51Create Batch Search Strategy - WM
/NFM/DEPS3Display Default Value Item
MI20Print List of Differences
/NFM/DEHS3Display Default Value Header
LI12Change inventory count
IDCNGRIR_BNGGR/IR Clearing for BNG (China)
CLISTConfiguration Ctrl.: Component List
MC19Change Field Catalog
OMM9Stock Removal Strat. Large/Small
LM59User initiated dynamic invent. count
LI11Enter Inventory Count
VA12Change Sales Inquiries
J1I57AENew Monthly Returns Report Rule 57AE
LI21Clear Inventory Differences in MM-IM
MCSTDisplay Log: Gen. Updating
CBRC20Subs. Volume Tracking: Monitoring
MI21Print physical inventory document
IDCNGRIR_GNBGR/IR Clearing for GNB (China)
J3RALFINV3INV-3 Physical Inventory List
CBRC21Subs. Volume Tracking: Blocked Docs
/ACCGO/STL_S_AUTO_PAParallel Auto Gen.of Std. Settlment
/NFM/VGWM3Display Charge Weights for Vendor
MR90Messages for Invoice Documents
LS03Display Warehouse Master Record
OMLYStorage Type Search
OMLZStorage Section Search
MCVRSIS: update diagnosis - order
J3RALFINV19INV-19 Difference List for Stock
/NFM/DEPS1Maintain Default Value Item
MCVTSIS: update diagnosis - delivery
MCVVSIS: update diagnosis - billing doc.
LI20Clear Inventory Differences WM
J1IA104Excise Bonding ARE-1 procedure
/BGLOCS/MAT_TRBMaterial Trial Balance for Bulgaria
/NFM/DEPM3Display Default Value Item
OMLWNumber Ranges for Whse Management
LP10Direct picking for PO
LM34Load Control - UnLd by Delivery
J1IA304Deemed Exports ARE-3 Procedure
ME33LDisplay Scheduling Agreement
/ATL/AA_ICRInvestment center - Execution report
MCSSDisplay Log: Gen. Info Structure
LM60User guided dynamic invent. count
COHVMass Processing Production Orders
OMMOConsistency Check for MM-WM Tables
MC20Display Field Catalog
LS01Create Warehouse Master Record
/CWM/STOCKStock Overview
CO27Picking list
/NFM/DEHS1Maintain Default Value Header
CI03Display CIAP Document
MC21Create Info Structure
LI05Inventory History for Storage Bin
CI02Change CIAP Document
J3RALFINV18Difference List for Fixed Assets
CI01Create CIAP Document
LT1FConfirm TO for SU Pick
/NFM/VGWM1Maintain Charge Weights for Vendor
COHVOMRELEASERelease Production Orders
CK51Create Order BOM Cost Estimate
OMM8Stock Removal Strat. Stringent FIFO
J1IEX_CCapture Incoming Excise Invoices
MC22Change Info Structure
MI11Recount Physical Inventory Document
MR11GR/IR account maintenance
LP12Staging release order parts (WM-PP)
AEFI_0701Certificate of ownership (AE)
MC23Display Info Structure
COHVOMPRINTPrint Production Orders
MI22Display Phys. Inv. Docs. f. Material
/CWM/STOCK_CHECKCheck Stock Variance
OMMPDecentralized Warehouse Management
LI04Print System Inventory Record
LT1EConfirm Transfer Order Transport
J1IEX_BOOutgoing Excise Invoices for Exports
OMKZAutomatic Transfer Orders
OLIZBWINVCO Setup: Invoice Verification
VA11Create Sales Inquiries
J1IEXIncoming Excise Invoices
QA14Change UD Without History
LM58Sys. guided dynamic inventory count
COMACCollective Availability Check
MR11_OLDOld GR/IR account maintenance
CBRC10Substance Volume Tracking: Appl. Log
/CWM/CHECK_TRANSITAnalysis of Stock in Transit
COHVPIMass Processing: Process Orders
J1IA302Deemed Exports ARE-3 Procedure
LM35Load Control - Detail by Shipping Un
VL03N_ITEMDisplay Outbound Delivery with Item
LS04Display Empty Storage Bins
MRY1Calculate Average Receipt Price
OMM4Putaway Strategy for Bulk Storage
OMKYLink to External System via ALE
LS02Change Warehouse Master Record
MRN9_OLDBalance Sheet Values by Account
WRF_DIS_SELSeas. Proc. Material Discontinuation
OMMBInventory No.Ranges for Whse Mgmt
MCNBBW: Initialize Stock Balances